Giving Bill Cornwell – The Bird

I was surprised to hear Bill Cornwell on the phone. Alas, did he give me a call in order to fess-up, take responsibility for the huge pee-stain on the back seat of the car Vicki rented – that he was driving when someone had a bad accident? Fat friggen chance!

What I hear is Bill telling me he is a traditional kind of guy, full of family traditions, or, whatever! After saying; “You are about to lose you daughter and grandchild.” Bill got down to family business.

“Heather and I want to go into business together – run a Bar & Grill.”

“Daddy’s home!” was my first thought, because this was my father’s Narccistic approach to being a family man, a married man with four children – who along with his wife – competed with him for precious narcissistic material – that he was extremely stingy with. To get around the idea of being loving and giving, Big Capitan Vic made his wife and her children, his employees. We all began to work for Big Boss Man who gave us orders instead of love. And as for being paid in a normal fashion, he put us on his famous Perk System which meant he got to look over our shoulder in a very disapproving manner, we never quite able to do anything right, we never able to please him, we forever owing him.

Narcistic Monsters are alway unhappy with those close to them, and enrich their vision of themselves at the expense of others. Being the Boss, and not the Father, was perfect. We were forever Lesser-then. We never delivered Big Vic a good days work. We always came up a dollar short. His real perk was his Bad Dog mirror he held up when we asked for something, dare complain to him he is not being fair. When alas we got a perk, we trembled inside, for this meant we really owed him, and he would be that much more displeased. Would we ever get out of debt?

When Vic looked in the mirror, with pleasure, he asked;

“Mirror mirror on the wall. who’s the fairest boss of them all?”

When Vic NEVER got the answer he was looking for he went to the local Bar & Grill, got drunk, then told total strangers how ungrateful his wife and brats were, how, disloyal!

Bill Cornwell was born on Vic’s birthday. They are both Leos. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut as he told me how it was going to be in his family, now. Dina Eastwood did not understand the Tylor shields would split up her family and take all her children from her, if he could get away with it. She should have kept her mouth shut, let Tyler walk all over her, tell her what to do, and be the Big Boss of her family. After laying into the Narcsitic Monster, she now had terrible regrets, she fearing wshe would lose Francesca.

I interupt Bill’s business prattle, and asked him to explain in more detail the reason he thinks I am going to lose my daughter and grandson.

“It is all those calls you make. I was there when you called her at the racetrack. She was shaking. You traumatized her. I am not too happy with you for doing that.”

“Bill. Heather is my Trustee. You know that. You know we have to communicate. I was trying to get hold of her for three days concerning an important matter. And as for you being a traditional kind of guy, are you going to propose to my daughter. I heard rumors you might do so.”

Bill got very defensive when I put it to him, examined him, the father of beauty woman he is screwing out of wedlock.

“How can you call yourself a traditional man when you are insulting the father of the woman you claim you love! How dare you threatened me with the loss of grandson!”

“You’re a parasite!” Bill proudly declared, he waiting five months to lay this on me after Heather told him I am on SSI.

“Why did you tell this man you only knew two months about my finances?” I asked my daughter.
“Because we love each other. We tell each other everything.” my daughter replied.

Imagine what Dina or Clint eastwood would do if they caught Francesca showing Tyler their bank accounts. I think Tyler could then brag about how he got his nose broken – nineteen times! for Clint would reset his broken nose – so he too could break it again! All in the family!

“Bill has put me in charge of getting sponsors for his race car!” Bill’s employee told me. Why wouldn’t Bill start looking in Heather’s family for some sucker to write him a big check? When he found out I had no money, but what monies the government gave me, I went on his Big Boss list of assets and deficits. What list did Linda Comstock make?

When my uncle Vinnie left eight of kindred nearly a half million dollars, I asked my attorney if I could give it all to my daughter, who was having trouble making ends meet. She had not yet met Bill, and asked if I would move to Santa Rosa and help her take care of Tyler – especially when he got sick and Heather lost a pay day when she had to stay home with my grandson. I bought a truck to make that move, because I could not legally give her Trust money. I was already paying for her cable out of my SSI money, and then sent her Quisnos gift certificates after she said she had no money for lunch. I told my attorney I was paying Heather Hanson $20 dollars an hour to handle my trust. They thought it was too high.

