The Pilgrims Society

William Farish, the brother of Stephen Farish, who my grandfather took to court, is a member of the Pilgrims Society that may have created the team of Bush & Blair who got us into the illegal war against Iraq. Did Royal believe he was up against a force thatz rules much of the world?

Jon Presco

“The mysterious, super-elite Pilgrim Society.”

“The most illustrious world-wide personalities.”

“The most distinguished international organization in the world.”

“The Pilgrims Society remained hidden until relatively recent years, to identify the apex of power.”
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Plundering International Looter$ Gaining Riche$, Injuring Megamillion$ $ecretly = PILGRIMS! If this is your first read on this organization, I suggest you obtain the introductory background first by reading the December 2004 item in the Archives. (For the rest of you, take note—silver and silver mining will be mentioned around 50 times). If you have followed the series to date, I have other disturbing case material with which to inform you. There is a boatload of fascinating material I hope to acquaint you with. And you should be fiercely interested in this Society—the rich families behind central banking—because they are interested in you, to your great detriment! And they do not wish their identities known; else they’d release a membership list. A movie quote (“They Live” 1988)—

Farish is an American millionaire. Owner of a trust company in Houston, Texas called W.S. Farish & Co. US Ambassador to the United Kingdom 2001-2004. Member of the Council of American Ambassadors. Horse-breeder. Chairman of Churchill Downs. Major Republican Party donor and a family friend of President George W. Bush for several decades. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Kentucky in 2003. When George Bush was elected vice president in 1980, Texas mystery man William Stamps Farish III took over management of all of George Bush’s personal wealth in a “blind trust.” Known as one of the richest men in Texas, Will Farish keeps his business affairs under the most intense secrecy. Only the source of his immense wealth is known, not its employment. Will Farish has long been Bush’s closest friend and confidante. He is also the unique private host to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth: Farish owns and boards the studs which mate with the Queen’s mares. That is her public rationale when she comes to America and stays in Farish’s house. On March 25, 1942, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold announced that William Stamps Farish (grandfather of the President’s money manager) had pleaded “no contest” to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. Farish was the principal manager of a worldwide cartel between Standard Oil of New Jersey and the I.G. Farben concern. The merged enterprise had opened the Auschwitz slave labor camp on June 14, 1940, to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal.“We could be pets, we could be food, but all we really are is livestock!”

The Pilgrims could protest, if they chose to, that I class them as a secret society. Actually they don’t meet the criteria for that definition by every measure that exists. No elitist organization appears to meet that standard, but these things are a matter of relative basis. When not one person in 10,000 has ever heard of an organization that dominates their destiny, it’s secret. The Pilgrims do fulfill the definition of secret society by the most important test which is, as I say, they refuse to release a roster. Some will say, why should a private organization have to release a membership list? Do we demand the local Rotary Club or Lions Club to release members’ names? The difference is one of degree. Since we’ve already seen that the President, Secretary of State, and Ambassador to Great Britain are always “honorary” members; and that this fact fails to appear in any known textbook on government or political science—this is sufficient to need to know who all the members are. These are far from ordinary people. They are those who can and do powerfully influence events at the highest levels.

Exactly with which globalist financiers, warmongers and international cartelists do our highest officials run with? Additionally, I have noted that over the decades, numerous Ambassadors to many different nations have been members; also Generals; Admirals; Senators; Congressmen; Treasury Secretaries; Federal Reserve officials and so forth. Since these men are in control (presently) of our national destiny, it is urgently necessary to know who they all are. As a few examples, if a list were accessed, names likely to be encountered would include representatives of the traditional big rich—Rockefeller; Mellon; Du Pont; Whitney; Vanderbilt; Harriman; Pyne; Pitcairn; Pew; Phipps; Pratt; Harkness; Aldrich; Weyerhaeuser; Duke; Reynolds; Cullman; Dorrance; Schiff; Folger; Field; Fisher; Flagler; Roosevelt; Guggenheim; Gould; McCormick; Berwind; Lehman; Stillman; Baker; Livingston; and others. Top executives and directors of Citigroup; JPMorganChase; BankAmerica; Bank of New York; Wells Fargo; Mellon Bank; American Express; Merrill Lynch; Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (oversees electronic exchange of shares); Goldman Sachs; Morgan Stanley; Lehman Brothers; Prudential Financial; Aetna; New York Life; IBM; Exxon Mobil; Chevron Texaco; Conoco Phillips; Schlumberger; Halliburton; Duke Energy; El Paso Corporation; Bechtel Corporation; Alcoa; Newmont Mining; Phelps-Dodge; Microsoft; General Electric; General Motors; Ford; Goodyear; Du Pont; Dow Chemical; Eastman Kodak; Union Pacific; Wal-Mart; Coca-Cola; Philip Morris; Procter & Gamble; Unilever Bestfoods; Berkshire Hathaway; Washington Post; New York Times; Tribune Company; Time Warner; Verizon Communications; Johnson & Johnson; Pfizer; Eli Lilly; Warner Lambert; Merck & Company; Bristol Myers Squibb; Astra Zeneca; Schering Plough; Glaxo Smith Kline; Pharmacia & Upjohn; United Technologies; Raytheon; Lockheed Martin; Boise Cascade; International Paper; Federal Reserve; Treasury Department; World Bank and very many others would be found represented in The Pilgrims.

