Homeless Vet Stand Down

Yesterday I went with my friend Hollis to the Stand Dwom for homeless Veterans held at the Armory i Springfield. No sooner did we park Big Blue, then here come the Mayor of Eugene walking by herself. Hollis said hello, and I discussed my idea about the Vote & Post Offices where voters can go year round to exercise their right to vote and discuss issues with other voters. I said we Oregonians have set a precedent by voting by mail, but we miss gathering with neighbors to vote in person. I spoke of an old pot belly stove in Post Offices across the land, with opinionated folks gathered around, and Kitty smiled. We need to send a clear message to all politicians, that we own the Right to Vote in a uniform manner. We do not need long lines that exhaust our Seniors and the disabled. Many Veterans are disabled.

On Sundays, the grounds of the Post Office could be Trading Posts for all the homeless, and on Veterans Day they could be open for Veterans who want to meet and help other Veterans. There was a lot of information handed out at the Stand Down. Due to hurricane Sandy, a shipment of free sleeping bags did not arrive on time, and will be handed out next weekend. Homeless Vets should get free shipping and mailing on Veterans Day. There could be a work bulletin board.

We the People, and homeless Vets, want to see an end to the war on big government, the fake war on ‘The Takers’. Veterans do not need to be labeled members of Romney’s 47% percent. I saw a hero wearing a flight jacket with emblems and badges all over it. There was the image of the F-106, and a bombed bridge I assume in Hanoi. For politicians say the U.S. Government is the enemy of the people, is anti-American, and sends a wrong message to our enemies. It is anti-Veteran.

The Constitution says we should build post offices, and roads to the post offices. Surely our founding Fathers expected to receive mail from those who fought in the War of Independence. How many letters were sent to Patriots who fought for our Freedom, for our personal and collective voice? Our two cent stamps kept the Post Office solvent until Republican privateers made new laws that put it in debt. We own eternal gratitude to all Veterans, who should be able to point to every Post Office as belonging to them, and not some invisible and inaccessible billionaire who covertly backs one party over another simply because he or she does not want to pay their fair share of the taxes. Will the rich be wanting special postal rates, a stamp made just for them?

Once again, I will be Hollis’s guest at a local restaurant that gifts Veterans with a free dinner. On Tuesday I will talk to my manager about Hollis getting an apartment in our complex. On Wednesday, I will take him to a medical examination so he can receive SSI. The last time Hollis had a place to call home was 2006. Hollis released from the Army in 1976.



Our Mission
One of the biggest objectives of the annual Stand Down is to reach veterans who do not know that they are eligible for VA programs, and could very easily claim these benefits.   
Stand Down services are sometimes referred to as “Veterans helping Veterans” and “Giving a hand up, not a hand out.”
We are proud of our Vets, proud of their sacrifice, dedication and service.  Stand Down is just one small way we can recognize our debt to our heroes.
Upcoming Events & News
Stand Down Fund Raisers.
General: Stand Down 2012
Posted by toney on 2012-09-19 10:29:29 PDT
Saturday, November 10th, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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Stand Down was a term first used to describe the relief of a military unit on the front lines.  By moving the unit to the comparative safety of the rear, it could rest, eat hot food, train, and re-equip before going back into action. 
Today, Stand Down is the annual celebration where local veterans are exposed to a variety of exhibits, and programs, many of which are unknown by the average veteran.  A Stand Down operates at several levels; For Veterans and their families, a variety of programs from the VA, local support organizations, and fraternal organizations are exhibited. for the homeless, there are basic services, haircuts, clothes, and a hot meal.  Housing, medical programs are offered as well. 

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