Oppressed Person of The Year

Khashoggi and other reporters are honored as the Person of the Year a.k.a. ‘The Guardians’.

Royal Rosamond Press honors Belle Burch as the ‘Oppressed Person of the Year’.

Before the plague, that is OCCUPY, descended upon the State of Oregon, Eugene was notorious for Networking. You had to know someone in order to get a job, or, find a good place to live. There was a lot of Peer Pressure, and jockeying for power and privilege. Jeff Burch has had his ad in the Weekly – forever! Belle’s mother was a master networker. You can not find one bad article on OCCUPY in the Weekly, or the Eugene Register Guard. This goes for our Television Stations. Why?

Well, when you empower lower echelon people who have no gifts, skill, employment, or own a home, they form the OCCUPY Vigilante Grunt Squad, and conduct a fierce loyalty check on the Internet. Their job is to make sure fellow grunts stay on the same low level. This is the OCCUPY Gestapo that was adopted by the Fat Hog Women of Springfield.

Folks who were losers in the original Eugene Networking, now had a chance to even the score – and be somebody! My connection to the Kesey family, and famous artists, is frowned upon. Down with all leaders. Cut down those who own aspirations, and real gains. Equality is judged by morons and potheads who never have enough money to buy enough pot. How unjust! You can’t get an opinion out of them because – they are too high! So they latch on to a Tribe and go along for the ride. Of course they’re paranoid. Read these rules that replaced the Hippie Movement. High levels of THC shat this crap out.

The lack of “real democracy”. What bullshit! The Free Press is wasted on these morons. This is Ghetto Creating by Definition. These idiots drew the lines in the sand where the barbwire go. They made a gate, marched into it, and took themselves prisoner. The rich were elated that radicals took themselves out of the game. Suckers!

Look at the top photo! Why, it’s Belle and the Five Dopes making fake work. Dummy, Dopey, Druggy, Doggy, and Peter Potato Seed, whom I’m thinking of doing a fake Commie Book about. Mr. Seed, says;

“Falsche Arbeit macht falsche Freiheit!”

Occupy yourself with fake issues. Create fake camps for the oppressed.


The Occupy movement was an international progressive, socio-political movement against social and economic inequality and the lack of “real democracy” around the world. It aimed primarily to advance social and economic justice and new forms of democracy.

Belle is still my muse for the great Bohemian novel I am making notes for. My meeting Belle is the New Kafka. She had to hide her true identity and agenda, because Big Mother is always hovering nearby, controlling sex in ways still to be understood. Big Mother has filed our Bohemian History in Courts of Law, but, no free soul go there to read.

Will someone please HONOR Belle! I want to, but, it’s a trap. I will be arrested. My defense will explode in my face The Three Lawyers of the New Shame will pop Champaign corks. This is their Rapunzel. For all her loyalty to Networking, only one person dare honor her. The verdict is still out. You don’t want the Fat Hog Women of Springfield on your case. Please, spare her!

The truth is, I am the youngest and freest soul, Belle ever met – or will meet! This is what alarms everyone. Including me!

Belle Burch

Eugene, Oregon, United States

· writer · herbalist · gardener · great cook · baker · singer-songwriter · poet · dancer · paleo · maxfield parrish · saunas · singing in groups · tribe · interdependency · village-building · tea · editing · community · sustainability

Honor Belle

Belle’s current listings


If KVAL was honest about Whoville, then the OVS will get online and bid their Squad to stop watching KVAL. The Weekly knows this game, as does the Register Guard. I suspect OCCUPY contributed to the decline of Newspapers. The focus is on THE MASS MIND. Gone are the days of One Man. One Newspaper. One Easy Chair, and……..ONE OPINION!

When Belle Burch asked for my number in Ken Kesey Square, I gave it to her for I was looking for an Heir to my newspaper. I was beginning to lose my fight with Prostate Cancer. I tried to gift Belle with………THE FREE PRESS! What a story!

This morning it occurred to me that the three female attorneys that helped SLEEPS and Whoville, dare not talk to me. Why? The Squad would be on them like puranas. They would never work in this town again. This is why you see a pic of Jean Stacey humoring Peter Potatoe Seed, the Communist Wingnut who appeared in several SLEEPS videos, and was…………..on the News! Is this a ad? Peter is a likeable zany guy. He’s Mr. Nutty Network, along with Alley Valkyrie, who assured me in writing;

when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me.”

There it is, The Invisible Network of OCCUPY, the most oppressive organization in the history of the United States. The KKK wore hoods. I insist every member of OCCUPY put themselves on a list, and put that list on the Internet.

You see, I can’t get around this question: Why didn’t Belle and Alley consult their three attorneys about me writing about Belle, and SLEEPS. I think they did, and, they did not like their advice.

“Don’t mess with him!”

They saw no “stalking”, and upheld Freedom of the Press. This is when Alley and Belle, hauled out The OCCUPY Network Atomic Bomb, and dropped it on my ass. They just had to see if it worked. I mean, all this new fangled power at their disposal. When the smoke cleared, there I stood!