We already know where they are taking us—towards world government in a reunion with Great Britain, using the United Nations as a facade. The world’s most powerful organization is Anglo-American—or British-American, with key European participation via intermarriages. According to “Skolnick’s Report” at the Bush family is heavily involved in global narcotics trafficking in connection with the British Crown and its “older and wiser” status, and mentions Pilgrim Investments as the Bush conduit and even mentions The Pilgrim Society but doesn’t go into much detail. At least word is getting around. Our mission should be to pull their collective pants down, expose them and their revolting plans, and put them out of business. Speaking of Mr. Bush, fellow Pilgrim Society member William Stamps Farish III quoted him as saying, “America has no truer friend than Great Britain” (apparently he didn’t watch Mel Gibson’s film “The Patriot”) see for the content. In this view he would not have been supported by President Jackson! Farish gave Bush’s campaign $107,000 for which favor he was appointed Ambassador to Great Britain. It seems Farish wanted the post badly because he already hosted Queen Elizabeth II four times in Lexington, Kentucky, allegedly in connection with the sport of thoroughbred horse racing (Farish was chairman of Churchill Downs and owns many racehorses and farms). Maybe she wanted an update on what the Crown’s Pilgrim Society network was doing to impoverish the middle class here en route to the return to medieval feudalism. Farish and the Bush family participated together in the Zapata Offshore Drilling Company. His grandfather founded Humble Oil & Refining Company in 1917, which became the largest subsidiary of what became Exxon, and was a founder of the American Petroleum Institute in 1926. He is a member of the Council of American Ambassadors, another focal point for the Society’s control over our foreign relations (5 members identified so far as directors) Farish III, probably a billionaire–

To return to the U.N.—it wasn’t only the United States and its elitists who created the U.N.; the British and some Europeans also played a role. It was located in the United States probably because if our sovereignty can be weakened, the other nations will follow. In May 1979 I attended a speech at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, given by Sir Ivor Seward Richard (born 1932), then British Ambassador to the United Nations and head of the Security Council. Currently, the main elitist at TCU as a trustee appears to be Winthrop Rockefeller Jr., (Pilgrims?) whose father as Arkansas Governor pardoned all the killers on the state’s death row. President George Bush the First made Junior chairman of the President’s Council on Rural America. Who the deep plant at TCU was in 1979 was probably a lesser figure. The university official who introduced Sir Ivor was ecstatic and fawned simperingly over that British Tory Redcoat until I thought he’d ask the audience to genuflect to him. The official pointed out about Sir Ivor being a member of the English Speaking Union and the Fabian Society of Great Britain (a politically radical front). He chaired the Rhodesia Conference in 1976. I waited for the announcer to state about Sir Ivor being a member of The Pilgrim Society. That announcement never came. Next I waited for the Britisher to mention his membership in The Pilgrims and to tell the audience anything about the Society. He made no such utterance. Below, note the emblem of the Fabian Society of Great Britain, that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, in a combative posture—

I came equipped with a tape recorder and sat on the front row. Try as I might, I could not get selected to ask a question of the distinguished man. Probably because I had a large tape recorder, and also because I was wearing a T-shirt featuring a blown-up Pilgrim Society emblem (see first essay in this series); although its details might not have been discernable past 15 feet. After the question session was adjourned, we were informed that a basement reception was to take place. Sir Ivor saw me working my way towards him several times, and the first time he noticed my shirt with the emblem, he went all white. All this time I had the recorder running. Finally in frustration I maneuvered myself in front of him in such a way that he would have had to run straight into me to pass by. As we were inches apart I asked him “How do you like my shirt?” I am not a person who claims mind reading ability. But often you gather the mood of the other individual by the facial expression—he was frantic. I was not supposed to have that emblem, or to know he was a member! HOW did this person know of the Society, and his membership in it, he must have wondered! He took advantage of a gap in the crowd and swiftly rotated away from me, where he was mobbed by autograph requests. I wouldn’t have cared about that. I would have asked for a 1979 list for both branches, updating the then 10-year-old lists I had the rare luck to come by. He would have given me current lists, like he would have given me his eyeballs. Quite dignified as far as everyone else present understood, I recognized him as the cellblock looking creep he was.

During his speech he mentioned to us about his maternal grandfather William H. Seward, who as Secretary of States of these United States, made the Alaska Purchase from Russia for $7 million, consummated on March 30, 1867. “We’re mostly family in The Pilgrim Society!” William Seward (below)–

His son William Henry (born 1839) was a Colonel in the Union Army and was listed as head of “banking firm of William H. Seward & Co.” starting in 1860 (Who Was Who, 1897-1942, page 1106), which page also showed the Sewards married into the Frelinghuysen family (old Dutch colonial land fortune, later holding sugar interests and Congressional representation.) Was he out fighting, or sitting behind the lines banking? According to

“President Lincoln had been murdered at the war’s end, and Secretary of State Seward was no longer under Lincoln’s restraining hand. Seward now worked for a British-allied New York and Boston political faction representing all Lincoln fought against. Mexican Ambassador Romero suspected treachery from Seward and had worked directly with Lincoln during the war.”

