Rose of the World Prophecy

Along with the Sinclairs, the Stewarts have been titled a Rex Deus family meaning they are kin to Jesus and a divine ruling lineage. In the Ulster Red Branch Knight legends, there is a lineage that descends from a Davidian King and a Egyptian princess. This legend existed hundreds of years before Dan Brown and others came along. With the revelation that the Preston family in America descends from the Stewart line that was involved in the plantations of Ulster, comes a true prophecy that brings together under one banner my fourteen year genealogical investigation that begins with these words.

“In 1825, in the village of Fenagh in county Leitrim in Ireland, a gang of Catholic youths attacked the Rosamond home. The Rosamonds were staunch Protestants. James, aged 20 (born 1805) and his brother Edward, aged 15, attempted to protect their mother. A shot was fired by Edward and a youth was dead. The boys fled to Canada. James went
to Merrickville where he worked for James Merrick as a weaver. Edward, still fearing arrest, worked his way eventually to Memphis, Tennessee.”

The black and white photo above is Bennett Rosamond. He was a Grand Master of the Orange Order in Canada and descends from James Rosamond who had a armed conflict with Catholics in Leitrim Ireland. James fled to America and Canada. His descendants founded the Rosamond Mill that was recently registered as a Canadian historic site before the woolen mill was converted into condominiums. Bennett was a member of Canada’s Parliament.

The Rosamond Mill has several towers that are reminiscent of castle
towers. One could say the New World Captains of Industry replaced the
feudal lord system of Old World rule by divinely elected kings. Did
the Rosamond family have in mind the castles they left behind when
they fled as Huguenots to Britain, and thus wanted to tell their
Papal foe they are Lords of their REAL Rose Line, once again?

Sergeant de Rougemont/Rosamond fought along side William or Orange at
the Battle of Boyne and was offered a whole township in Catholic
Ireland ? that allegedly he turned down. Was this township near
Leitrim? William deported Catholics in Ireland to France, to live in
the land the Pope’s army evicted them from. This was part of the
Protestant Ascendancy.
“On the whole, the Plantation and Settlement of Ireland carried out the principal object of the Crown and the English Government (including that of the Commonwealth) over a period of one hundred and fifty years, to eventually subjugate Ireland by confiscation, and plant the realm with new land-lords, loyal to the State, who would supply revenue to the Government, maintain English law administered by representatives from England, and furnish protection by locally supported military forces. Thus the forfeitures of individual estates by “enemies of the State” are a part of the series of Plantation and Settlement records which set forth the changes in ownership and tenure of Irish lands.
The Presbyterians in Ireland were largely Ulster Scots. During two and a half centuries after the first plantation of Scottish Presbyterian colonies in Ulster, ca. 1606, they maintained a close connection with their homeland, while they remained a race apart from their Irish and English neighbors. They were hated by the Roman Catholics of Ulster, whose land they had usurped. They were despised by the English, whose Government and Established Church inflicted persecution upon them due to religious non-conformity.
The Ulster Scots kept their racial strain pure in matters of intermarriage. They sent their sons to Scotland to be educated for the ministry, etc. Many of them married there before they returned to Ulster. Thus they remained under the influence of Scottish religion, philosophy, and family ties to their early and some later generations.

The Red Branch (from Old Irish: Cróeb Ruad meaning “dull red branch”; alternatively, from Old Irish: Cróeb Derg meaning “bright red branch”) is the name of two of the three royal houses of the king of Ulster, Conchobar mac Nessa, at his capital Emain Macha (Navan Fort, near Armagh), in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. In modern retellings it is sometimes used as the name of an order of warriors, the Red Branch Knights.
The Red Hand of Ulster (in Irish: Lámh Dhearg Uladh) is a symbol used in heraldry[1] to denote the Irish province of Ulster. It is less commonly known as the Red Hand of O’Neill[2]. Its origins are said to be attributed to the mythical Irish figure Labraid Lámh Dhearg[1] (Labraid of the Red Hand), and appear in other mythical tales passed down from generation to generation in the oral tradition. The symbol is rooted in Irish Gaelic culture and is particularly associated with the Uí Néill clan of Ulster. In some versions, a left hand is used and/or the thumb is opened (such as Tyrone GAA’s crest).
In 145o the Roesmonts came to own Wolfhouse, an ancient estate in
Holland. Is this the source of the wolf coat of arms seen in the
Rebleuten guild, and in the captain seals in Bosch? Did members of
the Roesmont family found a guild at Wolfhouse?The wolf name is found
in two generation of Roesmonts.Rudolph Godsclack Roesmont Son of :
Godscalck Roesmont & NN moeder -Huwt/Marr W : Mechteld/Children ;1:
Godschalck Roelofs Roesmont ( * = , + = 1411 )2: Hadewich Rodolphus
Roesmont (*/+)The name Rudolf consists of the old-high-German
words „hrōd “, „hruod “for fame, honour and „wolf “for wolf. Thus
Rudolf means as much as „the honorable wolf “, „the fame-rich wolf “.

