The Rose of the World Muse

When I found the two photos of me in Rosemary’s treasure chest, I had the answer to a question that was bothering me of late, ever since I have fallen in love with Rena Christiansen, my Muse I met in 1970- all over again at the age of sixty three? How did a woman so beautiful end up with me. What did she see in me – an old man? Side by side again, after all these years, I am in awe. Christine beheld Rena a minute after I did, when she came out of a darkened doorway at three in the morning and asked me if she could walk with me. She had gotten seperaterated from her boyfriend who drove out from Nebraska, and was a damsel in distress.

The photo above was taken on the day I introduced the portrait I rendered Rena to my family.
Christine is looking at three photos I took of the large 4×5 foot painting I didof Rena. This is truly a historic and inspiring moment. You can see the gears inmy sister’s mind turning as she takes this painting in. Christine never painted, never considered herself an artist, but, this is her Genesis. Rosemary is standing in the kitchen. I am looking at my younger sister, Vicki. There is a reverence in the air. Even six year old Shannon feels it. This is a classic pregnant moment. An Artist is born! However, if you subscribe to Julie Lynches version of reality, this might have been the time for Christine to run and grab her cache of hideen art she had kept secret from her family since she was four – and showed me what for!

Everyone has a dream. My dream was to become a successful artist and thus have the means to support Rena, give us a roof over our head, and a nuptial bed to lie down in and make love as husband and wife.

I love everyone in this room, and they love me. I am radiating peace. I was never more handsome, never more full of hope for a bright future, for me, and all the beauty I found in the world. Beauty needs a Home, a Sanctuary. For a little while this sanctuary existed. But, this was the calm before the storm. before the opening of our Rosey Pandora’s Box.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Here is the Congress of Cultural Freedom. Krystal Albert and her mentor, Anand Holtham Keathley have got in the way of a REAL art movement.

    Give me a hundred million dollars and a thousand dedicated people, and I will guarantee to generate such a wave of democratic unrest among the masses–yes, even among the soldiers–of Stalin’s own empire, that all his problems for a long period of time to come will be internal. I can find the people. Sidney Hook, 1949

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