When You Close Your Eyes – Book Review

A Book Review of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder – Revised

I posted my review on my Rosamond-Presco yahoogroup on November 30, 2002. It is prophetic in that my daughter, Heather Hanson, bonded with a man who most experts would conclude has a drinking problem. I had warned two Judges that handled the probate of my famous sister that the disease of alcoholism would continue to devastate my family for genertations to come.


On March 2, 2001, the mother of my daughter – who was sixteen – sent an e-mail to Stacey Pierrot having just found the Rosamond Publishing website where Patrice Hanson read these words;

“Friends and admirers of Rosamond

You’ll be pleased to know that Rosamond Publishing has commissioned the artist’s biography: a celebration of her life and legacy. We’re working close with the author, Tom Snyder, to produce a handsome book dedicated to an extraordinary life. Tom is a trained observer as well as a story teller intrigued by every turn in life’s odyssey. If you have any comments to share with Tom about your own response to Rosamond’s work, he’d be happy to hear from you. His e-mail is: offram

Patrice sent an e-mail to Tom Snyder telling him she gave birth to my daughter, Heather Hanson, who is Christine Rosamond Benton’s niece. He then sent her a catalogue of Rosamond prints. To an impressionable sixteen year old girl, whose dream was to become famous and support her mother in a grand style, this looked like her dream come true. This looked like it was real, and these people were real, and they were real big players in the art world. Wrong!

When alas after this mother and daughter team talked to me, they were dismayed to learn I was not a team player, was not on Tom Snyder’s team. I told Patrice he is not a nice man even if he sounded like a nice man on the phone. Indeed, we had a major falling out when he tried to trick me into signing an exclusive rights contract. Right here, I lost my daughter – and I we have yet to lay eyes on one another – with this observation;

“Well, just because John Presco is not getting along with Tom, Stacey, and every member of his family, doesn’t mean we can’t get along with – everyone – but the big trouble-maker!”

Basically, this is what Heather said to me after I found her again, she having been disappeared from my life – before she turned eighteen. How easy it is now that the two suffering artists are out of the way to move in and take control of a creative legacy. Christine is depicted by Snyder as the big trouble-maker, and thus she ruined her own legacy. I was the only one with a recovery program and attended AA. Everyone else was on the Rosy World plan, which was to get near the glow of success and hope some of it rubs off on you – espciallly the cold hard cash!

Below is an e-mail I sent Katie Hanson, who is married to Heather’s half-brother, Matt. I had sent a previous e-mail asking her if she knew where my minor daughter was, I point out California Laws that forbid a parent to deny access to a minor. Katie was in law school.

In this e-mail I mention the claim I filed in Christine’s probate where I asked Judge Silver for an advance so that I might hire a private investigator to find my two children a Seer at the Berkeley Institute said I had sired. I asked my friend, a PI, to help me find my daughter, after she was introduced to me by my angel, a woman I believe is a member of the Rosy Cross. This may constitute the first time a paranormal experience is documented in the files of a Supreme Court.

Yesterday, I spoke to the attorney for the Rice Family Trust. He has found seven of the beneficiaries, but, not Vincent’s sister. He is going to hire a PI to locate this woman’s children who have $50,000 dollars due them. The other seven, are my kindred. We are due another portion. This is key, because Heather Hanson refused to serve as my Trustee in a special needs trust I paid good money to establish, after we had a falling out over who urinated on the seat of rental car that was hired with Trust funds. I suspect the person who did this, was drunk. This is important, because Tom Snyder’s book, and my review of his book, discuss the family alcoholism – and the “parasites” that surrounded my famous sister, before, she died, and after.

Five years ago I sked her if she read Snyder’s book. she said no. I asked her if she read my review – or any of my blogs! She hadn’t. Where then, was she getting her opinions?

Vicki told me recently that our nieces, the Hiers, are very unhappy with Stacey Pierrot, they believing they would realize monies from Rosamond’s estate – for the rest of their lives. I blame – the outsiders! I include the Hansons.

Above is a photo of the Rosamond gallery with the print Heather wanted, that was part of the family partnership formed between, Vic and Vicki Presco, and Christine Benton. Pierrot told me she had nothing to do with our prints in order to get me to sign that contract.

As fate would have it, Tom Snyder wrote a famous guide for Route 66, where I came to loath Bill Cornwell ‘The Trophy Drinker’ who called me a “parasite”. Monies from the Vicent Rice Family Trust helped fulfill Bill’s dream of driving on 66. There was no thank you. I know he felt I owed it to him, because he believed the trust was welfare money. When I told him many family members received a goodly sum, he said;

“You are a liar!”

I tried to keep Heather as my trustee, after our fight, but, she made me an offer I had to refuse. She wanted to give all members of her family anonymity, something Tom Snyder gave no member of my family, but, Mark Presco, who told me he read the proof for Snyder’s book, where he says Shannon Rosamond lost her virginity at the age of ten. Prove it! Shannon was not where to be found.