Hrólfs saga kraka, the Saga of King Hrolf kraki, is a late legendary
saga on the adventures of Hrólfr Kraki and his clan, the Skjöldungs.
The events can be dated to the late 5th century and the 6th century.
It is believed to have been written in the period c. 1230 – c. 1450.
44 manuscripts survive, but the oldest one of them is from the 17th
century, although a manuscript is known to have existed c. 1461 at
the monastery of Möðruvellir in Iceland.
Here is Andreev’s vision of the White Horse.

“We wait in anticipation for the White Horseman-the Rose of the World, the
golden age of humanity! Nothing will be able to forestall the coming of the
last, Pale Horseman: Gagtungr will see the one he has been preparing for so many
centuries born in human form. But the era of the Rose of the World will
immeasurably reduce the number of spiritual victims. It will succeed in raising
a number of generations of ennobled humanity. It will give spiritual fortitude
to millions, even billions, of those wavering. By warning about the coming
Antichrist, and pointing him out and unmasking him when he appears, by
cultivating unshakeable faith within human hearts and a grasp of the
metahistorical perspectives and global spiritual prospects within human minds,
it will insure generations and generations against the temptations of the future
spawn of darkness.”

This morning I discovered Sarah Palin named her company Rouge Cou.
This name means Redneck. The Vice Presidential Candidate takes pride
in being a Redneck, as does her future son-in-law.

The origins of this term Redneck is Scottish and refers to the
supporters of the National Covenant and The Solemn League and
Covenant, or “Covenanters”, largely Lowland Presbyterians, many of
whom would flee Scotland for Ulster.

“In addition to the car wash, Sarah Palin was the owner and operator
of a marketing consultancy with the odd name of Rouge Cou. Rouge Cou
is a rough translation into French of the American phrase redneck.
Actually, the French translation should have been Cou Rouge. Sarah
Palin couldn’t even get that right, and the consulting business
closed after it failed to get even one client.”

Yesterday, I discovered that the progenitor of the Rosamond family,
Sergeant de Rougemont/Rosamond fought against Conrad de Rosen in
Ireland. Conrad and the Rosens came to own Rougemont/Rosmont castle
the ancestral home of the Rougemonts who fled as Huguenots to England
when the Edict of Nantes was revoked. The SicilianCardinal, Mazarin
had owned Rougemont before that.

The Red Branch Knights were Wanderers. Consider the painting of the
four generations of the Roover family that is the oldest painting in
Holland. They were members of the Swan Brethren as was William of
Orange who they must have known.
“Among the five equestrian orders of ancient Ireland was one called
Craobh-ruadh (the Red Branch). The origin of this order was so very
ancient that all attempts at explanation have hitherto failed. Some
suppose that it originated from the Ulster arms, which are ‘luna, a
hand sinister, couped at the wrist, Mars.’ But these admit it should
in such case be called crobh¬ruadh, or of the bloody hand.”
“The Knights of the Red Branch keep the true story of their own
foundation a deep secret within their ranks, and many even in the
Order of Lords do not know the full tale. Within the Order though,
one tale that is strongly believed to be the true one revolves around
the name of this Knighthood. It is said that in ancient times, during
the Age of Legends, before the Tessarakonta, a Mercenary Company of
Noble Warriors wandered the land. Going where and when they pleased,
they were different from all other such groups of the time, because
they held themselves to a higher moral code that even most landed
Nobles, and they only took commissions that they could accomplish
Legend has it that whilst passing by Fenagh a cannoball was fired
which resulted in damage to one of the walls in the ‘Old Abbey’.
Whether it was the French or the English who fired the cannon ball,
it remains uncertain.
THERE is no symbol more vilified and despised in this United Kingdom
than the “Red Hand of Ulster” flag. Indeed, at time of writing, it
has come to my attention that this flag is so detested by the
Scottish Parliament that to wave or display this flag in public could
constitute an offence under their new antisectarianism legislation.
This is no accident, for the Red Hand of Ulster is the key to
understanding the purpose of God to destroy Babylon in these
momentous times. Therefore Babylon is doing all in its power to wipe
out this most obnoxious (to them) symbol.
British Israel students among my readers will know that the Red Hand
is the symbol of the Zarah line from Judah, reunited in the purpose
of God with the Pharez line of the Davidic monarchy through the
marriage of Milesius the Heremon, of the Zarah line, with David’s
descendant Tea Tephi, of the Pharez line, in Ireland. This Heremon
was a king of the Scarlet-thread branch of Judah and his genealogy
can easily be proved through study. The symbol of this branch of
Judah is the Red Hand, symbolising the scarlet thread placed round
the wrist of Zarah by the midwife (see Genesis 38). The Red Hand also
speaks of the Bloody Hand of a Covenant God. Covenants in ancient
times were made by cutting the hand or wrist of both parties and then
they would clasp hands, thus mingling the blood. Hence a covenant
partner would become your blood brother. It is from this practice of
cutting covenant that we get the handshake of friendship. Like so
many other aspects of covenant, this has become obscured to modern

