No Happy Ending For Family Artists?

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scan0044In 1996 I shared with my AA group the incredible drama that unfolded the day my famous sister drowned. A woman present started crying. She said she wanted to talk to me after the meeting. I and my sponsor went to her house. She was working on a movie based upon a novel by Ken Kesey she came to own the copyright to. She told me that people are acting crazy because they want to be a part of that which is IMMORTAL.

“Your sister is a dead famous artist. Those around her want to a part of her story so they can be immortal, too.”

In reading my last post, it is clear Patrice Hanson is very interested in the Story of Us, and Our Daughter. Her letter to the Scientology Mission was sent in order for her to receive recognition and a laurel leaf for following the teaching of the late LRH. My name is omitted. I am but a pawn in her game.

“I want to share with you a MAJOR WIN that is in the process of occurring in MY LIFE and the life of my daughter right now.”

Note that Patrice has put herself before OUR daughter. Where is OUR victory after we werekept apart for seventeen years, Patrice knowing Heather was my child, and how to get a hold of me. But, it is no ME she is interested in – is it? Patrice drives home the fact Heather is Rosamond’s niece, and this follower of L. Ron Hubbard has united HER daughter with a famous dead person.

Patrice’s letter to me is an Affidavit that exonerate her of any accusation that I was mistreated – USED! Indeed, all this “drama” is in my head. People would love me if I would let them. I am being pushed away, excommunicated from my daughter’s life, who is still a minor. By law I have a right to see my child. When I tried to call my child after I got Patrice’s letter, the phone was dead. I wrote Heather a letter asking for a new number. She wrote me back and said she only wanted to communicate with me via mail. She bid me to talk about myself, let her know more about me in my own writ. I became suspicious that she wanted MY WRITTEN WORDS as evidence, that I was her father, and, these words would be handed over to Tom Snyder and included in his biography he was authoring. Tom Snyder is the ghost writer Stacey Pierrot hired. When I all but agreed to contribute to his story, he sent me an Exclusive Rights contract to sign, that he told me would prevent outsiders from exploiting MY STORY. When I asked Snyder if this contract would prevent me from publishing my autobiography that included my sister, he said yes. When I refused to sign it, Tom threatened me with attorneys. My brother insisted I sign it, and when I refused, and refused to apologise to aunt Lillian for contributing to Tom’s bullshit, Mark Presco disowned me. Right after that, Heather came into my life. My family did all they could to lure Heather away from me, capture my beautiful daughter, and get her in their camp. Why? My family wanted to ISOLATE ME, make me feel all alone and insane. This is what they did to Christine before she died. This is what they did to the other artist in the family, the other artist that got sober – and into therapy – where family secret are shared.

“Heather is almost 18 and it is her right to choose how her relationship with you will be.”

All overtures my family, and the outsider, made to my minor daughter constitutes Child Abuse. It should be clear to aone that my daughter shose FAME over her father, for that was the choice put before her. This is a classic usurption that has left me hating my daughter and her mother – with a passion. This hatred makes it impossible forme to have a relationship with my grandson, Tyler Hunt.

No family member called me o Christmas, not even Vick and Drew who are living together. This is not going forward because “we are the only ones left”. as Vicki claimed. When you take away someone’s FUTURE, you have murdered that person. They no longer have a life. In Christine’s autobiography that Vicki showed me, my chance to be an Immortal Artist is taken away by Rosamond – with glee! She says everyone who knew me, including members of our family, thought I would be a famous artist one day.

“But, it was not meant to be.”

These words have been disappeared. Tom Snyder says Rosamond’s words were very rare, and the ones he read, were “the ideations of a woman who was not well when she wrote them.”

My family hated Christine because she was writing them out of Her Story. Was she poised to write her husband out of her life now that they were going through a terrible divorce? My niece, Drew Benton hates my sister. No eye-witness account of her mother’s death, and Drew’s amazing rescue has been recorded. Why? What is truly extraordinary is there are no words from Christine’s natal family in any of the biographies and movie scripts that have been put in the public domain. There are no words from me, and very few about me. Why? Why are these people turning down their chance to be Immortal? The only answer can be, they know the truth as to how Rosamond met her death, and, if they give any testimony, then, people would want to know more.

Another factor is members of family filed a claim. Christine had borrowed much money from my family, and then she filed Bankruptcy. They wanted their due. In a letter I sent to a write for the Pincecone, I inserted the word “murder” and “motive”. There was a custody battle over Drew. My sibling appear to have taken Garth’s side. Christine had hired a ghost writer just before she died, and was writing those who betrayed her out of her life. Everyone, but Drew ad Shannon who was set up for an arrest. Isolated and afraid, my niece Shannon disappeared for eight years. Here are the three people my family hates, and hated.


