The Wind of the Shofar

I posted the following on October 16, 2005.

John the Nazarite

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Jesus has been called `The Wind’ and it was a devastating wind that
struck New Orleans and exposed for the whole world to see how poorly
the evangelico right-wing Christian Republican party have been
treating the needy and the destitute in America. They have been
taking from the poor, and giving unto the rich, using Biblical
teaching, assuring us it is God’s plan to create a trickle-down
economy where the very rich are catered to and given unlimited power
and wealth so they can produce capitol for our Capitalist system
they promise to change into an ecclesiastical state and Kingdom of
God. However, within the very Laws of God, given to Moses in the
Mosaic Laws, already established that Kingdom and bid it be
sustained by the Sabbatical and Jubilee Year to ensure that “the
meek shall inherit the earth” verses the pyramid system that held
the Jews as slaves for many generations, until God gave them LIBERTY.

It is this Liberty that is at the core of the Jubilee where the
Shofar, the horn of the Ram is blown on the Day of Atonement. And
the curtain of the Tabernacle was opened from the top to the bottom,
and come forth the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant. And
atop the Ark sat The Lord as if upon His thrown. And the trumpets
sounded, and the priests called loudly to the multitude;

“Prepare a way for thy Lord. Make straight paths for him”

I invited all good souls from all nations, who wish to see the
Jubilee Year restored, and thus the Kingdom of God here on Earth –
and never in heaven – to come forth and help prepare the way for the
least amongst you, the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled, the
blind, all those who have been bruised by the yoke of slavery. It is
time all the poor in America be forgivin of their debts. If the rich
can be forgiven of paying their taxes, by those who claim they are
of God, then anything is possbile.

I have been bid to reveal the core of my book I have been authoring
for many years as there is no time to waste. I will show you how
Paul of Tarsus was bid to created a false teaching to counter this
Jubilee that Jesus brought becacua it was a great threat to Rome,
the great slave-state in the history of humankind. I will show you
how Gentiles were playing a huge role in God’s own revolution that
was sweeping into Europe, and was poised to turn the Roman world
upside down.

Let the Christians in the Red States make atonement for the sin of
slavery, and rid themselves of the false priests who used God’s
words, and Jesus’s teaching to justify slavery. Surley they came
upon the Jubilee Year, and the sound of Jesus blowing the Shofar in
their ear, but, they chose to ignore that Judgement Day. How dare
they force their own upon us, and this Democracy!

I will show you that Jesus was the author of Revelations that are
composed of, and are a continuation of the visions of Ezekiel,
Haggai, and Zechariah, and are the only valid End Times. I declare
the End Time visions of Margaret McDonald, John Darby, and the
Plymouth Brethren, a false revelation, as it is clear “the
vengeance” of the Lord already came when Jesus was ceremoniously
crucified on the cross in Mathttew 27:53, where we read how he
raised the dead from the `Valley of Dry Bones’ as seen in the vision
of Ezekiel.


Jon Presco

Copyright 2005

It is written in the Torah, “You shall sanctify the 50th year and
proclaim freedom throughout the land for all its inhabitants; it
shall be the Jubilee year for you, you shall return each person to
his ancestral heritage and you shall return each to his family. It
shall be a Jubilee Year for you – the 50th year – you shall not sow,
you shall not harvest its after-growth and you shall not pick what
was set aside of it for yourself. For it is a Jubilee Year, it shall
be holy to you; from the field you eat its crop.” (Leviticus 25:10-

Basically, these verses indicate that the Jubilee requires all debts
between Jews to be annulled. Also, any Jew that sold his or herself
into slavery is released, whether they worked the amount of time
they promised, or not. Rashi, (11th century France) points out the
world Jubilee is related to the Hebrew word for “ram,” alluding to
the fact that the Jubilee year is proclaimed by the blast of a ram’s
horn! Nachmanides adds that the word Jubilee is also related to the
Hebrew word which means “to move around.” Thusly, we are reminded
that all Jews who had sold themselves into slavery, or were shackled
(so to speak) by debt, were now released from their bonds and were
given the freedom TO MOVE AROUND.

It is remarkable that the visions of the Temple received by Ezekiel
and the messages of the new Temple received by Haggai and Zechariah
were all received in correspondence with the epoch of a jubilee year.
If a jubilee year was celebrated in this modern era–as a projection
of jubilees celebrated in the Temple Era–it is probable that the
next jubilee year would correspond to the year 2029-2030 (reckoned
from the autumn). However, due to some uncertainty inherent in the
assumptions currently made and due to the antiquity of the cited
source material, the current analysis should be considered to be
very speculative.

Jesus does not identify those who will receive the vineyard. Within
the context of Mark’s gospel they are usually considered to be the
Gentiles. But while this is true for Matthew’s gospel, the “others”
may, in fact, imply the disenfranchised lower classes to whom the
evangelist Mark addressed his gospel. Moreover, originally in the
context of Jesus’ own ministry, the “others” were probably intended
to be the very people who were exploited by the ruling elite, the
peasants whose agriculture produced the wealth with they were able
to appropriate by their office and power. The promise of the jubilee
year will be realized. The land will be restored to the dispossessed
peasants who as tenants produced the agricultural wealth which the
ruling class redistributed for their own aggrandizement.

Jesus’ parables violated the ordered system of land tenure and
economic exchange in the world of his day. The rule of God, which
his stories metaphorically disclosed, will undermine the ruling
elite’s self-serving systemic structures and institutions. Under the
expansion of God’s rule those who exploit, dispossess and
marginalize the weak and the poor, will forfeit all their advantages
of power and wealth. In spite of the continuation of the stark
realities of the socio-economic pyramid benefiting the upper
classes, the realities of redemption and restoration, which the year
of jubilee envisioned, will be actualized, not only for Israel but
for all the nations and peoples of the world.

Rostovtzeff offers a comprehensive view of land tenure in Palestine:
“Judaea, Samaria, and still more Galilee are studded with hundreds
of villages inhabited by peasants, Samaria, and still more Galilee
are studded with hundreds of villages inhabited by peasants, above
whom stands a native aristocracy of large landowners, who are
patrons of the villages… Still more opulent are the officials of
the kings and tetrarchs, and the kings and tetrarchs themselves and
their families. Lastly, we find estates of the Roman emperor himself
and the imperial family, and even a military colony established by
Vespasian at Emmaus after the Jewish War. Such were the conditions
of life in Palestine, and in later times there was clearly no
change, except that landed proprietors of other than Jewish origin,
like Libanius, increased in number.”

Jusus’ parable of the wicked tenants supports Rostovtzeffs socio-
economic analysis, mirroring the institution of prebendal domains
and its concomitant feature of absentee landownership which
dominated Galilean agriculture. A landlord has established a
vineyard: vines have been planted, a wall has been constructed, a
vat has been dug, a tower has been built, the vineyard has been
leased to tenants and the owner has withdrawn-most likelly to his
place of residence in another area of Palestine or possibly even

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