Heather and Patrice wanted to be in Snyder’s biography, and verbalized this to a total stranger before I spoke one word to my daughter I had never seen. Heather ended up with 700 Rosamond prints from the family partnership, that Bill moved into his house! My daughter told me Bill had the right to know about my private finances – because they were in love! No daughter would betray a father in this way.

When Heather posted all those images of people drinking alcohol on her facebook, she knew it was destroying our happy sober ending, that Snyder employed before I could, because you don’t get to expose horrible family secrets without some pretence you own a sober program! There are two movie scripts out there! If Heather and her family had gotten behind me, then my biography would have been on the shelves a long time ago, and all those Rosamond prints would have value. Today, they are almost worthless, because people did not buy it, Tom Snyder’s special sober plan which demonized my late sister.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

E-mail from Heather Hanson:

I will agree to that if you agree to the following.

a. You will sign a notarized letter stating you will not defame me or anyone I am close to on the Internet or any other form of media. This includes me, Bill, Linda, Flip, my mom, Matt and Katie and Tyler (Internet defamation is illegal and I will not tolerate it)

b. You will remove anything you have published in which you have negated me and others in my life.

c. You apologize for all the horrible things you have said.

d. You get help for what ever condition you have that causes you to be so paranoid, irrational, and abusive.

I trusted you to be in my life. Let you know everything about me and those I am close to and some how, when you get angry, you find a way to twist information and make everyone out to be sick, evil, and abusive. That is not my reality and never has been.

E-mail to Katie

Two months ago I was united with my daughter who I had
never seen.Her mother, Patrice Hanson found me through
Rosamond Publishing, she telling our sixteen year old
daughter since she was very young she find her father
through his famous sister. After emailing Stacey
Pierrot, she forwarded her eamil to the ghostwriter
she hired, Tom Snyder, who emailed Patrice asking her
if she wanted to contribute to the biography she was
writing, both Pierrot and Snyder knowing I had
objections, I voicing them in an email I had sent them

Heather Marie was concieved on Christimas Eve 1984.
The unholy war being fought over this child who just
wanted to meet her father, is obscene!


Sat Jun 16, 2001 9:12 am

Presco Jon
Send Email

Dear Katie;

I do know the risk you are taking in order to be fair. To help you find me
more credible I will forward more emails to show there was fraud and
misrepresentation going on. Here is an email from Stacey Pierrot the alleged
owner of Rosamond Publishing. She denies she has anything to do with the
family partnership prints, but sent Heather a gallery catalogue with the
print she wanted, the one I gave her from the partnerhship series. To try
and trick me into signing an exclusive rights contract, while concealing my
property and profits from my property, I believe has a legal definition. To
then approach my daughter who I have yet to meet in order to get her to be
in the rival biography – so as to sell my prints as well as their own – is
an outrage! Being Heather is a minor, a child, this is child-abuse!

I object to this second attempt at a biography in subsequent letters, it
reiterating what I said to Judge Silver in my March 12, 1997 letter where I
object to the first invasion of my familie’s privacy, I telling him I was
going to send a letter to the Attorney General of California informing him
why I believed I was not told my father had died in November of 1994, and
that my mother was dying, I finding out to late.

The Attorney General found no reason to investigate these covert matters.
This letter ends with a plea to this Judge to help me find my children.

A Book Review of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder

Written by: John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Much of the information for this review is taken from
letters I and my niece Shannon’s attorney filed in the Probate of my
late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton; information I sent to the
Attorney General of Calfornia, Andrew Cuomo of HUD, and from letters
I sent to Superior Court Judge, Richard Silver, and to the Special
Executor he appointed. I also filed a police report. Case number Much
of this material is in the Public Domain. Quotes from Mr. Snyder’s
biogrpahy will be in italics.

“I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of
California and an attorney on record for 50% interest in Shannon
Rosamond. In my 16 years as a member of the State Bar California, I
have never experianced a more deliberate fraud on any court or more
reckless and calculated attempt to fraudulantly take control of a
probate estate at the exclusion of the lawful heirs and total
manipulation of a testor’s intent that the present efforts of
Attorney’s Robin Beare, Lawrence J. Chazen and Garth Benton, the
decendants former spouse.
Since her mother’s death, Shannon Rosamond has made continual
attempts to obtain pertinent information concerning her mother’s
estate and also obtain her mother’s cremated reamains so that she
could conduct a proper memorial service.”

These are the words my niece’s attorney filed in the probate
of the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond, who drowned on March
26, 1994 on her first sober birthday in Alcholics Anonymous. A month
later, her daughter Shannon would say this to me, and then disapear;
“Be careful, Greg. My freinds think my life is in danger. The
first thing they are going to do is make you out to be insane.”
Christine’s ex-husband, Garth Benton, would try to get his
and Christine’s ex-partner nominated as Special Administrator. In a
San Francisco Examiner article written ( ) Lawrence Chazen’s
business practices were titled by Andrew Cuomo of HUD, the worst case
of loan-sharking he had ever seen. Foresaken by the two executors
Rosamond named in her Will, my younger sister, Vicki, and Jacci
Belford, Ms. Pierrot’s best friend, my niece Shannon does battle with
“Over the specific argument of Ms. Beare, Judge Silver
refused to appoint Mr. Chazen. Niether Ms. Beare nor Mr. Chazen
disclosed to the court the very critical fact that Mr. Chazen has the
largest single creditor’s claim against the estate and is a former
business partner and business associate of Garth Benton who the court
had removed as Special Administer just monents before.”