When I explained all this to Heather and Patrice, they chose to have a relationship with Vicki, who they never met, and who was able to communicate with my minor daughter via a phone. This is kidnapping. Vicki and I had not talked in two years for the reason I just could not buy her story about how our sister ended up in the sea she was terrified of. Try as I amy, I tried to believe Vicki and her son – who kept disapearng the almost gale force wind that sent huge waves against those steep rocks. When I went there I saw a geyser of water shoot fifty feet into the air as it hit the wall that Snyder says Christine was swept over. It was not a windy day. You could see this geyser from the house. Shamus admitted he saw this geyser in a telephone conversation.

When Heather and Patrice tlked to Vicki, and Shamus behind my back, they heard how much everyone loved me, but, I keep pushing them away. This is because I am mentally ill and keep inventing horrible ways my sister died. Vicki and Shamus convinced my mminor daughter I was mentally ill. I could now be discarded eliminated fomr the Win Win Race because I knew I was reading Science Fiction.

When Pierrot came out with her Rosamond website, the ghost writer that worked with Christine said my sister did not take her life as everyone around her was convinced she would. When you isolate someone, make them out to be mad, then take their child from them, one might consider suicide. do you think Patrice or Heather give a rat’s ass if I take my life?

The two gifted artists in my family will not be going foward. With have no future life with members of our family. Unless, there are only two people who matter in my book!

* * *
In an e-mail to Tom Snyder, the author of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ I make an attempt to find out who the other people are who refused to contribute to Rosamond’s biography, the worst biography ever written, that utterly destroyed any chance Rosamond’s artistic legacy would be valuable.

“You said others have refused to contribute to your biography, like myself, but refused to give me their names when I asked.”

When I asked my brother, Mark Presco, why he didn’t contribute, he told me;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.”

When I asked my daughter, Heather Hanson’s if she read Snyder’s biography, she told me she hadn’t. I told her my sister (her aunt) is demonized in this book. Heather said this;

“You don’t know what Drew went through with her mother.”

This told me my daughter was having a secret relationship with my family behind my back. Vicki let it slip that she made Heather cry when she mentioned Bill Cornwell and th check Heather handed Vicki at the family reunion. Heather said she had nothing to do with my family since she was at Vicki’s house eight years ago. She lied! Vicki said Patrice contacted her just after my daughter chose to have nothing to do with me, however, she does want to be in Rosamond’s biography – along with her mother. How is Our Miracle going to be transferred over to Vicki and Shamus Dundon is what I have longed wondered about. Here is a list of family members who did not contribute to Snyder’s biography

Mark Presco
Vicki Presco
John Presco
Rosemary Presco
Shamus Dudon
Shannon Rosamond
Drew Benton
Patrice Hanson
Heather Hanson

Here are family members who contributed;

Garth Benton
Lillian Molnar
Kasandra Dundon

Here are the four people who have authored a biography or screenplay about my famous sister;

Sandra Faulkner
Carrie Fisher
Sandra Faulkner
Julie Lynch

Anyone who had an ouce of brains would understand any biography authored by folks who did not know Rosamond, would not be as good as the biography that contains antidotes, and first hand accounts by her blood kin. Whey then didn’t the court appointed executor, Attorney Sydney Morris, get it,when he blessed Pierrot’s ghost writer over my biography? The answer is not, there are crazy people involved, the answer is, I had serious questions about the accounts of Christine’s death that needed to be answered, because – THERE IS NO REAL DEATH SCENE OF A WORLD FAMOUS ARTIST!

There were two people with Christine when she was swept into the sea. Except for a wierd account from Vicki that appeared in the Pinecone, there exist no more quotes from Vicki in the two biographies. But, what has to be addressed, is why Drew Benton is not quoted in these stories that Morris blessed in order to generate moneis for the two Hiers and pay off creditors? According to Vicki, in our resenst attmept to go forward, both Shannon and Drew are unhappy with how Stacey Pierrot handled their mother’s artisitc legacy. The two movie scripts Pierrot ordered up, are dead in the water. Why? You would think a first hand account of the death of a world famous artist would make a great movie. How dramatic, that Drew was saved from the huge rogue wave by Vicki. Vicki would be a hero on the silver screen, but, she has kept her mouth shut, as has Drew. No one has questioned Drew in order to record her ordeal. There are T.V. shows about people surviving very tramatic events. Surely Drew, who is now 27, can take some respncible for generating interest in her mother’s art by going on the show ‘I Survived’. Why rely on another liar, such as Julie Lynch to invents a 90 year old kindergarten teacher?

