Stowaway Seeds of the Gods

On February 25, 2007, I posted on Paul Smith, the grande debunker of Rennes Chateau – whom Henry Lincoln challenged to a debate. Paul got it right, that it is all a bunch of hooey!

However, he was not happy when we all kept posting away, like his input was not there – did not amount to a hill of beans! So, he launched a massive campaign to fill our archives with nonsense, such as, how to sharpen a chisel. One would go to your group and find four hundred posts on tools. I wondered how he did this. One would have to sift through mounds of Smith’s post to find a few from fellow members. Banning Paul, did no good. He created an alias – and multiplied himself, like a worm. That’s when I compared him the Dr. Smith, the stowaway on the T.V. series ‘Lost in Space’.

My enemies on some of these groups compared me to Paul Smith, and tried to get us BOTH banned at the same time. My discovery the Rougemonts were real Knight Templars, and owners of the Shroud of Turin, is the most outstanding contribution to these – investigations? How about, Kangaroo Courts?

“Paul Smith has achieved fame as the arch debunker of the Rennes le Chateau mystery.
He now spends so much time on this that debunking this mystery has clearly become a nice little earner for him.
Paul Smith refuses to enter into debate with me. In short – I terrify him.
Every time I e-mail him pointing out his numerous anomalies, his response is to immediately change the subject, call me a Plantard junkie and ban my mail address.
He is the principle motivation for me constructing this website. Here his every argument is blown apart.
I hope that eventually this website will become so in his face that he will be forced into an open debate instead of his normal practice of sniping from a distance.
Henry Lincoln has challenged Paul Smith to a TV debate several times, Smith has refused on every occasion.
That tells a story about the validity of Mr Paul Smith.”

There is a creature amongst us! “his normal practice of sniping from a distance.”

In this post I am consoling Nan, a Rennes Wanna-be who Paul had personnaly attacked in her private e-mail – that he son opened, he exited about his mother comminicating with the gods at Renne. Paul’s cruelty had rendered our search and study – an art form – because he had become a perfect villian, the anti-Renne!

Jon Presco

Dear Nan, for the sake of your son, whom more then likely feels his
mother is a victim of a home invasion, let me put forth a theory I
have been entertaining for several years.

In another group that was subjected to over a thousand posts by Paul
Smith on tools and recipes, I began to wonder what SS meant in regard
to the elite Nazi force. I concluded it meant ‘Stowaway Seed’. Paul
had always reminded me of Dr. Smith on ‘Lost in Space’ who was a
stowaway. Once Paul got onboard you group, your ship, it was hard to
get rid of him.

Then came Smith’s insults, and I began to wonder where I had heard
these insults before. Below is a long list of Dr. Smith’s insults,
many of them leveled at the Robinson family robot who was also the
family computer. Do you see where I am going with this?

Digging deeper, I concluded Paul Smith hated everyone’s posts, but
his. He titled our ideas “propaganda”. Then I cam across the article
about Hitler’s relatives making a pact to not have children so they
can put an end to the Demon Seed.

“After the war, William, having become a phlebotomist moved to Long
Island where he set up a blood analysis laboratory.

In 1947 he married Phyllis whom he had first met in Germany before
the war. The two had four sons. Howard, the most out going of them
was killed in a car crash in the 1980s. The other three, who are in
their late 30s to early 50s, are reported to have taken a pact that
they will have no children so that the Hitler blood line will die
with them.”

I began to wonder if the offspring of other famous Nazis had made
such a pact to nip their monstrous genetics in the bud, and that’s
when I put a picture of the actor, Jonathan Harris, who played Dr.
Smith, and a photo of Joseph Goebbels side by side. I almost fell out
of my chair!

“Could it be that Paul Smith is the son of Jonatahn Harris, who is
the son of Joseph Goebbels, the infamous propagandist of the Third
Reich? And, did Jonathan betray a pact he made with his siblings not
to have children?”

One could say this is anti-thesis of the Sinclair objective, where
eventually a caucasian Christ will be born. But, is it possbile
another Hitler may be born before then?

Consider Goebbels periodical Der Angriff ‘The Attack’. Is Paul Smith
honing up on his grandfather’s skills, he determined to nip the
Sinclair Rose Line in the bud, and supplant the Scotish Savior with
the dreaded Stow-way Seed?

My theory can not be disproven. However, if Paul will post his
photograph in this group – and submit to a blood test – then we can
put this nasty theory to rest.

Jon Presco

“German Nazi Party member Joseph Goebbels became Adolf Hitler’s
propaganda minister in 1933, which gave him power over all German
radio, press, cinema, and theater.

