Fake Rednecks Boo Ms.Obama

Real Drunks are self-righteous morons. NASCAR DRUNKS are full of hate and booze! They love looking down their racist nose at people, before they puke on themselves.

Jon Presco

The White House and NASCAR are downplaying a Sunday incident in which some race fans booed first lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Biden.
Obama and Biden served as grand marshals for the race at Homestead-Miami Speedway to promote their Joining Forces project on behalf of military families.
Listening to the video, it is hard to gauge the intensity of the critics, as much of the crowd was drowned out by a military flyover and other pre-race noise.
“The NASCAR community and the vast majority of those attending our race Sunday welcomed the first lady and Dr. Jill Biden and the military families in attendance,” said Marcus Jadotte, NASCAR vice president of public affairs. “We are proud to support military families across the country and proud to support the Joining Forces initiative.”
Obama and Biden also served as official starters for the race along with Sgt. Andrew Berry, a wounded warrior, and his family.
Kristina Schake, communications director for the first lady, said in a statement:
“Mrs. Obama was proud to join NASCAR in recognizing our nation’s veterans and military families to raise awareness of this important issue for all Americans.
As she has always said, she will proudly stand with anyone making a major commitment to serve and honor our military community, and yesterday NASCAR did just that.
They paid special tribute to our veterans and military families at the championship race by donating over 5,000 tickets to military families and by honoring Sergeant Berry and his family, true American heroes.
Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden enjoyed their visit to the speedway, and are looking forward to working across the country to honor America’s veterans and military families.”
The two women received a warmer reception at the pre-race meeting with NASCAR drivers; the Associated Pressreported that they received a standing ovation as Michelle Obama said NASCAR has been “amazing in terms of its support, not just today but every day, for military families.”
Earlier, she spoke at a NASCAR-Joining Forces barbecue for military families, telling them, “We all know that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedoms that we have if it weren’t for your sacrifice.”

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