Sharon Family Reunion at Palace Hotel

I have talked to Anne Farmer-Fermor, and Patrick Sharon the second, about the renewal of the Sharon Family reunions at the Palace Hotel, that William Ralston built, that his partner, William Sharon, came to own. Anne was communicated in person with members of the Hesketh family in Britain, and is friendly with Baron Revelstoke whom she was hoping to get an invite through to William Windsor’s wedding. The Baron is kin to the founder of Baring & Brothers Co. a British banking company.

William Ralston appears to be the Grand Master of the Oddfellows, and may have invited the Oddfellows of Lodge 17 in San Francisco to come celebrate with the new Oddfellows of Belmont, in Belmont. Did he build the Palace Hotel in order to accommodate Oddfellows from all over America – and the world?

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From: Anne Farmer> Subject: Re: SHARON To: “John Ambrose” Date: Thursday, December 23, 2010, 3:34 AM Hi John- I will call Patrick Sharon after Christmas when I return to Seattle. Today I take mother to Portland on Amtrak for Chrustmas to see some friends.  Please send me your mailing address as I am sending out my New Year’s cards- thank you. Have a great Holiday and a very Happy New Year. Kindest Regards- Anne —

On Sun, 12/5/10, John Ambrose wrote: From: John Ambrose Subject: SHARON To: Date: Sunday, December 5, 2010, 5:03 PM Anne;   Here is the number   John, Thanks for all of your information. I am still trying to find the list of the California Sharon Family Reuniun. This will help me establish family connections for all of us. As I mentioned my Great grandparents were the last of our family who received the invite.Their names are Samuel and Stella Sharon of Kansas City. Lets stay in contact. Patrick Sharon II

From: Anne Farmer> Subject: Re: Withersppon To: “John Ambrose” Date: Saturday, March 6, 2010, 1:41 PM Hi Jon- These I know- the Heskeths married into my side- the Fermors so they are distant cousins of mine. The Quakers, Methodists were the Fermor side- they never owned slaves like Witherspoon  did.I had heard about the Presbyterian strong influence- and how the Calvinists were more fighters. On my side we have the lovers, not fighters. Anne PS- I was just connected via a mutual friend to look up Theresa-Mary Morton while in London, who is  Queen’s librarian.

James Cecil Baring, 6th Baron Revelstoke (born 16 August 1938) is a British peer. A son of Rupert Baring, the 4th Baron, and Flora Fermor-Hesketh, daughter of the 1st Baron Hesketh, he was educated at Eton College. He married Aneta Laline Dennis Fisher in 1968. They had two sons, Alexander Rupert Baring, born 9 April 1970, and Thomas James Baring, born 4 December 1971. He married Sarah Stubbs in 1983. They had two daughters, Flora Aksinia Baring, born 17 July 1983, and Miranda Louise Baring, born 1 May 1987. He succeeded his brother, John Baring, 5th Baron Revelstoke, born 2 December 1934, in 2003. His half-sisters, by a later marriage of his mother to Lt.-Cdr. Derek Lawson, are Arabella Ann Spurrier (née Lawson), born 14 August 1946, and Caroline Flora Turner (née Lawson), born 23 September 1953. Barings Bank was founded in 1762 as the John and Francis Baring Company by Francis Baring, with his older brother John as a mostly silent partner.[2] They were sons of John (né Johan) Baring, wool trader of Exeter, born in Bremen, Germany. The company began in offices off Cheapside and within a few years moved to larger quarters in Mincing Lane.[3] Barings gradually diversified from wool into many other commodities, providing financial services necessary for the rapid growth of international trade. By 1790, Barings had greatly expanded its resources, both through Francis’ efforts in London and by association with leading Amsterdam bankers Hope & Co. In 1793, the increased business necessitated a move to larger quarters in Devonshire Square. Francis and his family lived upstairs, above the offices.