In 1925 Goebbels met the party leader Adolf Hitler. In 1926 he was
made Gauleiter, or party leader, for the region of Berlin, and in
1927 he founded and became editor of the official National Socialist
periodical Der Angriff (The Attack). He was elected to the Reichstag,
the German parliament, in 1928. By exploiting mob emotions and by
employing all modern methods of propaganda Goebbels helped Hitler
into power.

The guy in the above picture pisses people off. Of course, he’s
supposed to. He is the villain of the 1960s TV show, Lost in Space.
When the show first started, he was a “classic” bad guy — completely
dark and evil, with no redeeming qualities. The actor portraying him,
Jonathan Harris, was dissatisfied with this version of the character,
because he feared that such a character was doomed to death within
the first few episodes of the show. And so he set about changing Dr.
Smith into a comic villain — a tragic, bumbling, cowardly, lazy
character with just enough good in him so that the producers of the
show would not be justified in bumping him off. The resulting
character was one of the most intriguing and unusual villains in the
history of modern American entertainment.

But there is something about Zachary Smith that rubs people the
wrong way even more than your typical TV show bad guy does. What is
it about this character that people find so irritating? After all,
he’s not all bad. He is lazy, cowardly, dishonest and nefarious, but
he also shows a good deal of compassion at times. Perhaps it is
because he is somewhere between good and bad that he makes the
average TV viewer so uncomfortable.

William Patrick Hitler, US Navy, (Retd)

Yes, Virginia, there are American members of the Hitler family.
Adolf Hitler had an older half-brother, Alois, who was a bit of a
ne’er do well and a wastrel and who had already been in prison twice
for theft, before he went to Dublin, Ireland via Paris around 1909
where he worked in the Shelbourne Hotel as a waiter. There he met an
Irish girl, Briget (or Brigid – the spelling varies!) Dowling and the
two of them eloped to Liverpool, England where they married.

The Last of the Hitlers book cover
Her family were most upset by this marriage and were not reconciled
to her until, in 1911 William Dowling, Brigid’s father, attended the
christening of his grandson, William Patrick Hitler in Liverpool.
At this time the Hitler family were living at 102 Upper Stanhope
Street in Toxteth, a Liverpool suburb.

In the 1930s young William Patrick Hitler became a socialite and
decided to trade on the glamour of his surname. He moved to Germany
in the hopes that his connection to Uncle Adolf would guarantee him
an easy ride in the Third Reich.

He bummed around Berlin and the Führer was not impressed.
In early 1939 William Patrick and his mother, under the aegis of
William Randolph Hearst left England and went to the United States on
a lecture tour where he had audiences of up to 1,500 a night.
After War between Germany and England broke out the two decided to
remain in the United States.

In 1944 American moviegoers were startled to see flash on the
screen. “Hitler joins US Navy”. It was true, but it was William
Patrick they were talking about.

Almost unbelievably, the man who signed William Patrick into the US
navy carried the surname Hess.

Hitler’s great nephews

After the war, William, having become a phlebotomist moved to Long
Island where he set up a blood analysis laboratory.

In 1947 he married Phyllis whom he had first met in Germany before
the war. The two had four sons. Howard, the most out going of them
was killed in a car crash in the 1980s. The other three, who are in
their late 30s to early 50s, are reported to have taken a pact that
they will have no children so that the Hitler blood line will die
with them.

Two of them work in their own landscape gardening business in Long
Island. The other brother, Alexander Adolf, is a social worker.
On the Channel 5 TV program Hitler’s living relatives Alex was
reported as saying that his father was an Englishman, he is an
American and that while he has been to Germany several times as a
tourist but he has no real interest in that country.

