Walking The Moon Talk

Mitt Romney popped Newt’s Loony Balloon – and exposed the ancient Republican Plan 9 from Outerspace, which reads;

“Promise them everything, and give them nothing!”


I am reminded of several scenes from the movies ‘The Producers’ and ‘Plan 9 From Outerspace’ as we watched Newt and Romney plot together on how best to COOK THE BOOKS. Us earthlings, and lesser candidates with no money, watched in amazement! What grandiosity! It was like two Emperors from Outerspace playing a game of dice to see who gets to rule earth.

Then to Newt’s horror, this Mormonic billionaire – blew THE WAD, showed America how it is done!

The proverbial WALK IN THE PARK and Temptation of the Innocent on a High Place – is exposed for what it is, a CON JOB!

POP! goes the weasel! The Republican Space Mission was grounded at inception. Now what? The cheap ‘Save Aborted Babies in the Name of Jesus’ CON, is still alive! Or, is it.

Jon Presco


“If I had a business executive come to me and say I want to spend a few hundred billion dollars to put a colony on the moon, I’d say, ‘You’re fired,’” said Romney, a former businessman.
He then noted Gingrich’s calls for a new interstate highway in South Carolina, a new VA hospital in northern New Hampshire, and widening the port of Jacksonville to accommodate the larger ships that will soon be able to transit the Panama Canal. Romney said promises like that were what had caused a massive budget deficit in the first place.
Gingrich defended himself saying he’d find plenty of things to cut and shouldn’t be mocked for setting priorities.
“You don’t just have to be cheap everywhere. You can actually have priorities to get things done,” he said
Romney’s response may have come because Gingrich’s pronouncements appeared to thrill the crowd of roughly 700 people when he announced the plans Wednesday. Florida’s space coast is still suffering from a recent round of federal cuts to the space program.
But how would Gingrich pay for it?

The Republican presidential contender says he wants to offer prizes to help stimulate investment by the private sector.
Gingrich is so confident in his vision in a lunar base that he said if the colony had 13,000 permanent American residents it should be considered for statehood.
He admits the proposal is “the weirdest thing [he’s] ever done,” but he’s not the first to do it. There exists a history of proposed moon colonies through the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
As recently as 2006 NASA planned to construct an outpost on one of the moon’s poles as part of the Constellation Program

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