Tom Snyder begins the biography of my late sister with a
account of her death, she drowning at Rocky Point near Carmel. Why he
titles this chapter ‘Big Sur’ is the first inaccuracy (of many) that
fills this book, and thus it can not be taken as a ligitimate
biography of a world famous artist, but rather a commercial
advertisement. Mr. Snyder was hired by the owner of Rosamond
Publishing to compose “a life sketch of the artist Rosamond” and
thus, it is just that – sketchy! Disreagarding the Art World
altogether, who perhaps just wanted a few facts, Mr. Snyder relies
heavily on my drunken aunt Lillian for much of our family history,
and thus this is why we are mistakingly told;
“The girls’ father was a major donor to the genetic pool of
artistic talent and cloudy spirituality that would later surface in
the granddaughter Christine. A published author and poet (pen-name:
Royal Reuben Rosamond). Frank was said to be the source, if not the
credited writer, of the story upon which Hollywood’s first full-
length motion picture , ‘The squaw Man’ was based.”.
Not bothering to check whether Lillian was credible, or
cloudy, a quick search in the internet reveals that it was Edwin
Milton Royles who wrote ‘Squaw Man’ that ran as a play until Cicel B.
DeMilles bought the rights and made it into a movie. Royal never lay
eyes on his grandchildren. Mr. Snyder didn’t even get the dates of my
parents deaths right proving there were more interesting things to
attend to, such as millions of dollars worth of prints Christine
willed her two daughters. Contrary to expectations, these prints were
not being gobbled up just because a famous artist had died. In
anticipation of this, members of my family were being ruthlessly
This neglect of our simple family history is just one of many
transferances of ownership, and false projections Tom makes,
including the total disregard for existing Copyrights, and the truth.
Often contradicting himself, Mr. Snyder resorts to playing God. With
a flare, he hands out honorary family memberships to outsiders, and
shovels my twelve step program at drunks.who never wanted it. He also
does a job on my family tree, he bannishing those who he has judged
have done harm to the abused Rose of the World, and blesses those he
has found to be without sin against Christine.
Mr. Snyders’ boss, Stacey Pierrot, the said owner of Rosamond
Publishing, has hired this Ghost Writer to do some serious grafting
here, she desperate to explain how she came to own my families
artistic legacy. Ms. Pierrot’s statement that she is giving my two
nieces royalities from the sales of their mother’s artwork, appears
to be false, as no one has bothered to be sure Shannon is getting her
due. Yesterday I filed a missing persons report with the Monterey
Sheriff’s Department in regards to Shannon’s disapearance, she
surfacing in regards to this inquirey made by someone who had
befriended her, and was seeking to help her

Being a serious artist most of my life, my work touring the
world when I was eleven and again at sixteen, I am now forced to
expose how distructive my late sister’s success became, not only to
herself, but to all around her. For many years I have been concerned
about the affect Rosamond’s brand of success has had on the integrity
of art. The criminality that continues to permiate her commercial
approach is on par with what is going on in the financial world. With
Mr.Snyders introduction of my twelve step program, I must seriously
question where Tom gets the criteria and authority to make the
judgements he does throughout this sketch. Tom claims he too was
sexally abused, but, this hardly makes him a authority, or an
honorary member of Rosamond’s family. All four of the Presco children
were abused in every concievable way, thus all four of us long ago
paid our dues to the Rosy Club Tom now Chairs. Not once do we hear a
first-hand account of this abuse from the victims, thus one can make
a strong case these victims are being exploited, we once again made
naked and shamed so Ms. Pierrot can enjoy more profits and own more
bragging rights. – while Shannon, a real victim, can not get a
stranger to believe she is the daughter of a famous artist. Shannon
should have been running her gallery her mother left her, and her
half sister, who was nine years of age when their mother drowned.
What went wrong?
It has long been my hope, as well as was it Christine’s,
that the Family Art – now coupled with the Family Recovery – would
continue to produce Miracles, the foremost being, how did severely
abused children manage to rise above the ashes of dispair like
Phoenix Birds. Here is Mr. Stimic trying to protect my niece from
utter distruction.
“On May 16, I wrote to Ms. Beare and asked for a meeting to
address Shannon Rosamond’s concerns. Ms. Beare responded in a letter
in which she based her refusal to meet with me on the grounds
statements in my letter caused her to fear for her safety and then
embarked on an unfair smear campaign against Heir Shannon Rosamond.
Ms. Beare subsequently ignored another correspondence in which I
asked her to correct or clarify her false statements made against me.
She has also proceeded with her litigation strategy without
investigating or disclosing to the court the concerns that Mr.
Chazen, Mr.Benton and herself may be engaging in civil and criminal
conspiracies, fraud, perjury, the filing of false police reports,
ect, in their attempt to wrongfully gain control of Shannon
Rosamond’s interest in the art gallery. In addition to unfairly
misrepresenting the facts of this case to the court and persisting in
a fraudulant scheme to circumvent Shannon Rosamond’s determination to
continue in her mother’s footsteps as an artist and businesswoman in
this community.”

