The Real Mr. Big

When I saw the opening scene from the movie ‘Sexy Beast’ I knew it was now possible to make a movie about the insanity that was unloosed in my family – daily! Being an infrequent guest, my coming to visit my kin, was an event! They always saved their best for me – it seems! But, in talking to Vicki again – best I take a number and wait in line.

Going to see Captain Victim was like a religious experience for I was the only one in the family who had a religious agenda. When I got there I beheld my father on the cross, yet again, he a master at depicting himself a victim of women, which seemed to draw them to him – like flies.

It was his second wife, Dee-Dee, that played the dirtiest tricks on him, like when after they finally broke up, Vic came home to see the moving guys putting his last stick of furniture in the van.

“You’ve had your fun. Now you’re coming home with me!”

No sooner home, then Dirty Dee-Dee forgot she was not single anymore, and Vic woke up to find her dancing with the Sheriff of Contra Costa County in his living room at three in the morning – real slow! The Sherrif thought Vic was a instuder, some old voyer in his bathrobe, and ordered him to get down on the floor. Vic ordered the Sherrif to get his hands off his wife!

“Feeling a little lucky? Well, are you punk!”

One day, when Vic was out drinking with a client who wanted a Private Loan from Mr. Victim, she could not keep up with this Old Salt who was drinking her under the table because the date-rape drug was not working, and she would not sign her life away. Not able to afford another DUI, because the Sherrif had it out for him, Vic had his client do the driving. She lost control of her car and went crashing through the brick wall of a restaurant. They landed atop a table just vacated by a couple who were walking away after putting down their tip! This woman was sued, and lost everything.

In 1994, Vic was convicted of Loan sharking. He hired young secretaries who worked in his home. Christine thinks he killed one of them. After graduation from City College, Vic took the help out to dinner, and then took her home. The next day she was found dead due to mixing alcohol and barbiturates. Her parents returned a large sum of money they found in her safe deposit she had apparently took from her boss!
Vic told all his helpers they were honorary members of our crime family, and paid them all just six bucks an hour because they were on his Perk System. Only when they proved they were loyal devotees, did he give them a credit card to go shopping. This is why my pops was called
Six Bucks Vic. He was a.k.a. Bill Larson on those credit cards he never paid off, he tossing them away after maxing them out, because he really didn’t believe in paying people for their labor. This is why he had four children – and would have had more – if Rosemary had not put a stop to his dastardly scheme! We were throw-away children who were constantly replaced by surrogate siblings. At least they got the six bucks promised them, and looked down on us while we held our hand out, again.

The reason my family has not contributed to the Story of Rosamond, is because after she shut me out of her life, she formed a bond with this – Monster! It was Big Victim that told the girls in our family Rosemary favored the boys, and this is why all his girls are a mental mess. This lie gave birth to the lie Christine had to hide in the closet when she painted, lest Mommy Mobster catch her competing with – me! That Stacey Pierrot employs Vic Six Buck’s lie for her own good, must cause Rosamond to turn in her grave, as Big Victim used it as a smokescreen to keep me at bay, lest I discover the truth, and kick that preditor’s ass! I was Vic’s Devil.

Stacey’s latest ghost writer claims Christine wanted Garth out of her and Drew’s life, because after it was all over between my late sister, and alleged father, she came to believe all father’s molested their daughters, and this is more likely then likely the reason she was seeing three theraptists when she died, and Rosemary only wanting me to be a world famous artist, was just a sideline injury, the fault of the designated Family Scapegoat! It’s all President Obama’s fault that bad loans brought down the world economy, according to real bad Christians who think they are anointed to play God.

Pictures tell a not so rosy tale about who the real villian is! Vic died not knowing his granddaughter was kin to the Windsors. In his family, Vic was King! His dream was to be born in the past as a Roman General with plenty of young slaves. This is what he told me. But once again he lied, because I am certain he wanted to be the reincarnation of a Roman god, the father of lesser gods!

Jon Presco

Copyuright 2011

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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