The Benton DNA Test

Christine 1986 Garth & Drew

I have been looking trough old e-mail and court papers. I found an obituary for Garth Benton, whose full name is Paul Garfield Benton, the same as his father. There is a DNA test for the Benton family. I just found a Francis Marion Benton who lived in South Carolina, and appears to have been named after Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’. Did he fight alongside Francis and Samuel Rosamond, whose kindred were also named after Francis Marion.

Jon Presco

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In May 2001 a group of BENTON Cousins provided the first DNA samples for the Benton DNA Project. Since that time, numerous matches have occurred proving the long-held belief that several of these cousins descend from a common ancestor which they cannot otherwise prove due to the lack of extant paper records.

If you descend from a Benton line, participating in this DNA project could help your research considerably and provide some much needed proof and direction for further research. The tests are done on the Y-chromosome which is passed from father to son, and he to his son, etc., thus participants must be male and must have the BENTON surname all the way down the line. If you are a female and wish to have your line participate in the Project, a male cousin, uncle, brother, etc., can provide the DNA for your line.

If you are interested in joining our DNA study, please contact the Project Administrator (above) for additional information. We have obtained a special group rate which is a lot less expensive than a research trip, believe me! No vital body parts are required – just a simple swab of the inside of the cheek and there is no discomfort at all. Results are available in about 60 days.

To join the Benton DNA Project, it would be very helpful if you can provide your Benton lineage back to your earliest known Benton ancestor, including birth, death and marriage dates and locations including wives’ information.  This information can be very valuable when comparing ancestry matches, helping you make connections with other participants who share your DNA.

Paul Garfield Benton II (- – 2012)


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“Garth was a kind and gentle soul and will be missed by all…”
“I’ll miss you Garth. You were a hoot to hang around during…”
– Michelle Liga
“I am a friend of Alexandria Garth’s sister. I met Garth…”
– Rosalinda Criado
“I’ve known Garth for over forty years. During much of that…”
– Jack and Stephanie Meyer
“I will miss you Garth; You had such a sweet and gentle…”
– Gayla Reeves
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American muralist, much loved father, brother and son, went home to be with the Lord on May 2, 2012, after a courageous battle with cancer.
He was a wonderful and kind man with incredible talent as an artist. His clients included the Getty Museum in Malibu, President and Mrs. Gerald Ford, Bob and Delores Hope, Danielee Steele and many others too numerous to mention. His heart will live on as part of his legacy and memories of him will live on in the minds and hearts of those who loved him and were touched by his life. To see some of Garths work, please visit his website at
He is preceded in death by his parents, Anne and Col. Paul G. Benton; grandparents, Rev. C.C. and Grace Benton, and John and Lillian Ellison. He is survived by his daughters, Jessica Benton Gruse, Bree Benton and Drew Benton; his sister, Alex Rogers and Sitah Valerye Cummings; nephews, nieces and many cousins.
A celebration of Garths life will be held at Conejo Valley Community Church located at 750 Erbes Road in Thousand Oaks at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 26, where Pastor David Clack will be officiating.

William Benjamon Benton

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William Benjamon Benton  

Louanne_Ellison     (View posts)
Posted: 26 Jan 2003 8:23AM GMT
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Edited: 12 Apr 2003 3:53AM GMT

Hi Sue,

We have been in contact before, but I lost how to get in touch with you.

Paul Garfield Benton is your grandfather John Manker Benton’s brother. In my last missive to you I said he was your father’s brother but when I checked with him, he told me I had gotten it wrong. He is your father’s first cousin.

Paul’s father’s name was Clarence Clinton? Benton, question because I don’t have my notes with me here in San Jose, CA, but in Santa Cruz, where Paul and his wife Anne Elizabeth Ellison are living with me. Anne is my mother’s, middle elder sister.
Clarence and his wife had another child, but she died as a toddler before Paul was born.

I have a number of your grandfather’s brother’s names, but know nothing about who they married, where they lived or if they had children. I would like to have any of that information. I bet Paul would love to contact more of his cousins if they are still living. He would also, like to hear from you and your father. His email is

Oh, I do know about a woman who is descended from one other of his brothers, but my notes about her are in Santa Cruz also. Won’t be back there til next weekend. I believe she still lives in McMinn Co.

Paul and Anne have 3 children (my cousins), Alexandra Elizabeth, who has 3 children, 2 boys and a girls, and 6 grandchildren; Paul Garthfield (Garth) who has 3 daughters (he is a famous muralist); and Valerie (Sitah), who has 3 children, 2 girls and a boy.