Without my twelve step program this biography reads like a
sleazy exploitation novel written by a member of a famous persons
family, the difference being, it appears no family member is going to
profit from it, make a bundle for selling the family secrets! Surely
this unique literary approach goes against the principles of AA.
which is based upon anonymity. Christine did not give Ms. Pierrot
permission – from beyond the grave – to break her anonymity! I forbid
Mr. Snyder to use my twelve step program because it is a life-supprot
system to me. He agreed, but then told me he had changed his mind.
Surely he realized there was nothing redeeming in his outragious
violation of our privacy that his pretentious concern failed to
conceal. Ms. Pierrot offers this expose of incest in our family for
free, if one buys more then a $100 dollars worth of Rosamond
merchandice. This is to say my families right to privacy is shoveled
into the bag of all those who purchase a work of art – whether they
want to read about our tragedies or not.
This makes the biography a flyer, an insert, that perhaps
will be put in the purchaser’s home for their family members to come
across and read. The account of Christine’s father sexually molesting
his daughter might be handed over the fence to a neighbor as one
would a ripe piece of gossip one has picked up somewhere? The point
is, many will be exposed to our shameful secrets without seeking them
out; thus, this can hardly be called ‘Literature’. How
about ‘Pornographic Spam’ that gets dropped in your e-mail? I wonder
what the legal ramifications of this are?
That a court appointed executor would circumnavigate the
adult heir and artist, and sell our family legacy to an un-creative
outsider that would exploit the accounts of child abuse, is an
outrage to Justice itself, and borders on the Flesh Trade! In trying
to find out for sure whether my nieces were recieving royalties, this
executor told me through his secretary (he long refusing to give me
any infromation) that the information I sought was “confidential”.
Surely he must mean Rosamond’s daughters are being protected? But,
then why does Tom Snyder feel at liberty to say this about Shannon –
with Ms. Peirrot’s approval of course, as she PAID for this
information. The word “PAID” is key;
“By now the underlying comparison between Christine and her
older daughter was also out in the open. Some have commented that by
age ten, the girl had fallen into womanhood by default.”
Now surely if Shannon is still alive, and has read this about
the loss of her virginity, then she might spit upon the next royalty
check that comes in the mail, this shame-based woman feeling a bit
used, like a whore, she struggling with herself as to whether to cash
it? Ms. Pierrot and Mr. Snyder have no such qualms.about continuing
this “smear campaign” against my niece, the adult named heir. I am
sure they would feel differently if their family secrets – and every
family has them – was alowed to be purchased and broadcast at will by
outsiders and strangers, these secrets never in control of their
family again. Ignoring the many letters I sent him and Judge Richard
M. Silver – pleading with them to keep our artistic and abusive
legacy in the family – attorney Sydney Morris sold this legacy to Ms.
Pierrot, with this approval attached, I informing him I had already
begun a biography of our family. Not respecting the Copyrights of an
artist is a serious concern for all artists.
“Seller acknowleges that Buyer intends to produce a biography
of Christine Rosamond Benton, and Seller has no objection to this

