Scottish Rite and Sephardic Jews

Several years ago I was offered land in South Carolina that was owned by the Rosamond family, and the De Mattos Mendes Da Costa family. Issac da Costa was a co-founder, if not the founder of Scottish Rite Freemasony. His kin, Josef de Mattos offered me an acre of land after he purchased sixty acres on Plantation Point – after he read my blog about the “Jews Land” in South Carolina where the Rosamond and Witherspoon family have lived for generations. The Hesketh Revelstoke union with the Witherspoons is profound.

There is a Withersppon Clan, and the Sinclair Clan speak of Issac da Costa in the same breath with the Stuart Kings of Scotland which I have shown are kin to the Witherspoons throught the Preston family. I was Dottie Witherspoons Guardian Angel, and if she had not left me for the Jesus Freaks, we may have gotten married and had children. As fate would have my sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, married into this Royal Stewart Linage.

I wrote the following on April 20, 2008

Van Gough and the Promised Land

(Images: ‘By the River of Babylon’ Gloug. ‘The Expulsion of the Jews
from Spain’ painted in 1889 by Emilio Sala Frances, Museo de Bellas
Artes de Granada. A representative of the Jews pleads for the
reversal of the decree of expulsion of 1492. The figure in the
foreground is either Don Isaac Abravanel or Don Abraham Senior. The
figure gesturing behind the table must be Torquemada; presumably this
is the point at which Torquemada said that accepting Jewish gold
would be like Judas accepting the 30 pieces of silver.)

This morning I discovered that Vincent Van Gough took algebra lessons
from Teixeira de Mattos, the cousin of Doctor Mendes a Costa, who
also tutored Van Gough. Before this revelation, I discovered that
Benjamin Judah, the Jewish Secretary of State for the Confederacy,
descends form the Sephardic Jews who owned slaves in the West Indies.
His parents were, Philip Benjamin, and Rebecca de Mendes. Benjamin
owned 147 slaves. Is it possible that Rebecca de Mendes is a close
kin of Rebecca Mendes da Costa who was a party of the land deal made
with Joseph Salvador. Of course she is!

“On Nov. 27, 1755, General Hamilton sold to Joseph Salvador 100,000
acres of land, situated near Fort Ninety-six, for £2,000. Twenty
years later Joseph Salvador sold to thirteen London Sephardic Jews
60,000 acres of land for £3,000, and transferred 20,000 acres of the
remainder to Rebecca Mendes da Costa, in settlement of a claim which
she had upon him. This land was known as the “Jews’ lands.” Prior to
this, Salvador’s nephew Francis had arrived at Charleston (Dec.,
1773), and purchased a great deal of landed property in the same
neighborhood, some of it from his uncle and father-in-law. A Jew from
London, Moses Lindo, was one of the chief instruments in increasing
the indigo manufacture of the state.”

The Passover is the celebration of the Jews coming home to the
Promised Land. Did the Sephardic Jews believe they had come to the
New Promised Land when they came to America with Ponce De Leon?
Surely they abandoned the idea of returning to Zion, because they
founded Reform Judaism. Did these Jews in exile believe the land they
purchased was just as blessed as the land of Zion? In regards to
Israel, the Talmud says Zion is blessed, and merely walking on it can
gain you a place in the Afterlife. Did you know the Jews believed in
a Afterlife?

“The Talmud indicates that the land itself is so holy that merely
walking in it can gain you a place in the World to Come. Prayers for
a return to Israel and Jerusalem are included in daily prayers as
well as many holiday observances and special events.”

The correspondence between the Van Gough brothers are profound
documents, full of Brotherly Love. Benjamin Judah used his big brain
to pit brother against brother in a brutal war that killed 620,000. I
will put forth a case suggesting the Dutch, the French, and the
Sephardic Jews instigated the Revolutionary War in order to keep
Britain out of their Slave Trade in the West India and America. The
Puritans had already fled England to Holland, and thus they had a
more religious motive?

The Right-wing Christians, and the Southern, Baptist church, have
been waging a Holy Cultural War against Secular America, the
Democratic Party, and the gains of the Civil rights Movement.
Evangelical ministers gave pro-slavery sermons throughout the South.
The evangelicals are elitists who subscribe to a “World to Come” for
their kind – only! They have written-up clever plans on how to use
the Jews so they may own the Christianized promise of Zion. These
false Christians pit brother against brother, and launched a illegal
war that has resulted in ANOTHER Civil War! They attract neo-
Confederates, and neo-Nazi Racists, to their chosen party, the
Republican Party. They have created a Have and Have Not Nation that
they brought to the brink of ruin. They are now preparing to attack
Obama and his provocative minister in order to win the Presidential

Black slaves did not come to the New World seeking a Promised Land, a
Utopia, or a World to Come. They were brought here against their
will. As for the Native Americans, Ponce de Leon treated them like
the Nazi camp commandants treated the Jews. Ponce brought captured
Indian along on his explorations, and fed them alive to the vicious
dogs he brought along. He used them like dog food.

