Third Showing of Black Doll

The other thing Marilyn put me through was the White Racist Meat Grinder that James Bond is being put through at the moment, there a furor over a black dude playing a white dude. Marilyn and Laura Ingraham look alike because they have similar Caucasian ancestors. Marilyn’s sister became a super radical who lived in France. She co-authored ‘Fela – This Bitch of a Life, with Carlos Moore, who soled it dirt cheep to these producers who turned it into a hit musical.

M took me to meet her good friend, Jazz Artist, Les McCann. She and Shauna would walk through Watts together to go see Jazz artists. Shauna was married to Les’s drummer. J.J. Johnson invited M to dinner at his house, and started making out with her on the couch. She was fifteen years of age, the same age of the half-nude photo Les took of her. There is the kidnapping of a LSD Guru, and the Black Panthers, all very Bondish stuff, if you are the Black James Bond, who may be put in the position to make love to a white woman?

At sixteen, M is laying all this on me, and, she is teaching me how to kiss. I tell her I am not interested.

“I have my art!”

This is seen as a racist statement. However, this crap is not being applied to Danny Boy, the hoodlum M married – twice! Somehow he signed papers while in prison. Danny drove a chopped down Mercury and got into fights with Mexican and blacks in Compton. Marilyn is the Queen of Drama Queens. Actresses have a job, and at the end of the day, they go home and feed their cat.


I am walking home with M afterschool. Passing a gas station, Danny tears into the lot, and guns his Mercury. He is giving me a hard look while showing off his gun (bicep) that is hanging on the widow. He wants to fight me. M goes up to him, and shows her anger. He peels out, and looks back at me. I have been sized up out west, on Santa Monica Blvd. Am I having the life – or what? In Marilyn’s mind, the answers come easy….Love her. Love Jesus. Love black people. Love her mixed-raced family. Love drugs addicts. Love art movies – especially Black Orpheus.

A day ago, Laura Ingraham, lets lose the most racist rant ever heard on T.V. I listen to Spike Lee and Lemon discuss this. They wonder if things will ever be the same. What they are saying is, Happy Race Relations may be a thing of the past. The MYSTIQUE, is dead. White folk don’t have to take interest, anymore. Van Jones is doing a show on Stone Mountain. A white and black women are in tears. They see this Confederated monument from their perspective.

Below is talk about a Black Bond – and female Bond. Here is my idea for Racist Bond Flick. Laura is Laura Bond.

SCENE: Laura Ingraham is kidnapped by M13, and for kicks they drop her off in the middle of Watts. Maybe Lee will direct it – if there is a happy twist and ending? Don’t hold your breath. Keep telling it like it is, brother! Spike’s interview sounds like a poetry slam. Play both videos at the same time. Can you dig it?

“Here bitch. Take this gun – and fight your way out!”

There can be two versions of this movie, with very different endings for each race. I don’t suggest apartheid theatres, just shows on alternating days. J.J. Johnson can provide the soundtrack for the black version. I suggest Leonard Rosenman’s music accompany Laura’s struggle to get out of Helltown, and back to her roots. I see a White Wizard of Oz. Rosenman composed the score for ‘The Savage Eye’. A great Art Director can fix it all,

John Presco

The Black Doll Revisited


The Black Doll Of La La Land

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It wasn’t so much a dog whistle as it was an airhorn. Or perhaps a primal scream. But whatever it was, Laura Ingraham’s forceful denunciation of “massive demographic changes” served as another raw example of a Fox News host echoing white nationalist language.

Idris Elba said there’s no such thing as a “black Bond” at the Variety Studio presented by AT&T at the Sundance Film Festival, but that it’s time to “do something different” with the English spy.

While out discussing his directorial debut in feature film “Yardie,” Elba paused to reflect on the future of the British Secret Service. Despite being fan cast as the next 007 by just about every person on the Internet with a Twitter handle, Elba has remained consistently distant from the world’s request. However, he does have a few ideas on who could be the next super secret spy.

“Are we interested in having a Bond character other than being a male?” Elba asked. “Could be a woman, could be a black woman, could be a white woman, but I think, that character, everybody would like to see it have — do something different with it, why not?”

Alas, it doesn’t seem like he’s changed his mind on Bond but at least he has a few interesting ideas. Meanwhile Elba’s film adaptation of the 1993 novel “Yardie” starring Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Aml Ameen, Naomi Ackie, Shantol Jackson and Stephen Graham had its premiere at Sundance on Jan. 20.


    1. Oh my gosh!! I posted under the wrong comment, but I don’t know how to change it after posting, LOL. Oh well, I should have checked properly before posting.

    1. This is the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard. STOP re-assigning race and gender to pre-existing characters! Create NEW ones! There’s nothing wrong with expanding the 007 universe with agents 006, 005, or 008. He isn’t the only agent in her majesty’s service, and it would be cool to see a different character in the field. But stop forcing diversity upon established characters.

