My Patriotic Roses

Is it by chance that Christine Rosamond Benton, and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor have two men in their immediate branch with the name FRANCIS MARION and MARION FRANCIS? Were these men named after Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’ who Mel Gibson played in the movie ‘The Patriot’? My great grandfather, James Rosamond, and his brother, Samuel Rosamond, fought the British in South Carolina. Did they encounter the despicable Tarleton seen in the images above?

“Colonel Banastre Tarleton was sent to capture or kill Marion in November 1780; he despaired of finding the “old swamp fox”, who eluded him by travelling along swamp paths.”

Surely those who are keen on establishing Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor’s place in history, would want to connect her to this patriotic History – and the history of the Knight Templars named Rougemont who I have shown owned the greatest object of art of all time – the Shroud of Turin!

It’s too bad no member of my family is interested in this history. I must conclude it suits them to title me “mad” so they can be seen as winners in those little tedious power games they play. They are jealous to see that I am the Swan Knight who with sword and quill – have made my way through the brambles and thorns to awaken the Sleeping Beauty Princess, Rosamond!

This is the stuff legends are made of – and movies!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012


Generation No. 2

ROUGEMONT)9,10 was born Jun 1869 in Guernsey County, Ohio, and died 1937 in
Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas. She married FRANCIS MARION TAYLOR
Abt. 1895, son of PETER TAYLOR and MARGARET PERIGO. He was born Abt. 1860
in California, and died 1946.

Marriage: Abt. 1895

3.i.FRANCES LYNN13 TAYLOR, b. 28 Dec 1897, Springfield, Sangamon
County, Illinois; d. 20 Nov 1968, Los Angeles County, California.

SARAH JANE (SALINER) HODGES (THOMAS H.3, JAMES L.2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1846 in Choctaw County, Mississippi, and died Abt. 1884 in Montgomery County, Mississippi. She married MARION FRANCIS “FRANK” ROSAMOND Abt. 1865 in Mississippi, son of BENJAMIN ROSAMOND and JANE ROGERS. He was born September 13, 1848 in Carroll County, Mississippi, and died July 13, 1935 in Lovelady, Texas.

Francis Marion (c. 1732 – February 27, 1795[1]) was a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War. Acting with Continental Army and South Carolina militia commissions, he was a persistent adversary of the British in their occupation of South Carolina in 1780 and 1781, even after the Continental Army was driven out of the state in the Battle of Camden.
Due to his irregular methods of warfare, he is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare, and is credited in the lineage of the United States Army Rangers. He is known as the Swamp Fox.
Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a South Carolina man reluctant to join in fighting in the American Revolution, because of his negative experiences in the French and Indian War. The death of one of his sons at the hands of a cruel British commander, finally forces Martin into action. The official website for the movie says his character is a composite of various patriot leaders: Colonel Daniel Morgan, who fought Colonel Banastre Tarleton and Lord General Charles Cornwallis at the Battle of Cowpens; Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox,” a South Carolina guerrilla swamp fighter; Elijah Clark; Thomas Sumter; and Andrew Pickens.

Colonel Banastre Tarleton was sent to capture or kill Marion in November 1780; he despaired of finding the “old swamp fox”, who eluded him by travelling along swamp paths. It was Tarleton who gave Marion his “Nom de Guerre.”[citation needed] Once Marion had shown his ability at guerrilla warfare, making himself a serious nuisance to the British, Gov. John Rutledge (in exile in North Carolina) commissioned him a brigadier general of state troops.
He is today probably best remembered for his military service during the American War of Independence. He became the focal point of a propaganda campaign claiming that he had fired upon surrendering Continental Army troops at the Battle of Waxhaws. In a publication The Green Dragoon: The Lives of Banastre Tarleton and Mary Robinson by Robert D. Bass (published in 1952) he was given the nickname “Bloody Ban” and The Butcher, which has carried over into popular culture as being his nickname of the day

In November 2005, it was announced that four rare battle flags or regimental colours seized in 1779 and 1780 from American rebels by Tarleton, and still held in Britain, would be auctioned by Sotheby’s in New York City in 2006.[6] Two of these colours were the Guidon of the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, captured in 1779; and a “beaver” standard – possibly a Gostelowe List Standard # 7 dating from 1778.[7] The “Beaver” Standard and two other flags (possibly division colours) were apparently captured at the Waxhaw Massacre. The flags were sold at auction on Flag Day in the United States (June 14, 2006).

