Bal Masque at Ca Rezzonico

In a scene from the movie ‘The Phantom of Opera’ we peer in the window of a jewelry store (Sworoski) at jewels that could have belonged to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor in the Mime Mundi.

Was the scene on the grand staircase inspired by the painting above, rendered by Rossi?

“Life imitates art.”

we want to be – in the movies, in a painting, on camera, exposing ourselves on Facebook. After spending good money inherited by my nieces, Stacey Pierrot and her secret backers, produced nothing in comparison to what I ‘The Parasite of the Opera’ have given to the Rosy Public – FOR FREE!

Now, I descend the grand staircase to claim – Beauty! For Juan-John has been to hell – and heaven – and knows for sure……….

“You can’t take it with you!” Your jewelry, your, art – your grand illusions!

Jon Presco

The Masked Ball, Ca Rezzonico, Venice
by Lucius Rossi

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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