I Am A Go’el Redeemer of America

When I took on Lawrence Chazen whose company, Noble Oil, found oil and gas off the coast of Israel, and thus the leviathan has risen from the depths of hell, I became the Go’ el Redeemer of the Rosamond legacy, if not the Redeemer of America.

Romney is a Mormon prophet. His church has incurred the wrath of Jews because they are baptizing their dead, redeeming their souls – against their will.
The Mormons claim Jesus came to America. Will he come again at the moment of the Mormon Ascendency, when their prophet is on the verge of winning the most powerful title in the world?

Not so fast! There are two people who stand in this false prophets way – for starters! President Barack Obama is the Go’el Redeemer of America who saved us when the evil rich destroyed our economy. Obama has helped millions get out of debt. I have taken back the soul of the Republican party that was captured by Oil Pirates hiding their gold in the Cayman Islands. I own real American Family Trasitions. My Rosamond kindred did not flee over the border into Mexico in order to own many wives. James and Samuel Rosamond fought the British at the battleof Kettle Creek.

“The British had secured Ninety-Six as a base of operations in the backcountry in June of 1780, and Lt. Gen. Charles Lord Cornwallis believed Ninety-Six would be crucial to control of the backcountry once the British Army moved northward out of South Carolina. Lord Cornwallis left Lt. Colonel John Harris Cruger, a loyalist from New York, in charge of Ninety-Six. Lt. Col. Cruger’s instructions were to be “vigorous” in punishing rebels and maintaining order in the area. Lt. Col. Cruger used the fortified town of Ninety-Six as his base of operations to send forth numerous raids and skirmishes against the local Patriots.

Six years ago I placed the Shekinah on two of the channel islands off the coast of Los Angeles where the remains of woolly mammoths are found. Here is – behemoth. There is – Leviathan. Consider Revelations 12.

Jon the Go’el Redeemer

Above is a photo of me on my way to Townsend Mass. to see if I could heal a child. I am taking the Mafia to court over a real estate deal on Beacon Hill. They failted to kill me. My great, great grandfather was Commador Issac Hull who captained the U.S.S. Constitution.

I posted the follwing in 2007. I declare all Occupy Protestors – Go’els of America! May the Light of God’s Truth and Protection be with them, and further their cause to take back America from the Greedy Dark Ones!

Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment led by Col. Robert Anderson, Lt. Col. William Farr, Lt. Col. James McCall, Maj. Andrew Hamilton, Sr., with seventeen (17) known companies, led by:
– Capt. Joseph Bouchillon
– Capt. Robert Bryant
– Capt. Francis Carlisle
– Capt. Samuel Earle
– Capt. Armstrong Herd
– Capt. John Irwin
– Capt. David Maxwell
– Capt. Robert Maxwell
– Capt. John McGaw
– Capt. James Pettigrew
– Capt. Joseph Pickens (killed)
– Capt. Samuel Rosamond
– Capt. William Strain
– Capt. John Wallace
– Capt. Hugh Wardlaw
– Capt. John Wilson
– Capt. Thomas WinnOn

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I am Go’el ‘The Kinsman Redeemer’


“There are wrongs against people that are not viewed as crimes or
civil wrongs by human law. Perhaps the Torah is saying that even when
society provides no redeemer – no redress – God still acts as
redeemer. There is, nevertheless, a higher justice.”

Last night on 20/20 I heard an aged black woman suggest that God had
taken her home away through a default on a loan so that she could be
used to save the homes of many poor people.
I thought to myself that this woman truly believes in God’s Justice,
and that His will will be done.

I then got on the computer and googled “Pelosi” and “Defaults” and
came upon an article dated October 2nd. Nancy Pelosi was instigating
legislation to get tax relief for poor people faced with foreclosure.
I thought of my letters to Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Congressman Farr,
and DeFazio wherein I told of my spiritual quest to get my families
artistic and literary legacy back after it was sold to an outsider. I
spoke of Lawrence Chazen who the head of HUD titled a preditor and
loan shark. Chazen is a partner of Pelosi in the PlumpJack winery. He
was a partner in my late sister’s gallery, and my father’s private
lender in his loan business.

