What Became of Rosamond’s Biography?

Greg 1975  Ken, Vicki & Christine

Greg 1975 Christine

Greg 1975 Shamus & ShannonWeeks after my beloved sister drowned, Vicki Presco is showing me a copy of the autobiography Christine Rosamond Benton was working on when she had a mysterious accident. It began with Rosamond telling the world that everyone thought I would be a great artist one day….

“But, this was not to be.”

Vicki then went to another marked page to have me read about the fight Christine and I had over the last of the milk. This world-famous artist is vilifying me, making sure I would never be a famous artist – someday!

I, and the world have not read Rosamond’s own words – hence! Why was this autobiography disappeared?

When Pierrot was sold my families Artistic and literary Legacy in 1997, she put up a webpage wherein she puts words from Sandra Faulkner who claims she was interviewing Christine just before she died, helping her with her autobiography. I wrote the executor, Sydney Morris, and bid him to get those notes Faulkner must have, because they are intellectual property that belongs to the estate and the two Heirs. What became of Faulkner’s words after she quit the project? Enter Tom Snyder, whom Patrice blessed, they no doubt having several conversations about my late sister – and me. How about my minor daughter?

Tom says this in ‘When You Close Your Eyes’.

“On occasion, Christine speaks for herself – these pasages are
included and italicized – from scattered pages of autbiographical
notes, a few brief interviews, unfinished letters, and personal
meanderings. These passages are all more striking for being so
sparce. For Chrsitne was not a journal keeper so much as one who
reached for clarity of mind by writing. The bulk of her comments,
however, consists of scattered thoughts and the ideation of a woman
who was not well at the time she wrote them down.”

The answer to the riddle is, Pierrot, and members of my family, were going for a MOVIE that would be produced with the blessing of executor, Sydney Morris, in order to revive the waning interest in Rosamond’s prints that were not selling before Christine died. The business people and family members that Christine owed money to now wanted to make a killing when the tragedy of the Rose of the World hit the silver screen. My nieces, Drew Benton, and Shannon Benton, would get no proceeds from ticket sales. However, if Garth Benton is in on the movie deal – coming in behind the child Heir – then he can give his daughter money.

The Secret Movie Guild had to secure a copyright on the Rosamond story before a producer will purchase an option.
The real problem is the adult Heir, Shannon, who could sue the producers of the movie for a share of THE SECRET MOVIE DEAL. Then there are my words put on the World Wide Web that prove there is no real Death Scene for the Rose of the World. Apparently a prospective producer spotted then, and backed out.

This is why I am given no credit for Rosamond’s success, and why I believe members of my family WISHED I WERE DEAD – especially when the Miracle of my daughter coming into my life, happened – after I asked Sydney Morris for an advance on my cliam so I could hire a detective to find her (name unknown) – after My angel introduced Heather to me in a dream. Vicki must have been furious, she seeing her million dollars slipping away!

Patrice grabs my angel in the Dear Dad letter, and says she is the angel-mother anxious to introduce the daughter she hid from for seventeen year, thus, she owns THE MIRACLE! My minor daughter is put up on the rosy auction block!

Getting my minor daughter in their camp and hiding my grandson from me, might cause me to feel suicidal and take my life. How about take another drink which would prove deadly for an alcoholic with many years of sobreity? Note the beers in front of me in the photo above.

Patrice and Heather Hanson keep claiming I have no sober program, and am in an insane rage all the time – about nothing!. Gee, that movie won’t sell!

Their champion, Tom Snyder, told me he would not use Christine and my sobriety in his book, then went back on his word. He then stalks my sixteen year daughter! Tom notices that they fear I will reject them, and sees that he is their leg in the door they are not ready to remove. Patrice gives her old address on the Dear Dad letter, they acutually living elsewhere. That these adults nurture a fear of being rejected in a sixteen year girl who grew up without a father – is child abuse!

Pierrot and Faulkner said on their webpage, Christine did not take her own life as many around her feared. Members of our family had turned on Christine after bathing in her rosy success – for years. She could not get the un-gifted ones -could not contribute Art & Words, to understand her success was no guarantee, and investing in her was not like investing a AT&T.

“Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and do a drawing or two – make your own self famous? How about write a book?”

Our kindred isolated me the same way they isolated Christine. If she did take her own life at Rocky Point, that would not only make an un-happy ending to a movie, but, would disqualify those around her from making a profit on her distruction.

“And, so it goes. All those who betrayed Rosamond in the end, made their way to their beloved banks to cash their rosy royalty checks. THE END.”

The reason family members gave none of their words to the three biographers, is because they were saving them for the movie producer. If they put them in the public domain, then Shannon could claim a share. How many people WISHED SHANNON WAS DEAD – who share her blood?

Vicki told me Christine wanted to see me again. She did not tell me she was in AA. Did Christine invite me to Rocky Point to celebrate her first sober birthday? Did Vicki tell Christine she told me I was welcome, but, I refused? What a story that would be about two beautiful and creative siblings overcoming the disease of alcoholism and turning their life around, steering clear of the dangerous rocks.

It appears Christine was holding a bon voyage party and was moving to Indiana to work out of Circle Galleries. She was going to close the gallery, putting Pierrot and others out of work. Then there was the money she owed people including my brother, Mark Presco, who has successfully lurked in the background, he furious that our sister filed Bankruptcy. No one cheats the Artful Tax Dodger! I can see his smirk while sitting in the front row of the theatre as our sister is depicted as a Wild Woman…..The Rose of Hell that had to be put down like a rabid dog for the sake of The Family!

“That she managed to produce at all during these periods is
one of astounding facts of her life. Mood swings exacerbated by
alcohol and drugs drove Chrsitine into towering rages early in her
career- carbon copies of those she’d feared so much in her mother –
followed by periods of self-castigating depression.”

Carrie Fisher wrote a screenplay about Rosamond, and tried to sell it to Hollywood. Carrie Fisher is my kindred, I keeping it a secret Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my kindred. Both women suffered from the disease of alcoholism. The movie the world wants to see is how two siblings, Jon and Christine, rose from the darkness of abuse to render the world’s most beautiful women, and, find the Holy Grail. It can’t get any better then this!

You were a prophetess, Christine. It was not meant to be. The world will never know me as a famous artist. However, they will know me as a famous author and Grail Scholar, who will answer the question of the age;

“Whom does the Grail serve?”

This scene from Excalibur will come true! This perfect fool…….has persevered!

Like I kept telling my ex-daughter….

“All’s well, that ends well!”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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