pened on October 2, 1875, the original Palace Hotelwas the glorious final “gift” of the colorful — but ill-fated —

William Chapman Ralston to his adopted home city of San Francisco. Born in Ohio on January 12, 1826, Ralston, an agent — and sometimes even last minute captain — of Gold Rush steamersthat ferried thousands of gold-seekers to California from Panama, was 28 when he finally settled himself in the still wild young city by the Bay in 1854. By the time he co-founded the Bank of Californiathere a decade later in 1864, the energetic and innovative Ralston was already on his way to becoming one of the city’s — and the West’s — wealthiest and most important men. The same year that he opened the bank, Ralston also began building a magnificent summer home called “Ralston Hall” on his recently purchased 14-acre estate named “Belmont” located twenty-five miles south of the city. (The magnificent four-story, eighty-room, 55,360 square foot mansionthat resulted still stands there today as a glorious example of this golden era.) Many of Ralston Hall’s magnificent architectural features such as its stately dining room, a 28′ x 61′ mirrored “Versailles” ballroom, an “opera box” galleryencircling the grand staircase leading to the second floor modeled after the Paris Opera House, and the classic columns and crystal chandeliers in its foyer all presaged the design of similar features incorporated into the design of the Palace Hotel a decade later. There were two main Sharon families in California after 1850. The first and most prominent was that of William Sharon, son of William Sharon and Susannah Kirk. He left Illinois and made a fortune in the gold, silver, banking and hotel business in California and in Nevada. He became the fourth United States Senator from Nevada. The other family was that of William Evans Sharon, son of Smiley Sharon and Sarah Ann Hurford. Smiley Sharon was a brother of William mentioned above. William Evans Sharon went west to work with his Uncle and his family line is in the San Francisco area today. This section covers these two families. SENATOR WILLLIAM SHARON William Sharon was the second son born to William Sharon and Susanna Kirk Sharon. He was born in Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio on January 9th, 1821. William’s mother died when he was twelve years old and he was raised by his father and the older children. He attended local schools and then at the age of sixteen attended Franklin College in Athens, Ohio nearby in Harrison County. He returned home after college in 1840 and tried farming but did not find it to his liking. He then went to Steubenville, Ohio to study and read law with Edwin M. Stanton. Stanton was later to become Secretary of War under President Abraham Lincoln. William Sharon was admitted to the bar in Steubenville in the early 1840s. After a brief stint at both the law in Steubenville and some merchandising on the Ohio River, he travelled to St. Louis, Missouri to establish a law practice. His elder brother, Dr. John Kirk Sharon had moved to nearby Carrollton, Illinois in 1843 and had established a growing merchandising concern there. About 1846, William moved to Carrollton and joined his brother in the business. In 1849 the news of Gold in California arrived. William had not established roots yet in Illinois and the lure of fortunes offered a great inducement to head west. The Mexican War was over and California was now part of the United States. William Sharon was twenty-eight at the time. According to an article in the CARROLLTON (Illinois) GAZETTE, William and five other men left Carrollton on March 30, 1849 for the gold fields. One of the men was J. D. Frey who was to be a lifelong friend and associate of William Sharon. According to most articles that I have read, William Sharon was a small man, slight of build and not of good health as a young man. While it seemed he could not stand the rigors of the law and left it for merchandising, the cross country treck of some five months seemed to strengthen him and instill the strength that was to support him through life. In late July they reached the Sierras and passed through Placerville and the Mount Davidson area of Nevada where later the famous Comstock Lode was discovered and it was here that Sharon later made his fame and fortune. They pushed on to California and arrived in Yerba Buena in August of 1849. Yerba Buena was a hide trading post that was to grow