I had begun a biography of all four Presco Children in
1990. ‘Bonds with Angels’ was began in hope all my siblings would
adopt the programs of AA, Co-dependency, and Adult Children of
A year ago I published on the net the forward to this story of a
miracle in my family. This led to the last attempt to put an end to
the differences that rose the day after Christine’s death when Vicki
kept me from coming to Carmel, citing she was having a private
meeting with Christine’s friends – and gallery employees. When it
became evident I would continue to practice rigerous honesty, my
brother Mark, and Vicki blessed Ms. Pierrot’s biography. No sooner
was this done, then Ms. Pierrot and Mr. Snyder went after my sixteen
year old daughter who I had never seen. Her mother had found me
through the Rosamond Publishing website, she thinking it was owned by
a member of my family.
In March of 2001 I beheld my daughter for the first time, a
daughter I was almost certain I had. Because I took Christine’s
daughter’s side, I was ostricised by my family. Disgusted, I asked
Judge Richard M. Silver’s help in locating my daughter so this
artistic legacy could begin to concentrate on the living, and not
those who were trying to attache themselves to a famous dead person.
In this letter I complained about not being told my father died
November 4, 1994. When I found out three years later from a cousin
who was doing the Presco genealogy, I called my mother to verify this
news, and was told she was in the hospital given two weeks to live.
It was too late to call that night, so I called in the morning, only
to be told she had exspired during the night.
I have much trouble with being denied the right to say
goodbye to my mother. I now understood there was a fierce fight over
ownership of Rosamond’s history, and that I was a threat merely by
being alive, by being born. This was an attempt to unborn me, if that
is possible. What was being done to me, was being done to Shannon,
she being removed from the history of her mother, we both not allowed
to grieve in privacy. Here is Mr. Stimic again.
“On the day after he was appointed, he filed a false police
report and had Shannon Rosamond placed under arrest for criminal
trespass even though she had been given a key and permission to
temporarily live in her mother’s home and was not given proper notice
of Garth Betnon’s appointm,ent the day before. As a final insult upon
the memory of the decednent, while in handcuffs, Garth Benton placed
the cremated ashes of Christine Rosamond out on the stoop and slammed
the door.”
Even the famous Rosamond was evicted from her own home and
legacy – her memory defiled! Vicki asked me to sell the partnership
prints she took from Christine’s house, on the street, at fairs, she
asking me to display framed accounts of our sister’s death, draped in
black ribbon. I felt she was trying to set me up for a false arrest,
as she did when she asked me to stay and guard Shannon, after she
gave her permission (and keys) to stay in the house. She told me she
and Shannon had divied up jewelry and clothes.
When our father, Vic Presco, called Ms. Beare to find out
what had become of his share of the family partnsership prints valued
at $3,000,000 dollars, she expressed shock that he exsisted, he not
listed as a survivor in the Pinecone account his own daughter gave.
Ms. Beare was also shocked to learn about the existence of the
prints, as Vicki and Garth had not included them in the inventory
they took of the estate. Days after the funeral Vicki had her
boyfreind build heavy-duty shelves in her closet to store them. Vicki
was the number one named executor. She forsake Christine’s last
wishes, a sacred trust in a family matter. She dropped out and
nominated Garth Benton as Special Administator, knowing he would go
after Shannon. Jacci Belford did the same.

As an artist, I have done volenteer work for Art
Associations in Oakland California, Sacramento, and Boston, I
fighting for the rights of artists in the Califronia Legislator. It
is also the stated intent of my Newspaper ‘Royal Rosamnd Press’ to
protect the rights of artists, and the integrety of art. Therefore, I
am determined to remove the parasites who have attached themselves to
the artistic legacy I establsihed at the age of twleve when my
painting was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show, bringing
good will to many countries. A watercolor I did of Oakland’s Produce
Market would be given the same honors when I was sixteen, it one of a
hudnred works of art chosen from schools nationwide. I am also a
Human Rights Advocate for the Mentally Impaired.
, My mother worked alongside the chairperson for the National
Endowment for the Arts, and managed the Valley Youth Smyphony
Orchestra. Mr. Snyder – who does a job on Rosemary – did not get the
death dates of my parents right, nor his account as to who pillaged
my sister’s home just after her death. This defimation of character,
and distruction of people’s lives, continues from beyond the grave,
administered by those wish to make more profit from our family
tradgedies, they fraudulantly contending Rosamond is up there with
the Immortals. They had better prove this is the case in order to
justify destroying Rosamond’s named heir, who I consider a fellow
artist, who was destined to carry on our families artistic legacy.
After destroying Shannon, any claim they are doing Rosamond’s
postumous will – is an outright fraud!

“But the worst part for me was that I’d always seen Christine
as a girl. She had the quality of a sorority sister, you know, the
earthy one who would always take the dare. And that expression wasn’t
on her face in that caskett. Instead what I saw there totally freaked
me out. Because it was utter fear. Even with cosmetics, they hadn’t
been able to erase that look.”
Thanks Khara! Keep coming back – it works!

