Heather Hanson Believes Michael Harkins Looted Estate

Vicki Presco forsake a Sacred Trust and declined to server as Christine Rosamond Benton’s Executor.

Rosamond Press

Looting the home of the diseased is a serious offence. Why didn’t Vicki Presco, who knew she was the first-name Executor, call the police? Michael Harkins drove me to the funeral, and back home. He was working in the capacity of a Private Detective. We went out to Rocky Point and he did not want me to go down in the dangerous cove where allegedly Christine took her eight year old daughter. Michael met Heather and my grandson. He told me this;

“Once you have proven a lie had been told, then you have to assume everything is a lie, and, anything is possible, including – MURDER!”

This is how all detectives work. We know Tom Snyder told a lie in his book about the looting. Did he make this up, or, was he told this? Who told him? That person is witness to a felony. When people are caught…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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