When I talked to my daughter about Bill calling me a parasite, and, if she was of the same opinion, she said;

“You are a parasite, Dad. You take money from the government.”

I did not remind my daughter that I also get Medicare, and if I did not, I would not be alive. Not once did my daughter call me and ask how my treatment for prostate cancer was going. However, she did send me a bill for the Big Bother I brought to her and Bill’s door.

Yesterday, Bill and His Bad Boys, who are always looking to look down on someone in order to appear that more powerful, lost their battle with the legally elected President of the United Sates over healthcare. The supreme Court of the United States did not see things Bill and Heather’s way, and, have made Obamacare the Law of the Land.

Here ya go, Bill! This birds for you!

Bill is the kind of dude who would spit in a blind man’s cup, and knock a hungry begger into the gutter. I believe this is a Narcsitic trait, not unlike Uncle Scrooge Duck. They do this because beggers remind them that it is better to give then recieve, and, beggers are a mirror that reveal their inner self, a insecure creature forrever begging for attention, and never getting enough.There is real compititon here. Bill thought my daughter was working for me, not understanding that it is tradtional for a member of ones family to be a Trustee. Bill wanted me to lose Trust for my daughter, so she could come work for him – full time!

When I pressed Heather about not finding any time to be my Trustee, yet, she works one day cleaning her borther’s home for twenty dollars an hour, she tried to change the sublect. A month before I met Bill, Heather told me her lover is very angry with his crippled mother, he calling her a parasite because she in on SSI. Bill was livid, he going out of his way to ignore her, come help her with things she could not do in a wheelchair. In Bill’s mind, she was being sick just to get attention. I have no doubt Bill bid my daughter to ignore my calls, and stop being my Trustee, and, what about those sponsors? Has Heather found any?

Bill Cornwell kicked his crippled mother to the curb! I’m sure she has thrown this paraiste the bird!

I laugh in your face, Bill Cornwell, when it come time to pay your taxes! You do pay taxes? How do you like to be examined?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Heather’s Payroll

June 2011
14th 11:55am-1:40am   1hr 45min    paying bills
15th 10am-10:15 am     15min discussing trust w/ dad
20th  12:30am-1pm       30min call w/bank reg. trust
         8:45pm-9:30pm   30min discussion w/ dad reg. trust 
21st  12:30-1pm         30min  reading emails, speaking w/ Kiffany
23rd  12pm-12:45pm    45min  Correcting transactions w/ Betty
28th  1:30pm-2pm 30min reading letters from Kiffany
          6:50-8:50pm 2hrs discussing truck w/ dad balancing acct.
July 2011
1st 12:32-1:08pm  35min discussing trsut w/ Dad, Comcast and   Att bills
2:30-3:05 set up 35min set up auto pay
6th 1-1:50pm 50min reading emails, calling bank, purcasing toothbrush, discussing trust w/ dad
 9th 7:30am-12pm 4hrs 30min purchasing everything from “dads needs list

Total 13.75 hours at
 $20 per hour $275

The symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder can be similar to the traits of individuals with strong self-esteem and confidence; differentiation occurs when the underlying psychological structures of these traits are considered pathological. Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others. Yet, they have a fragile self-esteem and cannot handle criticism, and will often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. It is this sadistic tendency that is characteristic of narcissism as opposed to other psychological conditions affecting level of self-worth. [5]

Linda Comstock How close are you to Vegas now?
19 hours ago • LikeUnlike
Bill Cornwell
I’m in bullhead city its hotter then africa I’m still recovering from vegas were bout to cross the colorado river to laughlin hit up a casino chill by the pool with some drinks and a beautiful girl. Its a rough life but somones gotta do it
June 14 at 12:42pm via Mobile Web •LikeUnlike •
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Jessica Young McCrary awww. how fun!!!
June 14 at 1:15pm • LikeUnlike
Judy Hansen Hope you guys are having a lot of fun. Stay cool and have a nice little cocktail for me. Make it a margarita, poolside.
June 14 at 11:46pm • LikeUnlike
Debra Valencia Oh you lucky duck!
June 15 at 1:21am • LikeUnlike


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