Romero couldn’t have liked Seward’s British connections, as the British were long against silver money, and Romero wrote a pro-silver article, “The Silver Standard In Mexico” in the North American Review, June 1895 (in which he mentioned the Bank of London and Mexico).

The 1969 list for New York had a John Wesley Seward, an attorney (Sir Ivor was a “barrister,” the British version of that term). John was a director of the Diaz Corporation, which may be linked to Mexico. We had another Pilgrim Society member linked to funding revolutionary activity in Mexico earlier (read about the dangerous Mr. Pierce later). Another Seward, George (born 1910—a member—I do not know), was a director of Howmet Corporation (titanium and part of the Mellon holdings) when its chairman was Pilgrim Society member Eugene Robert Black, ex president of the World Bank, and director of numerous corporations including Royal Dutch Petroleum; Scandinavian Securities; Chase Manhattan Bank; Warner Communications; American Express; New York Times; Cummins Engine and others. Black was chairman of Brookings Institution, an anti-silver organization in Washington, D.C. George Seward was a trustee of the Edwin Gould Foundation, named after charter Pilgrim Society member Edwin Gould, son of gold and railroad manipulator Jay Gould. George Seward, a member of the Raven Society of the University of Virginia, was on the legal advisory committee to the New York Stock Exchange, 1984-1987. He founded the International Capital Markets Group of the International Federation of Accountants and was a member of the Bohemian Club (San Francisco), which the Queen has visited. As of 1994 George listed his address at Hanover Square, London, headquarters of the International Bar Association. Hanover Square is named after the medieval Hanovers of Germany, whose wealthy royal lineage traces into The Pilgrims of Great Britain and was part of the name of a major United States bank—Manufacturers Hanover Trust, headed notably by Pilgrim Society member Gabriel Hauge, who sat on the Bilderberg steering committee.

Another Seward, possibly George’s grandfather, George Frederick Seward (born 1840) was American minister to China 1876-1880, and in 1893 became president of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain. He had residences in New York and New Jersey, yet was appointed to head a British Empire organization, another example of “transatlantic cooperation” of American and British elites. William Seward Pierson (Skull & Bones Society of Yale, 1836) may have been another relation.

G. William Domhoff authored “The Higher Circles—The Governing Class in America” (1970) and “The Bohemian Grove—A Study in Ruling Class Cohesiveness” (1974). He mentions Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations in both books. In the first one the index contains some 82 names identified as Pilgrim Society members, and at least 17 in the second; nowhere does he mention the organization. Probably he had no knowledge of it. Chapter three of his 1974 book is entitled, “Do Bohemians Rule America?” The answer is yes—in the same sense as the Skull & Bones Society, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Rhodes Scholars. They are all very important, yet mere fronts for the super-elite Pilgrim Society, back of which there appears to be no controlling group!


We’ve seen how Pilgrim Society members such as William Simon were involved in crushing the Dallas Hunt brothers in 1980, and Howard Hughes in the early 1960’s. A key player in that event was “superstar banker” Frederic H. Brandi of The Pilgrims, Dillon Read & Company and American South African gold trust (ASA Ltd.—why bother listing all the other boards he sat on?) (Below)—

Floyd Bostwick Odlum (born 1892; The Pilgrims, 1969, information not found anywhere else) was a billionaire, possibly several times over. (The list does not state in which year members were admitted; many are probably admitted by mid-40’s and most by age 50). The 1952 Who’s Who, page 1832, had Odlum in the Piping Rock Club; the New York Yacht Club; and the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club and the Metropolitan—high powered clubs interlocked with The Pilgrims and with most significant “globalist” societies. Ferdinand Lundberg in “America’s 60 Families” (1937) page 32 said—

“The only noteworthy postwar fortune belongs to Floyd B. Odlum, a Morgan corporation executive formerly with the Electric Bond & Share Company. Odlum formed the Atlas Corporation, an investment trust, on the basis of a $40,000 investment in 1924. This enterprise now participates in nearly every industry, having acquired its equities at extreme depression lows. The New York Times of April 23, 1933, reported that Atlas Corporation then owned assets aggregating $100,000,000. Atlas assets are valued now at more than double this sum; the corporation is probably the biggest investment trust in the world. Odlum has been designated, with some truth, the sole newcomer to win in the great postwar boom and collapse.”

Odlum went short stocks before the October 1929 crash. At what point his worth surpassed $1 billion, I haven’t determined, but several sources ( called him a billionaire. The Globe & Mail, October 12, 2002, had a feature, “Billionaire Stock Tycoon Floyd Odlum.” Odlum was a heavy holder of RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and General Dynamics stock ( His Atlas Corporation purchased Paramount Pictures in 1933 at “basement” prices. Odlum was also chairman of RKO Studios, another filmmaker. Atlas Corporation was once known as Atlas Utilities & Investors Company. Odlum was also a heavy owner, through his Atlas Corporation, of Greyhound Bus Lines; Northeast Airlines (nearly 90%); Bonwit Teller (department stores); Convair Aviation; United Fruit Company; and Madison Square Garden. Odlum was “widely reputed to be one of the 10 richest men in the world” ( He also was dominant in Barnsdall Oil Company. History News Network, May 9, 2004, said of him—

“A powerful financial wizard and industrialist, personally convinced Ike to seek the office. The Odlum papers are at the Eisenhower Library.”