    1. I’ve been a James Bond fan since the early 1960’s, even had one of those spy kits that were out in the latter part of the decade. Sean Connery is the quintessential Bond for me. I have absolutely no problem with a black 007 especially if Elba filled the role. He’s been impressive so far in the roles that I’ve seen him in (Heimdall, Janek) and i think he’d be a perfect fit.

      But a woman? No goddamned way.

      I’m okay with a female Double-O agent, but not one with the 007 moniker or the last name of Bond. Forget that I’m a Bond fan, it’s just a death-knell for the franchise if a female takes on a traditionally male role (Ghostbusters, anyone?).

      This “girls-can-do-it-better-than-boys” fad is counter-intuitive because when you take away the hype about how women can hold their own against men, it’s still a man’s world. I mean, why else would they be feminizing their male babies by way of gender fluidity and “castrating” their male instincts through conditioning them to be sensitive and non-aggressive?

      The next time I see a female actress kick the crap out of a guy who is easily 80 pounds heavier and half a foot taller, I think I’m going to puke – even though it’s fantasy. Same goes for these commercials which depict “geldings” who are helpless until wifey comes along to save the day.

      Utter nonsense. I need a woman for companionship and sex. Everything else is my responsibility.

        • I agree, I love the diversity in this world, and therefore the diversity of legendary characters, it’s like looking at a garden of different flowers, each with their own beauty and uniqueness. I definitely think there is room to create new diverse roles that would become legendary in their own right. But it what is the point of creating a character if it’s not allowed to be itself. I understand a franchise like James Bond needs something new in it to captivate a new generation of fans, but it doesn’t need to become unrecognizable as the ‘James Bond’ character that Ian Flemming created (kind of like a rose trying to become a sunflower).. in my opinion. Having said that, I do think Idris Elba would make a sexy James Bond, hehe. I LOVE his character in Luther, and would hate to see someone try and change that character just for PC’s, or even boredom’s sake.

        • It does matter. The original character is a Caucasian British man, and has been for ages. He does not suddenly need race or gender reassignment.

          Create new powerful and diverse characters, but leave Bond alone.

    1. No, a woman cannot be Bond. A black guy can’t be Bond. Bond is a caucasian British man. NO ONE other than liberal idiots would like to see something different. Bond is timeless, so please, don’t ruin another character by vomiting your political correctness all over it.

        • Totally agree. Stick to the original character.

          If they want to PC-ify something, they can reboot Harry Potter as a black kid. Why not reboot Legally Blonde with a black man too while we’re at it. Bunch of hogwash.

    1. I created a #Blackbond already – his name is Tony KNIGHT – the inspiration was and is Idris Elba. The trilogy includes (Showdown In The City, Knight In The Jungle and Discovering The Deep State) and just recently KNIGHT Sea On Fire ( – Take the time to enjoy my #BlackBond experience because it comes with a book, an eBook (On The Edge Of Knight), iPhone app (Knight Of The Grid), Web App (24 hrs Of Knight), Blogs, 3 hrs of mixtape music ( and Podcast (The Blackouts)

      I have been working on this for over 1 year now and I just finished an Augmented Reality application which I will share shortly.

        • No one wants to see a black bond and the fact that Europe is so traditionally racist when it comes to minority films they would support it less than Americans would. The reason studios don’t make minority films aimed for a European release is because of their traditional racism. So many films with black stars don’t perform as well in the euro territories. Also just create a new character that isn’t based on bond but either way you will run into the institutional upper white privileged class that comprised mi6 going to schools like Eaton and Cambridge where pedigree trumps affirmative action so good luck trying to fit a minority in a role that may not reflect reality and may be the opposite of.

            • @Cultofsaturnus0 – I created KNIGHT and the OASIS as the American version of the DEEP STATE. I told the media that he wasn’t a #BlackBond but the media called my character Black Bond because it was the easiest way to identify with him. So, I had to go with it when you are trying to get PR… and yes I have to be shameless. If you have time just to look at the overall experience you’ll see he’s no Black Bond – Knight is a flawed hero. Then again, who among us is perfect? You will experience a new journey in book publishing – enjoy.

    1. Ian Flemming was one of the most colonial white men there ever was! Anyone that has read his work knows this. The subtleties of racism in the first Bond films are there. You could not make a Flemming written film without them.
      That said, if certain white men can write a mainstream Chinese film (In Mandarin no less!), and others can “contribute” to Alice Walker’s work, why can’t a black man play James Bond? Lord knows every kind of white man has played him!
      Still, Idris is not one of those non-threatening morning show kind of black men, is he? I’m sure that is more of a problem with Ms. Broccoli than what others might think.

      He would be a great 007 IMO.

        • Only British white men have played Bond because that’s how the character is written.
          Far from “Every kind of white man.”
          And Elba is “non threatening” and “morning show?”
          Geez, either you are a troll or an idiot.
          Ever heard of Luther or The Wire? The Thor movies maybe? He played Krall in Star Trek Beyond as well.
          Beasts of No Nation? No?
          I’d say he’s plenty intimidating.

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