Zionist Americans

The Sicarii – a foreign body – and the Evangelicals, have formed an alliance in the Republican Party and are going after the duly elected President of the United States of America, they beside themselves to make sure this Liberal is a one term President. One in ten Jews in Israel is a Sicarii. How many Sicarii live in America, they pretending to support our Democracy, bu,t can’t wait to be in power so then can arrest teenage girls for licking ice cream cones in public – for starters! We need to take a few Sicarii prisoner and expose them to images of ice cream lickers to test arrousal factor.

If the present curse of Republican Candidates is a test as to whether God is on the side of the Zionist Republicans, then the Sicarii are on the wrong side! Where was their shrill outrage when Herman Caen was exposed? How come they didn’t line up to spit on him – like they did that eight year old girl?

Jon the Nazarite

So what went wrong with the Republican Party? Believe me, it’s all about religion!

Two religions (in the broadest sense of the term) have destroyed the Republican Party: evangelical Christianity and Christian/Jewish Zionism. Evangelical Christianity created the Religious Right which forever linked the Republican Party to the antiabortion, anti-sex education, anti-evolution and anti-gay crusades. And both Christian and Jewish Zionism linked the Republican Party to what became the neoconservative movement with its roots in such publications as Commentary magazine and their shrill Israel-can-do-no-wrong anti-Arab agenda. (I knew the late editor of Commentary Norman Podhoretz quite well, and we met several times to build alliances between evangelicals and the far American Zionist far right. When it came to Arabs, I believe he was a real racist.)

I would not call Zionism per se a religion, but I’m talking about secular goals pursued with religious fervor. I would call Zionism, American-style a politicized version of a religion. I also argue that the neo-con side got traction when religious Jews became Zionists and when religious Christians (evangelicals) hopped aboard to hasten the “Rapture.” And I’d like to point out that American Zionists ally themselves with the Israeli hardliners, but that opinion in Israel is much more diverse and often tolerant than that, as is opinion among Jewish Americans, who do not by and large accept the AIPAC point of view uncritically.

The result of the Republican Party being taken over by these religious groups was that we got George W. Bush. His idea of governance was a hands-off, all-government-is-bad-government neglect, combined with an unnecessary war in Iraq inspired by a form of Zionism that sees all Arabs as a threat, Islam as evil, America as an exceptional place duty-bound “by God” to keep the world safe for evangelical Christian “values,” on the one hand, and militant Christian and Jewish Zionism on the other. It is a poisonous blend. (It’s not just Zionism, or a form of Zionism, that makes Americans hate Arabs. Anti-Arab, anti-Muslim images in America go way back and some right wing evangelicals and Jews merely tap into that racism.)

Evangelical/Christian Zionism has been bad for the State of Israel too. It has helped put that country into a permanent defensive crouch in which there is now perhaps no way out from destruction that comes to all people who see everyone else (from the EU to the UN to the Arabs and Iran) as a threat. The building of the illegal West Bank settlements and turning the Gaza Strip into what amounts to a concentration camp, combined with demographic reality will doom the State of Israel if a two state peace agreement is not reached and reached fast. But Christian Zionists have done all they can to undermine peace in the name of fulfilling “biblical prophecy” as have the far right of the Jewish Zionists, people like my old friend Norman Podhoretz.

With “friends” like the Christian Zionists — exemplified by the Reverend John Hagee and many others who “support” Israel while eagerly waiting for the “return of Christ” and the destruction of all “unbelieving Jews” — Israel needs no enemies. Given that the hard-line American Christian Zionists encouraged the Republican Party to become the party of permanent war to keep the State of Israel “safe” they have actually helped set the stage for its destruction. And therefore the Republicans also opened the door to our national economic ruin as well. The two are linked; eternal war and ruin, because our permanent wars (thinly veiled excuses to “keep Israel safe”) are never paid for by increased taxes or a draft. (Disclosure: my son served in the Marines and was deployed.)

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