Tour of Shame

Uncle Samaclaus marched in Occupy Eugene’s ‘Tour of Shame’ taking not of who has been naughty, and who has been nice.

EUGENE, Ore. — For the majority of the week, Occupy Eugene has stuck to the sidewalks and inner compound of the park block when protesting.
On Thursday, demonstrators took the movement to the source of their frustrations.
Hundreds of people lifted their signs and their voices as they marched through downtown to the area’s major banks.
The group visited Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and Charles Schwab in the hope of bringing awareness to what they call “unfair business practices and treatment of customers.”
At each stop a member of Occupy Eugene would speak and the group would repeat each line.
Some protesters say they realize their march can’t change everything but it shows unity and gives shape to the Occupy movement.
“Let them recognize us and to remove our fund from them and that’s all we can do. And if all of us do that in sheer numbers, we’ll overwhelm them,” said protester Nathan Humphry.
During the march KEZI witnessed only one incident between protesters and banks.  The protesters got a little too close to a building and a worker at Chase Bank asked the group to back up and they did.

To supplement protests of Bank of America, Occupy Eugene is calling a march from the occupation site (8th and Oak) through downtown. Stops will be made outside of all the infamous banks, bringing attention to the handouts, greed, corruption and cynical political lobbying within the financial industry that has become the status quo.
Occupy Eugene invites the community down to the occupation site for lunch prior to the march, as well as a concert upon returning to the occupation site. We encourage those that cannot make the march (and others) to attend the ongoing (by SEIU Local 503, ESSN/Jobs with Justice & Eugene-IWW), weekly Bank of America protests at 3:30pm, 201 E

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