I then began to search for the burning of temple debt archives. While
reading one article on the economy of Israel during the time of
Jesus, I felt tired and went to bed. I awoke and went back to this
article and came upon the word go’el. A go’el is a next of kin
redeemer. A Savior is also a Redeemer. I then came upon the this
site, and was blow away! For seven years I have been waving around my
forefinger, my God-el finger that I connect to Nehushten that is the
Hebrew letter L that I saw looks like a serpent, a sea-serpent. I
have assigned this finger to John the Baptist who is a Redeemer born
on the Day of Atonement. But John prepared the way for another
Redeemer descended from Ruth who was redeemed by Boaz a kinsman.

Ruth was childless convert to Judaism. When I read these words below,
I was overcome with the irony that I was a childless man of 48 when I
tried to stop Chazen who filed a $67,000 dollar claim against
Christine’s estate. In one of the many letters I sent Judge Silver
and Sydney Morris (the court appointed executor) I pleaded with these
men of the law to not sell this spiritual legacy, and asked them for
an advance on my claim to hire a detective to find my child a psychic
said I had. This child has been found, and she born me a grandson
born on April 17th. This child is my Redeemer who God gave so my
family can multiply, and never lose what God has ordained, what God-
el has given.

Yesterday I concluded when my sisters died I lost all my family, for
they have no spiritual program and worship Manom.

“How can a person be so isolated, and how can a society be so
alienated that a person might be entirely alone?

I will never be that alone again. Thank God!

There is nothing more lonlier then to be in debt with the wolves at
the door. My sister Christine was this lonely. She had lost her
Brother Redeemer years before due to the family fraud I refused to
take part in. Rosamond had become a slave to her success. Her alleged
had become her prison guards.

“49).Another duty of the go’el was to redeem his kinsman from slavery
if sold to a stranger or sojourner (Lev. xxv. 47-55). In both cases
much depended upon the nearness or remoteness of the year of jubilee,
which would automatically release either the land or the person of
the kinsman from subjection to another.”

Jon Presco

Here is the testimony of Phillip Stimic, Heir Shannon’s attorney.

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an
attorney on recorded for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my16
years as a member of the State Bar California, I have
neverexperienced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more
reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a
probate estate as the exclusion of the lawful heirs, and total
manipulation of the tester’s intent, then the present efforts of
Attorney’s RobinBeare, Lawrence J. Chazen, and Garth Benton, the
decedents formerspouse.”

“And so let’s return to the midrash on that verse in Naso:

“If the man has no go’el to whom restitution can be made.”

The midrash asks:

“Is there anyone in Israel who has no go’el?

The idea is morally unacceptable. How can a person be so isolated,
and how can a society be so alienated that a person might be entirely
alone? The Sages decided to use this to teach a moral lesson
about “otherness” and about acceptance. The answer the Sages give is
that the only Jew who could possibly lack a go’el would have to be a
childless convert to Judaism. For such a person, God Himself is the

I could not help but come to a sudden stop at Boaz’s words to Ruth.
The Sages lead us to believe that the only situation that they could
imagine in which a person might have no redeemer is that of a
childless convert. The Sages could not have been unaware of the fact
that the only example of a childless convert in the Bible is Ruth,
and Ruth has not one but two redeemers.

