Family Stuttmeister

Two days ago I talked to my cousin, Dayrl Bulkley who is going to Berlin today to visit her daughter, Kimberly, who is residing there. Six days ago, I found the splendid monument where our Stuttmeister kinfolk are buried at the Dorotheenstadt cemetery in Germany’s capital. What are the odds that I would find this monument titled ‘Family Stuttmeister’ in time for this visit.

Also, two weeks ago I found the Oltman genealogy ‘The Descendants of Benjamin Adams’ by Murray Oltman. Benjamin is English, and John D. Oltman married his daughter, Rebecca. From this union comes Mathilde Oltman who married Doctor Freidrich Wilhelm Stuttmeister, from whom members of the Broderick and Presco family get their first name. My father was Victor William Presco, and my brother, Mark Broderick Presco. Victor Stuttmiester was Freidrich’s son.

In the photo of the picnic below taken in the Oakland Hills, William Broderick is the third person from the left, and his wife, Alice Stuttmeister is the fourth. In Alice I can see my two sisters, Christine Rosamond, and Victoria Mary Presco. Take note of the rifle hanging in the tree.

The Stuttmeisters had a twenty six acre fruit orchard in the Oakland Hills and built forty homes on streets they named after trees, such as, Maple and Fruitvale Avenue. We lived on Berlin Way, a street named after the street the Stuttmeisters lived on in the Pankow district of Berlin. The Poet, Joaquin Miller, was friendly with the Stuttmeisters, and would come down from ‘The Heights’ to catch the Fruit Vale trolly car to the Oakland ferry, my grandmother, Melba Broderick, accompanying him with my infant father in his lap.

According the Dayrl, Doctor Stuttmiester lived on Liberty Street in New York that is located where the two Trade Centers towers once stood, and where the most magnificent monument to the victims of 911 will soon soar in the anthem air.

The genealogical study of the Stuttmeisters is in its infancy, and will be added to as more is revealed.
My cousin has done most of the work, and is to be commended.


Jon Presco

Editor: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

Looking for Mathilde(Mathilda) Oltmann’s parents. They were possibly from Philadelphia. She married in New York, 1844 to Friedrich Wilhelm Stuttmeister at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church; she died at the age of 46 in San Francisco in 1875.
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3 Responses to Family Stuttmeister

  1. Murray Oltman says:

    I beleive you may have read the materials incorrectly.

    What I have indicates that Matilda was John Oltmann’s older sister. John David Oltmann was born March 01, 1837 in Brooklyn, NY; died August 05, 1909 in Pittsburg, PA. He and Matilda were the children of Jurgen Oltman and Lucia Schlutern.

    Jurgen Oltman, born November 01, 1790 in Dornbush, Parish of Drochtersen, Hanover, Germany; died 1844 in At sea?. He was the son of Jacob Oltmann and Anna Catherine Steffens. Jurgen Oltman married 5. Lucia Schlutern November 01, 1824 in Recum, Parish of Neuenkirchen, Germany.

    Lucia Schlutern, born April 13, 1800 in Neuenkirchen, District of Blumenthal, Germany. She was the daughter of Jurgen Henrich Schlutern and Meta Margrette.

    Below is the translation of Jurgen & Lucia’s marriage documents.

    The “Marriage License”
    At the request of my son Jurgen Oltmann, who is willing to engage himself
    matrimonially to the virgin Lucia Schlutern from Neuenkirchen in the district of
    Blumenthal, according to the enclosed baptismal certificate, with which he asked us
    parents to give our consent. Since I as father, Jacob Oltmann, and the mother, Anna
    Catharina, born Steffens (?), both born in the parish of Drochtersen, do not object,
    both of us certify it with our names and signature.
    Dornbusch, in the parish of Drochtersen, the 29th of September one thousand eight
    hundred and twenty-four.
    Jacob Oltmann
    Anna Catharina Oltmann
    Engel Von Allvorden as captain(?)
    Ancestors of Murray Oltman
    With this certification Jurgen Oltmann from Dornbusch is granted, the court consent
    to his marriage with Lucia Schluter from Neuenkirchenf district of Blumenthalf with
    regard to his _____.
    Court of Drochtersen, the 30th of September 1824
    Seal & Signature
    (Other side)
    Also, after the father of the bride, Jurgen Hinrich Schluter, at Rekum, has given his
    consent to the intended marriage of his daughter Lucie, the authorities, too, are
    giving the consent hereto. – Blumenthal, the 8th of October 1824.
    Royal Bureau
    Mupeden (or Wupeden?)
    Lucie’s Birth Certificate (mentioned above)
    Stamp: Kingdom of Hannover
    Stamp-Tax 2 GOOD PENNIES
    Conv. (?) Coin
    Excerpt from the parish-register at Neuenkirchen in the district of Blumenthal.
    That there was born to Jurgen Henrich Schluter, cottager in Recum, by his wife Meta
    Margrete, born Kuhlken, on the thirteenth of April of the year one thousand eight
    hundred (1800) a daughter. who received the name Lucie at the holy baptism on the
    twentieth of the same month. Such is confirmed by me, according to the truth, since
    the parish-register does not note anything else and no witnesses of the baptism are
    the 21st Of Sept. 1824
    Pastor at Schwanewede and Vicar at Neuenkirchen

  2. Guy Oltmann-Reeve says:

    I was very interested to see this entry as I have been able to trace my maternal line back to Dornbusch and Peter Oltmann (1796 to 1847) who would probably have been related to Jurgen Oltmann. My family remained in Drochersen/Dornbusch/Stade area for generations and I probably have distant cousins there now. Sadly records have been lost through time.

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