The Rose Queen of Aragon

Above is the oldest surviving painting of Holland due to the war against Icons. It show four generations of Roovers, also, Roevers, who descend from Rangar ‘The Ranger’. Rangar was a Viking King of Denmark, a Raider, who carried a Wolf banner, like Rollo did. They formed an alliance. The Roevers are worshiping Our Sweet Lady in Bosch’s ‘The Wedding Feast at Cana’. No doubt the men we see in the background are members of the Roever family who married into the Rosemont family who were also members of the Swan Brethren.

Our Sweet Lady is sitting in between two people, and is oblivious to her son, Jesus, who is looking at a boy with red hair, who is looking at Mary, who also has red hair. This boy is also Jesus? He is at the center of Bosch’s painting who was a Swan Brethren, that was commissioned by fellow members who were his superiors.

Gottschalkd Rosemont was the Master of ‘The Falcon’ art college, founded by Charles Quint who descend from Jeanne de Rougemont, the Queen Mother of all Hapsburg, who is the granddaughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose grandmother was Dangerose, and who daughter, Marie of Champagne, was implicated in the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars who were kin to the Catalans, who conquered Athens in the fourth crusade to establish the Crusader Kingdom of Athens, ruled by the De La Roche family, who are kin to the Rougemonts, and the Rochefoucaud family, from where Dangerose hail.

Othon de La Roche, and his kindred, Humbert de Rougemont, came to own the Shroud of Turin, as members of the Knights Templar. The capital of the Catalan Cathars was the City of Rose, founded by Greeks from Marseilles in the fifth century. Mary Magdalene fled to Marseilles. Was Mary kindred to the royalty of Carthage, whom founded the City of Rose, that was named after the island of Rhodes? Consider Our Lady Liberty given to us by France.

Queen Eleanore (Helen) went on Crusade surrounded by two hundred women dressed as knights. She stopped in Marseilles to pay homage to Mary Magdalene, who I believe is Our Sweet Lady in Bosch’s painting. If I am correct, we are beholding the wedding of Jesus to Mary Magdalene, who is being saluted by a descendant of Mary and Jesus.

Eleanor’s father was the King of Troubadors kin to the Kings of Aragon. The De La Roche family ruled the Rose Kingdom of Athens, in what appears to be a Troubadour Court, that worshiped women, the Rose Queens of the Ancient Helenized Poets – and Prophets! Here is the great hersey that threatened the Roman Catholic Church. Here is the Queen of Carthage that may have ruled Cornwall, and thus, the Druids.

Frodo is alive…………in the Rose City whose citizens awaken to the sound of harps and the Song of Songs!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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