rapidly into what is now San Francisco. William Sharon proceeded to Sacramento, but quickly gave up the search for gold and opened a store to supply the miners. He saw the future of the City and the area was to offer greater rewards than were the gold fields. Sharon invested the profits of merchandising in real estate and speculating in mining stocks. He rapidly amassed a fair size fortune and owned a great deal of real estate that was soon to become downtown San Francisco. In 1850 he was elected to the City Council and was instrumental in the formation of the city. By 1852 the area had swelled to some 40,000 people and families as well as fortune seekers arrived daily. Among these families came a young lady, Maria Malloy, an eighteen year old Canadian girl from Quebec. Her father was a sea captain before he died and she arrived with her mother and stepfather, a Mr. Murphy. Later in 1852, she was to become the wife of William Sharon and was to bear him five children before her death in 1875. For the next decade, William Sharon developed real estate and land development and became quite wealthy and influential. During this period his family was born and the Sharons were a very prominent family. Also during this period of growth, he met and became associated with William C. Ralston who had formed the Bank of California and was another key figure in the growth of San Francisco. By 1859 the gold was running out in the hills and miners were drifting eastwards in search of new deposits. One of these men, Henry Comstock, discovered silver in the same Mount Davidson area Sharon had passed through ten years earlier on his way to California. The new silver mines around Virginia City, Nevada caused a new rush of mining and speculation. William Sharon had made his small fortune in real estate and not in mining, yet in 1860 he became involved in the silver mines and by 1862 had lost most everything he had made in the past ten years. The growth and expansion of the mines was rapid and by 1864, William Ralston had opened a branch of the Bank of California in Virginia City and had placed William Sharon in charge of its operations. Within a few years, the mines began to peter out and it looked like even worse disasters were facing Sharon. Bill Sharon, however, felt that the greatest profits were yet to come. He foreclosed on most of the milling operations and brought them under the control of the Bank. He then forced the mine operators to use his mills for production and rapidly had the Bank as the controlling factor in Virginia City. He felt that the real lode lay deeper in the ground and speculated that by deepening the existing mines, huge deposits would be found. He was correct. By 1868 the Bank was a virtual monopoly in the greatest silver discovery in history. Ralston and Sharon then set up their own company, the Union Mill and Mining Corporation and `relieved’ the bank of its holdings for their own use. They made millions. By the early 1870s, Ralston and Sharon were perhaps the two wealthiest men in the west. Ralston had invested great sums in building the Grand Hotel in San Francisco and a palatial home in Belmont. He was undertaking the construction of a new hotel, the Palace, which was to be the largest and grandest in the west. Backtracking a bit… During the waning years of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, in 1864, needed one more state vote to insure passage of the amendment to abolish slavery. Rather than continue the costly war, he agreed to admit Nevada as a state as it would generate the additional vote needed. You must realize that at the time, California and Oregon were the only two states west of Kansas. The rest was simply ‘The West.’ Nevada was admitted and the Civil War came to an end the following year. In 1874 William Sharon was perhaps the most influential man in Nevada and was being pressed by friends to run for the United States Senate. He spent some $600,000 to `buy’ the vote and was handily elected to a six year term from 1875 to 1881. However in 1875, Sharon and the Bank of California were having problems and he did not even go to Washington for his first year in office and afterwards made only token appearances. He certainly wanted the prestige of being a United States Senator, but never was really interested in the job part of the deal. Needless to say he did not even bother to run for reelection. In mid 1875, the Bank of California found it had over extended itself and was on the verge of collapse and could very well bring down the entire economy of California. There seemed to be no hope, and on August 26, 1875, William Ralston committed suicide. William Sharon was the administrator and recipient of the estate of William Ralston. To protect his own interests, Sharon virtually took over control of the Bank which had now closed. He raised new capital by re-issuing stock and on October 2, 1875 the Bank of California reopened