Then there is the accout of Shamus Dudon, who I questioned, and thus I own some real doozies of a lie. Vicki wished he would have kept his mouth shut. But, once he responded to the idea I put forth of “murder”, then it was one lie after another.

Two days after her mother is dead, Drew is over her house playing vidwo games with her cousin Shamus. My friend remarked how unshaken she was. She and her father did not attemd the funeral held that day. Why? When you read ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ you get an alabi from Garth. In Garth’s own words he and his girlfied passe the ambulence containing Christine – on their way to Rocky Point. However, Donald Layne’s wife told me she saw Garth arrive with no one in the car but himself. She was talking to Drew, Vicki, and Shamus in the part of the house where they were staying. Vicki said they were there because there was an attempt to reconcile the Benton marriage that was on the rocks, the divorce all but final.

It was my friend, who used the word “murder” when he read the revised Coroner’s report, wherein is discribes the long scratch startig from Christine’s hip to her breast. Her findernails are torn off. It was as if someone had thrown her off a cliff, and she struggled to break her fall. According to Vicki ad Shamus in a film they made at Rocky Point a week after the alleged accident, Christine has somehow managed to get her suede jacket off while struggling in the water. The rocks are rounded and slippery with seaweed. This might account for the torn nails, but, not the long scratch that would not have happened IF Christine was wearing her jacket when she went into the water. In questionig Shamus, I concluded Christine was not wearing a jacket. But, why not? It was cold and very windy that day which means large waves. There were whitecaps to the horizon accrding to the rescue person I talked to. Christine knew there would be large waves, as did Vicki who was in the Navy.

The one scenario I have looked at over and over again, since 1994, is this;

Garth Benton arrives with Drew early Saturday morning to drop off Drew who is 9 years of age. There is shared custody. I suspect Christine had a plan to have Garth stay the weekend in order to give their marriage one more chance. Garth informs Christine he is in love with his girlfriend, Nina. Christine goes balistic. She may have attacked Garth, who picks Christine up, carries her ten feet out the side of the house, and throws her off the cliif. It was here the owner of the Rocky Point cafe told me he saw the rescue helicopter hovering, and not where Vicki filmed her video.

There is the possiblity Nina was with Garth, and, Garth had her leave in one of the cars. Garth drove down the road, and then returned when he saw the ambulence go by. This theory puts aside that everyone is concleaking the truth to protect Drew – for some reason – and installs the idea that everyone is protecting Garth, Drew’s surviving parent. Was Drew in dnager of losing both parents that day?

When you study Patrice’s letter to the head of the Scientology Mission in Santa Rosa, you see my name is not even mentioned. I have lost my daughter and grandson who I believed wout carry on my HISTORY.

In my next post HIS LABYRINTH STORY I will give you a glmpse of my Grail Novel that will make everyone this post – famous! Like Theseus I will come – to their rescue! They will become Immortals.

Christine did not forsee that I would become a Immortal Author – or did she? As to wh believed I would become a famous artist, it was my beloved sister who had faith in me, believed in me – before she ever picked up a brush.

Here is a video of Rocky Point. The house Asristine was a guest in is to the right beyond the resturant. It sits on the top amongst the rockss. It is a very steep walk down to the sea. There is nothing but iceplants atop bolders. Shamus said he was jogging here to keep warm because it was “blustery”. He then said he was trying to catch lizards, he running around doing that. He got sweaty and a headache, then went up to the house, and thus did not see the rogue wave. Vicki drew me a map that put Shamus by her and Drew’s side. Would you let your daughter search for tidepool creatures HERE?

Vicki said in the Pinecone she and our sister had nighmares about being swept away by a giant wave, and thus Christine would not get near the ocean – or let Drew get close. Christine was very protective of Drew. Did Garth win the custody battle?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Re: Vicki’s Strange Account
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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.

I think you see how Vicki’s account in the Pinecout is impossible, a
potpouri of ideas desgined to get Christine down by the water, and
then into the water! Was she there to meet her date with destiny, or,
do some fishing? But, then she knew it was her time! The proof of
this is, she predicts her demise seconds before it occured! Wow!

“It must have been Christine’s time, and perhaps she knew so.

“If a giant wave came right now, it could take me out to sea, and I
could drown.”

Was it Drew’s time as well?

