Raping Girls With Dirty Government Needles

Michelle Bachman is mentally ill and dangerous. She brought her weird brand of rule by King Jesus with her to the Tea Party debate on CNN, and butchered American history. Several times she painted the picture of evil Government atheists coming for little girls with big anti-Christ needles in order to defile them, render them incapable of being Raptured along with their Pure White Parents who have found Holy Permission turn their backs on the poor, the disenfranchised, the have-nots, so they can enjoy their good fortune, their legacies their parents left them, and the Civil Rights Movement that established a Moral Highground for the Democrats – that they despise! Thanks to ministers out of the South, Evangelicals are being taught that those who are doing well economically, are the ones chosen by Jesus to be with him in his kingdom after the Tribulation. In a hypothetical question as to what the Republican candidates do for a man who needed a operation to stay alive, there came shouts from the audience; “Let him die!” When these dangerous religious addicts claimed Obamacare and Social security was Treason, there came applause and hoorahs from the America Taliban who believe Jesus is on their side – only. Is this true? When Albert Pike came to Oakland he joined the Oddfellows and Freemasons in a common cause,and they built a hospital. These non-Christian fraternities, built many hospitals, and put monies aside for members who could not afford medical care. How much more should a follower of Jesus do for the poor and the sick? Let’s turn to the Bible, God’s Words for an answer, and not the altered Evangelical translations of the truth. Bachman contends that Jesus founded America, and thus the Constitution is pure, perfect – and ordained! She claims the Founding Fathers tried to put and end to slavery, but, because they failed is no pox on God’s House. It was my kinfolk, John and Jessie Fremont, who ended slavery with the help of the Radical Republicans, who chose John to be the first Presidential Candidate for the party Bachman claims is God’s party. Fremont and his fahter-in-law, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, were Freemasons, who did away with the Fugative Slave Act that Congress passed. Jon Presco http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/276970/bachmann-slams-perry-im-offended-all-little-girls-robert-costa 38And in his teaching he said, Beware of the scribes, who desire to walk in long robes, and to have’salutations in the marketplaces, 39and chief seats in the synagogues, and chief places at feasts: 40they that devour widows houses, and for a pretence make long prayers; these shall receive greater condemnation. 41And he sat down over against the treasury, and beheld how the multitude cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. 42And there came a poor widow, and she cast in two mites, which make a farthing. 43And he called unto him his disciples, and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, This poor widow cast in more than all they that are casting into the treasury: 44for they all did cast in of their superfluity; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living. DE MOLAY HALL – SCOTTISH RITE CATHEDRAL – 1896
305 Fourteenth Street, Oakland Early in the history of California, the two largest fraternal orders, the Odd Fellows and the Freemasons embarked on a unique cooperative project to benefit the State. The two fraternal orders created the first hospital in the new State of California in 1850 following the great flood of the winter of 1849-1850. It was called the Odd Fellows and Masons Hospital, and admitted and cared for any patient regardless of affiliation, making no distinction between members and non-members. All funds for operating the hospital were to be contributed only by the members of the two fraternal organizations.
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search An April 24, 1851 poster warning colored people in Boston about policemen acting as slave catchers. The Fugitive Slave Law or Fugitive Slave Actwas passed by the United States Congresson September 18, 1850, as part of the Compromise of 1850 between Southern slave holding interests and Northern Free-Soilers. This was one of the most controversial acts of the 1850 compromise and heightened Northern fears of a ‘slave powerconspiracy’. It declared that all runaway slaves be brought back to their masters. Abolitionistsnicknamed it the “Bloodhound Law” for the dogs that were used to track down runaway slaves.[1]

In 1843, several hundred slaves a year successfully escaped to the North, making slavery an unstable institution in the border states.[2] The earlier Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 was a Federallaw which was written with the intention of enforcing Article 4, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, which required the return of runaway slaves. It sought to force the authorities in free states to return fugitive slaves to their masters. Some Northern states passed “personal liberty laws”, mandating a jury trial before alleged fugitive slaves could be moved. Otherwise, they feared free blacks could be kidnapped into slavery. Other states forbade the use of local jails or the assistance of state officials in the arrest or return of such fugitives. In some cases, juries simply refused to convict individuals who had been indicted under the Federal law. Moreover, locals in some areas actively fought attempts to seize fugitives and return them to the South. And everywhere that was not tied with slavery, abolitionists spoke against this. The Missouri Supreme Courtroutinely held that voluntary transportation of slaves into free states, with the intent of residing there permanently or definitely, automatically made them free.[3] The Fugitive Slave Lawdealt with slaves who went into free states without their master’s consent. The U.S. Supreme Courtruled, in Prigg v. Pennsylvania(1842), that states did not have to offer aid in the hunting or recapture of slaves, greatly weakening the law of 1793.

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