its doors stronger than ever. On the following day, October 3rd, the Palace Hotel, now owned by Sharon through Ralston’s estate, opened its doors to the public. On October 14th, 1875, the official opening came in the way of a banquet for General Phillip Sheridan, freshly returned from the Franco Prussian War. William Sharon’s wife, Maria had died that Spring, on May 20, 1875. Now William Sharon had only his business dealings to keep him occupied. Depending on which side you listen to, Sharon either could not attend Senate sessions in Washington due to the potential disasters at home or simply because he had total disinterest in politics. Probably it was both. By the early 1880s, William Sharon’s real estate empire had grown to the extent that he was the largest single tax payer in California. His payment to the City of San Francisco represented a full two percent of the City’s total income. As his fortunes seemed to increase by themselves, William Sharon spent a great deal of time relaxing and entertaining. His business interests were being looked after by his son, Frederick Sharon, and his son-in-law, Francis Newlands. His other daughter, Flora, had married an English nobleman and was doing just fine by herself. In 1883, a woman named Sarah Althea Hill, claimed she was his true second wife and claimed a portion of his estate. She was most likely his mistress, as she had lived with him, but was never his wife. The trials took away the health of William Sharon. The court ruled in favor of Miss Hill and on November 13, 1885, William Sharon passed away at his home in San Francisco after a fairly long illness. It was not until after his death that the California Supreme Court ruled in his favor and left Sarah Hill without any claim on his fortune. Even in death, William Sharon eventually won. Many cousins and relatives had gone to California to become part of his vast empire and he made them all fairly well off. From a somewhat sickly childhood, William Sharon had shown strength in both body and in convictions. Like most of the men that formed America, he was both a visionary and a robber baron, but he was of the ilk that made America what it is today. I have an old family photograph taken about 1870 showing the young William, Maria and their first two daughters. They made quite the handsome family. William and Maria Sharon had five children. Two died as infants and the following three grew to live interesting lives. Clara Adelaide Sharon Clara was the eldest child. She was born in San Francisco in 1854. On November 20, 1874 she married Francis Griffith Newlands. According to an article in the Carrollton, Illinois GAZETTE, she received one million dollars as a marriage gift from her father. The Newlands had three daughters before Clara died in childbirth in San Francisco on February 17, 1882. The son was a son Sharon Newlands born and died on February 17th. Francis Newlands married again on September 4, 1888 to Edith McAllister and they had one son, Hall McAllister Newlands in 1890. This second wedding took place in England at the Estate of his brother and sister-in-law, Sir Thomas and Lady Hesketh. They had two sons who both died in infancy. Francis Newlands died in San Francisco in 1917. The children were: Edith Newlands Edith was born on May 17, 1876. She married H. L. Johnston in about 1903. They had two sons: FRANCIS NEWLANDS JOHNSTON was born March 8,1904. He married Janine Schladenhoffen in Le Harve, France on October 25, 1935. He died October 15, 1996. They had four children: Nancy Anne Johnston born September 9, 1936 in Lausanne, Switzerland. She married Donald Church McNear May 2, 1959. Francis Andrew Johnston born June 16, 1939 in Washington, D.C. He married Barbara Stegemerten December 9, 1966. Frederick Robert Johnston born in Washington, D.C. on December 20, 1940. Sandia Janine Johnston born in Washington on January 10, 1942. She married Lewis Emery Pugh on July 6, 1968. ALAN LADD