Odlum was already personally involved with the office of the President. On October 20, 1948, he met with President Truman (Truman Library reference). American National Biography, published under the aegis of the American Council of Learned Societies, 1999 edition, volume 16, page 623 said of Odlum—

“He built the Atlas Corporation into one of the world’s greatest investment corporations, controlling many companies in a vast array of industries.”

Time Magazine, September 12, 1942, said Odlum “buys everything for 50 cents on the dollar.” In 1954 he bought the nation’s biggest uranium deposit in Utah—the Hidden Splendor mine. Odlum was also the dominant shareholder in Standard Uranium. John A. Roosevelt, son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, became an officer and director of Standard Uranium. John Roosevelt turned up on page 2820 of the 1981 Who’s Who as a member of The Pilgrims and joined Bache Group in 1957, where he was a director till 1981. Bache Group was founded by Jules S. Bache of The Pilgrims, president and treasurer of Dome Mines (now Placer Dome)—Who’s Who, 1928, page 203. Bache held interests in chemicals; liquor; land; banking; railroads; insurance; copper mines; oil; agriculture; and Chrysler Corporation. Bache Group played a role in flushing the Hunt brothers down the COMEX silver drain! Roosevelt was a trustee of Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Foundation, whose scholars favor weakening American national sovereignty; a director of the Boy Scouts of America (thoroughly infiltrated); and trustee, State University of New York and Roosevelt College, Chicago.

The Atomic Energy Commission was buying uranium from Odlum, especially in the early 1950’s, that, in addition to his huge aviation interests, is why he insinuated himself into confidentiality with several Presidents. The 1952 Who’s Who, page 1888, shows Pilgrim Society member Richard Cunningham Patterson Jr. (born 1886) as a director of Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, of which Odlum was chairman (later Convair). Patterson was a “day laborer” in the South Dakota gold mines, 1905-1907. In 1920 he became assistant to the president of J.G. White Engineering Corporation. J.G. White was listed in the 2002 Pilgrims of Great Britain book (page 185) as a charter member in New York in 1903. In 1921-1922 Patterson was with the Du Pont chemical conglomerate (Pilgrim Society, and big silver users). In 1932-1936 he was a director of National Broadcasting Company, owned by RCA and became assistant Secretary of Commerce, 1938-1939, where he was associated with the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., a device for looting the taxpayers. In 1939-1943 he was installed as chairman of Odlum’s RKO Corporation, and became Ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1944-1947; to Guatemala, 1948-1951; then Ambassador to Switzerland. He was an administrative officer with the American Commission to Negotiate the Peace, in 1919, whose role was to insure that Germany would be so galled by the terms of surrender that they’d attack Europe as soon as the next generation reached soldier age.

Patterson, one of Odlum’s key associates, was also a director of the China-America Council of Commerce & Industry. Odlum was a trustee of the Army & Air Force Aid Society and the American Institute for Foreign Trade and as of 1952, was a past president of the important American Arbitration Association. As of 1953 he was chairman of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, long associated with pharmaceutical interests gouging the public. Odlum’s wife, Jacqueline Cochran Odlum (deceased 1980) held more aviation records than any other pilot—men included— in history. She flew a bomber to England in 1941 and became flight captain in the British Air Transport auxiliary, training pilots. On return to the United States she organized the WASPS—Women’s Air Force Service Pilots. She was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal in 1945 and became a lieutenant colonel in the USAF Reserves in 1948. She was the first woman to break the sound barrier, in 1953; and flew twice the speed of sound on June 3, 1964. In 1961 she achieved an altitude record of 55,253 feet in an F-104G Starfighter and was the first woman to make a “blind” landing.

Let’s take a hard look at what this Pilgrim Society member, Floyd Odlum, did, working with another Pilgrim Society member, Stuart Symington, to “seize the wealth necessary.” Symington was chairman of Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, 1938-1945. In 1945-1946 he was Surplus Property Administrator in Washington, D.C., disposing of unused war materials, probably at give-away prices, to his Pilgrim Society network. From 1947 through 1950 Symington was Secretary of the Air Force. In 1950 he became chairman of the National Security Resources Board, which was suggestive of more recent Presidential Executive Orders authorizing the “seizure” of commodities in wartime. Symington was a personal friend of Floyd and Jacqueline Odlum and entertained them in his Air Force administrative office. Jack Northrop of Northrop Aviation was in competition with Convair Aviation—controlled by Odlum—for defense contracting business. Below, Pilgrim Society member Stuart Symington (who became a Senator from Missouri in 1952) and his son James became a Congressman from Missouri. In 1962 through 1965 James was administrative assistant to the Attorney General of the United States. Before that he was assistant to the United States Ambassador to Great Britain, John Hay Whitney, who turned up by 1973 as a vice president of The Pilgrims of the United States

