Broken Bonds With Angels

There are hundreds of books written about Mental, Physical, and Sexual Abuse – most of them written by victims of abuse as a means to heal oneself, and other victims. I began such a book in 1992 titled ‘Bonds With Angels’. When my brother Mark told me our father had raped our niece Shannon, I was two weeks into hypnotherapy looking at the possibility my father had sexually abused me when I was around three years of age. When I came out of my first trance, my therapist asked this question, his pen poised on his note pad;

“What children does your father have access to. Give me their names and ages?”

I gave the names and ages of children Vic Presco had introduced me to as children he loved as much, or, even more then his own children, because they proved to be more loyal then we. My therapist stopped me;

“You have given me the names of people that are adults, now. Give me the name of children who are still children.”

I spoke of the nine year old boy next door to Vic who I caught coming out of his home with a bag. I asked this boy to show me what was inside the bag. The boy told me Vic gave candy to him and his sister. Vic had a loyalty check, being, those who kept their mouths shut, were rewarded. Those who spoke out against Captain Victim, were excommunicated.

I was uninvited to the meeting held in Christine Rosamond’s house the day she drowned. I asked Vicki why I couldn’t be there, after all, this was a family matter, the first death of a natal family member.

“It’s a fundraiser for Christine’s funeral. You won’t get along with her friends. You know how you are!”

A month later I called up Paul Mortuary, and was told they had filed a claim against my sister’s estate. Why wasn’t the funeral paid for? Mark was a millionaire, and the eldest. He had more then enough money to bury our famous sister. Why didn’t he? The only answer can be he came to bury Christine’s story, her book, wherein she names people who abused her – and her children! This books was disappeared.

Vicki told me last week how furious Mark was that Christine had filed bankruptcy just before she died, and thus he was not going to be repaid the $3,000 dollar loan any time soon. Vicki and Vic were not happy that they were not being paid anything for the sale of the partnership prints due to the accusation by her daughter, Shannon Rosamond, that she was raped by her grandfather – her mothers partner in the Art World, who in Tom Snyder’s biography ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ is accused of molesting Christine as a child. Shannon was accusing other males in the family of sexual misconduct, I not one of them, because I did not see Christine for the last twelve years of her life – because she excommunicated me – with the help of every family member who wanted to latch on to her fame!

I believe Mark refused to pay for our sisters funeral and was now questioning the Gallery gargoyles about being repaid his loan. He was told about Christine’s autobiography, and wanted it gone! Jacci told me that is what Christine and she had in common, abusive fathers, and thus she should be sold everything. Did Marl fear she would carry on Christine’s fears that her daughter Drew was in danger, because all father molest their daughters? This is the great fear Christine had just before she drowned. Did she tell her borther he was not going to get his money back because he too was a Monster?

Here is the list of the family members that were silenced. These people soike out against the abuse, and were naming their abusers:

Christine Rosamond
Shannon Rosamond
John Gregory Presco

I would like to include Rosamary Rosamond Presco to this list, because, the mother always knows, and she backed her eldest son, believing he would produce a book and movie that would omit the Family Incest, and concentrate on what was Good and Beautiful, beginning with what a beautiful woman and mother she was, she made that more beautiful by giving birth to the world famous artist, Rosamond, the painter of beautifully perfect women, they unwounded and whole in every way. That Snyder’s book begins with an attack on Rosemary by her sister, Lillian, is telling, because Lillian was very close with Vic, believed he was innocent, and Shannon was a “Little whore!”

Lillian wanted to be seen as the surrogate mother of the Rose of the World. She took up Mark’s cause to purge the Rose of the World Legacy of it’s real Victims and replace them with loyal outsiders, who would eat out of his hand, the hand of the Dark Controller who hid in the background, avoiding the limelight, who Vicki claims has disappeared and is out of the picture.

It is the COVERUP that does all the damage when it comes to incest and the systematic rape of children, that is carefull planned, so the pedophile can get to as many children as he can. We see this is the coverup at Penn State, where good men covered up the rape of a ten year old boy in the shower, and now face time in jail.

I warned Julie Lynch and Stacey Pierrot to take down that essay where the boy I was once, is used to enrich these two women I have never met, and are strangers to me, but, threatened to put on the silver screen that I and Rosemary abused Christine, suppressed her art, “her closeted success”

Mark Presco has gone into hiding. I bet you the internal Revenue Service and find him, discover all he covert business dealings, and bring him to justive, bring the truth – into the light!