JOHNSTON born in 1906 and died May 2, 1968. Janet Newlands Janet was born in January of 1878. She married William Barnard Johnston. She died on January 29, 1965 in Washington DC. William was born in 1876 and died in 1948. They had two children: JANET SHARON JOHNSTON born July 31, 1904. She married William Sharon Farr on August 29, 1936. He was born April 7, 1903 (see his listing later on in this section). WILLIAM WARING JOHNSTON born August 27, 1907 and died as a youth on December 18, 1920. Frances Clara Newlands Frances was born November 21 1880 and died August 21, 1907. She married Leopold Waldemar Von Bredow. They had one daughter before her early death: FRIEDERIKE VON BREDOW who married Alexander Graf Strachwitz. Hall McAllister Newlands He was born February 17, 1890 and at age two. John Cutler Newlands He was born December 2, 1893 and died the next day. Florence Emily Sharon Flora Sharon was born in San Francisco in 1858 or 1859. On December 23, 1886 after the death of her father, she married Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh of England in her home in San Francisco. As she was single at the time of her father’s death in 1885, she was left the bulk of his estate. This marriage was a merger of sorts. She moved to England and they had two sons, Frederick and Thomas. Flora remained in England and died at her London home on September 25, 1924. The two sons were: Frederick Fermor-Hesketh When Frederick was only twenty-six years old and in the service, he took a one week leave to visit Ireland and simply disappeared from the face of the earth. A little foul play it would seem. Thomas Fermor-Hesketh Thomas married Florence Breckenridge, a daughter of Louise Tevis Breckenridge Sharon. Louise was the widow of John Witherspoon Breckenridge prior to marrying Frederick W. Sharon. This was a marriage of step cousins of sorts. Thomas was made the first Baron Hesketh in 1935. He died in 1935. They had five children: THOMAS FERMOR HESKETH LOUISE FERMER HESKETH who married Sir Edmond Stockdale. FREDERICK FERMER HESKETH the next Lord Hesketh. He married Christine McEwen. They had three sons: Alexander Hesketh the next Lord at age 19 in 1970. Robert Hesketh John Hesketh FLORA FERMER HESKETH who first married Lord Revelstoke and then later married Derick Lawson. JOHN FERMER HESKETH twice married. First to a Patricia and then to a Lorelei. Don’t have any last names. Frederick W. Sharon Frederick Sharon was born in 1862 in San Francisco and in 1884 he married a widow, Louise Tevis Breckenridge in San Francisco. Louise was the daughter of Lloyd Tevis and Susan Saunders. She had been married to John Witherspoon Breckenridge. There were three children in her first marriage. They had one child, Henry William Tevis Sharon. Frederick Sharon died in July 1915 and touched off yet another hotly contested Will controversy as mentioned earlier. The following article is taken from an article on the life and home of Frederick W. Sharon, son of Senator Sharon, printed in the Fall 1977 issue of the JOURNAL OF THE SAN MATEO COUNTY HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION: The death of Frederick W. Sharon (in July of 1915) was to produce a legal drama not too unlike that of his father and the claims of Sarah Hill. After a very lengthy probate, a final distribution of the estate was about to be made, when out of nowhere appeared a young gentleman by the name of Fred Sharon. Flanked by a battery of attorneys, young Fred, a publisher from Tacoma, claimed to be the adopted son of Frederick Sharon and was entitled to one half of the multi-million dollar estate. Fred was, in reality, a son of John Sharon, a nephew of Senator William Sharon. Frederick W. Sharon had indeed befriended the boy as a child but had never adopted him or even seen him for years. Young Fred appeared in court with witnesses that claimed to have seen some adoption papers, which, they also claimed, had been destroyed in the holocaust of 1906. The jury ruled in favor of young Fred. The Supreme Court, however, as in the case of the Senator and Sarah Althea Hill, overturned the lower court decision and the young scamp got nothing. Oh well, just another valiant attempt to grab at the Sharon Fortune that went down the old drain. The only child was: Henry William Tevis Sharon I have no information on Henry Sharon other than he died at a young age. WILLIAM EVANS SHARON A complete story of William Evans Sharon life is