The Swapped Child 2

scan0003Meet Heather Hanson’s Fake Father, Randall Delpiano. It is his name that is on my daughter’s birth cirtificate, not mine.

The State
January 16, 1989
A man who looted $4,000 from a woman’s bank account while posing as Grateful Dead guitar player Bob Weir has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined $500. The sentence was imposed by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley Golde on Randall C. Delpiano, 33, described in a Probation Department report as having “achieved moderate fame by impersonating” Weir. Delpiano pleaded guilty in Oakland Municipal Court last month to one count of using a computer system to steal money.

After I learned my aunt Lilian was giving interviews to Tom Snyder, the rival biography, after she gave me six hours of recorded testimony, I had another falling out with my family who disowned me and put me in the dark. No sooner was that done, then Heather came into my life. I suggested Patrice write a letter to Oprah Winfrey in hope we could tell the story of our miracle to the world. Here is an exert.

“When the child was 9 months old, and the situation at home had
become even more threatening, I finally had the courage to move
out.. Shortly thereafter, I moved from Northern CA to Southern CA
and got a divorce. Ten years ago we moved again not letting the ex-
husband know where we are because of the craziness that continued as
long as he was in our lives. Even though I cared about him, I had to
cut our losses and focus of the well-being of my children.”

Above is a photo of Heather’s real father alone with his daughter on the Berkeley pier. I had to ask Tyler’s father for permission to talk to my sixteen year old daughter alone, because Patrice disappeared her from my life after they moved. I had made a threat regarding a big shot Scientology family who my daughter lived with, I forced to work for them when I came for a visit.

“If he fucks with my daughter, I’ll be back.”

We had a meeting with a big honcho of Scientology at a winery they were converting into a treatment center for addictive folks. I accused them of using my daughter and her mother like slaves. This couple was working with Orpah Winfrey to end slavery in the world. This cult are experts on separating disagreeable family members from their family. I was now an outlaw, a mad man. My daughter chose not to see me every again, and then struck up a relationship with my sister Vicki and her son, because, they were closer to the Art, and the money generated by the Rosamond Cult that produced the worst biography ever written, that cult members couldn’t even give away. In a year, my daughter was pregnant – and abandoned!

Note the lone seagull flying in from the sea, and the magical city of San Francisco in the background. This is the end of The Dream.
When we came off the pier, there was Ryan Hunt up on a obersavation deck. He had been watching me, making sure no harm came to his lover. Ryan was not at the hospital when his son, my grandson, was born. He did not want a child. He just wanted to fuck my daughter out of wedlock.

The insults this father and grandather has endured – after Patrice and he cult labeled “Insane”. My daughter was all for it, because, I was the last person on earth that would make her a Star. The very first day I spent with my child was going to hear her sing at the Scientology Mission in Sonoma. It was a baptismal-like thing for a newborn child. Heather believed this cult was going to do wonders for her career.

Also, take note of the crescent moon and star in the sky. In Pan’s Labyrinth Mercedes has a birth mark on her shoulder of a crescent moon with stars. The Merovingian Kings had a special birthmark, and let their hair grow long like the Nazarites, because, it gave them special power.

All Nazarites were born unto barren women after they were visited by an angel of God. Patrice and Randall could not give life to a child. Seers told me I had died – and came back. What does that make me? Angels are not susposed to have children.

These Comet Kings want her back, their Rose Princess.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

“the chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim”

Patrice is saying if the Imposter, Randall Delpiano,
discovered his daughter was an Imposter, he might have killed my
alleged daughter. But, this was a chance she was willing to take
with yet another man’s child, as he two sons were of two different
fathers. Patrice told me that she used Heather to get Randall in
Program. Meanwhile, Heather’s real father’s alcoholism is getting

This letter was composed on May 30, 2001. It appears Patrice had a
on and off relationship with Randall for seven more years as her
sons were six and thirteen when they lived with me. Patrice is
exposing children to criminal activity and extreme danger. To
encourage Heather to form a bond with Vicki who may be engaged in
fraud – after encouraging Heather to break her bond with me – is par
for the course for this mentally ill mother. Here is the rest of her

“When the child was 9 months old, and the situation at home had
become even more threatening, I finally had the courage to move
out.. Shortly thereafter, I moved from Northern CA to Southern CA
and got a divorce. Ten years ago we moved again not letting the ex-
husband know where we are because of the craziness that continued as
long as he was in our lives. Even though I cared about him, I had to
cut our losses and focus of the well-being of my children.

