Owning Beauty

Yesterday I found an e-mail were I have an epiphany that inspired the title of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. It is about Heather’s ugly childhood friend who came with my daughter to Oregon on the train, and did her best to sabotage our miracle, and keep us from forming a loving bond – the same way Bill Cornwell and Linda Comstock did. Leah is the woman meant for Bill! They are just alike. They are demon brother and sister – from hell! Here is the daughter Linda deserves, a cunning, ball busting biker dame who loves to steal the show – any show! I think she had a daughter, just what Linda wanted. Go get her, Linda!

Above is a photo of Heather holding Linda’s surrogate children – dogs! Leah was a – dog!

After I had to send Leah home on a train, after I caught her making a drug deal on Easter Sunday, Heather let it slip, the plot they hatched where Leah would become a emancipated child and live with me because her mother is in a rage over her dating a grown man, who was to move to Oregon so he can ball his wild sixteen year old girlfriend – in peace! Nathan was a Santa Rosa cowboy type like Bill. Did Bill know this dude?

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Ride em cowboy!

Bill and his buddies are Dog Boys. They hate cat people. They run in a pack acting like dogs, sniffing each other balls, intimidating folks, they always ready to bite your ass. They hate Human Culture. The photo above says;

“Dumb Dog Boys Rule!”

I had to stop Leah from physically attacking my daughter, she screaming about how jealous she was of me, because her lost father recently rejected her after their first meeting. The plan was to attache Leah to OUR miracle. Here is your PARASITE!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Owning Beauty

Date: 4/17/2001

Dear Patrice;

I had a epiphany this morning when I woke, being, Heather is MY daughter and she is beautiful,and she is being possessed, as my art and beauty has been possessed, as the story of my recovery is being possessed, as my family story of the art the poetry, and history is being possessed by outsiders, who are not worthy, who have lay claim to Beauty itself, to Venus herself,and they do not love, respect,nourish Beauty, but only want t own Her so others may not: for they are jealous and possessed demons; and all my life I have been fighting demons for my very soul.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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