Carrie Fisher must have tried to zero in on this death scene, make it
more clear, as this is the most dramatic part of the pending movie. I
mean, not many famous artists die like this, with three witnesses (
two if you believe Shamus was not there)adding to the drama –
especially when Drew is saved! Surely Drew’s account would be
dramatic! But, why didn’t Tom Snyder get Drew’s account in his book –
and Shamus’s? Snyder rehashes Vicki’s old sea yarn. You would think
he would get the three surivors together in one room with a tape
recorder! Fisher would want to do this too, believing she would get
more dramatic details. But, everything got even more vague.

This account appeared in 1997 on the Rosamond Gallery site that
Stacey Pierrot published;

“It was a idyllic picture. At Rocky Point, on the Big Sur coast, on
March 26 1994, the afternoon sun hovered low in the sky. On a outcrop
of tumbled rocks, silhoutted against the calm, burnished surface of
the ocean, a 46-year-old woman and her 8-year-old-daughter knelt over
a tidal pool. Dipping into the water, the child’s fingers sent tiny
crabs scuttling, sea anenomes spitting salt water.”

I know/knew my sister got cold easily, like her mother. If she wanted
to fish she would dress for it as the photo on the boat shows. Tom
Snyder is a homosexual who turns Christine into a fashon plate, he no
doubt seeing himself in a tux at the premiere of the Killer Rogue
Wave movie, that was followed by another Rogue wave that spit
Christine’s coat out of the sea – way up on the land after – it had
digested the Rose of the World!

“Of course adventures rarely go as planned. The properties main gate
is unexpectedly locked, so Christine goes in search of help. She
finds it in the neighbor, a attorney Donald Layne. Of imposing size
and intelligence, Layne is also blessed with a generous nature. None
of this is lost on 46-year-old Christine. At just over five-foot-
five, she is a perennial fashion plate model and man-pleaser. Even
for this casual outing, she is wearing tailored tan slacks and a
white tunic-style blouse topped by a short jacket in soft, muted-
brown leather — distinctively styled with two snaps at the waist.
The sleeves were turned up, revealing the satin lining and a hint of
a forearm.”

Here are TWO rogue waves working my sister over!

“The water exhausts itself against the slope, and is now rushing back
at the same frieght-train speed. Christine is caught in the undertow
of the first wave, as a SECOND wave crashes over her. Tons of water
moving in opposite directions WHIPSAW Christine before she is sluiced
down a twelve foot drop into the waiting sea.”

“I had expected Drew to climb out.” Vicki remembers, “but I was in
shock seeing Christine disapear, and hadn’t noticed Drew was still in
the water until I heard a voice say: Get Drew. Then I rushed to the
water to help her. We were terrified another wave would come at any

At the beginning of the story, Gopher tells Winnie the Pooh that it
is “Winds-day” (a play on “Wednesday”), whereupon Pooh decides to
wish everybody “Happy Winds-day.” He visits his friend Piglet, but
Piglet is blown into the air and Pooh grabs hold of him.

Vicki, has Christine suggesting they go rent fishing poles. This lie
is told to show how Christine could have saved her life IF only she
had only followed her own suggestion. The only problem here, is, that
Vicki already has fishing poles. When I asked Vic Presco why his
daughter dropped by his house that Friday evening before they drove
out to Rocky Point, my father told me they stopped by to get his
fishing poles. Here is what my father said;

“They were in a hurry. Vicki didn’t even get out of the car. Shamus
came in and I gave him the key to the storage shed.”

So, why are the fishing poles being disapeared? When Vic told me
this, I knew Vicki was lying. Why was she lying? I had to assume she
and others knew the truth, and used it as a model.

“We weren’t just frolicking on the rocks.” Vicki said. “We were
responsible people, and aware of the water at all times.”

But, it was Christine who had a date with Mr.Death!

What are the odds Christine predicted her own death! Tom Snyder says
the Rogue Wave came thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean –
from Japan! Traveling at 300 miles an hour, from far off this Wave of
Destiny sees Drew and Christine standing in tide-pools with their
pants rolled up and tells itself it really has to get a move-on if it
wants to take its first two victims – that weekend. If only Christine
and Drew had not gone back and sat on that “final rock”. The Rogue
Wave couldn’t believe its good fortune when they did.

“Now I got them! Hold it right there!”

We were almost there when an ambulance passed us, going the other
way. We both realized it was carrying Christine. My mind flashed back
over the last few months and years, and all the anguish for Nina and
Drew and me, even for Christine. I was crying, and I turned to Nina —
this is what I am ashamed of — and I said, ‘we’re free. And Drew is

On page 152 of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder, he records
his interview with Sande Green.”Christine and I met while I was still
with my husband.” Sande says, “who had a mural painted by Garth
Benton, together with someRosamond originals.But one of our favorite
places to go – my husband had a private jetthat could take us
anywhere in the world – was the Monterey Peninsula. We’d fly in
whenever we wanted, a limousine would pick us up, and we’d hang out
for a few days.