Paul believes he is related to the younger William Hart Benton the muralist, who was named after his great uncle William Hart Benton the senator. If there were any proof of that I know he would love to have it. I am stuck at William Benjamon Benton as I don’t know his parent’s names or antecedents.
Looking forward to hearing from you. My email is
Thanks for the post, Louanne

William Benjamin Benton of McMinn Co., TN  

Louanne_Ellison     (View posts)
Posted: 13 Dec 2002 6:01PM
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Edited: 11 Apr 2003 7:53PM

It has been awhile since I wrote but I wanted to correct an error. I said that Paul Benton, my uncle, was a first cousin to Sue R., but actually he is a second cousin as he is a first cousin to John Rankin Benton. I wonder if they knew each other as kids, as Paul visited from NC with his father Clarence Clinton Benton often. John R and Paul have the same grandfather, William Benjamin Benton and grandmother, Martha Sliger.

Would be very interested in communicating with anyone from this line.\


Re: William Benjamin Benton of McMinn Co., TN  

leahellisoncole     (View posts)
Posted: 27 Jan 2009 8:20PM
Classification: Query


Hi Susan,

My cousins are also great grandchildren of William and Martha. Their father
Colonel Paul Benton is still living at 91 years.

Someone else is looking and I wrote to her:

Hi Annetta,

My William B Benton was born 5 March 1859 and died 27 June 1935 according to info from The Sliger Family Tree Will was married to a Martha Sliger. Another very sparse source gives a William Benton as being born in 1858 in Germanton, Stokes, North Carolina. North Carolina is where I believe my Will Benton is from, and that is the only connection I have right now. My Uncle Paul Benton is the grandson of Will Benton and Martha Sliger. Could your Dixie be Martha? The Sligers might know. they have a family reunion every year in Athens area. Perhaps my Uncle Paul might know. He is living with his daughter Alex and I believe her email is Oh, I have a list of William and Martha’s children. John Manker Benton (his child and grandchild, John Rankin & Sue), Susie Benton, Emma Benton, Mary Benton, George W. Benton, William Andrew Benton and my uncle’s father Clarence Clinton (Whistler) Benton. Are any of those your parents?

My JESSE HOBBS BENTON married LUCINDA HAMILTON August 11, 1836 in McMinn County, TN. Jesse was born January 11, 1814 in NC. In 1850 they were in Peavine, Walker County, GA. There were quite a few BENTON families living in Walker County, GA in 1850. In 1860 they were Baties Township, Benton County, AR. I have more info on the Benton families living in Walker County if anyone is interested.

I understand that the parents of William Benjamin Benton are Samuel Benton and Sarah Davis. Does anyone know the origination of Sarah Davis? Her parents and place/date of birth?

Francis Benton b.c1765 m. Selah > Francis Marion Sr. b.1795 Edgefield Co. SC m. Nancy COOLEY > Francis Marion Jr. 1834-1908 > Newton Elbert Benton Sr. b.1860
• Francis Benton b.c1765 m. Selah > John b.1791 Edgefield Co. SC d.c1869 Wood Co. TX m. Mary HUGHES > b.1820 SC d.1899 Wood Co. TX

Francis Marion Benton (1834 – 1900)
Found 10 Records, 7 Photos and 564,595 Family Trees
Born in Tennessee, USA on 1834 to Francis Marion Benton and Nancy Cooley. Francis Marion married Mary A Richardson and had 4 children. Francis Marion married Amanda Melissa Jones and had 4 children. He passed away on 1900 in Erath, Texas, USA.

Francis Marion Benton.

Birth: 15 Jul 1841 Tennessee.

Death: 2 Dec 1911 Lyon Co., Kentucky.

Burial Dec 1911 Macedonia Cem., Kuttawa, Ky.

Photo provided by Kenneth A. Allgood


Francis Marion Benton.


Married June 30, 1861, at Dycusburg, Kentucky.
No record of any children.

Civil War Vet.

Enlisted in November of 1861 as a private in the Union Army, 20th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Company H., was mustered out in January of 1865, as a private, with a honorable discharge. Between the years of 1865 and 1911, he was a farmer.

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    Francis Marion Benton (1834 – 1900)
    Found 10 Records, 7 Photos and 564,595 Family Trees
    Born in Tennessee, USA on 1834 to Francis Marion Benton and Nancy Cooley. Francis

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