When I began to die, I found myself sitting in a ring of fleurs-de-
lis that were made of sand. I was in a bell jar of bluish white-
light. A great Incan calendar stone came rolling down the beach. All
my perception of time was ending for me. So was ALL DUALITY. I found
myself in a place where two side of the coin do not exist, a place
where good and evil, black and white, do not exist. Around me was
total beauty. I was in the Majesty of Creation. I saw God.

Noted Jewish groups are now speaking out against the Evangelicals who
are destroying this Democracy – along with Iraq!

The Jewish lobbyists have used our two party system to fund Zion and
the DUAL CITIZENSHIP. At the same time they and the evangelicals
foist dual citizenship on their perceived enemies, they relunctantly
admitting they are citizens of the U.S., but, they are also agents of
the Anti-Christ and Satan – who will destroy Israel!

It was Jerry Farwell who began the tradition of wearing an American
flag on one’s lapel to denote you are a Christian first, and a
American second. I find it very suspicious the questions put to Obama
on ABC that was founded by a Jew, and is owned by a Jew, the owner of
Disney. The big question was whether Obama would hesitate to come
help Israel defend itself from its enemies.

I say, no Jew will go the World to Come until they publicly disown
the Evangelicals and their politicians, then apologize and make
amends for their part in promoting slavery in the New World. The Jews
of the World are caught in a evil duality. It is my hope to free them
from this duality, this un-holy ADVISARY, which is the meaning of the
name, Satan.

On the Nunez family crest you find three fleurs-de-lis that are also
found on the crest of Doctor Mendes da Costa. I have traced his
lineage to Narbonne France where for a little while a Judaic Kingdom
existed. That my ancestors purchased land from a relative of King
David, is profound, for I have compared my genealogical quest to the
awakening of Sleeping Beauties Kingdom.

Van Gough has long been my favorite artist – and religious person.
His failed quest to be a Man of God, is a immortal tale. After my
death, I tried to paint again, but, I had a transcendence. I had
overcome Illusions and Duality and sought to translate the Beautiful
Majesty of the Heavenly Creation, as a Man of God. In 1989 I immersed
myself in a river and declared in writing I was a Nazarite. This is
to say, I had converted to Judaism.

I endrose Obama for President of the United States.


The Nazarite

Isaac De Costawas an emissary commissioned to establish what was then called Morin’s Rite of the Royal Secret in the United States of America. He was instrumental in forming the constituent bodies of that Rite in South Carolina in 1783. Morin’s Rite became the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. All regular and accepted Scottish Ritebodies worldwide derive their heritage from this body.

Many of the degrees of the Scottish Riteexisted as parts of previous degree systems, which were distilled into the current system after the formation of the Mother Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina, in May 1801.

Albert Pike
Albert Pike is widely accepted within the Southern Jurisdiction as the man most responsible for the growth and success of the modern Scottish Rite. He received his 4th through the 32nd Degrees in March 1853 from Dr. Albert Mackey, in Charleston, S.C., and was appointed Deputy Inspector for Arkansas.

In 1855 the Supreme Council created a ritual committee to update existing ritual. At this time, the rituals were frameworks with minimal detail. The committee included Dr. Mackey, John Honour, W.S. Rockwell and Albert Pike.

Vert, a lion rampant between 3 fleurs-de-lis or. Cr: A demi lion
gules, langued and armed azure holding between his paws a like fleur-

Isaac De Costawas an emissary commissioned to establish what was then called Morin’s Rite of the Royal Secret in the United States of America. He was instrumental in forming the constituent bodies of that Rite in South Carolina in 1783. Morin’s Rite became the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. All regular and accepted Scottish Ritebodies worldwide derive their heritage from this body.

Many of the degrees of the Scottish Riteexisted as parts of previous degree systems, which were distilled into the current system after the formation of the Mother Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina, in May 1801.