Odlum wanted to buy out Northrop on terms favorable to himself and bad for Northrop, so Northrop declined. After that, the pressure mounted from Washington against Northrop. In 1952 Jack Northrop sold out all his Northrop shares and left the business. Symington, while Secretary of the Air Force, cancelled Northrop’s B-49 Bomber project. General Curtis LeMay, General George Kenney and General Henry Arnold testified in favor of backing up Symington’s decision. Kenney, Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire, sided against Northrop, due to Odlum being a member of an interlocking British Empire organization—The Pilgrims! Who’s Who, 1966, page 1135, has Kenney stating he was president of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation since 1951 (of which Odlum was chairman!!) LeMay was at that time, Air Force Chief of Staff and a personal friend of Jacqueline Cochran! By the 1970’s LeMay was a trustee of the National Geographic Society, another Pilgrim Society run organization like the Smithsonian Institution. In 1980 Northrop broke silence and said Symington cancelled the deal because Northrop refused to merge with Convair, because Convair (Odlum) attempted to put too harsh a deal with Northrop. Get this—as part of the cancellation order, Secretary Symington ordered seven of the Northrop B-49’s destroyed!

Concerning the B-36 hearings after that contract cancellation—Northrop admitted by 1980 (coincidentally, about when Odlum’s wife passed on) that he (Northrop) lied under oath to Congress, because he was fearful that Symington might “totally destroy” his company in retaliation for his refusal of Odlum’s merger terms! There were rumors in the press at that time that Symington was to be installed by Odlum as head of Convair after the takeover of Northrop! Louis A. Johnson, Secretary of Defense, later alleged that Symington conspired with Odlum to switch Air Force contracts. For documentation supporting these charges, refer to the House Committee on Armed Services investigation of the bomber program, 81st session of Congress, 1949, page 13; “American Combat Planes” (1982) by Ray Wagner (Doubleday & Company); “Northrop Flying Wings” (1988) by Edward Maloney (World War II Publications); “Truman” by David McCullough (Simon & Schuster, 1992); “Northrop’s Big Wing” by David Baker (Air International, June 1993); “B-2 Intrigue” by Graham Stallard (Air International, August 1993, page 117); and “Big Bomb” (Air International, November 1993, page 285).

This is what happens when Pilgrim Society members conspire to ruin other rich men. None of the above reference sources mention anything concerning Odlum and Symington both being members of The Pilgrims. Undoubtedly, not one of them knew anything about it; so monumental is the wall of silence! In 1961 Odlum became chairman of Federal Resources Corporation and the 1966 Who’s Who, page 1592 listed him as chairman of the Lovelace Foundation for Medical Education & Research at Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to page 57 of that edition, Robert Orville Anderson was vice chairman of the Lovelace Foundation. Anderson was also listed at that time as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and director of Atlantic Refining Company, whose major stockholder was Pilgrim Society member David Rockefeller. Odlum, who was also president of the Hertz Foundation for Science Fellowships, was awarded the Presidential Certificate of Merit. Many Pilgrim Society members have been closely involved with United States Presidents, including billionaire Walter Annenberg of TV Guide, with Nixon and Reagan. Take note—none of these Pilgrim Society members—Odlum; Annenberg; Patterson; and Symington—were Yale graduates, so we know they weren’t members of Skull & Bones. Yet consider the huge power they exercised! Will someone allege billionaires cannot be powerful, unless they belong to Skull & Bones? Come on with that Skull & Bones theory already—it’s quite inferior to The Pilgrims. Skull & Bones is a society junior to The Pilgrims, because college age boys are admitted; admittance into The Pilgrims appears to take place almost always after age 40. Again, The Pilgrims is the only elitist Society of which the President is always a member, regardless of which university he came from. Annenberg became Ambassador to Great Britain, 1969-1974, which country set up Skull & Bones as an influence front in America. The Pilgrims encompasses all the key elitist rich men in America, whereas Skull & Bones encompasses only those from Yale. Even at Yale it does not encompass them all—Scroll & Key is also intensely significant; Wolf’s Head and Book & Snake are significant, Berzelius appears to be the runt of the litter.

The case of Odlum and Symington and their collusion to wipe out a man who wouldn’t sell out at a lowball price is a glimmer—or a mirror—to indicate also that The Pilgrim Society watches—observes—and waits—to behold any entrepreneurs who build a very successful company and then, either get taken over, squeezed out, or invited to become part of the Network. And if the offer to affiliate with the Network is declined, that rising company will come under fire and be brought down, most likely by the machinery of the legal system. No wonder some Supreme Court justices have been members or in their orbit, and United States Attorney Generals including George Wickersham and Herbert Brownell—two I recall without checking my files. No wonder the Justice Department won’t investigate the Silver Users Association as to anti-trust issues.