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go
through Christine’s bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate
belongings out of sight. As matters tunrned out, it did little good.
For the funeral was not long over before family members and others
were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted
away. The artist’s closet – a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Chrsitne had been, much of the
clothing had never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was
hauled off to be exhanged for money. Jewelry disapeared, as well as
other personal belongings. Gallery employees and close friends of the
family, along with Vicki, were doing their best to staunch the flow –
the estate had not been inventories – but to little avail.
“Khara Bromiley recalls her last reading with
Christine. “Some of what we talked about regarding he sister, and her
relationship with her husband, and other family members came to the
surface later at the funeral. A lot of controversy.”
What proof does Tom have, and what family members, Tom dare
not say. But, Christine’s clarevoyent is very chatty. Why didn’t Mr.
Snyder file a police report? I made a police report about the missing
partnership prints. But, to solve these crimes, Mr. Snyder – the Art
Expert – turns to the Tarot Card Reader for proof. Tom even installs
Chrsitne in heaven, looking down at the uncouth behavior of
our “family members”, and has a good chuckle, she rather amused to
see her ashes being evicted from her ex-home by her ex. And, who can
help but get a good chuckle to see her daughter in a furious self-
righteous rage, she in handcuffs, powerless to stop Garth’s
defilements, she feeling like an Auswtiz survivor, as most adult-
children of alcoholics do.
“So in that setting, the contentiousness among family
members, once again able to hate each other face to face as they had
not in years, boiled to the surface. Everyone seemed furiously self-
righteous about something. If it is possible for the recently
departed to have a final glimpse, Christine would have had a sardonic
chuckle at the beahvior of the characters on stage.”
Mr.Benton kept himself and Christine’s nine year old
daughter, Drew, from the funeral, and thus this need for the
character assasination of my family – after Tom meets most of
us “faced to face”, something Garth didn’t have the guts to do. What
did he have to hide? Surely this mother in heaven would be concerned
about her twenty seven year old daughter who became her main
confidant near the end of her life. And surely Shannon being abused
by Garth, whom had a restaining order against him, was the cause the
immortal look of fear on her face. And as for this postumous concern
for saving Rosamond’s art – at any cost – here is what Ms. Perriot
says about carrying on this legacy when the Rosamond Publishing
webpage appeared in 1997.
“Pierrot later bought the business from the estate, royalties
from which go to Rosamond’s daughters, Drew now 11, and Shannon, 28.
Pierrot has a determined vision of where she wants the business to
go. A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be
distributed to children in hospitals. T-shirts and tote bags will
also be produced featuring the whimsical character, Pierrot says. All
manner of upscale merchandising is contemplated using the images from
Rosamond’s paintings…bed linins, throw pillows and other elegant
household items.”
Well, as far as I can tell, Ms. Pierrot bought the entire
estate and my nieces were no longer getting any royalties. As for
this “upscale merchandising” here is another possible source for the
the look of “utter fear” that Rosamond’s Seer beheld, she of course
keeping her third-eye away from the horror show her business had
become, it beneath her, as Rosamond was in Bankruptcy, with a lein
from the IRS for non-payment of taxes. Was Rosamond afraid she would
go to jail? How about a few of the “Gallery employees”? As for doing
a fearless and moral psychic inventory of the business people who
surrounded my sister, this is not as escoteric, or sardonically
amusing as doing a job on the incest victims in my family. Christine
took her backer Ira Roberts gallery to court to keep her images off
all this crap.
“Ira Roberts was. at the time, putting Rosamond images on
almost everything that had a printable surface: posters, postcards,
even wastebaskets- because her work was so popular – and people were
buying this stuff. But Chrsitne was really unhappy with the way her
work was being presented. She felt that she should have artistic
control over the applications of her images.”
Perhaps my sister wore an “unhappy” look on her face? Being
in a mystical place now, was she wearing a frown because she saw Tom
Terrific spilling her well-guarded secret?
“Almost entirely self-taught – and nearly always painting in
solitude out of fear of of criticism – Chrsitne used photogrpahs and
family snapshots as resources from the very beginning.”
Garth too will take a sardonic delight in removing the shadow
Rosamond’s success put him in, her light much too bright for his
“Christine worked almost exclusively from photographs and
figures she cut from magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue and
Glamour,” Garth recalls. “That’s why the women in her middle period
were so exquisite – the inspiration for them came from elegant
magazines that set the standard.”