My brother has done great damage to me, in that he hid from vital facts every human being needs, in dealing with a death in the family, and, the delaying of the Healing Process. My hypnothrapist would love to testify in a court of law, that my healing process began before our first secciosn, when I entered the New Hope Program in 1987, and thus own twenty four years of sobriety. I have been to CoDA and Incest survivors meetings, and have helped other come out of the dark, out of the closet where they have been held prisoner by parents who utterly betrayed them, have never been loyal. My brother has never been loyal to me.

Vicki told me our sister was seeing three therapist when she died, but, had fallen in love with one of them. This was a awy to dismiss them all – and all the words a world famous artist uttered, in the dark, and totally afraid……now that her family closed in to silence her, and, take her eight year old child from her.

Christine’s favorite movie was ‘Chinatown’.

Jon Presco


Review of “A Language Older Than Words”
by Derrick Jensen
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From Publisher’s Weekly

Singular, compelling and courageously honest, this book is more than just a poignant memoir of a harrowingly abusive childhood. It relates the extraordinary journey of one man striving to save his own spirit and our planet’s. Comparing his physically and sexually abusive father’s destruction of his family with humankind’s systematic destruction of civilization, New York Times Magazine contributor Derrick Jensen (Listening to the Land) tells a story about the hope for regeneration in a landscape of human and natural desolation.

Throughout, Jensen mobilizes his experiences as student, teacher, environmentalist, beekeeper, high jumper, abused child and survivor to delve deeper inside his own wounded psyche while condemning the constrictions of a culture that fosters abuse. In lyrical prose, Jensen calls for accountability and urges people “to live in dynamic equilibrium with the rest of the world.” Rather than naively proposing an answer to the ills of modernity, he demonstrates the complexity of the problems by examining an array of environmental and sociopolitical atrocities, including the Holocaust, and what he sees as the reckless production of plutonium to further space exploration and the maltreatment of indigenous peoples by self-serving neighbors. His visceral, biting observations always manage to lead back to his mantra: “Things don’t have to be the way they are.” Jensen’s book accomplishes the rare feat of both breaking and mending the reader’s heart.

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At once a beautifully poetic memoir and an exploration of the various ways we live in the world, A Language Older Than Words explains violence as a pathology that touches every aspect of our lives and indeed affects all aspects of life on Earth. This chronicle of a young man’s drive to transcend domestic abuse offers a challenging look at our worldwide sense of community and how we can make things better.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Incest Books
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For Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Beginning to Heal: A First Book for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
by Ellen Bass, Laura Davis
If you feel you are not ready for the intensity and scope of other sexual recovery books here, read this first. It is a basic, easy to read, introduction to the recovery process
The Right to Innocence: Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse
by Beverly Engel
A therapist who has worked with sexual abuse and who has suffered sexual abuse herself presents a well written and practical book for survivors. There are helpful visualizations and exercises. I also recommend this books as starting place.
Outgrowing the Pain – A Book About Adults Abused As Children
by Eliana Gil
Families in Recovery: Working Together to Heal the Damage of Childhood Sexual Abuse
by Beverly Engel
I Never Told Anyone: Writings by Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
by Nancy Napier

tured Books: Interpersonal Violence & Abuse

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Attachment and Sexual Offending: Understanding and Applying Attachment Theory to the Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders. Phil Rich, $71.99

This book provides a broad overview of the literature, theory, and clinical treatment of attachment deficit. It discusses its application in understanding the etiology of juvenile sexual offending, as well as implications for treatment. Issues addressed include the components of attachment and social connection, attachment and the development of personality, neurology and attachment, the development of social competence, and consideration of whether attachment can be learned.

Bait. Alex Sanchez, $9.99 (novel, 12 and up)

When a guy in his class looks at him funny, Diego punches him in the face, and ends up on probation. At first he wants nothing to do with his probation officer. But as Diego starts to open up, he begins to realize that Mr. Vidas is the first person in his life who ever really wanted to listen to him. With Vidas’s help, Diego begins to make real progress in controlling his anger. But only if Diego can find the courage to trust Vidas with the darkest secrets from his past will he be able to heal completely.

Breaking Free, Starting Over: Parenting in the Aftermath of Family Violence. Christina Dalpiaz, $51.95
The emotional terrorism that infuses violence between adults affects not only the adult victims but also the children who witness the abuse. Safeguarding children, building trust and breaking the cycle of violence is the goal of Breaking Free. It will interest not only parents who are victims of family violence, but also foster parents dealing with the aftermath of family violence, counselors, teachers, social workers, clergy, and students of the behavioral sciences.

