Rus Beauty and Roza Mira

The Russian super model, Ruslana Korshunova, visited the Roza Mira Training Center in search of spiritual peace before she killed herself. She had become captured and isolated by her beauty. She was given the name ‘Repunzel’ because of her long hair. She jumped from a building because no knight came to her rescue.

Jon Presco

If she had problems with work, she would have told me,” she said.
Valentina did not go into detail, but friends of the model said Ruslana visited the Roza Mira Training Center in Moscow in January and February, in search of peace.

Kazakh supermodel Ruslana Korshunova was reportedly devastated over a failed affair with a married Moscow man, when she died.
The 20-year-old confessed her heartbreaking affair with a married man in Moscow to a ‘life coach’.
She told Vladislav Novgorodstev that she was lonely and had tried to kill herself before.

“It will be an interreligion or pan-religion, in that it will be a teaching that views all religions that appeared earlier as reflections of different visions of spiritual reality. . . If the older religions are petals, then the Rose of the World will be a flower: with roots, stem, head, and the commonwealth of its petals. . .
The Rose of the World sees its surreligiosity and interreligiosity in the reunification of the Christian faiths and in the further amalgamation of all religions of Light in order to focus their combined energies on fostering humanity’s spiritual growth and on spiritualizing nature. Religious exclusivity will not only be foreign to its followers, it will be impossible. Co-belief with all peoples in their highest ideals-that is what its wisdom will teach.
The structure of the Rose of the World will therefore suggest a series of concentric circles. No followers of any right-hand religion should be considered outside the global church. Those who have not yet reached an awareness of surreligious unity will occupy the outer circles; the middle circles will be composed of the less active and creative of the Rose of the World’s followers; the inner circles will be for those who have equated the meaning of their life with conscious and free divine creative work.”

“I saw her and heard her stories, stories that no one else has heard. The most important thing about her and her internal world was that she was lonely. There was no one who was really dear to her, except for her mother,” the New York Daily News quoted Novgorodtsev, as saying.
Ruslana’s mum, Valentina Kutenkova, who is in New York preparing to ship her daughter’s body back to Almaty, Kazakhstan, for burial, told the Moscow-based Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that Korshunova had problems in the past.
“She told me she had problems at work about a year ago, that she wanted to leave the modeling business. But lately, everything was normal. If she had problems with work, she would have told me,” she said.
Valentina did not go into detail, but friends of the model said Ruslana visited the Roza Mira Training Center in Moscow in January and February, in search of peace.
Novgorodtsev said: “She had problems for months. She had a romance in Moscow, but nothing could happen because the young man was married.”
He further revealed that Ruslana was hard up for money, despite being a much-in-demand model who had graced the covers of top fashion magazines and lived in a luxury apartment on Water St.
“She was asking for money. Ten-thousand rubles would save her. That was 10 days before she committed suicide,” Novgorodtsev said.
Novgorodtsev said Ruslana hinted strongly she was being taken advantage of, but didn’t mention who was doing so.
“They barely paid her. She wasn’t rich and all the money she had, she sent to her mother,” he said.
A source close to the model from Roza Mira said Ruslana told them “she tried suicide five times in different ways.”
“She’s tried it since she was 15, 16 years old. It was a loneliness that no one understood,” the source added.
While police and the medical examiner have ruled the model’s death a suicide, her mother and friends still insist she would never have taken her life.

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