Albert Pike
Albert Pike is widely accepted within the Southern Jurisdiction as the man most responsible for the growth and success of the modern Scottish Rite. He received his 4th through the 32nd Degrees in March 1853 from Dr. Albert Mackey, in Charleston, S.C., and was appointed Deputy Inspector for Arkansas.

In 1855 the Supreme Council created a ritual committee to update existing ritual. At this time, the rituals were frameworks with minimal detail. The committee included Dr. Mackey, John Honour, W.S. Rockwell and Albert Pike.

Naturalization of Jews in Jamaica
Transcribed by December 2003
Source: New World Immigrants Volume 1 Page 152
By: Tepper 1980
“A list of persons that have instituted themselves to the benefit of the Act for Naturalizing such foreign Protestants and Others therein mentioned as are settled or that shall settle in any of his Majestys Colonies in America.”
May 26th
Abraham Henriques Sequira
Solomon Curiel
Abraham Lopez Henriques
Jacob Lopez De Crasto
August 25th
Isaac Nunez Da Costa
Daniel Alves Fernandes
Isaac Lopes Prette
Phinelias Mattos
Isaac Devalle
Jacob Nunez Da Costa
November 24th
Jacob Brandon
Joseph Soares
Monashe Ribas
Leah Soares
Rebecca Pennea