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But He’ll Change: End the Thinking That Keeps You in an Abusive Relationship. Joanna Hunter, $18.95

A survivor of domestic violence offers women the tools needed to work through the excuses they tell themselves that keep them in abusive relationships and to make positive changes in their lives.

Child Abuse and Neglect. Monica McCoy & Stefanie Keen, $68.95

Psychologists McCoy and Keen offer a detailed examination child abuse and neglect — what it entails, the latest research and how to recognize and report it.

The book opens with the background on child maltreatment including its history, an overview of the research, and the risk factors. Details about mandated reporting are also explored. Different forms of maltreatment – physical abuse, neglect, psychological maltreatment, sexual abuse, fetal abuse, and Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – are then examined. Incidence estimates and consequences for each type of maltreatment are provided. Legal issues including forensic interviewing are then reviewed. The book concludes with an example of what happens to a child after a report is filed along with suggestions for preventing child maltreatment.

Child Pornography: an Internet Crime. Ethel Quayle & Max Taylor, $37.50
Child pornography, particularly that available via the Internet, has become a cause of huge social concern in recent years. Drawing on extensive new research findings, it examines how child pornography is used on the Internet and the social context in which such use occurs, and develops a model of offending behavior to better help understand and deal with the processes of offending. Detailed case studies and offenders’ own accounts are used to illustrate the processes involved in offending and treatment. Only by improving our understanding of this complex and very controversial topic can we hope to deal effectively with offenders and with their child victims. This is a book which will become an essential read for anyone involved with offenders or victims from a psychological, judicial or social background.

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Children Exposed to Violence. Edited by Margaret Feerick & Gerald Silverman, $35.95

In the past decade, children’s exposure to violence has attracted more public interest and media attention than ever before. Addressing this problem requires a comprehensive, focused research agenda. This timely, practical resource brings current research together, identifies gaps in our understanding of the effects of exposure to violence on children, and sets a direction for future research to support interventions and violence prevention. Focusing on three major types of violence — war and terrorism, domestic violence and community violence — two dozen foremost authorities discuss and assess up-to-date statistics and research on the prevalence of each type of violence in the lives of children from birth to age 17.

The Courage to Heal: a Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, 4th Edition. Laura Davis & Ellen Bass, $29.50

This 20th anniversary edition of The Courage to Heal brings contemporary research and tools to this compassionate classic. Completely revised, updated and expanded, this edition brings personal stories together with clear explanations, practical suggestions and support throughout the healing process.

Many new features include:

Current research on trauma and the brain
An overview of powerful new healing tools such as imagery, meditation, and body-centered practices
Additional stories that reflect a greater diversity of survivor experiences
A comprehensive, up-to-date resource guide
Insights from the authors’ experience since the first edition was published

A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern Day Slavery. E. Benjamin Skinner, $21.00

There are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. This book tells the story of a dozen countries where slavery flourishes and of individuals who live in slavery, who have escaped from bondage and those who own or traffic in slaves. Informative and infuriating, this thoroughly research report examines a reality most of us don’t even want to consider and shows us how to take steps toward combating this horrific crime.

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Cruel But Not Unusual: Violence in Canadian Families. Ramona Maggia & Cathy Vine, editors, $44.95
Violence in families and intimate relationships affects a significant proportion of the population—from very young children to the elderly. Although no one is immune to violence, some groups are particularly vulnerable. Cruel but Not Unusual: Violence in Canadian Familiesis the first book to offer a national survey of the latest research and practice, and it reflects on the patriarchal roots and societal conditions in Canada that have led to the long-standing abuse of women and children. While feminist theories provide an overarching framework, a broad range of approaches is offered to examine and respond to critical aspects of this serious social problem. Topics include: systemic oppression of Aboriginal families and communities; violence in a francophone minority context; child corporal punishment; abuse in the lives of people with disabilities; the objectification of older adults; mother blaming; intimate violence in same-sex relationships; and new approaches to solving the problem of violence in Canadian families.