Animated Hunk of Machinery
Animated Weather Station
Arrogant Automation
As Protective as a Leaky Umbrella
Astigmatic Automaton
Automated Oaf
Babbling Birdbrain
Babbling Bumpkin
Bellicose Bumpkin
Benedict Arnold
Big Mouth
Blithering Blatherskite
Blithering Booby
Blithering Bumpkin
Blundering Bag of Bolts
Book Making Booby
Broken down Has Been
Brutish Product of the Mineral World
Bubble Brain
Bubble Headed Booby
Bubble Head
Bulbous Bumpkin
Bumbling Bag of Bolts
Bumbling Birdbrain
Bumbling Booby
Bumbling Bucket of Bolts
Bumbling Cracker Barrel
Bumptious Booby
Bumptious Braggart
Bungling Incompetent
Cackling Cacophony
Cackling Canister
Cackling Clod
Cackling Cuckoo
Cackling Coward
Cantankerous Clod
Cantankerous Cold Hearted Clod
Caterwauling Clod
Cautious Clump
Chattering Magpie
Clanking Clod
Clod Like Collection of Condensers
Clumsy Clod
Clumsy Clump
Clumsy Clout
Complete Moron
Computerized Clod
Computerized Clump
Confused Compass
Cowardly Clump
Cumbersome Clump
Cybernetic Simpleton
Cybernetic Skeptic
Defective Detective
Dehumanized Lie Dispenser
Demented Diode
Deplorable Dummy
Deplorable Dunderhead
Despoty Dunce
Digitized Dunce
Dippity Dunce
Disreputable Dunce
Disreputable Dunderhead
Doddering Dunderhead
Doctor Dunderhead
Dundering Dolt
Elephantine Adam
Evasive Coward
Ferrous Frankenstein
Fiend in Tin clothing
Floundering Flunky
Foolish Fop
Frightful Fractious Frump
Frozen Eskimo
Fugitive from a Junk Heap
Fugitive from a Scrap Metal Yard
Fugitive from a Scrap Heap
Galumphing Gargoyle
Gargantuan Goose
Garrulous Gargoyle
Gigantic Gargoyle
Gregarious Gremlin
Hard Headed Harbinger of Death
Hard Headed Harbinger of Evil
Hardware Hyena
Hopeless Heap of Tainted Tin
Hulking Mass of Mechanical Ignorance
Hypertensive Hypochondriac
Ignominious Ignoramus
Ill Informed Ignoramus
Impersonal Collection of Inanimate Hardware
Incompetent Idiot
Incompetent Walking Ingrate
Ineffective Ineptitude
Inept Goldbricker
Infamous Informer
Inguitive Ingratitude
Insensitive Brute
Insensitive Clump
Insensitive Idiot
Insensitive Machine
Insipient Aptitude
Iron Born Ingrate
Irresponsible Wine Bevier
Jabbering Jackanapes
Jabbering Jeremiah
Jabbering Judas
Juvenile Junk Pile
Know Nothing Numbskull
Lead Lined Lump
Lead Lined Lothario
Lily Livered Lump
Lily Livered Lead Lined Lump
Little Mother
Lugubrious Lump
Lugubrious Laggard
Ludicrous Lump
Mass of Fear
Mealy Mouthed Rogue
Mechanical Meddler
Mechanical Misery
Mechanical Misfit
Mechanical Murderer
Medical School Dropout
Mediocre Misfit
Mental Midget
Mess of Metal
Metallic Murderer
Myna Bird
Miserable Mass of Metal
Miserable Mechanism
Misguided Mechanical Misery
Misshapen Mummy
Mechanized Misguided Moron
Monstrous Metallurgical Meddler
Monstrous Mountebank
Mister Wrongway Computer
Mumbling Mass of Metal
My Brave Hero
My Insensitive Friend
Nattering Ninny
Neanderthal Ninny
Negligent Ninny
Nervous Ninny
Nickel Plated Nincompoop
Nickeling Ninny
Noxious Ninny
Obsolete Piece of Scrap Metal
Obsolete Oaf
Old Booby
Overcautious Concoction
Overgrown Ninny
Oversized Oaf
Parsimonious Puppet
Pathetic Pomposity
Pedagogical Pipsqueak
Pitiable Pipsqueak
Palatalized Parrot
Pompous Pipsqueak
Pot Bellied Prankster
Powered Prankster
Preening Popinjay
Presumptuous Popinjay
Presumptuous Pipsqueak
Primitive Pile of Pistons
Proverbial Neanderthal Ninny
Puny Pipsqueak
Pusillanimous Pinhead
Pusillanimous Pipsqueak
Pusillanimous Puncher
Pusillanimous Puppet
Puselous Tyrant
Quivering Quintessence of Fear
Ramshackle Romeo
Real Great Goose
Ridiculous Robot
Ridiculous Roustabout
Ridiculous Ruin
Robust Rockhound
Roly Poly Rowdy
Rusty Rasputin
Sanctimonious Scatterbrain
Scurrilous Scatterbrain
Sententious Sloth
Sickening Cybernetic
Silent Sentinel
Silly Goose
Silly Old Ninny
Silly Sausage
Silly Sloth
Silly Looking Bucket of Bolts
Silver Plated Sellout
Simple Simon
Snickering Cinder Box
Sorry Specimen of Computerhood
Steely Eyed Sorcerer
Stupid Friend
Stubborn Clatterbrain
Tarnished Trumpet
Terrified Mechanical Dunderhead
Tin Monster
Tin Plated Fool
Tin Plated Fraud
Tin Plated Tattletale
Tin Plated Tintinnabulation
Tin Plated Traitor
Tin Plated Tyrant
Tintinnabulating Tin Can
Tiresome Thesaurus
Traitorous Tintinnabulation
Traitorous Tin Plated Fugitive from a Junkyard
Traitorous Transistor Toad
Treasonous Tyrant
Uncultured Clump
Ungrateful Underling
Ungrateful Wretch
Unspeakable Insult
Unxious Underling
Worthless Electronic Scrapheap

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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