found in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, published by the American Historical Society in 1932, volume 21, pages 53-57. William Evans Sharon was a son of Smiley Sharon and Sarah Ann Hurford. He was born in Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio on March 22, 1852. He grew up on his parents’ farm and attended the local public schools. In 1872 at the age of twenty, he traveled to California. Initially he lived with his uncle, William Sharon, and attended a business college. He accompanied his uncle to the silver fields of Virginia City, Nevada and managed several of the famous Comstock Lode Mines. He served for two years in the Nevada State Senate representing Storey County. On December 25th, 1876 in Virginia City, William Evans Sharon married Lillian Mygatt. Lillian was born in Iowa City, Iowa on January 16, 1858. Her family originally came from England to Boston in 1633, and were the founders of Hartford, Connecticut in 1639. There is a complete genealogy of the Mygatt Family in the Sharon Biography in the above mentioned book. In 1890 the Sharons moved back to Oakland, California and in 1898 built their home Roycrofters at 37 Sharon Avenue in Piedmont. In 1915 when Frederick Sharon (see the story of Senator William Sharon) died, William Evans Sharon took over the control of the Sharon Estate and their vast holdings in California. William Evans Sharon died at his Piedmont home on January 26, 1926. I do not know when Lillian died. William and Lillian had ten children, seven of whom lived to adulthood. They were: Claude Summer Sharon Claude was born in Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada on November 1, 1877. He was twice married. First to Ivy Evans of Reno, Nevada and then he married a widow, Mrs. Edith Logan. Claude died in Oakland, Alameda County, California on February 22, 1965. There was one daughter in the second marriage: Leslie Sharon I have no information on Leslie Sharon. Florence Emma Sharon Florence Emma was born in Virginia City, Nevada July 12, 1879. She was married five times. She first married a violinist and composer, Peter Coole Allen, on May 2, 1900. Peter died at the family home, Roycrofters, July 29, 1904. There were two children, Frances Lillian Allen and Willette Allen. Florence then married Herbert Hamilton Brown of San Francisco on June 2, 1907. They had three more children before they were divorced. Herbert died in 1922. She married Jerome Johnstone who was in the Army. They lived in Carmel, California and were later divorced. Her forth husband was a Colonel in the Russian Imperial Army, Ilya Mihielovich Jadovskoy. They opened the Russian Tea Room in Carmel. Again they were divorced. I do not have the name of husband number five but he died. Florence was in a nursing home in Marin County, California from about 1960 until her death about 1980. The children were: Frances Lillian Allen Frances was born in Oakland on April 10, 1901. She was first married to Steven Glassell who died in 1928. She then married James Cooper Doud in about 1929-1930. They lived in Carmel California and had a place in Hawaii as well. James was born in 1902 and died in 1983. Frances died in May 1993 in Carmel, California. There were three children: LOUISE FRANCESCA (GLASSELL) DOUD born January 14, 1922. She married Robert Warren. She was alive in 2006, and living in Falmouth here on Cape Cod. They had: Valerie Warren born December 22, 1949. She married a Stricland and lives in Woodstock New York. Barbara Warren born in 1950 and married to Paul Holden. They live in Colorado. Diana Warren born April 8, 1952. She married David Wald and lives in Falmouth on the Cape. James Warren born about 1954, is married and lives in New Hampshire. TOLAND SHARON (GLASSELL) DOUD born in 1925. His wife is Beverly Jean Dowgiallo. They were married June 19, 1950. He was a dentist in Carmel. They were both alive in 2006. They had 5 children. Melinda Margaret Doud born March 20, 1952. She married Patrick Scott McGibney April 28, 1974. They had no children. Lindi was the one who supplied this info in 2006. Thanks. Laurie Jean Doud born June 22, 1953 and died May 9, 1985. She married Mark Kintz in 1978 and they divorced 2 years later. She then married Norman K. Green in 1981. They had one daughter. Marian Jeanette Doud born January 26, 1957. She married John Plastini June 26, 1985. They have two children. Frances Sharon Doud born December 22, 1967. Unmarried