Two Beautiful Beings By The Sea

In 1967 I and my two friends climbed the rock you see in the video taken at McClure’s Beach. We had dropped two massive doses of LSD, and walking down the beach we were drawn to the beautiful sight of the sun sitting atop the great rock that buttressed into the sea. We began our accent.

I saw my two friends disappear into the sun before me, and when I stood at the zenith, I lost my footing and began to slide over the seventy foot drop – into the sea.

On March 24, 1994, my beloved sister, Christine, was swept off the dramatic rocks at Rocky Point, and drowned.

When the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull came out, my friends said it was my story. When the movie Tommy came out, I said this is my story. At an art show, Christine beheld beautiful painting of seagulls by the sea, and said they reminded her of my seascapes.

In 1987 two seers said I died carrying all this guilt that was not mine to own.

“You were in much pain. You had to let that pain go.”

I asked where I was when I died, putting them to the test.

“You were on these beautiful rocks by the sea!”

There are no words todiscribe how beautiful my relationship with Christine was. Rosemary said;

“You prepared her way!”

John the Baptist died before Jesus Christ. What did we come here to truly show you?

These videos are a testimony to how Christine and I took on the world, and, dispite our handicaps………….Captured Beauty.

Jon Rosamond Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on rosamondpress and commented:

    Christine and I alone carried on the vision of the Swan Brethren. There are no contributors to our core story that spans generations.

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