Dani’s Story: a Journey from Neglect to Love. Diane & Bernie Lierow, $29.95

In July 2005, a six-year-old girl named Danielle was removed from her Florida home after authorities found her living in bug-ridden squalor, subjected to horrific neglect and so damaged by her own mother that recovery seemed hopeless. But hope was waiting for Dani and help. In October 2007, Bernie and Diane Lierow, a hard-working couple with five boys of their own, adopted her and utterly transformed her life.

Charting a perilous journey from hardship to hope, a new family, and a second chance at life, Dani’s Story is a book you cannot put down and will never forget.

Disability and Child Sexual Abuse: Lessons from Survivors’ Narratives for Effective Protection, Prevention and Treatment. Martina Higgins & John Swain, $43.95

Disability and Child Sexual Abuseexamines the ways in which society places disabled children in situations of unacceptable risk, and how patterns of service delivery can contribute to the problem.

Through case vignettes and empirical research, the authors ask practitioners to scrutinize their current professional practice, exploring participants’ experiences of hospitalization, education systems and local authorities. They consider the issue of who abuses and why, and highlight issues relating to the complexities involved in revisiting past experiences and confronting unwarranted and unwanted feelings of responsibility. The difficulty of recounting the abuse narrative is also examined within the research context.

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Do You Have a Secret? Jennifer Moore-Mallinos & Marta Fàbrega, $9.50

Domestic Violence and Children: a Handbook for Schools and Early Years Settings. Abigail Sterne & Liz Poole, $41.95

Domestic Violence and Childrendraws on the expertise of a wide range of professionals, including specialist domestic violence children’s workers and counsellors, psychologists, teachers, mentors and family support workers. It provides essential help and information to all children’s service directorates, as well as a range of professionals in education, social care, health and the voluntary sector.

Don’t Tell: the Sexual Abuse of Boys. Michel Dorais, $24.95

First-hand accounts by male victims and insightful analysis and strategies for coping with sexual abuse.

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The Emotionally Abused and Neglected Child: Identification, Assessment and Intervention: a Practice Handbook, 2nd Edition. Dorota Iwaniec $71.99

Emotional abuse and neglect are at the core of all types of child maltreatment, and have lifelong effects on the physical and psychological development and well-being of children. Yet they are considered to be the most difficult to deal with by those who have the responsibility to protect and intervene in effective ways. The Emotionally Abused and Neglected Child explores the concept of a damaged child, and looks at the different types of injury, ranging from active to passive, physical to emotional, that stop children from reaching their full potential psychologically and physically. Case studies are provided to illustrate the features of emotional abuse, and chapters are devoted to the assessment and prediction of emotional abuse, effects of emotional abuse as the child grows up, intervention and treatment and working with the family as a whole.

Healing the Incest Wound, Second Edition: Adult Survivors in Therapy. Christine Courtois, $62.50

Healing the Incest Woundwas a groundbreaking book that put incest studies and treatment on the map. Now, almost 20 years later, this bestselling text is fully updated, offering the most current studies and findings on incest typologies, dynamics, and treatment strategies. Drawing on cutting-edge research on incest and other forms of child abuse, it includes attention to their neurological, attachment, affective, and dissociative sequelae. Courtois—a veteran practitioner and an expert in complex traumatic stress disorders resulting from chronic child abuse—presents a comprehensive revision to this classic treatment manual for therapists.

Helping Her Get Free: a Guide for Families and Friends of Abused Women. Susan Brewster, $16.95

Helping Her Get Freeshows readers how to recognize the signs of abuse in, handle negative feelings, become an effective advocate, deal with the abuser, and more. With a new introduction and updated resource section, this straightforward and compassionate book offers the information needed to help give strength to women who are trying to break free.

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How Intimate Partner Violence Affects Children: Developmental Research, Case Studies and Evidence-Based Intervention. Sandra Graham-Bermann & Alytia Levendosky, Editors, $69.95

Intimate partner violence (IPV) exposure affects children’s physical health, social and emotional behavior, cognitive functioning, and neurobiological and relational development. Using a developmental framework, this book presents the most up-to-date research on how exposure to IPV affects children and how clinicians can treat these children. It combines outcome research, evidence-based interventions, and case study material for four different age groups: prenatal to infancy, toddler to early childhood, school-age children, and adolescents.

Hurting Yourself: for Young People Who Have Attempted Suicide or Intentionally Injured Themselves. Jeanne Harper, $3.75

A simple, compassionate booklet that offers both understanding and practical support for teens in crisis.

