The Broderick-Bailey Family

Above is a photo of Big and Little Fred. Fred Broderick is the brother of Melba Broderick, who never owned the name Presco, which makes me wonder if my grandmother was ever married to Victor Hugo Presco. She was married to Joe Wilson, Grandpa Joe, as we called him. Joe was a model husband who built Melba a home with his own hands, and took very good care of her, and her only child. Joe was an engineer for Southern Pacific Railroad. He was normal, right out the Sally, Dick, and Jane books. What was Victor’s problem? Did he know he was a bastard? I am afraid to look for a marriage licence.

As it is, his marriage to Rosemary Rosamond is on the rocks – from day one! My mother rarely stood next to her husband when a photo was taken. He was the Stuttmiester line, and the Presco? What about the Brodericks? If he loses Rosemary, and his four children – who is he?

Did I take the photo where my brother points a camera at me.My brother was out of the family when he was seventeen, he going back to Oakland to play on Oakland High’s champion football team – leaving me with the three Presco woman. I was the Man of the House.

Top row, from left to rigt is: Vicki, Rosemary, Little Fred and wife, Joe, Howard Bailey, Melba, Vic, Big Fred, Beverly, sister of Lil Fred.

Bottom row, from left to right: Christine, Garth Bailey, Mark.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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