Next of kin, and, hence, redeemer. Owing to the solidarity of the
family and the clan in ancient Israel, any duty which a man could not
perform by himself had to be taken up by his next of kin. Any rights
possessed by a man which lapsed through his inability to perform the
duties attached to such rights, could be and should be resumed by the
next of kin. This applied especially to parcels of land which any
Israelite found it necessary to sell. This his go’el, or kinsman, had
to redeem (Lev. xxv. 25). From the leading case of Jeremiah’s
purchase of his cousin Hananeel’s property in Anathoth (Jer. xxxii. 8-
12) it would appear that in later Israel at any rate this injunction
was taken to mean that a kinsman had the right of preemption.
Similarly, in the Book of Ruth the next of kin was called upon to
purchase a parcel of land formerly belonging to Elimelech (Ruth iv.
3). It would appear from the same example that another duty of the
go’el was to raise offspring for his kinsman if he happened to die
without any (ib. 5). This would seem to be an extension of the
principle of the Levirate Marriage; hence the procedure of “ḥaliẓah”
was gone through in the case of Naomi’s go’el, just as if he had been
her brother-in-law. The relative nearness of kin is not very
definitely determined in the Old Testament. The brother appears to be
the nearest of all, after whom comes the uncle or uncle’s son (Lev.

49).Another duty of the go’el was to redeem his kinsman from slavery
if sold to a stranger or sojourner (Lev. xxv. 47-55). In both cases
much depended upon the nearness or remoteness of the year of jubilee,
which would automatically release either the land or the person of
the kinsman from subjection to another.


Associated Press – November 2, 2007 11:13 AM ET

CAPITOL HILL (AP) – Bush administration officials tell Congress
they’re aggressively dealing with a rising tide of mortgage

Officials from Treasury and the Department of Housing and Urban
Development are testifying at a hearing in the House today. They say
the administration has a comprehensive plan and is working with an
industry group formed to deal with the crisis. But, they say it’s up
to homeowners to do their part if they face the possibility of losing
their homes.

Many Democrats have criticized the administration’s efforts, arguing
they are too dependent on the industry and don’t offer enough
government assistance.

It’s estimated there could be 2 million or more mortgage defaults
over the next two years in the subprime mortgage market, as loans
reset from low introductory rates to much higher ones.

By Associated Press | October 5, 2007
WASHINGTON – Financial relief for homeowners facing foreclosure or in
bankruptcy advanced yesterday as the House approved legislation to
help financially strapped homeowners.
The bill, passed 386 to 27, would give a tax break to homeowners who
have mortgage debt forgiven as part of a foreclosure or a reworking
of a loan. The value of that forgiveness, which is now taxable as
income, would become tax-exempt.

While the measure is anticipated to reduce the taxes of some strapped
homeowners by $650 million, it also looks to help offset that by
limiting a tax break available on the sale of second homes.

Another measure, narrowly approved by a House Judiciary subcommittee
and opposed by Republicans on the panel has been sent to the full
Judiciary Committee. It would revise the bankruptcy code to help
homeowners facing default and foreclosure, biting into already hard-
hit profits at mortgage lenders.

That bill would allow judges to order mortgage lenders to ease terms
for homeowners in bankruptcy proceedings. Currently, mortgage lenders
can foreclose against a homeowner in default 90 days after the filing
of bankruptcy.

Legislation similar to both bills is pending in the Senate.

Mortgage lenders would be “terrified” of getting wrapped up in
bankruptcy proceedings, said Brian Gardner, a research analyst with
investment firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods.
The House vote was the latest congressional reaction to a mortgage
crisis touched off this spring by a blowup in subprime home loans for
risky borrowers

Not so the poor. Where leisured writers of official histories
saw “Roman peace and prosperity,” the vast majority of the population
lived as subsistence farmers–surviving by whatever would be left of
their crop after taxes were paid. If the crop failed, they went into
debt. And while the Torah called for debts to be forgiven every seven
years, in practice there were no longer enough neighbors willing to
lend on that basis. Some years before Jesus, Rabbi Hillel had found a
loophole: The poor could get loans via the “prosbul,” a promise to
pay their debt to a court even if the seventh year intervened.
Thereby many poor people were saved from immediate starvation, at the
cost of ultimately losing their land. The story of Jesus and the rich
young man (Mark 10.17) needs to be read in this light. (William
Herzog does a wonderful job of it in Chapter 7 of _Jesus, Justice and
the Reign of God_.)









. Here is the testimony of Phillip Stimic, Heir Shannon’s attorney.

