Happy Birthday Tyler Hunt

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My grandson looks like my grandfather, Royal Rosamond.

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“So, before I get back to that spring cleaning there’s just one more
thing to tell, and it’s a pleasant one at that! Sonoma has a brand
new citizen! I would officially like to welcome Tyler Robert Hunt,
born April 17 here in Sonoma Valley Hospital to our planet! And
yes, Tyler does have those fire trines! I hear he is beautiful,
alert and already making connections with everyone! I took a peek
at his chart, and what a great new human he is—Tyler, we all
welcome you to the tribe! Live long, love lots and prosper!
It’s a beautiful spring, folks, don’t forget to enjoy it. Leave
your brain on idle, walk outside and breathe. Till next time…
Grand Trines in Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Fire is identified with spiritual energy as it represents LIFE. The
element of Fire energy expresses through action and activity.
Individuals with a Grand Trine in Fire may be like the Energizer
Bunny and keep going and going until their battery finally wears
out. As a result their major challenge is not to over-extend
The element of Fire, like a flame, will burn as hot as it can until
all of its fuel is gone. These folks also are very truthful to a
fault. Sometimes their honest to others can be brutal and without
tempering. The energy expressed is expansive and along with that can
be explosive in both happiness and friction. Most Grand Fire folks
will need to be learned to conserve their energy and explore the all
emotions instead of just the emotional one.
Depending on what houses and planets are the Grand Trine, this is
also an indication of spiritual inspiration in a chart. Many great
spiritual leaders so Grand Fire trines. On the other side, Grand
Water trines can indicate that as well.

The trine formation is considered beneficial and a harmonious flow
of energy. However, I would caution the reader to watch over-
generalizations in any astrology delineation. As in life the energy
is about friction and flow, positive and negative, to reach the
point of BALANCE. A chart with many trines and few SQUARES can act
have the potential of being challenging because it does not have the
balance. The abundance of trines in a chart may indicate a lack of
stimulation to achieve and may indicate energy flow of complacency.
On the other side of this is the person who needs no outside help
for motivation and is quite driven. As a result the individual may
lack a sensitivity to other folks needs, wishes or desires.
When looking at a chart that has Grand Trines, it helps to ask a few
questions. (NOTE: we are only dealing with natal interpretation and
not transit/progression interpretation)
1) What is the Ruler of the chart?
2) Where is the Ruler of the chart in relationship to the Grand
3) Is there a final dispositor that is part of this Trine?
4) What are the missing components in the chart? Aspect, element,
house placement, etc.
5) Any unaspected planets?
6) What is the predominant ASPECT in the chart?
7) Do the squares balance off the Grand Trine?
There are other questions you can ask once you see the chart, but
these are just a few to give you an idea of what you have to
consider when delineating the Grand Trine and other aspect
configuration. Again, the caution is made not to over-generalize.
View the BIG PICTURE first and then the Picture within the Picture.
The Grand Trine: This pattern involves three Planets, usually in the
same Element, each forming a Trine with the others. For example we
could have Moon in Aries trine Sun in Leo and each of them form a
Trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. This would be called a Fire Grand
Trine. People with Grand Trines seem to find that things come easily
to them, and they may have some definite talent or gift. It seems
sometimes that their boat flows through life with scarcely a

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