as of 2006. Toland Thomas Doud born September 24, 1971. Unmarried as of 2006. STEPHANIE DOUD born in 1928. She first married Budd Archer, and later married Jean Paillard. She died in 2002. Willette Allen Willette was born in Oakland on November 27, 1904. She married Robert Fitch and died in Texas in 1954. I have no information on children, if any. Hamilton Brown Hamilton was born about 1910 in California. His wife was Charlotte. They had two children: PETER BROWN CHRISTOPHER BROWN William B. Brown William was born about 1912 and died in Carmel in 1986. His wife was Muriel. He later married Carol Henning. Carol was the first wife of the author John Steinbeck. There was one child in the first marriage: SHARON ELIZABETH BROWN married to Lawrence Bacon. Florence Edith Brown Florence was born September 10, 1916 in Oakland, California and died in Stamford, Connecticut in 1975. She married and later divorced John Bennett Geisen. She then married Robert Franklin Hart. Children were: JOHN BENNETT GEISEN III killed in Viet Nam in 1967. LEE GEISEN born January 20, 1943. MARTHA JACOBS HART born October 10, 1953. She married Walter LeRoy Wensel on June 26, 1982. GUY WILLIAM HART born February 2, 1956. He married Donna Marie Louis on July 9, 1989. Blanche Sharon Blanche was born in Virginia City June 23, 1881. She married Harold St. Lawrence Farr in Oakland in 1902. Blanche died November 23, 1923. I do not know when Harold died. There were two sons: William Sharon Farr William was born in Oakland on April 7, 1903. He married a cousin, Janet Sharon Johnston in 1936. Janet was born July 31, 1904. She was a daughter of William Johnston and Janet Newlands. Janet Newlands was a daughter of Francis Newlands and Clara Sharon, daughter of Senator William Sharon. William died on February 23, 1992. Janet was still living in Chevy Chase, Maryland in 1993. Their children, all living in 1990, were: WILLIAM SHARON FARR JR. born August 12, 1937. He married Mary Fullerton and was later divorced. He remarried to Katy Kearns in 1978. He had two children in the first marriage: Sheila Ford Farr born July 13, 1964. Mark William Farr born December 23, 1965. JANET MARION FARR born January 3, 1939. She married J. Raymond Ewing Nelson in 1964. They were divorced. She had four children: Emma Farr Nelson a twin born March 4, 1966. Charlotte Ewing Nelson the other twin. She married Charles William Malcolm Moyle on July 21, 1990. They had daughters India Charlotte Farr Moyle born February 27, 1992 and Iona Mary Wharton Moyle born December 17, 1994. Charlotte and Charles were divorced. She will marry Jonathan Hardy Hall on August 5, 2005. James William Ewing Nelson born July 12, 1967. He married Sakae Nakamura on December 16, 1994. They have two children as of 2004: Ako Nakamura Nelson born July 21, 199 and Sam Nakamura Nelson born July 23, 2003. Thomas Newlands Campbell Nelson born May 26, 1972. He married Marjorie Robertson June 3, 2000. They have as of 2004: Asha Janet MacMillan Nelson born January 8, 2001 and Jack Angus Ewing Nelson born April 25, 2002. SHEILA LADD FARR born August 31, 1940. She married John Erich Christian Nielsen in 1969. He died in 2000, Sheila was in Mill Valley, California as of 2003. They had two children: Dinantha Janet Nielsen born November 18, 1972. Galen Theodore Nielsen born May 18, 1975. GAVIN MALLOY FARR born December 8, 1942. He married Cathleen Hiser Smith. They have two children: Sarah Malloy Farr born June 19, 1976. Emily Newlands Farr born June 22, 1978. Frederick Sharon Farr Frederick was born in Piedmont, California August 2, 1910. He married Janet Haskins and then later married Dee Tombs on November 29, 1969. Both were living in Monterey, California in 1990. There were three children: SAMUEL HASKINS FARR born July 4, 1941. He married Sharon Alexa Baldwin on August 30, 1968. He was a California State Legislator and they are living in Carmel, California. He is now (1993) a United States Congressman from California. They have one child: Jessiica Farr born June 27, 1978. FRANCESCA FARR born in Washington, D.C. on October 30, 1942. She married Prescott S. Bush III (nephew of President George Bush) in 1970. They were divorced in the first year. She was living in San Francisco as of 1990. NANCY FARR was born in San Francisco January 4, 1948. She died in a horse riding accident in August 1965. She was still single. Robert Alexander Sharon Robert Sharon was born in Oakland, California