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of California and an
attorney on recorded for 50% interest in Shannon Rosamond. In my16
years as a member of the State Bar California, I have
neverexperienced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more
reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulently take control of a
probate estate as the exclusion of the lawful heirs, and total
manipulation of the tester’s intent, then the present efforts of
Attorney’s RobinBeare, Lawrence J. Chazen, and Garth Benton, the
decedents formerspouse.”



To Chroncile Staff;

I just sent this e-mail to Congressman Farr. You did a article on
Gavin Newsom who was a partner of Lawrence Chazen who was an ex-
partner of my late sister in her Carmel Gallery. My niece’s attorney
accuses Chazen of fraudulant activity in a attempt to rest this
famous Artistic legacy away from the heirs. This is part of a cover-

Dear Congressman Farr; December
23, 2004

On March 26, 1999 my later sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, drowned
under mysterious conditions at Rocky Point. She was the world famous
artist ‘Rosamond’ and had a gallery in Carmel. She married Garth
Benton, a cousin of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, and thus
is related to you. You will find the Benton family (under Jane
Preston) and the Farr family in this Breckenridge genealogy.


We are four generations Oakland, and our great grandfather Carl Janke
was a co-founder of Belmont California. The two oldest homes in San
Francisco were brought around the Cape by Janke in 1849 on a Clipper.
He brought six of them for those who struck it rich in the gold
fields. The William Ralston house was a portable house, and your kin
William Sharon came to own it.



OAKLAND — The lender and loan broker embroiled in controversy over
the threatened eviction of a 78-year-old Oakland widow denounced
unscrupulous lending practices, but insisted there was none in their

In separate interviews, broker Charles H. Oliver Jr. and San
Francisco investor Lawrence Chazen angrily objected to the cross-fire
of publicity and politics surrounding a 4-year-old loan to Mattie
Aikens and her son Wilbert. Oliver and Chazen said they’ve been the
target of abusive telephone calls.

Oliver operates Homeowners Resources Corp. of Hayward along with his
wife and partner, Cindy Oliver. The Olivers said they are outraged
that U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development officials
publicly said, before investigating, that they believed Aikens’ case
was an example of predatory lending practices.

He compared himself to Richard Jewell, widely suspected of planting a
bomb during the Olympics in Atlanta until the Justice Department
conceded it lacked sufficient evidence.”It is so akin to that
situation, it is ridiculous,” said Oliver, sifting through 2-inch-
thick files of paperwork he reviewed with The Examiner on Saturday.

Aikens borrowed $160,000 in 1993 to fix a leaking roof and aging
foundation, among other repairs. Wilbert Aikens, then 60, co-signed
the loan, but both now say they did not fully understand the terms.

The 12-month loan, which Homeowners Resources sold to Chazen a month
after it was authorized, called for $1,800 monthly payments,
including a $162,000 final balloon payment because of the payment
rate and interest. The Aikens say they did not expect the balloon
payment or that they might have to refinance at the end of the year,
although the loan document clearly stated the terms.

Tried to renegotiate loan<
Unhappy that the repairs were not finished and the house was in worse
shape than before the contractor began work, the Aikens said, they
tried to renegotiate the loan with a bank – which they are still
trying to do.

More than $220,000 is currently owed because of interest compounded
since the loan became due in September 1994.

Oliver said he doesn't object to the investigation, but insists that
HUD officials should have kept quiet until reviewing the entire case.

HUD began examining the loan papers last week after Aikens filed a
fair housing complaint alleging she was the victim of predatory
lending because terms of the loan were not sufficiently explained and
because she was singled out as an elderly widow and a minority.

Aikens, who is African American, had almost paid off the home when
she took out the loan. She was scheduled to be evicted this Thursday
because she did not pay off or refinance the loan when the total
amount became due after one year.

Last Thursday, Chazen agreed to give her two more months to try to
refinance the loan or come up with $250,000 to buy back the house.

