Ariadne’s Thread Frees Helen









scan0089Three months ago my niece sent me a message on Facebook. She said she needed to talk to family. She asked me to have Drew Benton call her. I felt for her isolation, her exclusion, for this is what Vick and Mark Presco did to me when I asked too many good questions. When Vicki called me and said;

“We are the only ones left.” I fell for her ruse once again. She said Mark and her had a terrible fight and he disappeared. No one can find him. This is BULLSHIT, for he is the horned beast at the center of the labyrinth, he the lover of money, along with our young sister – and my daughter!

I had threatened not to sign the document that released Rice Trust money to my kindred. I told the attorney my brother was a Tax Evader, and I am about to turn him to the IRS. He and Vicki did not tell me my father had died, and my mother was dying. I did not get to see Rosemary before she left this world.

My siblings and Garth Benton, Robin Beare, and Lawrence Chazen, went after Shannon Rosamond Benton simply because she was an adult due to get some money via the death of a world famous artist, whose name means ‘Rose of the World’. Shannon’s attorney points out the fraud being conducted by Chazen who was investigated by HUD for be a Loan Shark. Above is a letter I sent to Andrew Cuomo who confronted Chazen who is a friend of the Getty family and a CEO of Noble Oil. Chazen is an Untouchable I tried to warn the world about. I failed. No one listened to me because it served my kindred to title me ‘Mad’.

A week ago I saw ‘The Untouchables’ on Frontline. It was about the crash of the world economy.

In an e-mail I sent to Patrice Hanson in March of 2001 I say;

“My family more the likely will try and make a deal with you and Heather that will exclude me, include her, and not me. Some members of your family might tell you to go for it…..”

Uh-oh! I think I gave Patrice a Great Idea!

There is a another e-mail attached to this prophetic one wherein Patrice brings up the evil fact her sister, Linda Comstock, wants me to prove I am Heather’s father by getting my finger pricked and submitting my DNA before this evil drunken pig and witch, who no doubt pleaded with my daughter to also get her finger pricked, her blood taken, in order to own proof I am not an imposter, a master of deception, a pedophile in disguise, who is looking to commit an act of INEST with beautiful sixteen year old Heather. Lida the Drunk says she needs this proof because she was a victim of incest by a relative. This is pure BULLSHIT from this Medusa, because if I am a fraud – then there can be no incest!

What Linda Constock is after is my Dead Sister’s Money, she egged on by her drunken husband a retired attorney who made millions on the grief and woes of us mere citizens. There is no doubt i my mind Heather wants me to take this blood test, in case I get cold feet – and disappear from her life – finding my way to my brother in the Labyrinth.

I am an Untouchable when it comes to being sued, because these Lover of Money agreed people other then them should apply their Art and Craft in order to rekindle and waning interest in Rosamond’s Beautiful Women, so they can own – MORE MONEY! they came for the MONEY, and crashed one of the worlds most beautiful story that came before Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and before I read the Roza Mira prophecy that predicts an Artist is coming, who will string together the Work of the Creative and Spiritual Mind, and bring all of Humanity out of the Darkness.

The Lover of Money have had their day. See them clinging to the Horns of Beast as he sinks down into the abyss from where he rose – minus his head that I raise on high!


Jonathan Rose of the World

Who has yet to behold his Beautiful Daughter for the first time!

Here is a mother trying to get me to give my blood so she and her sister can own proof I am the brother of Rosamond, whose lifeless body I beheld at Pauls’ Mortuary, all the blood drained out of her – or so it was thought. With blood suckers standing around, they are not done util the very last drop.

“Dear Jon

Your letter this afternoon was so beautiful and filled with wonderful energy. I read it to Heather and she just loved it. It will be so good for her to have a father who looks to her with love. (wait for it)

I can notice my (evil) sister coming in with a kind of protective energy toward Heather. (Is this a psychic reading?)

She said she won’t believe you are the father until she sees the blood test (Taken on the rose cross)

I too checked on checked on the cost after my last message to you and the quote I got is $600 dollars. That is ridiculous! I don’t really get why it (betrayals) is so expensive.

So, we can look can look at that and maybe find something that is more do-able. Although I experience that the (money) angels always fulfill my needs in often remarkable ways.”

Does Heahter put stock in the Money Angels – from hell?


Helen of Sparta was perhaps the most inspired character in all literature, ancient or modern. A whole war, one which lasted for ten years, was fought over her. Not only that, nearly all the myths of the heroic age were threaded together in such a way that this most idealized of all wars was the culmination of various exploits, including the Argonaut, the Theban wars, and the Calydonian boar hunt. It is as though this event was in the destiny of every dynasty formed from the beginning of things.
Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships, was a tantalizing enigma from the very first. She was flesh and blood certainly, but she was also immortal, since her father was none other than Zeus. Her mother was the beautiful Leda, queen of Sparta, who was ravished by the father of the gods in the form of a swan. Leda’s husband was Tyndarecus, who later the same night, unaware of his feathered predecessor, also impregnated his wife.

On the third occasion, Theseus volunteered to slay the monster. He took the place of one of the youths and set off with a black sail, promising to his father, Aegeus, that if successful he would return with a white sail.[10] Like the others, Theseus was stripped of his weapons when they sailed. On his arrival in Crete, Ariadne, King Minos’ daughter, fell in love with Theseus and, on the advice of Daedalus, gave him a ball of thread, so he could find his way out of the Labyrinth.[11] That night, Ariadne escorted Theseus to the Labyrinth, and Theseus promised that if he returned from the Labyrinth he would take Ariadne with him. As soon as Theseus entered the Labyrinth, he tied one end of the ball of string to the door post and brandished his sword which he had kept hidden from the guards inside his tunic. Theseus followed Daedalus’ instructions given to Ariadne; go forwards, always down and never left or right. Theseus came to the heart of the Labyrinth and also upon the sleeping Minotaur. The beast awoke and a tremendous fight then occurred. Theseus overpowered the Minotaur with his strength and stabbed the beast in the throat with his sword (according to one scholium on Pindar’s Fifth Nemean Ode, Theseus strangled it).[12]
After decapitating the beast, Theseus used the string to escape the Labyrinth and managed to escape with all of the young Athenians and Ariadne as well as her younger sister Phaedra. Then he and the rest of the crew fell asleep on the beach. Athena woke Theseus and told him to leave early that morning. Athena told Theseus to leave Ariadne and Phaedra on the beach. Stricken with distress, Theseus forgot to put up the white sails instead of the black ones, so the king committed suicide, in some versions throwing himself off a cliff and into the sea. Dionysus later saw Ariadne crying out for Theseus and took pity on her and married her.

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