In the Name of Love: Women’s Narratives of Love and Abuse. Heather Fraser, $39.95

Using a feminist narrative approach, stories about love, abuse, and social work are told with the purpose of understanding domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Based on interviews with 84 women of varying ages in Canada and Australia, the author shows how the pain and shame of intimate abuse can leave its mark on the bodies, minds, and souls of victims/survivors long after abusive episodes have ended. Additionally, Fraser also discusses the importance of hope, ‘enlightened witnesses’, income support, and educational opportunities for women who refuse to renounce love relationships altogether, but are instead, trying to foster relationships that are respectful as well as erotic.

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Intimate Partner Abuse and Health Professionals: New Approaches to Domestic Violence. Edited by Gwenneth Roberts, Kelsey Hegarty, & Gene Feder, $62.95

This title is directed primarily to health care professionals. It explores the complex issues of identification and intervention with survivors of intimate partner abuse including:

Impact of intimate partner abuse on physical and mental health.
Education of health professionals — changing attitudes and overcoming barriers.
Health care based interventions — do they make a difference?
The impact of intimate partner abuse on childbearing women.
The impact of intimate partner abuse on children.
Advocacy for survivors in health care settings.
Non-English-speaking background people and intimate partner abuse.
Gay and lesbian relationships and intimate partner abuse.
Future directions for research and training of health professionals.

Investigating Child Exploitation and Pornography: the Internet, Law and Forensic Science. Monique Ferraro & Eoghan Casey, $89.95
Investigating Child Exploitation and Pornographyprovides a history of child exploitation cases and studies, outlining the roles of technology in this type of crime and the evidence they can contain, and documenting new research. It details how successful undercover Internet operations are conducted, how the associated evidence is collected, and how to use the evidence to locate and apprehend the offender. The heart of this work is a legal section, detailing all of the legal issues that arise in Internet child exploitation cases. A forensic examination section presents evidentiary issues from a technical perspective and describes how to conduct a forensic examination of digital evidence gathered in the investigative and probative stages of a child exploitation case.

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Invisible Chains: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking. Benjamin Perrin, $32.00

Hidden in plain sight, occurring in our own communities, the global problem of human trafficking is only beginning to be recognized in Canada. Invisible Chainsexposes cases of human trafficking, recording in-depth interviews with people on the front lines — police officers, social workers, and the victims themselves — and bringing to light government records released under access-to-information laws.

Benjamin Perrin, an award-winning law professor and policy expert, demands we pay attention to this national tragedy and passionately advocates what we as a responsible society can do to stop it.

Invisible Girls: the Truth About Sexual Abuse. Patti Feuereisen, $21.50

A book for teen girls, young women and everyone who cares about them.

It’s My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence. Meg Kennedy Dugan & Roger Hock, $22.95

Survivors of domestic abuse know that leaving is not the end of the nightmare. It is the beginning of an often difficult and challenging journey toward healing and happiness. It’s My Life Now offers readers the practical guidance, emotional reassurance, and psychological awareness that survivors of relationship abuse and domestic violence need to heal and reclaim their lives after leaving their abusers.

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The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help. Jackson Katz, $22.95

The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help makes the case that violence against women is a male issue as well as a female one, and that men have an obligation to better understand it and to do something about it. Pioneering anti-violence educator Jackson Katz offers cogent explanations for why so many men harass and hurt women – including those women closest to them – and he shows both women and men what they can do to stop the violence. The book incorporates the voices and experiences of women and men who have confronted the problem of gender violence from all angles, specifically highlighting what works and what does not work in dealing with this issue. By working together as allies, Katz shows both men and women how they can end the abuse and mistreatment of women.

Making an Impact: Children and Domestic Violence, a Reader. Marianne Hester, Chris Pearson & Nicola Harwin, $40.95

Making an Impact: Children and Domestic Violencefocuses on the children who experience domestic violence and lays guidelines for how best to support and protect them … (and) will enable professionals working with children to develop informed, sophisticated and collaborative child care and protection responses.

Mothering through Domestic Violence. Lorraine Radford & Marianne Hester, $34.95

Based on findings from six primary research studies carried out by the authors themselves, as well as other published research, this book reveals how undermining mothering – specifically, family courts and social work agencies blaming mothers for their own victimization – plays a key role in locking women into abusive relationships and exacerbating the damage done by domestic violence. It explores the principle message drawn from the research: that the needs of individual victims should inform risk assessment and safety planning by welfare practitioners. Case studies are used to explore key issues that should be considered during assessment and planning, such as the psychological impact on children of living in an abusive household; mother and child protection from an abusive partner during court proceedings; and child contact with an abusive parent.