"I think there's a real problem that (HUD) is trying to solve, but
that this loan does not fall within the problem," Chazen said Friday.

"Media being misled'
"I think the media is being misled, and I think there are a lot of
political overtones from both local attorneys and politicians in
Washington," he said.

Chazen, 55, said he is uncomfortable evicting a 78-year-old
grandmother, and said he knows "it's not a flattering position to be

"How do I feel about it? I feel like I have to take this whole thing
in stride. I feel sorry for her," he said Friday as he sat in the
living room of his Russian Hill home.

Chazen and Oliver say Aikens' family made written promises to help
make the payments, which is why Oliver agreed to the loan. Only
Wilbert Aikens co-signed the loan, however.
Getting family members to help finance the loan is not uncommon and
is even encouraged by some HUD programs for low-income homeowners and
seniors, Oliver said.

Bankruptcy papers filed by Aikens show that she was receiving a total
of $2,355 monthly from three of her children in addition to $1,000
income from Social Security and her late husband's pension – more
than enough to make the $1,800 monthly payments, Oliver and Chazen

Oliver said the balloon payment could have easily been refinanced if
the family had resolved a dispute with the contractor.

A beef that got out of controlles Jamerson of
Fremont, was paid by Oliver, but the Aikens were not satisfied with
the work and refused to pay a final $12,000 that Jamerson demanded in
addition to the $123,000 Oliver said Jamerson already had been paid.
Jamerson filed a lien against the house in 1994, preventing them from
refinancing the loan."This whole thing is a beef with the contractor
that got way out of control," said Cindy Oliver.Chazen said he has
allowed the family plenty of time to gather the money and is only now
forcing the eviction because he wants to recover what he can of his
investment.He said Aikens' children should step forward with the cash
as they promised and pay off the loan or get another one.
"If the children do not live up to their responsibility and help her
get a conventional loan, I will have to evict her," Chazen
said. "That's what I think is going to happen. I hope it doesn't come
to that, but it probably will."

"Ancient peasant revolts were infrequent because of the perennial
localism of peasants and the highly organized means of violence in
the hands of elite groups. Not surprisingly, the great Judean Revolt
of 66-70 CE was accompanied by tax remedies. The Jerusalem debt
archives were burned during the initial phases (Josephus, WAR 2.427),
and Simon bar Giora later announced the release of prisoners and the
liberation of slaves (Josephus, WAR 4.508). When recounting the
burning of the Jerusalem archives, Josephus refers to them as
the "sinews of the city." He might have said empire as well."

According to Josephus also, the Roman tax arrangements implemented
when Judea became an imperial province in 6 CE were met with stiff
resistance. Judas of Gamala (in Gaulanitis, the present-day Golan
Heights to the east of the Galilean lake) and a certain Zaddok the
Pharisee, insisting that there is no God but God and that paying

The Pearl

The Rose

The SongIn 1997

I sent the forward to my biography of my late sister,Christine
Rosamond Presco, to Superior Court Judge in Monterey alongwith my
plea to not let my families Artistic, Literay – and SpritualLegacy –
be sold to outsiders. I was ignored due to the influence ofpowerful
people who wanted to silence me and own the Rose of theWorld for
themselves. One of these powerful people was LawrenceChazen, a
business partner of Nacy Pelosi and Gavin Newson in GordonGetty's
PlumpJack winery empire.In my forward I speak of the angel bathed in
blue light that came tostand at the foot of Christine's bed when she
was ten. The old womanwho lived up the street, and who befriended us
Presco children, saw ablue light come into her window that very
night, and showed me a ringof tiny burn holes this light made in her
lace curtain. The starrywreath of the Queen of Heaven?Meher Baba was
susposed to break his silence and send forth a lightthat would
transform the world. There is debate as to whether he didso.