In the years that followed, I worked hard on myself to overcome the
results in my life caused by growing up in a highly dysfunctional
family with an angry alcoholic father and mother who was diagnosed
schizophrenic and who left us when I was eleven. I wanted to stop
passing the dysfunction on to my children. So I was in therapy, 12
step groups and became active in a church attempting to change my
life. It worked and my life is an amazing affirmation of what is
possible to anyone who chooses to take responsibility and make a
change. And it is an ongoing process that continues to this day.

From the time my daughter was old enough to understand, I explained
about the birth and told her that one of the things I knew about her
real father is that he told me that he is the brother of a well
known artist, Rosamond. I found a Rosamond print of a beautiful
woman named Simone that my daughter has had on her wall ever since.
I told her if she ever wants to find her father, to find the artist.

One Sunday morning in Feb, this year I was telling Jacquelyn, the
French cook and art teacher at my daughter’s school, about my
daughter and her birth. When I mentioned Rosamond, she said she
thought that the artist died maybe five years ago, but she wasn’t
sure and maybe it was not her, but another artist. A couple of days
later, I woke up with an overwhelming urge to look for Rosamond on
the internet. I found the site for the gallery in Carmel and the
story of Rosamond and her death and photos of her. I could see the
family resemblance of my daughter to the aunt she never knew. After
this discovery, I checked in with my daughter to see if she was
ready to find her father. She was, so I emailed the gallery, not
letting them know why I wanted to find him but just that he was an
old friend and I wanted to reconnect.

It took about a week and a few other emails before I received a
response from John, Heather’s father. He wrote that he was in Oregon
and heard I was trying to find him and he gave me a phone number. I
was excited and nervous not knowing what his response might be.
After all, as far as I knew, he had no knowledge of my daughter and
it would come as a total shock. Perhaps he was married with a family
and really wanted nothing to do with us. So my plan was to just feel
him out and discover what he was up to before giving him the news.

The first thing I asked is if he rembered me. He said he did and
told me when and where. Then he proceeded to tell me that two weeks
ago he had a dream in which I CAME TO HIM and introduced him to a
beautiful young woman who I said was his daughter. I asked him to
describe her to me, and his description was of Heather. Needless to
say I was in awe. I told him her name is Heather and she was
sixteen. His first response was, “The angels are at work. This is a
miracle! I have waited for this call for a long time!”

The room was filled with golden light as I held the phone to my ear.
It is a moment I will never forget. Truly other forces were at work
here. Apparently, some years before, a psychic in Berkeley had told
John that he had a daughter, but, he didn’t know how to find her.
Another interesting thing, is that a few days before my call, he’s
asked a friend who is a private investigator to help him find the
daughter he thought he might have.

Surely the angels had a hand in bringing about this meeting and the
miracle continues as on March 22, 2001, Heather and her father met
for the first time. It has been a life changing experience for all
of us, a healing that continues. At this time we are planning to get
married, all of us as a family, to straighten out the birth
certificate, and live together to create the family we all have
always wanted. Heather’s father is a creative, and sensitive artist
himself who can give to his daughter a kind of inspiration and
guidance that I could not and it comes at the perfect time in her
life. We are excited about the future and all that it holds in terms
of love family and creativity. We look forward to sharing this story
of miracles and healing.”

Patrice does not mention the fact the Rosamond gallery website is
advertising for people to be in my later sister’s biography, that is
a rival biography. I made Patrice and Heather fully aware of this.
Patrice asked; “Can’t there be two biographies.” This is when I
became suspicious of her original and true motives, which was to get
our daughter in Tom Snyder’s biography and promote HER daughter’s
career. Snyder sent one email to Patrice that I know of. She lied
when I asked her if she had any further contact with Pierrot and
Snyder. My aunt let it slip that Patrice and Heather were in the
gallery before I was contacted, as my aunt saw a photo wherein
Heather still had brown hair.

The church experiences Patrice mentions are lessons she is receiving
from Scientology. In a letter to a head of her church she uses their
terminology to explain the miracle as coming from lessons she and
Heather are taking that bids them to network with rich and famous
people they might know. I suspect it was Patrice who surfed the net
for Rosamond, and when she found the gallery webpage, she attributed
this to “Beta Universe” and, her very secret and special identity as
an “angelic being from another planet.”. It was not Patrice who
appeared to me in a dream, but my Higher Power who I identified a
decade hence. My detective friend is a devout Atheist, and we remain
good friends by my giving him permission to filter out the spiritual
side of my being. We have spent hundred of hours looking at what
really happened at Rocky Point and the fraud that was going on in
the Probate.