A final note on Pilgrim Society member Floyd Odlum. Whereas he was obviously a fanatic devotee of his own financial interests, he was actively hostile to silver mining interests. Probably for two reasons—industrial users like to steal silver cheaply, and because Odlum had Federal Reserve connections, as we just saw. Paper money creators detest silver! From 1940 through 1944 Odlum was a “special advisor” to the Office of Price Administration, which placed a Federal price cap on both domestic and imported silver! (See “War And Silver,” Archives). You can be certain while Odlum was selling uranium to the Atomic Energy Commission he didn’t want any Federal price cap placed on THAT! Laws and regulations are crafted to harm those outside The Pilgrim Society’s charmed circle of ultra-high finance. That’s why they always have key representation in the Senate and House; high-powered Wall Street attorneys are members; an occasional Supreme Court justice; and more frequently, the Attorney General of the U.S. Justice Department! The Atlas Missile program was named after Odlum’s Atlas Corporation, the contractor, which was used in the Apollo missions to send astronauts to the moon. Another item on Odlum—his Atlas Corporation hired Alexander Gumberg after he was deported from Norway for Bolshevik-related activities! Considering the superabundance of evidence pointing to the national and worldwide financial, political, social and educational influence wielded by The Pilgrims, and the lack of indications as to their being a front for any other society, the quote attributed to Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Order of Illuminati, applies to them better than to any other entity—

“The Order will thus work silently, and securely; and though the generous benefactors of the human race are thus deprived of the applause of the world, they have the noble pleasure of seeing their work prosper in their hands.”


Have been and are members of The Pilgrims besides Odlum. Consider Sir Siegmund G. Warburg (Pilgrims of Great Britain list circa 1969). I have to re-emphasize, for the sake of penetrating to the truth of the matter, that Skull & Bones is an outer ring, whereas The Pilgrims is the inner circle; there is nothing back of them; although, even they have an inner core for whom other members are functionaries! No member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain is a member of Skull & Bones, so far as I have found in many long searches. Yet those London Pilgrim Society members are possessed of financial power and influence, which is very nearly off the scale. The Yale societies were set up as influence fronts in the “Colonies” and as adjuncts to the very dirty opium trade. But it is London that is the center of 24-hour international banking time and the world center of central banking, dating to the founding of the Bank of England by Royal charter in 1694. Senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma, in favor of silver money, complained about “Great Britain’s managed currency bloc” (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, January 4, 1936, page 37), a reference to its influence network of central banks around the globe, chief of which is the U.S. Federal Reserve. During the tenure of Cornell University graduate, Pilgrim Society member Henry Morgenthau as Treasury Secretary, the “all-seeing eye” with its Egyptian mysticism was placed on the Federal Reserve note–

“Annuit Coeptis” has been widely and totally erroneously said to mean, “He favors our enterprise.” Any Latin dictionary reveals the actual fact—it means “Year of Conception,” that being a reference to the Roman numerals at the base of the pyramid, which add up to 1776. Unfortunately this isn’t a reference to the year 1776 in American history, but to the so-called “Order of Illuminati” said to have been founded in Ingolstadt, Bavaria on May 1, 1776 by a professor Adam Weishaupt. I don’t plan to attempt looking at the twists and turns of a mysterious force back of the stage of history, except to say that organization was no different in basis than The Pilgrims or any other such elitist group today. It is a maze of common roots grown together, linked by flaming ambition the likes of which the average person cannot relate to. The British Empire was already a global force generations before the Bavarian Illuminati.

Eustace Mullins in “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” (1983), page 68, had this observation—

“No official of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, can command the power over the money of the world which is held by these London merchant bankers. Great Britain, while waning in military power, today exercises the greatest financial power. It is for this reason that London is the financial center of the world.”

New Haven, Connecticut, site of Yale University and Skull & Bones Society, is very much a junior operation beside the City of London. Literally trillions in foreign exchange transactions are cleared monthly through the London banking behemoths—Pilgrim Society run institutions such as Barclay’s; National Westminster; HSBC Bank Group; and Standard-Chartered Bank Group. To return to Sir Siegmund— of the same Warburg banking dynasty related to the Rothschilds, and whose representative, Pilgrim Society member Paul Warburg, was a main driver in inflicting the Federal Reserve System on the American public. Business Week, November 23, 1974, pages 92-93 had an article on Sir Siegmund Warburg of S. G. Warburg & Company, London. Warburg “created the huge Eurobond market” and (as of then) “still runs the bank from his home in Switzerland.” Additionally, Warburg “counts among his friends some of the most powerful men in the world.” Small wonder that he did; he was a member of the super-secret, all too influential, Pilgrim Society! His visible wealth was only listed at some $750 million. George Warburg, his son, also appeared in the late 1960’s list from London. S.G. Warburg & Company was later run by Sir Siegmund’s understudy, Lord Roll of Ipsden—most likely another member—who became one of the controllers of Bilderberg with its program of indoctrination of heads of state with the aims of world finance. No outsider can know how much wealth the Warburgs have accumulated through involvement with central banking because it would be to their detriment to have it known. Central banking and fiat money creation is about wealth transfer on the most enormous scale conceivable.