Tom Snyder’s biography of my late sister, the world
renounded artist, Rosamond, is a story of how my familie’s artistic
legacy came to be owned by outsiders who made a claim we were
mentally unfit to own it. In the Seance that ‘When You Close Your
Eyes’. becomes, Mr. Snyder inroduces a new and bizaar method for the
untalented parasites to continue to feed on our dead, when he steals
the family sobriety and Twelve Step Program that my late sister and I
adobted, and hands it over to those who came to own the Rosamond
gallery in Carmel. Under the pretext of sharing my Program with those
who have long avoided it, Tom struts about the ruins of our family
like a peacock, a Messiah, who has come for us at last, he handing
out absolutions, judgements, blessings, and holy tears to those he
deems worthy. But, he is like all the other outside Saviors who found
it incrediblly easy to be one of the Presco Children, to hang and
bleed on our cross – for a just little while – and then they are down
the road with all our valuables.
Tom uses the miracle of recovery that has saved the lives of
millions, as his personal lifeboat in order to gather together those
he and his boss deem worthy of saving – I not one of them. Thinking
he is now at the helm, with Rosamond’s Seer beside him guiding us
through the fog, he invites Rosamond’s fans to get on board, in leu
of bonifed Art Critics, who avoided giving my late sister their
opionion, as she was a threat to the real Art World due to her Pop
success. These manipuations, that border on fraud, will translate
into cold-hearted sales. These frauds kept my late sister a veritable
prisoner of her success, and kept her vulnerable to those who
volenteeered to help free her, they never failing to betray and take
advantage of her after she confided in them about just how vulnerable
she was. Tom does not hesitate to suggest Christine has confided in
him, via a Clairvoyent, Tom solicits tears from those who have long
suffered, he pretending to do Rosamond’s fourth step so as to open up
doors that had been closed, but his biogrpaphy is a clever chain and
lock, that he and others hope will put an end to the real sharing
that was going on that threated the Rosamond image, and thus those
who enjoyed profits. Rosamond Prints were played with like Junk
Bonds, their worth exagerated, the books cooked. Even Rosamond’s
voice, her sharing, is dismissed!
“On occasion, Chrsitne speaks for herself – these pasages are
included and italicized – from scattered pages of autbipgraphical
notes, a few brief interviews, unfinished letters, and personal
meanderings. These passages are all more striking for being so
sparce. For Chrsitne was not a journal keeper so much as one who
reached for clarity of mind by writing. The bulk of her comments,
however, consists of scattered thoughts and the ideation of a woman
who was not well at the time she wrote them down.”
So much for the Woman’s Liberation theme Surely it would be
of great interest to many women to read these “ideations” so that
they can judge for themselves, and see how Tom arrived at his
judgements. There are millions of women in America who have suffered
abuse, and who suffer from mental illness due to this abuse. And it
is obvious Tom has never been to an AA meeting where the Newcomer is
honored, he or she often having “scattered thoughts” and “ideations”
that are not well. One Brother in AA compared his “meandering” when
he first walked thorugh the door, to the chatter of Huey, Duey, and
Luey, he trying to get three different contridctory ideas out at the
same time.
I filed a police report wherein I mention the four hundred
page journal Christine kept, and her attempt at a autobiogrpahy, that
my younger sister, Vicki, copied and took from the estate after
dropping out as first named executor. Tom has much praise for Vicki
who never had a drink again after I took her to an AA meeting eleven
years ago. Vicki never attended another AA meeting, or worked the
steps. Working Rosamond’s steps, comes easy for Vicki, she hiding the
competitivesness Rosemary secretly nurtrued in her.
While Shannon is struggling to get her mother’s ashes, I am
asking for my sister’s birthday coin so that one day I could give it
to Shannon, but my request was refused. I was told this coin was
enshrined in her home-group, it encased in some kind of glass case
and hung on the wall, while a postumous happy birthday song was sung.
I am quite sure Bob and Bill had no intention of honoring Dead
Drunks, only those who once were Dead Drunk, but took the first step
to save their lives. My program in pocket, and employed by Rosamond
Publishing, Mr. Snyder then blames much of the insanity that
permeated the business end of Rosamond’s creative process, on
Rosamond being Bi-polar. Tom wantes it both ways. – for starters! The
two gifted artists born into my extremely abusive home suffered from
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder for most of our lives, as the
therapists I have seen have evaluated it. Mr. Benton’s attorney, in a
court of law, would proudly title my sister’s emotional well-being
as “precarious at best” – after her death – and thus was born the
major theme of Tom’s biography.
“At thirty-two, Christine was still unable to sustain a
relationship and her art at the same time, often to the detriment of
others who poured their energies into moving her abilites forward.
Was she a client who would jump over the cliff?”
One must wonder, why did Garth harass my sister, the unstable
mother of their nine year old child. Surely she needed her mother to
remain alive? Was he trying to get her to drink once again, which
would have been a death sentance? Let’s hear Rosamond on this matter.
The followiung was filed in Chrsitne’s probate by her daugher’s
attonrney who was struggling to be heard and get information.
“He didn’t even tell Judge Silver that there already was a
stay-away order, yet he was present in court when it was issued. This
is harassment, and I don’t know what to do except file a contempt
proceeding against Garth. He is out of control. He will not leave me
alone – either by harassing me verbally, trying to hurt my business
reputation, or filing frivolous actions in these courts. I request
that the courts sanction Garth – to make him leave me alone.”
Sounds pretty clear to me! How can the Gallery employees and
the Ghost Writer they hired as their propagandist, claim they are
champions of women’s rights, when they utterly destroyed Christine’s
daughter, Shannon Rosamond, who has disapeared after being brutalized
during her mother’s probate,
“By now the underlying compitition between Christine and her
oldest daughter was also out in the opne. Some have commented that by
age ten, the girl had fallen into womanhood by default. To whatever
purous she managed her life from then on. In many ways, it was simply
an extension of the mother-daughter compitition between Rosemary and
According to Vic, Garth Betnon’s father was convicted of
making false deeds of trust and spent time in the Fed lock-up.
Ms.Pierrot told me he came around the Rosamond gallery in Carmel
after Christine died looking for a way to take control. Within days
of her death Garth would eneter the Rosamond and Gallery, and with
Stacy Pierrot’s help, compose what ammounted to a ‘Dead Artist Sale’
brochure that was sent out to past customers, there no executor of
the estate as yet, our family tradgedy employed to beg for money, he
too employing religious undercurrents, thus, his begging was
disguised as a collection plate? Mr. Benton was craving for the good
old days when he was able to cut himself a $50,000 dollars check from
the Rosamond gallery account, his addiction to money causing most of
fights in the Benton home.- and now the Church of Rosamond?
“That she managed to produce at all during these periods is
one of astounding facts of her life. Mood swings exacerbated by
alcohol and drugs drove Chrsitine into towering rages early in her
career- carbon copies of those she’d feared so much in her mother –
followed by periods of self-castigating depression.”
Here is Tom’s psychic seeing what was in store what was in
store for Rosamond, a Death Card severing Shannon – not from just her
mother – but her mother’s half of the Family Tree.
“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the
cardsthemselves, of death or impending doom? Did Christine have any
concerns in that regard? “My work is about health and foregiviness
and self-worth. A death pronouncement can work against all that. But,
if you are asking is a Death card came up, then the answer is yes?'”
Tom had no qualms about introducing the “ideation” of a woman
who claimed she was a messenger, she able to foresee the future, and
even though her visions are foggy and unclear, Tom supplies us with
as many of her words as he does of Christine’s. Astonishing!
“Khara later confirmed for me, that she knew full well what a
spread of cards showing such calm and peace and joy truly represents –
freedom from all limitions and a kind of rebirth that may follow
“Confirmed for me”? Is Tom doing a liitle freelance work,
here, he borrowing Khara’s crystal ball? Here again is repeated the
relgious theme that the first biographer introduced, being the “rouge
wave” was Christine’s cross, which would crucify her and bring her
peace and redemption. And it came from thousands of miles over the
horizon, it just another wave. But, then it picked energy as it
approached the shore of Calfornia, and, as if she had known before
hand it was coming, she tunred her back to the sea, and gave her last
message to her disciples – who would enjoy this rebirth, the
alterations they did to our Family Tree wherein Shannon and I are