• Name: Mabel Rosemond
• Sex: F
• Birth: ABT 1878
• Death:
• Note: Y
• Note:

“My grandfather’s cousin, Leonard “Lenn” Duckworth married Jessie N. Rosemond, daughter of Morton M. Rosemond aka Moses Rosemond and Martha Lakes/Lokes, on 28 Dec 1891 in Sangamon Co., IL. Jessie’s siblings were Elizabeth M. Rosemond b. abt 1868, who married Frank Taylor 27 Feb 1890 in Sangamon Co., Frank Rosemond b. abt 1873, OH, and Mabel Rosemond, b. abt. 1878, who married S. Howard Young 13 Nov 1900 in Sangamon Co.” –Emily Moore

1) Rosemond Family files of Emily Moore,, 3 Oct 2007

Father: Capt. Morton M. “Moses” (Civil War, 172nd OH) Rosemond b: JUN 1843 in Ohio
Mother: Martha E. “Mattie” Lakes or Lokes b: 1847 in Ohio

Marriage 1 S. Howard Young
• Married: 13 NOV 1900 in Sangamon Co., IL
• Change Date: 3 OCT 2007
• Note: 18:36
• Name: Capt. Morton M. “Moses” (Civil War, 172nd OH) Rosemond
• Sex: M
• Birth: JUN 1843 in Ohio
• Death: AFT 1900 in Of Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., OH
• Occupation: Butcher, 1870
• Occupation: Real Estate Agent, 1900
• Note:

aka Rosemand



He appears as “Moses M. Roseman” in the 1850 census and “Moses Rosemand” in the 1870 census.

Moses was divorced and living with his brother John in 1900. His father was born in Ireland, his mother in Ohio.

Enlisted as a Corporal on 27 April 1864 at the age of 21
Enlisted in Company D, 172nd Infantry Regiment Ohio on 01 May 1864.
Mustered out Company D, 172nd Infantry Regiment Ohio on 03 September 1864 in Gallipolis, OH

• Name: Martha E. “Mattie” Lakes or Lokes
• Sex: F
• Birth: 1847 in Ohio
• Death: AFT 1870 in Of Oxford, Guernsey Co., OH
• Note:

aka Likes


1) Ronald Gene Custer Database, 28 Aug 2004 ster&id=I092164
2) dlmfox Database, 27 Nov 2005
3) 1870 census, Oxford, Guernsey, Ohio; Roll: M593_1206; Page: 545; Image: 370.
4) Rosemond Family files of Emily Moore,, 3 Oct 2007
• _UID: 0937678CFB3147108C812192E42F89BED030
• Change Date: 3 OCT 2007

Marriage 1 Capt. Morton M. “Moses” (Civil War, 172nd OH) Rosemond b: JUN 1843 in Ohio
• Married: 26 JUL 1868 in Guernsey Co., OH
• Change Date: 28 NOV 2005
• Note: 06:58
1. Elizabeth Mary “Lizzie” Rosemond b: JUN 1869 in Ohio
2. Jessie N. Rosemond
3. Frank Rosemond b: ABT 1873 in Ohio
4. Mabel Rosemond b: ABT 1878
• Name: Francis Marion “Frank” Taylor
• Sex: M
• Birth: Abt 1860-1865 in Indiana
• Death: 1946 in California
• Note:


1) The Ancestors of Senator John Forbes Kerry (b. 1943), by William Addams Reitwiesner,, Website, 2004
2) William Barron Database, 20 Aug 2004
3) Ronald Gene Custer Database, 28 Aug 2004 ster&id=I092164
4) 1930 census, Arkansas, Cowley, Kansas; Roll: 697; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 762.0. (shows him b. in Indiana, 65 yrs. old)
5) Rosemond Family files of Emily Moore,, 3 Oct 2007
• _UID: 444E9780274D4D9797584A852B1B5D57B98B
• Change Date: 3 OCT 2007
Ancestry Hints for Francis Marion “Frank” Taylor

2 possible matches found on

Father: Peter Taylor b: 31 AUG 1829 in Warrick Co., IN
Mother: Margaret Jane Perigo b: 26 JAN 1830 in Warrick Co., IN

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Mary “Lizzie” Rosemond b: JUN 1869 in Ohio
• Married: 27 FEB 1890 in Sangamon Co., IL
• Change Date: 3 OCT 2007
• Note: 18:34
1. Francis Lenn Taylor b: 28 DEC 1897 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL

• Name: Francis Marion “Frank” Taylor
• Sex: M
• Birth: Abt 1860-1865 in Indiana
• Death: 1946 in California
• Note:

• Name: Marion Francis “Frank” Rosamond
• Surname: Rosamond
• Given Name: Marion Francis “Frank”
• Sex: M
• Birth: 13 Sep 1848 in Carroll County, Mississippi
• Death: 13 Jul 1935 in Lovelady, Texas
• Burial: Jul 1935 Houston County, Texas
• _UID: 1DF534475BFDD511920DBCD0308C862D65AC
• Occupation: Doctor, Violinist
• Change Date: 5 Dec 2009 at 17:41:24
Ancestry Hints for Marion Francis “Frank” Rosamond

5 possible matches found on

Father: Benjamin Rosamond b: 1790 in , Greenwood Co., Sc
Mother: Jane Rogers b: 4 Oct 1803 in Edgefield Co., Sc

Marriage 1 Sarah Jane “Saliner” Hodges b: ABT. 1846 in Choctaw County, Mississippi
• Married: ABT. 1865 in Mississippi
1. Mary A. Rosamond b: ABT. 1866
2. William H. Rosamond b: ABT. 1867
3. Joseph Franklin Rosamond b: 21 Feb 1876 in Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi
4. Emma Rosamond b: AFT. 1880 in Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississippi

Marriage 2 Fannie A., Mrs Rosamond
• Married: 26 Feb 1893 in Houston County, Texas
1. Lela Mae Rosamond b: 24 Feb 1894 in Texas
2. George M. Rosamond b: 1896 in Tx
3. Polly (Birdie D. ?) Rosamond b: ABT. 1904

“Many a long year afterwards there came a King’s son into that
country, and heard an old man tell how there should be a castle
standing behind the hedge of thorns, and that there a beautiful
enchanted Princess named Rosamond had slept for a hundred years, and
with her the King and Queen, and the whole court.”
Jon Presco
Copyright 2008
Sure enough, they both knew where it was. David lead us to it, and he
lead us to the few graves on Mulberry Creek that mark the original
site of the church that was organized in 1826. Talk about luck! This
was so exciting!!! We were so lucky to have ran into these two
gentleman.These graves are right along a paved road in the woods (I
mean, the stones are right along the road). This cemetery is in bad
shape. No one is taking care of it. It is over grown in weeds, trees
and with poison oak and ivy everywhere. David, Mark and I ventured
out into the cemetery a little ways. Couldn’t go to each stone
because the poison oak & ivy is soooo thick.
Then round about that place there grew a hedge of thorns thicker
every year, until at last the whole castle was hidden from view, and
nothing of it could be seen but the vane on the roof. And a rumor
went abroad in all that country of the beautiful sleeping Rosamond,
for so was the Princess called; and from time to time many Kings’
sons came and tried to force their way through the hedge; but it was
impossible for them to do so, for the thorns held fast together like
strong hands, and the young men were caught by them, and not being
able to get free, there died a lamentable death

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