As was suggested earlier, what may, or may not, have been housed at Rosslyn Chapel is the subject of much speculation. It has been theorized that everything from the Ark of the Covenant, to the Holy Grail, to a Secret Testament of Jesus, to the Genealogy of the Descendants of Jesus and Mary are hidden beneath the floor of Rosslyn Chapel.
What is certain is that on the lower frame of the window in the southwest corner of Rosslyn Chapel, there is a carving of the Masonic First Degree. The image is that of a man kneeling between two pillars. He is blindfolded and has a noose around his neck. His feet are in an unnatural position. In his left hand he holds a Bible. The end of the noose is held by a man who is wearing the mantle of the Knights Templar.
This image serves to raise the question, “Which came first, Freemasonry or the Knights Templar?” In 1738, three hundred years following the construction of Rosslyn, Pope Clement XII (1652-1740) who, ironically, shared his name with Pope Clement V, who had condemned the Knights Templar 400 years earlier, condemned Freemasonry on the grounds that it was descended from the Knights Templar.
The previous year, in 1737, a prominent Freemason, Andrew Ramsay (1686-1743), who was known throughout his adult life as Chevaliers Ramsay, and who served as the Scottishtutor of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, delivered an address, which has come to be known as Ramsay’s Oration.He declared that Freemasonry had originated among “Crusader Knights” who had formed themselves into “lodges of St. John.” Furthermore, Ramsay stated that Scotland had been absolutely instrumental in preserving Freemasonry from the Crusades to the present. Although Ramsay took pains to avoid using the word “Templar,” it appears that Pope Clement XII had made the connection.
Karl Gotthelf (1722-1776), the Baron von Hund und Altengrotkau, went so far as to declare, “Every Mason is a Templar.” Baron von Hund claimed that exiled Scottishnobles in Paris had initiated him into a Templar Masonic Order in 1742. He further claimed, that he had been authorized to reform Freemasonry, by restoring it to its Templar roots, but that he had lost contact with his superiors, following the failure of the Jacobite Uprising of 1745. 
Scottish Freemasonry
What is certain is that Scottish Freemasonry predates EnglishFreemasonry. Rosslyn Chapel was begun in 1440.  In 1483 the burgh of Aberdeen is recorded as having been involved in the resolution of a dispute between six “masons of the lodge,” not “stonemasons,” not “craftsmen,” but “masons of the lodge.” As Freemasonry began to spread, new lodges were established throughout Scotland, candidates were initiated, and given “The Mason Word.” The earliest surviving Lodge Minutes from Edinburgh date from 1599.
James the VI (1566-1625) of Scotland was made a Mason at the Lodge of Scoon and Perth in 1601. In 1602 the Lodges of Scotland affirmed William St. Clair of Rosslyn as the Hereditary Grand Master Mason of Scotland from Time Immemorial. It was not until 1603, when James VI of Scotland, became James I of Great Britain, that he took Freemasonry to England. In 1641, nearly forty years later, Sir Robert Moray (1608-1673) is recorded to have been the first man to have been made a Mason on English soil.
The Jacobites, The Scottish Rite, and the French Connection
The Earl of Mar (1675-1732) led an uprising for Prince James Stuart, “The Old Pretender,” in 1715. Jacobusbeing the Latin for James, his followers are referred to as Jacobites. Within a year, the Jacobite Uprising of 1715 was subdued, Prince James and the Earl of Mar escaped to France, and the Jacobite army simply disbanded and dissolved. The Masonic Lodges in England began to disclaim their Scottish roots.
In 1717 the Grand Lodge of London was formed and English Masons took pains to deny any Jacobite connections. The first National Grand Lodge was formed in Ireland in 1725 and in 1736 the Grand Lodge of Scotland was formed in order to counter London’s expansionism. It was also in 1736 that another William St. Clair of Rosslyn, who had inherited the title of Grand Master Mason of Scotland, relinquished his hereditary rights in favor of elected officers 
Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788), or “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” or “The Young Pretender,” raised his standard at Glenfinnan on August 19, 1745. The Jacobite army proceeded to take Perth, Edinburgh, Prestonpans and Carlisle, and reached into England as far south as Derby, only 150 miles from London. In the absence of a promised invasion from France, and with only limited support from English Jacobites, the Jacobite army withdrew north to Scotland. On April 16, 1746 Government forces under the command of the Duke Cumberland defeated the Jacobite army at the Battle of Culloden. Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and a number of his supporters, escaped to France.
In Paris in 1758, “The Grand Council of Emperors of the East and West” organized a “Rite of Perfection,” consisting of 25 degrees, the highest being “The Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.” Jacobite expatriates took an active part in creating the Rite, and many saw in its symbolism the return of the Stuart kings to the throne of Great Britain.
“The Grand Council of Emperors of the East and West” granted a patent to Etienne Morin in 1761, permitting him to bring this Riteto the New World. Morin spread the Riteto the West Indies and North America from his base in the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. In 1783 Isaac de Costa, one of the deputies commissioned to establish the Rite in other countries, formed what were called “Scottish Rite” bodies in South Carolina, which later became the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. With the formation of the Supreme Council in continental America, 8 more degrees, the so-called “Continental High Degrees,” were added to the original 25 degrees, to make the 33 degrees of the modern Scottish Rite.
The Scottish RiteCreed of Freemasonry is as follows:
“Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal.”
The Least You Need To Know
Scotland is where the Templar Knights found refuge following their excommunication.
Scotland is where the Templar graves are found.
Scotland is where the Sinclairs built a shrine on the floor plan of Herod’s Temple.
Scotland is where the first images of New World flora such as corn and aloe are found.
Scotland is where the practices of “speculative” Masonry are first recorded.
Scotland is where the future King James I of Great Britain was made a Mason.
Scotland is where the Jacobites began to formulate what was to become the Scottish Rite.
Scotland is where the Poet Laureate of Masonry, Robert Burns, was born. 
Freemasonry and the American Revolution
Go to the center of Government in the State of Indiana, the Indiana Statehouse, which is located on the northwest corner of Washington and Capitol. And there, standing in the south lawn, is a larger-than-life figure of the Father of our country, George Washington.
Is he wearing the uniform of the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army? No. He is in civilian dress. But take a closer look. What is that under his coat? He is wearing an apron, a Masonic apron. And what is he wearing about his neck? A medal won through the trials of military conflict? No. It is a compass, with the sun at its center, the jewel of the office of Worshipful Master, the presiding officer in a Lodge of Freemasons. And in his right hand he is holding a gavel, which rests upon a pedestal, which is another symbol of the office of Worshipful Master.
Reach into your pocket and pull out your billfold. Take from it a One Dollar Bill. And there, on the front, you see the image of the Father our Country, George Washington. Turn the bill over. There you see the obverse, and the reverse sides, of the Great Seal of the United States.
On the right side of the bill you see the image that appears in the carpet of the Oval Office, and upon the lectern, whenever the President of the United States addresses the Nation. We see the Bald Eagle, our national symbol, holding in its right claw, an olive branch with thirteen (13) leaves, representing our peaceful intentions, and in its left claw, thirteen (13) arrows, representing our ability to wage war in our own defense. Over the eagle’s breast, we see a representation of our national banner, with thirteen (13) stripes of red and white under a field of blue, and over the eagle’s head, we see a constellation of thirteen (13) stars.  In its beak, it holds a scroll which bears the inscription, “E Pluribus Unum,” or “Our of the many, One.”  
But look at the mysterious, and seldom displayed, image on the left side of the bill, which, reading left to right, is actually the first thing that you see. A pyramid with thirteen (13) steps, or thirteen (13) tiers, with the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI chiseled into its base. The thirteen (13) steps, or thirteen (13) tiers, represent the thirteen (13) original colonies or states, and MDCCLXXVI represents 1776, the year that the original thirteen (13) colonies declared themselves free and independent states. But what is that at the top of the pyramid and what does the scroll at the bottom say?        
The pyramid is surmounted with an image familiar to all Freemasons. It is called “The All-Seeing Eye,” and it a representation of the Deity, by whatever Name you choose to call Him, who is the Great Architect of the Universe. The scroll at the bottom bears the inscription, “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” or “The New Order of the World.” But this has nothing to do with the Trilateral Commission or with President George Herbert Walker Bush’s proclamation of “A New World Order.” The Vision is much greater than that.  
Does Freemasonry have anythingto do with the American War of Independence?
George Washingtonwas a Mason. On the night before he crossed the Delaware, he insisted that only Masons be posted as sentries, because they were the only soldiers he felt could be trusted. He served as Master of his Lodge in Alexandria, Virginia. At the laying of the cornerstone of the Nations’ Capitol, Washington wore his Masonic apron. When offered a third term as President of the United State, he declined, upholding the Masonic tradition that no man is greater than the office in which he serves. Upon his death, Washington received Masonic rites, and was carried to his grave by six Masons dressed in aprons. And in every just and lawfully constituted Lodge in the United States, the Worshipful Master is seated to the East, the Senior Warden is seated in the West and the Junior Warden is seated in the South. There is no officer seated in the North, but upon the North wall, there hangs a portrait of George Washington, in full Masonic regalia.
Benjamin Franklinwas a Mason. He was selected to serve upon the committee, which drafted the Declaration of Independence, and was one of nine (9) Masons to sign it.  
John Hancockwas a Mason. He was the President of the Continental Congress, which approved the Declaration of Independence, and was the first of nine (9) Masons to sign it.    
Patrick Henrywas a Mason. He was a member of the Continental Congress, and is   credited with spurring the formation of the Virginia militia with his speech at St. John’s Church, in which he declared, “Give me liberty or give me death!” 
John Paul Jones was a Mason. He was a Scottish born seaman and privateer, (which is simply another word for pirate), who was to become “The Father of the US Navy.”
Major General Henry Knoxwas a Mason. He was the owner of a bookshop, who learned about cannons and mortars from the books that he read, and became “The Father of the US Artillery.”
Marquis de Lafayettewas a Mason. He was the French nobleman and soldier who became a great supporter of his friend, and Brother, George Washington. 
Major General Israel Putnamwas a Mason. He commanded the troops at Bunker Hill and is remembered for his orders, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”
Paul Reverewas a Mason. He was a member of the St. Andrew’s Lodge of Boston, where he met John Hancock and Samuel Adams, and acted as one of the “Indians” in the Boston Tea Party. He is credited with the famous midnight ride of April 18, 1775.
Does Freemasonry have anythingto do with the American War of Independence? Freemasonry has everythingto do with the American War of Independence, and with the struggle for freedom and equality, for men and women of every race, religion and creed throughoutthe World, and that Vision of liberty and justice for all isthe New World Order for which we are striving, to this very day.