This is why British soldiers were famous for centuries as “redcoats”,
because they took oath to the British monarchs, who are descended
from the Scarlet-thread line. It is interesting how Hollywood has
depicted British redcoats as arrogant, murderous tyrants in recent
films such as Last of the Mohicans and The Patriot. Hatred for the
Scarlet Branch is perhaps more intense than it ever has been from God-
haters. This ancestry of our monarchs also explains the scarlet
thread around official documents – the famous “red tape”. The
business of the Crown is the business of heaven.

It should be noted that the symbol of the Pharez line i.e. the
Davidic emblem which our Royal Family bears is, of course, the Royal
Harp of David, which is the national symbol of Ireland. Also, the
Royal Family bears the standard of Judah, which is the lion. This
lion emblem is often seen in rampant form, as in the Lion Rampant of
Scotland, which is the Royal Standard of Scotland. When it is in this
form, it is red in colour, symbolising the Lion of the Tribe of
Judah. This speaks of the blood-drenched body of the Saviour on the
cross and also of His vesture dipped in blood as He rides at the head
of heaven’s armies in Revelation 19. I love the lion figure at
Waterloo, where the Lion of Judah has His foot on the whole world,
signifying the Absolute Dominion of King Jesus on the Throne of
Heaven, and the earthly dominion of the occupant of the Throne of
David in Britain. It is absolutely vital that you understand that
God’s purpose for this nation is a godly monarch. Through such a
king, or queen, He can extend His dominion in the earth. Oh for a
monarch who, like Queen Victoria, would point to the Bible and
say, “There is the secret of Britain’s greatness.”

Evil Republicans in Northern Ireland are doing everything they can to
obliterate this symbol of the Red Hand from Ulster.Yes, they also
have the Red Hand in some of their flags but the thing they hate
about the Red Hand of Ulster is that it is topped by the British
crown. But God has a glorious purpose in Ireland, not just the north,
but the south also.

“So shall they fear The name of the Lord from the west, And His glory
from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, The
Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” – Isaiah
59:19 NKJV

An old legend says that a huge army of knights sleep inside Blaník,
a mountain in the Czech Republic. The knights will wake and under
the command of St. Wenceslas will help the Motherland when it is in
ultimate danger. (See also King in the mountain legends)
Blaník is a mountain in the Czech Republic. Its height is 638 meters
above sea level. The surrounding area is a small natural reservation.

Ancient legends are associated with this mountain. The legend says
that a huge army of Czech knights led by sv. Václav (St. Wenceslas)
sleep inside the mountain. The knights will awake and help the
Motherland if it is under ultimate assault. According to legend
ultimate assault means that at least four hostile armies attack.

The historical manifestation of the Rose of the World is seen as the joining of
authentic world religions into a new union. The union will not be the
dissolution of the great religions, but a harmonization. The five petals of the
Rose of the World are the five great world religions joining together. The Rose
of the World will be a moral and spiritual authority rather than a political
power, but the influence of the Rose on the world’s political, economic and
cultural life will lead to a transformation of human society across the world.
Harmony, justice, peace and spiritual life will flower under the guidance of the
Rose. The historical development of the Rose will be led by that culture that
accepts Zventa-Sventana’s guidance, and Andreev sees that task falling to Russia
and the Slavonic world.

The Eternal Feminine

The concluding chapter in the English edition of the Rose of the World concerns
the spiritual meaning of femininity. What Andreev calls the Universal Feminine
or the Eternal Feminine is an essential aspect of God that seeks expression. In
Christianity, it appears in the form of the Mother Church, the Madonna, the
Mother of God and as Sophia. Andreev experiences the Eternal Feminine as a
universal spiritual reality that is inadequately expressed in these images. It
is interesting that after presenting a startling vision of metaphysical
realities, he states he finds it particularly difficult to discuss the idea of
the Eternal Feminine within the context of Christian theology.
The Universal Feminine has its images within the metaphysical structures of the
Bramfatura in which Andreev sees the earth as resting. The spiritual beings that
are realized on earth as states are primarily demonic, while the collective
souls of nations are feminine. The leading collective souls of nations are
called the Great Sisters, and are themselves God-Born rather than created
monads. The angelic guardians and guides of the metacultures of the world he
calls the demiurges. Above the planes on which reside the Great Sisters and the
demiurges, are a group of feminine planes, a sakwala, that Andreev tentatively
calls the Waves of Universal Femininity.

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