Back to the issue of, does this organization truly qualify as a secret society? Again they would say no; just look, they released a book called “The Pilgrims of Great Britain—A Centennial History.” They had a list of original members of the London lodge for 1902, and the New York lodge for 1903. From other verifiable input, those lists are abridged—not complete. Someone is still trying to conceal facts. Furthermore, this book is far from a mass distribution item; I was barely able to get a copy. There are a number of intentional misstatements in the book (page 148 a key example) intended to misdirect the reader’s beliefs. A key point to be made is—they didn’t include a list of members as of 2002. Are the 2002 members not just as important as the founding members; WHY must their identity remain concealed? And if they purported to show a list of original members for both branches, also, why did they not include a United States list for 2002? Could it be they know that no one can go to cemeteries and try to interview the deceased? And that the living members anonymity will be shielded by nondisclosure? As they say on page 15, “The list of members makes fascinating reading.” Additionally, since the London branch thought it important to put out a (limited circulation) book celebrating their first 100 years, why has the United States branch not done so as well? They would therefore have been due to put out a book in 2003; no such book has appeared. Yet, should such a volume manifest, there would be no point in its listing original members from 1903, unless it chose to list all the original members (rather than just some of them in a pretense of completeness!) Rockefeller, Harriman, Vanderbilt, Whitney, Harkness, Pratt, Morgan, Mellon, Carnegie, Field and others—do not appear at the start; yet, operatives of these powerful families appear. What The Pilgrims could do, for the sake of balance, is include a CURRENT list—but after all, they are truly a secret organization and the full identities of all living members must not be disclosed!

From the beginning, this group has controlled the most important informational media sources. We will take a glance at that point. They control the two most important newspapers in existence—the New York Times and The Times, London. They could get any publicity they want. What they’ve done is to give themselves controlled publicity—adequate to be able to say—“see, we’re not a secret society!” But it is a hollow declaration because they most important point is unsatisfied—they will not release their membership identities! If any of you are able to obtain a copy of the 2002 book, turn immediately to page 77. Notice the expression of the tallest member in the lineup from the left to the middle of the picture; study the expression of the member directly behind him; and evaluate the expression of the member at the far left. They looked like they were ready to split the rest of the country open and skin it alive, which is exactly what they did in 1929-1934.

The following brief New York Times article, dated December 13, 1973, page 28, concerning an address by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to The Pilgrims London was sent to me by The Pilgrims New York office, by assistant secretary Mrs. E.M. Simpson along with her denial as to their secret society status—

“Pilgrims Society Seeks U.S.-British Friendship. Special to The New York Times. London, Dec. 12—The Pilgrims Society, where Secretary Kissinger spoke tonight, has been fostering British-American friendship since 1902, when it was founded to “promote good relations” between Britain and the United States. Among its founders were Lindsey Russell of New York and Sir Harry Brittain of London, now a centenarian and a frequent and valued speaker at the society’s annual dinners here. There are American and British chapters and the society’s dinners are held in London and New York. The Pilgrims first dinner in 1903 was held in London. Chauncey Depew addressed it and Field Marshall Earl Roberts, the British Boer War commander, also among the founders, attended. The society’s presidents have usually been ambassadors. Members and guests are diplomats, high-ranking soldiers or other men of distinction in many fields.”

The society’s presidents have occasionally—not usually—been ambassadors. The U.S. branch hasn’t had an ambassador for its president since before 1955. Notice they mention that “men of distinction in many fields” are members—but no names! They speak of having high-ranking military figures, and ambassadors, as members. We saw last December that they always control the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain. Those “men of distinction in many fields” include personalities who are the wealthiest in the United States—and the facts look far different from lists of rich rankings in Fortune or Forbes. They control those magazines and can skew the facts any way they wish. Those “men of distinction” include the leading bankers and financiers—paper money creators who, having separated the financial system from a gold backing, are therefore more free to be the warmongers they are. That accounts for their inclusion of Generals and Admirals in their ranks. We will meet some of these.

Another article by which they could falsely claim to not be a secret society appeared in The Times, London, February 10, 1982, page 10 and read—

“The Pilgrims, who promote Anglo-American understanding, have Senator John Tower, chairman of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee, coming to lunch at the Savoy on February 23. Tower, a tough Republican, who won Lyndon Johnson’s seat two decades ago, is a powerful figure, in some senses outranking the well-publicized Secretary of State, Alexander Haig. On the other hand Haig was a general. Tower, the only enlisted reservist in Congress, is still officially a chief petty officer.”

We find the same code language repeated over and over—“British-American friendship,” and “Anglo-American understanding” being two choice examples. What does this code language signify? It means that Britain will continue to pursue dreams of World Empire, using the might of America to back her up. We saw that in two World Wars and all indications are we are readying to see it in a third universal war! Like Ambassador Whitelaw Reid told his fellow conspirators in London—

“Great Britain could count upon every dollar, every man, and every drop of blood in America.”

(Quoted in the Congressional Record, August 21, 1940). I don’t feel that way. Let England fight its own wars. This is the same country that attempted to hold us in subjugation over two centuries past. Our patriots died to free us from the Crown. Let’s not go back under it, nor be used to fight its wars in the Middle East! The common man in Britain can be seen as friends, but their leadership is dangerous beyond words. Reid was special Ambassador of the U.S. to Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, 1897, and again to the Coronation of King Edward VII in 1902. Let’s conduct a review of some personalities listed as original members of The Pilgrims 1903 New York, and of The Pilgrims London, 1902, based on the list of names in their 2002 book. Details come mainly from four separate Who’s Who volumes—Who Was Who in America, 1897-1942; and 3 British Who’s Who versions, published by Adam & Charles Black, London, covering deaths of prominent persons from 1897-1950. We’ll look at some U.S. personalities first. These are all men who passed away generations ago. Out of the 158 I found listed in those 4 reference volumes, only five (5) admitted posthumously that they were members of “Pilgrims,” and those five were all from the London side. That was 8.6% for London, fewer than 3.2% for both branches total, and zero for the U.S. branch alone! Not one of the 100 listed Americans included in his biographical details the most important fact of their lives—that they were members of The Pilgrims! It’s too sensitive a matter for the world at large to become aware of, how this elite crafts our destiny to our disadvantage.