Patrice and Heather HAD TO deal with me as a real human being, and
not just the carrier of the Miracle Seed that the angels dropped in
Patrice’s womb in order to eventually make her sordid and even
criminal life work alas. This angelic mother was intent on making
Heather’s conception a Emaculate Conception, by cutting me out of
the picture altogether, and, entering the gaping and bloody wound in
our family to plant the Holy Seed of Heather next to Vicki, who she
ascertained had all the power in the family, as well as all the
prints my father left me in his Trust. It now became clear to this
Angelic Being on High, that all men were no good, and the Head Angel
on High was bidding her to join HER daughter to the Dead Rosamond
Cult where only the women in the family will be allowed to worship
the Dead Rose of the World, everyone but Shannon, the adult heir
whose attorney said there was fraud going on. Patrice, a
narcissistic personality, had read the evidence of this and
explained it away, as it is ALL ABOUT HER, we all put on this planet
to make way for her Miracles, and of course HER DIVINE ABILITY TO
LOVE the UNLOVABLE because only Patrice owns Perfect Love. Why
Randal Delpiano could not see this, now made perfect sense, as
Heather was born to be the embodiment of the Creative Rosamond and
carry on her divine legacy. The Angels cleared Shannon out of there
to make it all possible, the New Miracle. of the Emasculate
Conception. Gone was the surname of Delpiano, and Presco, and here
come the hand of angels to write


Three months after Christine’s death Shannon and I
talked on the phone. She told me she had her last name changed to
Rosamond so the outsider and usurpers could not use that name. She
then said this; “My friends think my life is in danger. Be careful
John, the first thing they are going to do is make you out to be


“the chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim”

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of
California and an attorney on record for 50% interest in Shannon
Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of the State Bar California, I
have never experienced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more
reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a
probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total
manipulation of a tester’s intent that the present efforts of
Attorney’s Robin Beare, Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the
descendants former spouse.

Since her mother’s death, Shannon Rosamond has made continual
attempts to obtain pertinent information concerning her mother’s
estate and also obtain her mother’s cremated remains so that she
could conduct a proper memorial service.”

“On May 16, I wrote to Ms. Beare and asked for a meeting to
address Shannon Rosamond’s concerns. Ms. Beare responded in a letter
in which she based her refusal to meet with me on the grounds
statements in my letter caused her to fear for her safety and then
embarked on an unfair smear campaign against Heir Shannon Rosamond.
Ms. Beare subsequently ignored another correspondence in which I
asked her to correct or clarify her false statements made against me.
She has also proceeded with her litigation strategy without
investigating or disclosing to the court the concerns that Mr.
Chazen, Mr. Benton and herself may be engaging in civil and criminal
conspiracies, fraud, perjury, the filing of false police reports,
act, in their attempt to wrongfully gain control of Shannon
Rosamond’s interest in the art gallery. In addition to unfairly
misrepresenting the facts of this case to the court and persisting in
a fraudulent scheme to circumvent Shannon Rosamond’s determination to
continue in her mother’s footsteps as an artist and businesswoman in
this community.”

Hell In A Bucket: The man arrested a couple of years back for
impersonating Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir has been at it again.
Randall Delpiano was arrested in the East Bay community of Walnut
Creek after his parole officer recognized his photo in a local
newspaper. Delpiano was paroled from state prison last April after
serving 15 months on fraud and theft charges stemming from a $5,000
robbery, and at that time had convinced a newspaper reporter and a
radio DJ that he was the Dead’s rhythm guitarist.

In August of this year, Delpiano again began impersonating Bob Weir.
One of the individuals he bilked, Ken Whitaker, admittedly not a
Deadhead, recalled the experience: “He seemed to know everything
about the Grateful Dead. He told stories for hours and he played the
harmonica extremely well. We didn’t know then that the real Bob Weir
doesn’t play harmonica. He said he was being hounded by the press
over the death of their keyboard player Brent Mydland.” Oakland
police spokesman Sgt. Stanley Bicker was very familiar with
Delpiano’s scam. “Side by side, they don’t look alike, but in their
photos and from a distance, they do,” he said of Weir and Delpiano,
adding, “The really committed Grateful Dead fan knows that Mr.
Delpiano is not Bob Weir.” For the two weeks he stayed in Walnut
Creek, Delpiano made such a splash with the locals that they bought
him dinners and provided sexual favors, and he obliged them by
signing autographs. His scam ended when a friend of Whitaker’s, a
Deadhead, exposed Delpiano as an imposter. Delpiano was ultimately
arrested for failing to report to his parole officer and was
remanded to the state prison to serve out the rest of his five-year

There was also another one:

A second Bob Weir impersonator was recently nabbed in Oakland.
This “version” of Weir had his act down so well that he’d been
receiving free dinners at Trader Vic’s, the popular Bay Area
restaurant. As if that was not enough, a 20-year old San Francisco
man was jailed and arrested for residential burglary after police
discovered he’d spent the night of January 3 in Weir’s Mill Valley
home while Bob was in Hawaii for a well-deserved rest following the
New Year’s shows. It had all started innocently enough the night
before when the police, on a routine check, found a car in Bob’s
driveway with a set of keys in the ignition. The police took the
keys to prevent a possible car theft, leaving a note saying the keys
could be picked up at the police station, unaware that the
perpetrator was hiding out in the house. The next morning the police
received a call saying that a man at Weir’s house wanted the keys
back; when Weir confirmed that the man had been harassing him by
phone and that he was not a personal friend, he was arrested,
allegedly for taking a calendar from Bob’s recording studio.