Carson Clay Smith, son of Mr. & Mrs. Merritt W. “Redd” Smith, and brother of Robin Rea Smith, has been selected for inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Finance and Industry.
He was born in Rushville on June 12, 1955, lived in Knightstown for five years, and moved with his family to Indianapolis in 1960 where his father was a Vice President in the National Accounts Division of Indiana National Bank and, later, President and CEO of Baldwin & Lyons, an insurance underwriter for the motor carrier industry.
Carson attended John Strange Elementary School, Eastwood Junior High School, and graduated from North Central High School on June 5, 1973, where he was a sprinter on the 1972 Indiana State Champion Track & Field Team and Coach of the Special Olympics Team of the Washington Township Training Center for Mentally Retarded Children.
He entered Indiana University in August of 1973, pledged the Sigma Chi Fraternity as a triple legacy, and was initiated as the Outstanding Pledge of the Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi on January 20, 1974.
He served as two term Chapter Editor of The Lambda Larynxnewsletter, Head Waiter and Supervisor of the Sigma Chi kitchen staff, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts, having completed the requirements for a major in Religious Studies, and a minor in Sociology, on May 15, 1977.
Carson has, since 1995, pursued a career as an Industrial Sales Representative for Exotic Automation & Supply, formerly known as Exotic Rubber & Plastics Corporation, headquartered in Farmington, Michigan.
He is the Account Manager for DaimlerChrysler Kokomo Transmission and Casting, and the Indianapolis Foundry, Subaru Indiana Assembly, Delphi Delco, Delphi Energy, Guide Corporation and Visteon Electronics in Indiana, and Honda Engine and Transmission, Behr Thermal Products, and Ford Sharonville and Batavia Transmission in Ohio.
Carson is a descendant of Clans Chattan, MacPherson, Mackintosh, MacNicol and MacRae, a Charter Life Member of the ScottishSociety of Indianapolis and a member of the ScottishSociety of Greater Bloomington, the Caledonian Society of Cincinnati, the ScottishSociety of Louisville and the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations.
He has served the ScottishSociety of Indianapolis as the first Editor of The Thistlenewsletter, the first donor of books and recordings to the Society library, the first elected Vice President and the only President of the ScottishSociety of Indianapolis elected two consecutive years in two separate terms in office (1991-92 and 2000-04).
He was author of The History of the ScottishSociety of Indianapolis, The Biography of Thomas H. (Tommy) Thompson, The History of the Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan and The Table Grace of the ScottishSociety of Indianapolis, the designer of and a participant in the creation, and revision, of the Society’s Constitution.
Carson has contributed toward the acquisition of historic lands at Culloden and on the Isle of Skye, was proposed for election as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in recognition of his efforts to preserve Scottishhistory and culture (2001), and participated in the first National Symposium for Scottish American Leaders (2003).
He served as President of the Clarence A. Cook Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (1991 and 2003-04), and President of the Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (1993-95), he was a founding member of the INSSAR Color Guard and author of The Biography of Compatriot Clarence A. Cook (1871-1962).
He has received a number of commendations from the Sons of the American Revolution including the Patriot Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Good Citizenship Medal, and letters of thanks from the President General of the National Society and Presidents of the Indiana Society and the Clarence A. Cook Chapter of the SAR.
Carson is a student of life and political writings of Thomas Jefferson, he has been a regular contributor to AM radio programs, and written opinion pieces that have been published in USA Today, Human Events, The Indianapolis Star, The Indianapolis News, Citizen Magazine, The Christian Advocate and NUVO Newsweekly.
He was raised a Master Mason, at the Calvin W. Prather F&AM Lodge No. 717 in Indianapolis, on April 29, 2004. That very evening, he submitted his petitions, and his initiation and membership fees, for the York Rite, the Scottish Riteand the Mystic Shrine, and applied for Life Membership in the Philalethes Society. 
Carson runs six miles daily with his wife, Patty, a Bayer Pharmaceutical Rep, on the Monon Trail, where they met on March 27, 2000, and enjoys representing Clan Chattan, and running the Kilted Mile, at Scottish Festivals and Games.

