“Haven’t you had enough milk?”

The caption for the photo of Christine and her siblings should read;

“Haven’t you had enough milk, Christine?”

Christine Rosamond is caught in the act of going for some more milk. This world famous artist – to be – took after her narcissistic parents, who could never own enough narcissistic material. Mark and I admired her Daring Greed, because we could never pull it off, without being severely punished.

At the time of this photo I caught Christine being Very Greedy. The milk man would come and stop in front of our house and give me all the unsold little cartons of chocolate milk to give the other kids on the block. After receiving about ten of them, I put them in the freezer to turn them into ice cream. and went looking for my friends. When we came running for our share, there was Christine sitting a red wagon, being pulled around the block – once again – by a little girl that was crying. Between Christine legs were the empty cantons of chocolate milk. The little girl cries;

“She promised me a chocolate milk if I pulled her around the block, but, she drank them all!”

My crazy-ass sister began her autobiography with the fight we had over the last of the milk. The question I put forth is this;

Havent you had enough milk Stacey Pierrot? How about you, Julie Lynch?

Here’s another one. Why should any member of my family haul your parasitical ass around the block – one more time! Get out! Get off my friggen case!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Current Showtime Movie Channel Schedule

GETTING OFF is a gut-wrenching confessional that mixes sex and emotional violence with insight and redemption.

It’s 1992. Josie (Christine Harnos), a 28 year old downtown artist is tormented by a traumatic event that happened during a drunken blackout in college. Unable to face the painful experience, she’s spent the past decade locked into a compulsive cycle of excessive drinking and sleeping with abusive men.

When one of Josie’s best friends from college is diagnosed with AIDS, Josie and two girlfriends from her college days, a stand-up comedian (Brooke Smith) and an MBA student (Amy Ryan), decide to take an AIDS test. Using the excruciating wait for their results as a backdrop, writer/director Julie Lynch paints a canvas of raw emotion as the three women begin to examine their pasts. As Josie opens up, consciously exploring each sexual encounter she can remember, her subconscious reveals the truth she’s never before had the courage to confront.

In the end, GETTING OFF exposes the truth about all three women’s relationships to sex, to men, and to each other.

Julie Lynch’s critically acclaimed film GETTING OFF premieres Wednesday, September 21st at 8:30PM on Showtime.
GETTING OFF was awarded The Broader Vision Award for Filmmaking Dedicated to The Greater Good at The Garden State Film Festival and The Audience Award at The ARPA International Film Festival. In addition to being an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, The Seattle International Film Festival, The Munich Film Festival, The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, SXSW, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, and many others, GETTING OFF recently screened at The Pioneer Theatre in NYC and The ARCLIGHT in LA.
After its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, Entertainment Weekly declared, “Julie is obviously a big talent!”
Julie has been a featured filmmaker in Vogue, The Hollywood Reporter and Cover Magazine and has been interviewed on CNN’s News Stand, Good Morning America, Philly After Midnight and Money Hunt.
Most recently, she has been developing two original screenplays and was commissioned to write a courtroom drama based on a true story. She also directed “All The King’s Horses,” a one-act finalist for the 2005 Samuel French competition.
Julie currently appears as a health expert on morning television and radio programs nationwide. She is also a host of the syndicated radio show, THE TRUTH ABOUT NUTRITION.
For eight years, she hosted HEALTH TALK, broadcasting live from the ABC RADIO NETWORK STUDIOS and her health-related articles have appeared in national magazines like Self, Penthouse, and the Australian publication Cleo.
Besides being a reporter for sporting events on ESPN, Julie has also appeared on CNN, FOX, and Good Morning America. And, beginning January 2006, she’ll be seen every week on the new PBS travel show, GREAT FINDS WITH JULIE LYNCH!, on which she is also a writer and producer.
Trained as an actress, Julie studied with New York legends Wynn Handman and Fred Kareman and has had leading roles in more than twenty films, starring opposite Lance Henrickson in THE OUTFIT (MCA/Universal), Bill Sage in YOU’D BETTER BE RIGHT (a Bronze Medal winner at the Houston Film Festival and a Silver Medal winner at the Telly Awards) and Doug McGrath in Evan Dunsky’s PRICE OF CRUDE. Julie also played the role of Lisa on the ABC day-time drama LOVING.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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