A total of 374 names were listed, encompassing the total alleged membership in London as of 1902 and New York as of 1903 (combined for both branches). 129 names were listed for London—34.5% of the admitted or alleged total. Assuming the actual ratio was the same with a somewhat larger figure (450 to 500 names) it appears that Americans are happy to join the British Empire scheme. 58 of 129 names for London were found in the 3 British Who’s Who volumes—about 45%. Many important people refuse to be listed. For the United States names, only 100 out of 245 names listed were found in the 1897-1942 Who Was Who—just fewer than 41%. Of the 100 listed members (all “underground” in the Who’s Who), only 7 were Yale graduates, and no details were given as to any membership in the Yale “super-fraternities.” Other schools similarly represented were Harvard and Columbia. Some choice details now follow!

Major General Leonard Wood (1860-1927; Pilgrims 1903), Grand Officer, Order of the Golden Grain (China); Grand Officer, Order of the Rising Sun (Japan); Grand Officer, Legion of Honor (France); Grand Officer, Order of Mauritius and Lazarus (Italy); Roosevelt Medal; Ambassador to Argentina (1910); Chief of Staff, United States Army, 1910-1914; Commander, Department of the East, 1914-1917; chairman, special mission from U.S. to Philippine Islands, visiting Japan and China, 1921; governor-general, Philippine Islands, 1921. Candidate for Republican Presidential nomination, 1920; Congressional Medal of Honor, 1898, “for distinguished conduct in campaign against Apache Indians.”—

PILGRIM SOCIETY member! Military men are in the secret organization alongside the financiers the better to wage their wars. Adna Romanza Chaffee (1842-1914) was another member in 1903. According to the Combined Arms Research Library at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas—

“General Adna R. Chaffee was the first soldier in American history to enlist in the Army as a private and then advance through the ranks to become Chief of the Army General Staff. Answering President Lincoln’s call for volunteers, he joined the 6th Cavalry Regiment and participated in nearly all major cavalry actions of the Civil War.”

“Following the Civil War, he fought Indians and chased outlaws in the southwest territories for more than twenty years. In the Spanish-American War, he commanded the first unit to sail for Cuba and eventually became Chief of Staff of the American Command during that war.”

“He commanded American troops in China during the Boxer Rebellion and led the expedition that raised the siege of the legations at Peking. In Peking he upheld his reputation as a fighter and gained additional recognition as a skilled diplomat and administrator.”

The Boxer Rebellion, dramatized in the film with David Niven and Charlton Heston, “55 Days at Peking” (1963) came about due to Chinese Imperial weariness of the British poisoning the population with opium. Chaffee—

According to a website on the Philippine-American War—

“Adna Romanza Chaffee was born in Ohio in 1842. A veteran of the Civil war and countless Indian campaigns, he served throughout the Spanish-American War, and commanded American troops in the capture of Peking, China, during the Boxer rebellion. He replaced MacArthur as head general of the Philippines on July 4, 1901. Chaffee was the “soldier’s soldier,” a tough, hard-riding cavalryman who despised civilians in general and intended to crush the “insurrection.” He appointed Gen. Bell to Batangas and Smith to Samar, with orders to do whatever was necessary to destroy the opposition–he wanted an Indian-style campaign instead of the previous “humanitarian warfare.” Chaffee’s orders were largely responsible for the atrocities that marked the later stages of the war. When the war ended in 1902, Chaffee returned to the States, where he served as lieutenant general and Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army from 1904-1906. He retired in 1906 and died in 1914.

“If you should hear of a few Filipinos more or less being put away don’t grow too sentimental over it.”
–Chaffee, to newspaper correspondent Joseph Ohl.”

Joseph Wheeler (1836-1906) was identified in the 1942 and the 2002 Pilgrim books as a founder in London in 1902. He was a brigadier general in the Confederate Army who was wounded three times, had 16 horses shot out from underneath him, and 8 of his staff killed and 32 wounded. He commanded in “50 cavalry battles and hundreds of minor combats” (Who Was Who, 1897-1942, page 1329). After the war he became an attorney and planter and was a Congressman from Alabama, 1881-1899.

From 1886 through 1900 Wheeler was a Smithsonian Institution regent. He was involved in military actions in Cuba in 1898 and the Philippines, 1899-1900 and became a United States Brigadier General in 1900. Do you find it strange that a passionate Southerner and Confederate general would become a founder of an organization, the American branch of which was based in New York, leading city of the despised “Yankees?” The British built warships for the South during the conflict and assisted them with exports. According to books such as “Money Powers of Europe” (1938) and “History of the Southern Confederacy” (1954), the English Rothschilds were involved in backing both sides, the North through financier August Belmont; the South through the Erlangers, family relatives. Wheeler in battle uniform—

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