“These contributors are virtually the only sources of
inforamtion on Rosamond, which makes their reflections – and
generosity – of enormous value. Christine Rosamond was, by turns,
social and reclusive. Sometimes, Chrsitine’s whereabouts were not
even known. Never the less it is shocking to find so little
information exists about a woman who became, in her time, the most
published artist in the world. There were no files or diaries, no
extensive articles, and but one scrapbook. This work is, in fact, the
first to examine Rosamond’s life.”
This is a liar working the tradgedy in my family, employing
our children. I told Mr.Snyder I filed much material in Christine’s
probate. Ms. Pierrot had hired a previous Ghost Writer. I sent both
Mr. Snyder and Ms Pierrot the url of my webpage where I published the
first chapter in the biogrpahy ( began twleve years ago) all four
Presco Children, whom I had hoped would get into Recovery as I had.
I had hoped to see the Gallery remain in the family, all who came
there, getting our stories directly from those who had lived them. My
Grandfather, Royal Rosamond authored four novels, and founded Gem
publishing company. Being influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites artists
since 1970, I invisioned Christne and carrying on in the footsteps of
the Rossetti family. Gabriel, and Christina publsihed their poetry in
their father’s magazine that their brother Micahel was the manager
of. Dante Gabriel Rossetti based his philosophy upon the Nazarene
Artists of Germany who let their hair grow long after the Nazarites.
Four years ago, the new owner of of this artistic legacy
introduced herself on the Rosamond Publishing website, she claiming
she was ordained to protect this legacy and my nine year old niece.
The first Ghost Writer she hired to write the first biography, Sandra
Faulkner, said this;
“Though death came early to Christine, it was not hastened by
her as many arround her feared it might be.”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Executor Sydney Morris gave outsider, Stacey Pierrot, the power to invite more outsiders to come into my Rosy family legacy and leave their little evil turds of un-educated opinions. Tom Snyder told me he was going to use the Family Recovery as a theme in his book, after he failed to develop one of his own. He knew nothing about the amazing history you find in this blog. Tom smoozed my daughter and her mother in order to get Heather and our miracle away from me. In turn, Heather Hanson will invite her lover, Bill Cornwell, to come into my family and work out he and his father’s Tea Party politics on our family, employing my six year old grandson, Tyler Hunt, as his poster boy. But, what is truly astounding, Heather introduced her families ‘Booze Is Good For You’ program in order to get my family to invest in the Hanson family Bar&Grill. Let me introduce the American Liberty Party that was the blueprint for the Tea Party, and thus the latter was not a grassroots movement. My family loved Roosevelt and voted as Democrats. My grandfather, Royal Rosamond was called ‘Rosy’ by his close friends, as was Franklin and members of his family. Bill&Heather are anti-intillectual drunken Rednecks who along with Pierrot’s gang of liars have done much to destroy this important Creative American Legacy. “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Liberty_League

    The American Liberty League was an American political organization formed in 1934, primarily by conservative Democrats to oppose the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The League said in its founding statement that it was a “nonpartisan organization founded to defend the Constitution and defend the rights and liberties guaranteed by that Constitution

    Roosevelt’s campaign manager accused the Liberty League of being an “ally of the Republican National Committee” which would “squeeze the worker dry in his old age and cast him like an orange rind into the refuse pail.”[9] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Liberty_League https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOXZjDIXV1A

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