God Conciousness

In 1967 I died on a powerful dose of LSD after my fall on a rock by the sea. I was twenty years of age. The LSD I took did not go with me after I died. Everything fell away to leave me before the “I am” that showed me The Truth. I was one with God.

Coming back into my body the way I came, was nearly impossible. But, there I was, on McClure’sBeach leading my two friends by the hand along the mile long trail to our car. It was pitch black. We had no light. But I could see the way.

Aware that something extraordinary had happened to me, my friend James Taylor, began leaving books on the Indian religion by my bed that was below a half-round stainglass window in the attic of a Victorian house in Oakland that I lived in with the Loading Zone.

Weeks earlier I was visited by a master from India, who was in India at the time he found me. He was shocked. How did I get – there? He taught me a meditation, but when I did as he instructed, I was back. I was dead again – but not dead. To be dead, and alive, is what the New Testament is all about, because there is a rebirth into God Conciousness, that is eternal. It does not know death. It does not care about abortion or gross Republican agendas.

The only family member to see me in this state, was Larry Sidel, my ex-brother-in-law who married Christine. He came into the attic with two women. He came up from LA to purchase LSD from members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, who came to see me two days after my death. One of the woman who was staring hard at me, said;

“There’s a gold aura around that man!”

Members of the Brotherhood were with Owsley and Ken Kesey at Muir Beach when Owsley had his infamous freak-out. He went into his DNA ad saw his ancestors. He was never the same. I suspect he had a mild near-death experience that changed him forever. He dropped out of LSD experiment scene. When James told the Brotherhood about my experience, they wanted to know what was going on. They gave me a tab from the same batch, and I took it in my room that I had not emerged from in two days. When I did, I was a king, maharaja, a god, who owned infinite wisdom.

After I drank water from a crystal goblet, I said this;

“With this water, I wash the LSD you gave me down into my urinary track, so that I can piss it into the toilet, so I can flush it into the bay, so it can be taken out to sea, and diluted forever. I am taking this from you. Game over!”

Thus began what James would call “a return trip”. He would become a leading follower of Meher Baba.

In 1987 I went to Portland to be with Baba Lovers all over the world. I ended up sitting at a table with Rick Chapman who asked what I did to look much like Meher Baba.

At twenty years of age I was dealing with incredibly complex problems. The first one was, I wanted to take my life because it was very hard to be back in my body on this gross plane.

I was suffering from PTSD.

I was suffering from LSD flashbacks.

I had seen God – and lived!

How can I get to India from here? I could barely get to the store down the street.

What do I do now after Keith’s girlfriend came to me naked, and took my virginity away? I was a Saint.

What does God want of me?

I read God Speaks in 1969. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I wanted to be a human being. However, I never dreamed I would get married, never dreamed I would hold down a job, again, never dreamed I would have a child and grandchild, never dreamed I would become an alcoholic, never dreamed I would be a Biblical Scholar.

To be admonished by my daughter for not following the status quo, and be more down to earth – is the bad joke as the end of my life. She is angry because I do nothing on the gross plane. She spat this at me as she severed our bond;

“You’re so – perfect!”

I might be the world’s authority on whether Jesus was married and had a child named Sarah. If he did, I can only wish him a postumous….

“Good luck!”


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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