Honorable Nancy Pelosi;

I just sent this e-mail to Mayor Gavin Newsom. I am asking you to
also champion my quest to save my family history.SincerelyJohn
PrescoDear Honorable Gavin Newsom;By an incredible twist of fate it
appears our paths have crossed in regards to Lawrence Chazen and the
Getty family. There exists in the Probate of my late sister,
Christine Rosamond Benton, a overwhelming scandal that may become the
focus of much public attention in regards to Gay Marriages. In my
sister's probate are letters I filed protesting the advertisement of
the Lesbian novel 'Love Match' which is about the marriage of Martina
Navratilova to a Beauty Queen. The author os this book was authoring
the biography of my sister who drowned at Rocky Point. She was a
partner of Lawrence Chazen in her Carmel Gallery.I am asking you to
champion my cause and help me be represented in this Court of Law
that has so far utterly ignored my 'Family Values'. The two oldest
structures in San Francisco were brought around the Cape in a Clipper
in 1849 by my great grandfather , Carl Janke, who set them up in
Belmont. Janke is the co-founder of this city where he built
California's first theme part 'Tansforan'. These homes were later
moved to S.F.I am writing a biography of my later
sister.SincerelyJohn PrescoAt the Gate of the Grail Castle


My battle over my family history has all but destroyed me. I am
astonished to see these powerful people on my path, one of
themseverely hindering my way. I feel like Parcival, even King
Arthurwho alas sees what has divided his kingdom and brought it to
ruin.My late sister's probate is filled with my letters which reveal
thecore of my Grail study. Within them I give warnings, tell the
Courtthat the Right-wing Christians are the enemies of the Arts and
haveplans to take over the Democracy. In one letter I complained
about aLesbian novel being advertised on my Nieces webpage the author
ofthis novel writing my sister's biography which was never
finished.The author quit the project and absconded with a large sum
of moneyaccording to my surviving sister. But, I think it had
something todo with the claim she had interviewed my famous sister
just beforeshe died, a claim I challenged in my letters, I contending
theseinterviews belonged to the two heirs and should be handed over
tothe Probate.I objected to the owner of this important legacy
pandering to Lesbians, a tactic used when Rosamond was alive to sell
herbeautiful images of women. I explained to Judge Richard M.
Silverthat my sister and I were Grail artists who were influenced by
thePre-Raphaelites who employed Grail themes in their work. Our
greatgrandfather was friends with Joaquin Miller whose poetry
waspromoted by the Pre-Raphaelites they introducing him the crown
headsof Europe.

Grail stories have long been at the heart and core ofheterosexuality,
indeed they stemming from a heretical teaching thatwas violently
oppressed by the Pope and his celibate Bishops andPriests. I told the
Judge I have nothing against Gays, outside of myfamilies Artist and
Literary legacy. This website was suggesting mylate sister was a
Lesbian. There exist no evidence of this.I suspect my protest, which
contained Biblical references, got melabeled a Gay-basher, and all of
a sudden I hit a stonewall, I cutoff to all information. I was not
told my father had died, or mymother was dying, I missing my
opportunity to say good-bye to her bytwelve hours. Rosemary Rosamond
died without seeing the wonderfulGrail history I had collected for my
book.Mayor Gavin Newsom is four generation San Francisco. My father
wasborn there. Two of the oldest structures in that city were
broughtaround the Horn by his great grandfather, Carl Janke, the co-
founderof Belmont California. Our family history is about to be lost,
itshoved aside in the ten year struggle in a Superior Courthouse
inMonterey where I went two months ago to plead with a Judge to
helpme record this history that is important to the history
ofCalifornia and the Arts – for starters.