Several years before he started impersonating Bobby, he was a leech
in the Dead scene. He had a huge tape collection and would get
people to give him boxes full of blank tapes, pretending he was
going to fill them with rare gems. I knew people who got scammed
this way. That’s why we took keen notice of reports that he had
moved on to a whole new level of scamming. Amazing that he kept
impersonating Bobby even after being busted for it!

your story sounds the closest to the one i heard. i beleive i read
that in the Skeleton Key book.What an asshole this guy was.


Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 1:43 pm Post subject: What happened to
the Bob Weir impersonator?
Ladies and Gentlemen; 10 years ago I gave a speech here in Hamburg. That speech was called “The Dark Side of Scientology” – and it can be found on the Internet if you’re interested. In that speech I said that Scientology could be reduced to 3 fundamental concepts; power, purge and punish. Power referred to the goal of Scientology to “clear” the planet, and eliminate all opposition to Scientology. Purge referred to Scientology removing all critical or negative documents and information from government files and public accessibility. Punish, I said, was the darkest of all sides of Scientology. It took two forms; an internal Orwellian form of eliminating any dissent or critical thought, and an external form of punishing critics and uncooperative Government officials with copyrighted policies of terror and psycho-terror for the handling of “suppressive persons”; persons who impede or oppose Scientology’s objectives.
These written policies are loosely called “Fair Game” and they can take different forms – intelligence, investigation, intimidation, litigation, fraud & deception. These six forms of Scientology “Fair Game” are the principal means with which the Scientology enterprise uses and exploits the United States system of law for its own ends. The Church of Scientology has a well deserved reputation for being the most fearsome and intimidating litigant in America. Many lawyers are willing to deal with hardball litigation tactics, but few are willing to confront criminal tactics – public corruption, bribery blackmail, extortion, perjury, obstruction of justice, fraud, false claims, lying, defamation, deception, intimidation and psycho terror. All of these things are well documented as being the regular litigation tactics of the Church of Scientology, its lawyers and its private investigators. The fraud starts with the deceitful claim that it is simply a misunderstood, peaceful, ethical religion. However, only Scientology’s conduct, and not its science fiction space opera beliefs is relevant to my opinions being expressed here today.
Scientology’s well documented criminal conduct demonstrates that its religiosity is merely a public relations facade and fraud, along with many other “false front” tentacles such a WISE – the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, Narcanon – the drug front, Applied Scholastics – the Educational front. The written policies and records of Scientology demonstrate that it really seeks global, totalitarian political domination. One Scientology document classifies all Government as “Suppressive persons” – to be “utterly destroyed” and “eliminated quietly and without sorrow.” In 1960, Scientology issue the “Special Zone” plan; the Scientologist’s role in life. Scientologist’s who are not on church staff are ordered to achieve influence in the society at large – by taking positions next to the “high and mighty”. Quote – “don’t bother to get elected – get a job on the secretarial staff or the bodyguard” Close quote.

Entertainers John Travolta and Tom Cruise have both tried to convert Oprah Winfrey into becoming devout Scientologists as they are. But, Winfrey, who is a Protestant Christian, has maintains her own religious preference.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I am watching a new series about Scientology that my sixteen year old daughter and her mother belonged to when they first contacted me. Heather was doing audting work. I believe they had her make a list of successful relatives, and she told them about my famous sister. That’s why her mother contacted me and told me I had a child. They were recruiting celebreties and their family. They read the ad for people who knew my dead sister to come forth and be in her bio. They never met my sister. A&E’s legal department is no doubt burning the midnight oil to usher its latest series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, on-air. The network has already received multiple threatening letters from the Church of Scientology, in which the show’s host, Leah Remini, is described as a “has-been actress” and “spoiled, entitled diva.” A defiant Remini, meanwhile, responded by having her attorney send a letter to the church demanding it retract the letters and pay her $1.5 million in compensation.

    That the church objects to the eight-part series is hardly a surprise. It sees the 46-year-old King of Queens star — who documented her flight from the church in the 2015 best-seller Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology — turn investigative journalist as she documents “shocking stories of abuse, heartbreak and harassment” alleged by former church members.

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