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My Body Belongs to Me. Jill Starshevsky, $16.95 (ages 3-10)

My Body Belongs to Me helps children learn that when it comes to their bodies, there are boundaries. It assures them that it is okay to tell if someone touches their “private parts.” Rhyming text and colourful illustrations help parents, caregivers and educators initiate this important dialogue with children.

Psychotherapy of Abused and Neglected Children. 2nd Edition. John Pearce & Terry Pezzot-Pearce, $48.95

This widely used guidebook and text combines theory, research, and practical clinical strategies. Provided is a thoughtful framework for understanding the developmental impact of maltreatment; assessing the unique needs of each child and family; building a strong therapeutic relationship; and implementing a variety of effective interventions. Reflecting significant recent advances that have occurred in child therapy, the second edition gives greater emphasis to empirically supported treatments. It also features many new clinical illustrations; the latest knowledge on attachment disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and sexual behavior problems; expanded coverage of culturally sensitive assessment, and more.

Safeguarding Children: a Shared Responsibility. Hedy Cleaver, Pat Cawson, Sarah Gorin & Steve Walker, Editors, $54.99

Safeguarding Childrenrepresents a multi-professional approach to safeguarding children. Written for social workers and related professionals, it is also a valuable addition to training programs. The book focuses on the methods of identifying children at risk and details what happens at each stage of the social work process.

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Sex Offenders and the Internet. Kerry Sheldon & Dennis Howitt, $71.99

Kerry Sheldon and Dennis Howitt examine the research base on Internet sexual offenders by reviewing case studies and psychological profiles, with a particular focus on paedophilic sex offenders. The result is a book that comprehensively details the nature of Internet sex offenders, bringing together the relevant research into one essential volume.

Sex Offenders and the Internet covers key issues and concerns, including:

Issues of child pornography — social, historical, legal and psychological
The development of paedophilia and the often unheard ‘excuses’ — abuse, attachment difficulties, fantasy and delusion
Helping practitioners to move forwards — what to do?
This text is essential reading for forensic psychologists, probation officers, police officers, MSc level students in forensic psychology as well as criminologists.

The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today.Kevin Bales & Ron Soodalter, $18.95

An informative call to action, The Slave Next Doorfearlessly describes the reality of slavery — prostitution, domestic work, farm labour and more — in all its hidden forms in modern day America. With an emphasis on how ordinary individuals can recognize and report coercive situations, this is a primer for governments and private citizens on tackling an ever-growing problem, but often hidden, problem.

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STOP Domestic Violence: Innovative Skills, Techniques, Options, and Plans for Better Relationships. David B. Wexler, $40.00; Handouts & Homework packet, $15.00

This comprehensive treatment program for domestic violence offenders is an all-in-one manual for therapists, social workers, and other counselors. The manual teaches group leaders how to effectively and successfully administer Wexler’s internationally-recognized program by integrating cognitive behavioral skills and a client-centered, skill-building approach that emphasizes respect for the offender himself.

Treatment providers will find the open-ended 26-week psycho-educational treatment model packed with innovative specific skills-training exercises, handouts, and homework … The accompanying workbook and the skills learned from the CD-ROM exercises are invaluable take-home resources for the group members, fully engaging the abusive male in his own education and healing process.

Strong at the Heart: How It Feels to Heal from Sexual Abuse. Carolyn Lehman, $20.95 (14 and up)
From the Foreword:“This powerful book is filled with the distinct, diverse voices of people who experienced rape, molestation, and incest when they were young. With remarkable honesty they tell how they stopped feeling victimized and reclaimed their lives — the choices they made, the people they turned to, the inner strength they discovered.”

— Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal

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Survivor Moms: Women’s Stories of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse. Mickey Sperlich & Julia Seng, $39.95

Sexual abuse and the reactions to it affect mothers’ whole lives—from thinking about having children all the way to being grandmothers. These effects are far-reaching and deeply felt. Survivor Momsshares narrative excerpts from interviews with women who have survived abuse; along with the clinical perspectives of midwives and contributions from other healthcare professionals. Whether you are a survivor, a midwife, a mental health provider, or you know a survivor who is on this path, you will learn from this book about mothering and the ongoing journey of healing and surviving.