The Getty family own much of the world's art, and just built
abeautiful museum where I used to go horseback riding. That I and my
sister appear to be related to Denis de Rougemont, the Grail
scholarand expert on Live in the Western World, has brought me to the
verydoor of the Getty Castle for the Arts where I am bid to call out
achallenge to those within, that if my family values are not
returnedto me, I will bring this castle down.Here is an exert from my
webpage `Royal Rosamond Press' which Ipublished on the net April 14,
1997"The legal dilemma that Lesbians and Homosexuals are having
overinherent legacies, they not able to sire heirs – or legally
getmarried – has been established in my family. It is not true same-
sexed people are more sensitive and artistic then others, and thusare
entitled to the world's art and creative endeavors as aconsolation
prize for not creating a family, and being a familymember. These
creative ones successfully pretended to be Christine'sreal family to
a Judge and his mouth piece he appointed SpecialExecutor. As yet, no
knight with legal training has found the gutsto challenge this

Heterosexuality has been under attack by Christianity for twothousand
years. Half of practicing heterosexuals will becomemothers. Who
champions their cause? The Christian church has onlyvenerated and
pardoned one mother for Eve's sin, and that was donein order to keep
their one divine Virgin as pure as the driven snow,and hide the truth
Jesus was a married man and father, he everythingthese vile and
hateful mean could never be, for they hate women,especially
mothers.How dare they claim they are upholders of `Family Values' and
thetraditions of our `Founding Fathers' who were Freemasons,
yetanother group they hunted down and murdered in a never ending
sagato keep Jesus a Virgin – WHY?

Do you think his kingdom was usurped,the one he promised would
come; "before this generation is through."Perhaps when We get our
Congress back from them we should launch ahearing, appropriate twenty
billion dollars to investigate whatbecame of this kingdom, and was it
worth it after two thousandyears, after all these murders – this orgy
of the juicy ApocalypticDream of utter destruction that will hail the
blessed kingdom ofpeace and love – at last – but for a few! And they
callartists "Dilettantes"!This eighty six page essay printed by Royal
Rosamond Press is asprophetic a document as I have read, and I have
trouble putting itsomewhere in my being, for it appears the Democrats
lost theelection due to Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom promoting same-
sexmarriages. My bitter enemies, the Christians-right accused
thesepoliticians of trying to destroy `Family Values' the very thing
Iaccuse them of, I not knowing at the time I wrote this essay thatthe
Getty family backed these Representatives of our Democracy, andsurely
knew Lawrence Chazen who filed a claim in Rosamond's probateand may
walk away with the lion's share.Representative, Nancy Pelosi, is kin
to Gavin who advised the Gettyfamily. Their top financial advisor,
Lawrence Chazen was my laterfather's private lender in his loan
business. Chazen is also an ex-partner of my late sister and my ex-
brother-in-law Garth Benton inthe 'Rosamond' art gallery in Carmel.
Chazen is trying to walk outof my sister's probate with a good chunk
of my nieces legacy. Chazentried to become executor of this important
artistic legacy in aillegal manner. I suspect Chazen put political
pressure on JudgeRichard M. Silver, a Brown appointee to squash my
investigation into the mysterious drowning of my late sister. She was
good friendswith Philip Green and his wife. Green is he wealthiest
man inBritain and just tried to buy Safeway.

Members of Gavin Newsom's wine, restaurant, bar, resort and
realestate partnerships since 1991:Kevin & Bronwyn Brunner, John
Burton, Casey and Michelle Cadwell,Bob and Barbara Callan, Frank
Caufield, Donna Chazen, LawrenceChazen, Joe & Victoria Cotchett,
Michael & Hilary Decesare, PhilipDeLimur, Don Dianda, Gretchen
Dianda, Edward Everett, RichardFreemon, James Fuller, Stanlee Gatti,
Robert Gerry, Andrew Getty,Ann Getty, Anna Getty, Chris Getty, Gordon
Getty, Mark Getty, PeterGetty, Ronald Getty, Tara Getty,
William "Billy" Getty"Chazen was investigated by Andrew Cuomo of HUD
for loan sharking, hetaking the home from a black grandmother in
Oakland where I grew up.I went to school with her grandchildren. My
father was convicted ofloan sharking. My letters to the Attorney
General about Chazen'sactivities were ignored.I have been authoring a
biography of my late sister for three years.When I began to ask
questions a rival biography was produced, thatattacked my
investigation into my sister's death. The probate waskept going to
keep the information under control. There was talk about a movie

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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