The Literary Bohemian Crusade With Grail

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Two days ago I found what constitutes the Literary Bohemian Holy Grail. I found an essay by titled ‘Kesey and Pynchon – A Trip to the Wasteland’.

What the author contends is the novels ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘The Crying of 49’ by Thomas Pynchon are Grail Romances replete with Grail Knight and the Fisher King. Alas I have a credible author and scholar who I can refer to in regards to I owning credibility and being able to point to how two writers – who do not know each other – have arrived at similar conclusions. Consider Ken Kesey’s Search for Merlin in England which my newspaper has reported on.

The Holy Crusade and the Holy Grail go hand in hand. Islamic terrorists killed writers and cartoonist in Paris. I am a cartoonist who began a cartoon in 1986, titled ‘My Christ Complex’.   That same year I began ‘The Gideon Computer’ after my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, suggested I author the history of the Hippies because I could recall so much. I chose to write about the Last Hippie of the future, who helps destroy the shame-based computer that goes after all the Free Souls and Free Thinkers. I got sober when I noticed my novel was coming true.

Today, the future……….has arrived! Europe and America are at war with the shame-based ISIS computer which sucks in marginalized men, and spits out murderous self-righteous prigs, who armed with their Koran and as AK=47, execute and stone people for the slightest infraction. These Islamic Puritans who lust after guilty people so they can do hideous things to them – and put gruesome images on the internet – are the mortal enemy of………..THE LAST HIPPIE STANDING!

For the reason the Battle of Ken Kesey Square has infected all those around me, I hereby declare I have no family or friends. Marilyn and her family, my family, and Casey Farrell have nothing to do with me, this blog, or my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ who is the Beauty at the core of the Gideon Computer, and  ultimately destroys it.

When it looked like I would not live long enough to finish by books, I sought a co-author. She has turned out to be My Enemy at the End of My Time. I have depicted Belle Burch as a Grail Woman. I was spot on, even though she tried to hijack this blog so she could be the Queen of Kesey Square. What she was destined to do was move closer to the core – as my enemy. Beauty is my beloved virus.

Above are pics of the schooner that ran marijuana shipments for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Some authors claim Pynchon was connected to BOEL. I knew the core members of the BOEL in Berkeley. We took on the United States Government and were in Europe. I bid the Brotherhood – rise!

In the book and movie ‘Inherent Vice’  Doc ends up owning the scooner the Golden Fang, which I believe is based upon Jack London’s schooner ‘The Snark’ What’s in a name ‘The Narks’. I am a friend of Bruce Perlowin who had frieghters smuggle in pot un the Golden Gate bridge. I knew Owsley and Tim Scully, and Mr. Big who was behind them, in the dark. Above is a photo of my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, and his wife, Mary, camping on Santa Rosamond Island with members of the Black Mask.

Below is an article on my friend Bruce Perlowin ‘The King of Pot’. He was living with Michael Harkins who did a lot of PI work for Bruce. He was married to his ex-wife.

Royal and Dashiell Hammet, who wrote the Maltese Falcon, used t sail to the Channel Island together, and talk about their stories they were working on. Humphry Bogart owned a famous yacht named the Santana that sailed in San Francisco Bay. Was Bogy and London fan? Did he read White Fang?

Behold the Grail of Hollywood – The Maltese Falcon! I saw the movie ‘The Interview’ and one can make a strong case the CIA produced this movie that launched a cyber-attack against Sony.

Behold the Hand of a Knight Templar holding gold coins and gems next to the Falcon that is the Oscar of Film Noir. I own this falcon, and the Golden Fang that carried it in its hold.

Grail and ship upon the sea

the hand of male pointing the way

to Jonah’s tomb

and the true enemy

of our story

And, if anyone – including myself – have any doubts I am the King of Lone Mountain – BEHOLD – the last portal that the Rightful King passes through, to place the Grail of Hollywood in its rightful place. I raise Lazarus from the dead. He will lead my Grail Army against ISIS!

Below are some the lost souls that were evicted from Lone Mountain, they come to pay their respects to their dead ancestors. My kindred may be in this photograph taken at the foot of Lone Mountian.

At great expense to himself, my great-grandfather, William Suttmeister, moved the bodies of his wife and kindred from the Laurel Hill cemetery in San Francisco to a tomb in Colma where I brought my daughter and grandson so they can own their heritage. These bodies were evicted from their graves. Many tombstones were used to make a sea wall.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

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Lone Mountain [1] is a historic hill in San Francisco, California, United States. It is immediately surrounded by the University of San Francisco (USF) campus, to the south of the Laurel Heights neighborhood. Lone Mountain is one of California’s historic hills. The hill is near to the former location of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, and Greek Orthodox Cemetery. The graves in these cemeteries, along with most graves in San Francisco, were moved to Colma by the 1940s. Lone Mountain is also home to the Angelo J. Rossi Playground and Rossi Pool at Arguello Boulevard and Anza Street.

Lone Mountain is also known as “University Terrace” because of the terraces that connect the two USF campuses.