on March 26, 1890. He married Hazel Ingels June 1, 1915. He may have later married to an Olive. Hazel was born August 31, 1891 and died October 11, 1981. Robert Sharon died in Oakland on September 1, 1963. They had one son: WILLIAM W. SHARON born March 29, 1921. He was still living in 1999 in Moraga, California. He was previously married to a Ruth and they divorced. His second wife was Betty Unger who died in 2001. He died in March 2008. He and Ruth had three sons: William David Sharon He had two children: Elise J. Sharon born August 7, 1967. She is single and lives on Maui in Hawaii. Richard D. Sharon born September 23, 1971. He is single and lives in Seattle. Richard Sharon He never married. Robert Sharon He never married either. Ruth Coralie Sharon Ruth was born in Virginia City April 20, 1892. She married Alberto A. DeGrassi on March 25, 1917. He was a native of Italy who came to America at the outbreak of World War I. Albert was still living in California in 1990, but Ruth had died in 1930. There were two children: ALBERTO H. DEGRASSI born 1919 and died 1988. He married Helen Virginia Anderson. She died in 2005. ROBERT ANDREA DEGRASSI born 1924 and married to Elizabeth Delany. Both are alive in 2005. They had: Milo Alessandro de Grassi born August 3, 1954. Andrea Louise de Grassi born March 10, 1958. Ann Maria de Grassi born January 3, 1960. Esther Lillian Sharon Esther Sharon was born in Nevada April 8, 1895. She married Lucius G. Norris. Lucius was born March 2, 1895 and died November 3, 1973. I do not know when Esther died. They had four children: WESTRICK NORRIS born July 10, 1927. He married Sandy Dickey on March 19, 1949. SHARON NORRIS born April 5, 1929. His wife was Alberta Jo. In 1990 they were living in Bakersfield, California. LUCIUS NORRIS died at age fifteen. ELISE NORRIS died at age six. Hurford Clarence Sharon He was born in Oakland, Alameda County, California on April 17, 1898. He also worked in the Sharon family business. He married Narcissa Cerini in the early 1920s. Narcissa died very early on June 17, 1927. Hurford remarried in 1928 to Evelyn Reyland. He died March 16, 1979. Evelyn Sharon died in 1985. There were two children: William F. Sharon William was born in Oakland on June 24, 1924. He married Carol Booth in Oakland on September 2, 1951. They were divorced. Bill is a lawyer in Oakland and lives in Piedmont, California. Their children are: JOHN SHARON born July 8, 1952. He married Ann Fazio in June 1992. He died in 2001. CAROLYN SHARON born August 27, 1954. She has been married twice. She is now married to Gaylen Heyder, and they have a daughter: Nichole Heyder JANET SHARON born September 25, 1961. She e-mailed me in May 2003. Said she married Brian Patrick Maher June 9, 2001. They presently live on the island of Maui in Hawaii. John Hurford Sharon John Sharon was born in Oakland on March 5, 1927. He first married Ruth Corsini in May of 1955. He later married Frances Virgin in 1968. He moved to Washington, D.C. and was a lawyer there. He served as an advisor to Adali Stevenson and later to John F. Kennedy both before and during his Presidency. John H. Sharon died in Washington on June 10, 1980. There were three children in each marriage: LISA FARR SHARON born August 9, 1958. She married Hugh Drescher in May of 1987 and they were divorced in 1991. LAURA MYGATT SHARON born June 15, 1961. JOHN HURFORD SHARON 3rd born February 25, 1964. He married Amy E. Grotevant in June 1992. He is an administrator at the Maret School in Washington. He and Amy visited here at the Inn in 1993 and he supplied much of this information. In the second marriage were: BARCLAY NEWLANDS SHARON born June 10, 1970. WILLIAM WADSWORTH SHARON born December 2, 1971 and died in June 1973. EDWARD VIRGIN SHARON born May 11, 1974. MISCELLANEOUS CALIFORNIA SHARONS In the 1900 California Census I find this family headed by WILLIAM SHARON age 34 born in Pennsylvania in April 1866. His wife, LOUISA, is 30 born in California in September 1869. They have a daughter, ALICE SHARON, age 7 born August 1892. Also there is Louisa’s brother, Henry BALTIC age 38 also from California. This family was living at 36 Victor Street in San Francisco. The only Sharons that I believe were still in Pennsylvania were the families descended from Samuel Sharron in Perry County. I feel William Sharon is related to us, but I have no connection at this time.

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