On a trip to Pebble Beach in 1991, my husband mentioned some friends
with a new gallery in Carmel, and it would be nice to visit
withthem.When the four of us met in the lobby, I was struck by two
thingsabout Christine: she smiled easily, and she was very quiet.
That didn’t suprise because my husband’s wealth could be very

I was
> there as an afterthought. She and Drew were going to spend the
> weekend at a guest house. Christine went back and sat down on the
> final rock after saying we should go get lunch and rent fishing
> poles. She always had nightmares about water, tidal waves, the
> ocean’s power, the water taking control. She was facing her
> nightmare; she sat back down as if she had conquered those fears. I
> didn’t understand why we weren’t leaving. It must have been a
> WEWERE IN DANGER. We weren’t just frolicking on the rocks.” Vicki
> said. “We were responsible people, and aware of the water at all
> times. It was a full moon weekend with lots of tidal action. A
> told me that five other people were swept out to sea ( from
> California’s north coast) over the same period. We went to look for
> shells and tide pool creatures. Christine was sure the tide was
> out. Did she know what lay a head?”
> What bullshit! Tom Snyder eats it up belieiving he is going to be
> famous, there talk about a movie!
> “It is not quite ten-thirty in the morning and Vicki asks about the
> tide. Christine says it is low, based on her frequent excursions to
> Point Lobos with Drew. The ocean seems calm, ordinary. Vicki
> at the limit of the ice plant on the hill, while Christine and Drew
> sit down on the rock with her back to the sea, fully aware that she
> is violating a cardinal rule.”
> Shamus gives an accurate account of this crevis. I went there with
> friend who would not let me sit down on that same rock because WE
> could not see the ocean. Only when he moved over to where he could
> see the sea, did he ALLOW ME to sit there! Even then, when a wave
> came in and hit the wall, it shot fifty feet into the air. It was
> a windy day and the tide was low. How high would that plume of
> have shot on the morning Christine drowned. She was in the water 50
> minutes, from the time the 911 call was made, till the helicopter
> came. Where is Shamus’s account of his aunt’s struggle to live! She
> was not in a bubble bath!
> Click here to see large photo of Rocky Point: http://tinyurl.
> http://rougeknights .blogspot. com/2008/ 09/what-happened -at-rocky-
> click-here.html
> Here is Shamus;
> “Imagine water. then imagin a rock cliff.(more like> > a wall)
> nowimagine a> > channel cut out in the middle. the bowl was at one>
> >end of this channel.> > When in the bowl you can hear water but
> notsee it.> > At least when I went> > through it before going to
> catchlizards then going> > back to the guest house> > alone.> > I
> rememberseeing shallow pools of water in> > depressions throughout
> the bowl.>> The water looked murky like it had been there a> >
> Not freshsea water.> > As I said you could hear the water but not
> it.> >When we came back and> > found the jacket that day, the tide
> washigher.> > Water was splashing in> > through that channel higher
> thanthe bowl. then> > falling into the bowl and> > washing back
> downthrough the channel(the water> > level was lower than the> >
> The waves splashed higher than the bowl…> > From what I
> understandfrom mom a big wave came and> > knocked Christine off> >
> from whereshe was sitting. Drew was sitting a> > little farther
> and> >higher than Christine, and mom was a little farther> > away
> andhigher. I> > bleieve drew was also knocked down from where she>
> wasbut not by as much> > water. Mom was able to grab drew.
> Christinewas> > farther away and in the> > deeper part of the bowl,
> anotherwave came in and> > when all the water poured> > out through
> thechannel it took Christine with it.> > The channel I beleive> >
> wasabout 2x the width of me. and there had to be at> > least 20′
> ofchannel> > between bowl and ocean, I don’t know how far down> >
> thatchannel went or how> > high the bowl was over the ocean, but
> fromwhat I> > saw, it looks reasonable> > that Christine would have
> hadample opoprtunity to> > tear her fingernails.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Heather’s mother put a Rosamond print over he crib and told her it was he destiny to find my famous sister who will help her become famous and rich. When I told her my sister she never filed a false police report against the adult heir after she was set-up for an arrest, Heather and her mother could care less. That was one more family member out of their way because Christine would snubbed them if she was a live. The three family artists were ousted by Vicki and Garth who put Christine’s ashes out on the stoop and slammed the door to the house he was ordered to stay away from. These cremated remains were stolen from a holding company and ended up in the hallway of a whore-motel.

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