Oregon’s Hello to Obama




kennyreed9While in a nightclub of a friend, I suggested to Rick Cobian we produce a inaugural celebration. He and Kenny Reed had just done a song about Obama and had played it several times. “Hey Obama!” was the extent of the words. I gave Kenny these words and called around town to see if I could gather some performers on short notice. At the time, Kenny, Rick and I were partners in the Bohemian Bank, based upon my ideas to change the American economy that was based upon the ‘Get Hippie’ religion of the right-wing idealogues who have brought our government and our economy to a halt.

We chose the Bakery, and I brought the Rosamond print to put on the bare wall. That is Marilyn Reed singing chorus, and Izzy Whetstine the Prankster poet who also read at the Granary.

Jon Presco

Oregon’s Hello to Obama

A Inaugural Production


Jon Presco

Copyright 2009

Opening scene

A dark stage
A beam of light comes down upon Rick and Van.
A soft slow beat begins on the congas.
Van joins in.
Van: “Obama. Obama. Obama. Obama”
Van’s voice fades as does the spotlight.
A spot shines down center
Rick drums
Female dancer dressed like the Fool dances into the light.
She has bells on her ankles and on her neck and hat.
Other unseen drummers join in.
The Merry Jester does a furious, leaping solo dance.
Faster and faster she dances
And then collapses.

Getting up, she shades her eyes and looks right then left, then, behind her
“Where did everybody go?” she asks.
“Am I all alone?”
The Jester wanders off, calling out;
“Hello! Is anybody there?
Olly olly oxen free!”
Doesn’t anyone want to play?
“Olly olly oxen free!”
Her voice fades away.

(The phrase can also be used to coordinate hidden players in the game “kick the can”, where a group of children hide within a given radius and a “seeker” is left to guard a can filled with rocks. The seeker has to try to find the “hiders” without allowing them to sneak in and kick the can.)


Right of center stage, Niesha begins a Cello solo
The background grow light – a deep thalo blue
There is a street light, a flame that grow bright.
There is a sign on the post;
A spotlight from above
A black saxophonist wanders in to join Niesha in a Ode to Expatriates.
The Fool joins in with a ballet
Spotlight and flame fade.

Middle Stage
Theme: A Nation within a Nation
Native American drummers in a circle are silhouetted against gold sun (big O)
They sing
Native American Dancers come to center stage from right and left.
After a minute the Fool joins their dance.
The dancers file off stage, leaving seated drummers

A strobe light begins stage left, followed by colorful laser rays.
Behind the shadowy Street Drummers is a colorful Peace banner
Spotlight on Eugene street drummer who begin drumming.
Some folks are beating on bottles
WOOdstock !
A black brother stands up and sings
“O say can you see
some change a’comin?”

Brother drummers answer;

“Yea man
It’s a O Bama Nation”

Black brother;

“You don’t need no ticket
Just get Onboard “

“Peace Brother!”
Brothers give new peace sign of the O and begin African beat

From stage left come Caroline’s African dance troop.
The Merry Jester joins in.

Quiet. Darkness.

Stage Right

A spotlight brightens slowly on a flag with a circle of fifty stars in the filed of blue.
Above the flag are the words “Oh say can you see.” Below flag, these words; “A Big Change a comin?”

Kenny is on a raised stage with Jazz group and horn players.
Kenny begins his Obama song.
After singing it once through, he sings

“Aloha Amego Obama
Ola Obama Aloha
Gi odi, Oh moho, Samba, Fofo, Amego, Obama
Ly ho yat, Haa he, Samba,
Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama!

I say
Hi-de Hi-de Hi (Jazz band waves hand)
What you say?
We say
How-de howdy-de O (audience makes sign of O)

(Choir shuffles in from right, clapping hands)

Obama! Obama! Obama!
Choir sings choice words from Kenny’s song.
Choir claps hands and sways.
Street drummers join in.
Native America dancers enter stage right.
African dancers enter stage left.
Bagpipers and drummers enter center stage.
Natives sing.
Merry Jester cartwheels across the stage
And takes baton from Conductor and leads
The Crescendo!
Samba Ja comes down center isle and on stage

Aloha. Amego, Obama
Ola Obama Ola
Obama! Obama! Obama!

Kenny Reed;
“I say
Hi-de Hi-de Hi (Jazz band waves hand)
What you say?
We say
How-de how-de O (audience makes sign of O)

Obama! Obama! Obama!

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on rosamondpress and commented:

    Here is the first musical I wrote. Kenny Reed was performing a Obama song before that.

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