Lone Mountain is a hill in west-central San Francisco, California and the site of the private University of San Francisco (USF) – Lone Mountain Campus, which in turn was previously the San Francisco Lone Mountain College for Women. It was once the location of Lone Mountain Cemetery, a complex encompassing the Laurel Hill, Calvary, Masonic, and Odd Fellows Cemeteries.[3]

In the early 20th century, San Francisco voted most of its cemeteries out of existence, ostensibly[clarification needed] for public health reasons; after decades of further dispute the transfer of Lone Mountain’s forty-seven thousand inhabitants began, primarily to Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in the city of Colma, immediately south of San Francisco. In what writer Harold Gilliam has described as “an act of civic vandalism,” thousands of crypts and mausoleums were unearthed, the granite and marble dumped along the Pacific shoreline to reinforce seawalls.[4]

The Spanish name for Lone Mountain was El Divisadero, from the Spanish divisadero, which means a point from which one can look far.[5]

Doc performs a switch operation[clarify] in order to hide the drugs and is later contacted by Crocker Fenway (father of Japonica) who acts as an intermediary for the Golden Fang. Doc arranges a handover, his only condition being that Coy is released from all of his obligations and allowed to return to his family. After the handover has taken place, Doc and his lawyer Sauncho hear that the Golden Fang schooner is leaving port. Along with the Coast Guard, they pursue the vessel, and watch as it is abandoned after encountering an enormous surf wave. Sauncho and Doc then decide to place a claim on the schooner.

Perlowin, who lives in Oakland, said he has sent out about 30 of the resumes so far, and gotten back about 10 positive responses.

He has not nailed down anything yet, but he said an “environmentally conscious” company handling a food product harvested in the rain forest has tentatively offered him a position as a national sales manager.

“I feel I’m highly qualified to enter the job market,” he said. “I’ve demonstrated my organizational skills.”

And quite an organization it was.

Perlowin–a slight, soft-spoken man of 41 who sounds more like a ’60s flower child than an entrepreneurial giant of the ’80s–cheerfully admits to running an operation that used a fleet of 90 boats and ships to haul 500,000 pounds of marijuana into California between 1974 and 1983. Sales totaled half a billion dollars.

He tells how he hired a research firm in Berkeley to study how other major drug dealers had operated, “finding out what mistakes they had made,” and seeking out the weak spots in law enforcement so he could set up his own counterintelligence system.

He talks about his hilltop surveillance centers that overlooked San Francisco Bay, crammed with sophisticated electronic gear used to monitor the FBI, Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement Administration, customs agents and police.

He mentions the 1,000-foot pier he bought in the bay, safely under the radar shadow cast by the Richmond Bridge, where he set up a dummy boat-building works to cover massive offloadings of marijuana, “right under their noses.”

Also, he describes an elaborate money-laundering scheme–involving a Las Vegas casino, a Luxembourg trust, a Panamanian corporation and a bank in the Grand Cayman Islands–that he used to process the vast flow of small-denomination “street bills” generated by his illicit business.

And he reminisces, a bit wistfully, about the $3-million mansion that he built in a lovely canyon in Mendocino County–complete with bulletproof walls, a stairway that could be electrified to repel invaders and a complex communications center that tied him to the disparate operations of his international smuggling ring.

Thirty months after federal agents closed down his marijuana operation in 1983, Perlowin told The Times in a jail interview that he had been “the biggest in California–one of the biggest anywhere. No one else came close to the scale we were operating on.”

Federal officials did not dispute any of this.

“He’s for real,” Assistant U.S. Atty. James Lassart, head of a drug task force in San Francisco, said at the time. “When you meet him, you think he’s kind of flaky. But after you get to know him, you realize what he says is true. We corroborated it.”

PORTSMOUTH — A 55-foot schooner known affectionately as “Bogie’s Boat” after its former owner, the late movie star Humphrey Bogart, arrived recently in Melville for a complete refit and restoration.

The yacht built in 1935 arrived at Loughborough Marine Interests LLC about three weeks ago after being hauled by truck in a custom-built cradle from San Francisco.

“We will be embarking on a huge refit and restoration of the yacht starting next month,” said Joseph Loughborough, owner of the company. “We basically have to take the boat apart and rebuild it stick by stick.”

Getting the contract for the restoration of the yacht, which Bogart named Santana, is very exciting because it is so historically significant, Loughborough said.

The owners of the boat surveyed it in California to find faults but they missed a lot of things that need replacing, he said.

“We have done a couple of her sister ships so we have a pretty good idea where to look a little harder,” he said.

He estimated the refit and restoration would take 18 months with crew of eight or 10 workers or even 15 experienced workers in some instances. The work is likely to cost about $1.5 million.

“She is going to be gorgeous but there is a lot of work to do,” Loughborough said of the Santana. “I mean really a lot of work.”