Clint Eastwood and I went to the same grammar school in Oakland California. My best friend played Mick, the bad guy in Sudden Impact. There’s Hollywood, and then, there is The Free Press.

My Rosamond ancestors fought alongside The Swamp Fox, and beat the British, who didn’t like the new newspaper in the New World. They fought with guns, not spades. They did not hurl spuds at the Redcoats. Thanks to them, We to got the best Network of Radicals the world has ever known. OCCUPY…………..need not apply!

In a month, Mueller may give all the world a better view of how Trump and his Family Network conspired with Putin to defeat the Democrats. For three years I have done battle on the internet with Russian Cyber-bots down on the farm. One of the first persons they screwed with, was the founder of OCCUPY. Now, where is Russian getting the idea OCCUPY has a soft underbelly made up of Tree Hugging Morons? I practice on Alley Valkyrie. I use her to hone my skills so that I can better defeat OUR real enemies.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


Just before I went to bed, I thought about editing out the violent Eastwood video. I know Jean Stacey is letting me post on her facebook in hope I make a death threat. After passing the bar, divorce attorneys are show the sacred scroll. In about two paragraphs, they now know how to bring a man low, take his house and children from him, and get alimony and child support. You accuse him of being a violent sex predators that abused his children, and who loves to beat on women. I am not ruling out Alley Valkyrie was told the sacred tactic that was used on me. She has a tendency to overcook everything.

OCCUPY should concentrate on the fact, young white men will never get married, get a good job, or have children, because they saw what their mothers did to their fathers. Why get – TRAPPED? Besides, who can afford a child – and a wife! This all adds up to fewer divorces, and, lawyers being without work.

So, I stuck to my BIG GUN, and, this morning I read about Russian Trolls targeting African- Americans. This is going to make a huge division, make it even wider! Evangelicals put Trump in the White House, and have shown they are racist. Putin and his Cyber-bots will DO much damage, DO more damage! I am one of the few newspapers that understands these tactics. Why?

“The Russian influence campaign on social media in the 2016 election made an extraordinary effort to target African-Americans, used an array of tactics to try to suppress turnout among Democratic voters and unleashed a blizzard of posts on Instagram that rivaled or exceeded its Facebook operations, according to a report produced for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The report adds new details to the portrait that has emerged over the last two years of the energy and imagination of the Russian effort to sway American opinion and divide the country, which the authors said continues to this day.

“Active and ongoing interference operations remain on several platforms,” says the report, produced by New Knowledge, a cybersecurity company based in Austin, Texas, along with researchers at Columbia University and Canfield Research LLC. One continuing Russian campaign, for instance, seeks to influence opinion on Syria by promoting Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president and a Russian ally in the brutal conflict there.

The New Knowledge report, which was obtained by The New York Times in advance of its scheduled release on Monday, is one of two commissioned by the Senate committee on a bipartisan basis. They are based largely on data about the Russian operations provided to the Senate by Facebook, Twitter and the other companies whose platforms were used.



“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

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Khashoggi put his faith in bearing witness. He put it in the field reporting he had done since youth, in the newspaper editorship he was forced out of and in the columns he wrote from lonely exile. “Must we choose,” he asked in the Washington Post in May, “between movie theaters and our rights as citizens to speak out, whether in support of or critical of our government’s actions?” Khashoggi had fled his homeland last year even though he actually supported much of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s agenda in Saudi Arabia. What irked the kingdom and marked the journalist for death was Khashoggi’s insistence on coming to that conclusion on his own, tempering it with troubling facts and trusting the public to think for itself.

Such independence is no small thing. It marks the distinction between tyranny and democracy. And in a world where budding authoritarians have advanced by blurring the difference, there was a clarity in the spectacle of a tyrant’s fury visited upon a man armed only with a pen. Because the strongmen of the world only look strong. All despots live in fear of their people. To see genuine strength, look to the spaces where individuals dare to describe what’s going on in front of them.

In the Philippines, a 55-year-old woman named Maria Ressa steers Rappler, an online news site she helped found, through a superstorm of the two most formidable forces in the information universe: social media and a populist President with authoritarian inclinations. Rappler has chronicled the violent drug war and extrajudicial killings of President Rodrigo Duterte that have left some 12,000 people dead, according to a January estimate from Human Rights Watch. The Duterte government refuses to accredit a Rappler journalist to cover it, and in November charged the site with tax fraud, allegations that could send Ressa to prison for up to 10 years.

In Annapolis, Md., staff of the Capital, a newspaper published by Capital Gazette Communications, which traces its history of telling readers about the events in Maryland to before the American Revolution, press on without the five colleagues gunned down in their newsroom on June 28. Still intact, indeed strengthened after the mass shooting, are the bonds of trust and community that for national news outlets have been eroded on strikingly partisan lines, never more than this year.

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