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Other Details on Witherspoon:
In 1891, the Witherspoon families were primarily located in Lanarkshire, Scotland. In the United Kingdom Witherspoons can be found primarily in the South of Scotland and the North of England.
Witherspoon / Wothespoon in Scotland is of lowland origin. As Witherspoon / Wotherspoon are a lowland family (located in the southern region) of Scotland they do not have a chief.
Life and times in the south of Scotland were turbulent and many people relocated to Ireland, America, Canada and other parts of the world. Today you can find Witherspoon / Wotherspoon in many places around the world.
In the year 1900 in the United States, there were 1025 Witherspoon families with the most living in South Carolina.
Today in the United States, Witherspoon Households live mostly in North Carolina (427), Texas (359), South Carolina (295), California (223), and Alabama (206)..
In Canada Witherspoon’s are primarily found in Ontario.
Scottish Witherspoon / Wotherspoon in History:
Rev. Robert Witherspoon 
Second minister, was ordained at Drawyer’s Church (Appoquinimy) near Odessa, Delaware on May 13, 1714
Dr. John Witherspoon             
Signer of the Declaration of Independence and the 6th President of Princeton University.
Martha Pettigrew Witherspoon               
American Patriot – Donated supplies to the Continental Army during the American Revolution

Clan Wotherspoon / Witherspoon

One of our many goals is to assemble and maintain the largest collection of genealogical information on Witherspoon / Wotherspoon and its associated names for future generations to learn and enjoy.
Paid supporters will receive in their welcome kit a genealogy worksheet to complete and return to be added into our database.
Should you have any genealogical research or books that you would like to donate, please visit the contact section of our website and let us know what you would like to submit.

18th century and Jacobite Uprisings
During the 1715 Jacobite Risings the Clan Sinclair supported the Jacobite cause, however by the time of the 1745 Jacobite Rising the Clan Sinclair supported the British Hanoverian Government.[2]

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