The druids were tree worshippers, especially the oak. The holly was their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to mother Holle or Hel, the [Norse] goddess of the underworld…

…thus we have Holle, or Holly-wood (Hel-wood, the “place of magic”) and home of the Illuminati’s mass propaganda and conditioning machine in California.’s_California_Trilogy_and_the_CIA

In early 1970, Padilla and Brotherhood associates purchased the historic Aafje schooner. Jimmy Dale, Joe Angeline, and Malcolm – all Brotherhood men – were on board, and had anchored offshore of Mexico, outside the twelve mile limit. Padilla arranged to load kilos of pot on the boat, with motor launch after motor launch loading the cargo. This 1500 kilograms of Mexican weed was the parent strain of Maui Wowie”.

Schou reports in Orange Sunshine: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Its Quest to Spread Peace, Love and Acid to the World: “Padilla arrived on the island in May 1970 by the most arduous route imaginable. Along with a handful of friends, almost none of whom had any sailing experience, he sailed to Maui on the Aafje, a 70-foot yacht the Brotherhood had loaded with a ton of high-quality Mexican marijuana it dubbed “Lightning Bolt,” the clones of which, when planted on Maui, became the legendary “Maui Wowie” strain. Because the boat had no functioning navigational equipment, the Aafje strayed off course by hundreds of miles, surviving several tropical storms in the process; the trip was saved when a sympathetic Norwegian ship captain gave them fuel and food to complete their voyage.”

LONDON, Aug 6, 1999 — Ken Kesey and his psychedelic troupe of jesters, the Merry Prankster’s, took their historic intredpid journey to England today . Their magic bus “Further”, which had been shipped several weeks ago from San Francisco, safely navigated the Atlantic ocean and arrived for the first time on the European continent.

“The Search for Merlin Tour,” the Prankster’s official agenda while they will travel England and the British Isles for the next month, is a remarkable continuation of a legacy which began with the first bus trip in 1964 – a legendary journey that spawned the “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests” and was at the heart and soul of a psychedelic revolution.

The tour is being sponsored by Channel Four Films in London, which is producing a TV speries looking back on the Summer of Love. Two of the segments will focus exclusively on the Prankter’s travels in UK.

Here is a video of Bruce with Reverend Doug Van Dyke “Doctor of Divinity” I doubt the Doc can quote me one verse from the Bible, but, he is next to Bruce in oder to prove he has a spritual program of some kind – that might heal you! Doug is a secular Jesus pot-head. In many ways he is – me – the me I used to be, that hippie who grew up in Oakland, and who was adopted by the Robert Hamilton, the man behind Owsely, who with his brother Tim Hamilton, sold LSD all over the world.

Below is a vdio of Buzzy Linhart who had a legal marijuana orginization years before Bruce. Buzzy is a friend of Chris Wandel, and went to this show with Joe Marra who owned the Night Owl Cafe in the village. Chris dated Peter Shapiro of the Loading Zone.

Michael became friends with Bruce when he went with his wife and Bruces son to visit The King in prison. Michael was good friends with the beat poet Michael MacClure, and Jim Morrison. He was approached by Stone’s people and asked Michael about his friendship with Jim. They wanted material for the movie The Doors.
Michael told them their movie will suck, and they can go fuck themselves. The movie sucked, as will Bruces movie, as will the movie about my famous sister, will suck, because, Rosamond’s biography sucks, and the people who want to make money – suck the most!

Michael worked as a Private Investigator, and went with me to Carmel to attend the funeral of Christine Rosamond Benton. It was Michael who alerted me to things that were – fishy! If you put Rosamond’s, Bruces’s and Jim’s story-movie together, then you might have an interesting story about folks who like money, sex, drugs, and power!

Above is the price list mu ex-brpther-in-law sent out to steady customers of Rosamond images – a week after she drowned. The probate would ot get under way until a year later due to the huge legal battle over – money – because most folks who surrounded Christine believed the price of dead artist’s work would skyrocket! Instead of the Drunken Rosemary prints being worth $250,000 dollars, they might bring in a cool million. Then there are the book and movie sales. Carrie Fisher did one screenplay.

I am good to go if the outsider get a movie contract, I already acted when it came to one of Bruce’s most famous investors in Rain Crips ceral bars. I’m talking about Victoria from Chicago, the queen of the Blue Meanies, who after a couple of freakouts at the airport and motel, became convinced the Mafia was behind Bruce, and, she would be snuffed out because she got too close to Mr. Big. That’s when I got a urgent call from Michael;

“Get up to Wandas and meet me in the backyard. I’m bringing this woman to meet you. Pretend you are the Godfather. Reasure her I am not a hit man for the Mafia.”

I got in my gold Cadillac and headed for Wanda’s Hideaway. In the backyard I found a coffee cup, and prentended it was full of coffee. There was a newspaper I pretended to read, as she came through the gate. I could hear her gentle whimpering, she believing she had minutes to live. Then she saw me.

Before I could stand up to shake her hand, she has fallen to one knee, and is grasping my hand hard. I spoke gently to her, my blues eyes, bathing her in wisdom and understanding, that, told her things do not have to go badly, and, putting my hand on her shoulder I said;

“You’re under my protection now. (and Wanda’s) You need no longer worry! Michael, make sure no harm comes to Victoria.”

Vicki broke out in tears and cried;

“Oh! You are not what I expected at all. You are a gentle giant!”

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