Talking about Domestic Abuse: a Photo Activity Workbook to Develop Communication Between Mothers and Young People. Cathy Humphreys, et al, $31.95

Talking About Domestic Abuseis an activity pack for children of 9 years and above and adolescents where families have experienced domestic abuse, to help and encourage them to open up to their mothers about their experiences. A practical and compassionate tool for use by therapists, social workers and other professionals helping the families of domestic violence.

Talking to My Mum: a Picture Workbook for Workers, Mothers and Children Affected by Domestic Abuse. Cathy Humphreys et al, $31.95

Talking to My Mumis an activity pack for 5–8-year-olds whose families have experienced domestic abuse, to help and encourage them to open up to their mothers about their distressing experiences … an essential tool for families with children who have lived through domestic abuse, as well as social workers and other professionals working with them.

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Treating Survivors of Childhood Abuse: Psychotherapy for the Interrupted Life. Marylene Cloitre, Lisa Cohen & Karestan Koenen, $46.95

Meeting a key need, this book presents a modular adult psychotherapy approach grounded in extensive clinical experience and research. Provided is a flexible, empirically supported framework for helping clients manage symptoms related to past physical or sexual abuse; build emotion regulation and interpersonal skills; and process traumatic memories and their associated feelings of fear, shame, and loss. Session-by-session guidelines include many suggestions for tailoring interventions to each person’s needs in the context of a safe, supportive therapeutic environment. Designed in a large, easy-to-use format, the book includes over a dozen reproducible handouts, worksheets, and other tools for clinicians and clients.

The Truth is Longer Than a Lie: Children’s Experiences of Abuse and Professional Interventions. Neerosh Mudaly & Chris Goddard, $43.95

The Truth is Longer Than a Liereveals what young victims have to say about abuse and its effects on their lives; their views on the reasons for abuse; their opinions of abusers and non-offending parents; and how they felt about disclosing their experiences. Significantly, this book provides important insights into children’s perceptions of the professionals who intervened — to protect them, to prosecute the abuser or to provide therapeutic counselling. The Truth is Longer Than a Lieis invaluable reading for social workers, child protection workers, counsellors, legal professionals and anyone working with abused children.

The TurnAround Mom: How an Abuse and Addiction Survivor Stopped the Toxic Cycle for Her Family and How You Can, Too! Carey Sipp, $18.95
If you grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive, or addictive home, you are intimately familiar with violence, uncertainty, and suppressing your feelings. What you may not know, though, is how to create a sane, structured, and serene home for your own family when you never experienced these things yourself. Now you can. Part courageous memoir, part influential how-to guide, The TurnAround Momoffers the tools you need to end the legacy of toxicity. With chilling vignettes from author Carey Sipp’s own abusive past, plus the tips and techniques she used to turn her life — and the lives of her children — around, this stirring story will be the daily touchstone that you and your family deserve.

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Understanding Child Abuse: the Partners of Child Sex Offenders Tell Their Stories. Terry Philpot, $55.95

Much of Understanding Child Abuseis devoted to the voices of the partners, telling their stories and how they feel about the situations in which they found themselves, how they coped, and how they remade their lives and those of their families. Combining theory, practice and personal testimony in a concise and accessible manner, Understanding Child Abuseis essential reading for social work practitioners and students as well as probation officers and anyone involved with child protection.

The Unsayable: the Hidden Language of Trauma. Annie Rogers, $34.95

In her twenty years as a clinical psychologist, Annie Rogers has learned to understand the silent language of girls who will not—who cannot—speak about devastating sexual trauma. Abuse too painful to put into words does have a language though, a language of coded signs and symptoms that conventional therapy fails to understand … The Unsayable is a book with the power to change the way we think about suffering and self-expression. For those who have experienced psychological trauma, and for those who yearn to help, this brave, compelling book will be a touchstone of lucid understanding and true healing.

Violent Partners: a Breakthrough Plan for Ending the Cycle of Abuse. Linda Mills, $21.50

A radical new take on the crisis of intimate abuse, Violent Partnersargues that as a culture we misunderstand the root causes and basic effects of abuse, and until that changes, there is no hope of fixing the problem.

Controversial, provocative, and accessible, Violent Partnershighlights in great detail the complexities of violence through the stories of men and women who have acknowledged their abuse and sought to do something about it. This is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand violence in their own relationship, friends and family members of victims and abusers, and legal and mental health practitioners looking for a new and valuable approach to treating families in crisis.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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