Heather Hanson’s Faux Career

I just got back my daughter’s home movie I was given two years after Heather Hanson disappeared from my life. This is 2002. Heather was seventeen, a minor, when all means to contact her, was erased. In this video a minor is being questioned by adults with gray hair. They are quite taken by this beautiful and talented child of mine, who says she is building her “career”.  No adult dare ask;

“Oh. You are making money as a singer?”

These are educators? Do they understand they are beholding a very vain child, who might be masking some real problems? What if she fails? The idea she is a fatherless child, is always discussed. What a great mother she must have – and talented, too? That poor Mom. How she suffered. He must have been some special, and un-gifted kind of creep to abandon her – and her Wonder Child!

“She’s sure showing him! I had an abusive father, too!”

“He will live to regret his cruelty when she gets her first Grammy! I prey he never sees a dime! I would not go see him – even if he was dying of cancer!”


an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

synonyms: profession, occupation, job, vocation, calling, employment, line, line of work, walk of life, métier

“a business career”

I had Success & Revenge Dreams when I was a teenager. I know how they go. When I went to Sonoma to see Heather for the first time, Heather took out her guitar and sang me a song. Patrice had slipped away.

“I’ll leave you two alone so you can get to know each other!”

When the song was done, here come’s Wonder Mom back into the room. She looks like a Saint leaving church.

“Well! What do you think? Isn’t she great! She gets all her talent from me. Now, let’s go to Kereoke!”

At Kereoke, my sixteen year old child sang ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’. I took a peek at Patrice Hanson, and she is moving her lips. She is overly proud. I feel like I am in a nightmare. My mother lived vicariously through her children. I have yet to live vicariously through my daughter. Will I have my chance?

The reason Heather ditched her father, was there was a stage being prepared for her at her Granduation. She didn’t want me to screw things up, or, distract from the limelight. She did not want to look in Parent Seating, and see two empty chairs, because her hippie parents are behind a building having Make-up Sex. Patrice and I were engaged to be married, but, after we had our first fight, Heather wanted me – fired! I was not ‘The Perfect Father’ and, she had gone far with just one parent – who adored her no matter what!  To be critical of the mother, is to be critical of the daughter. Heather ran a Dictatorship! It was like – she was a Star!

Heather wanted things to be as they were, when Rex lived with them, when Rex shot a mound of videos of my daughter growing up without me – and PERFORMING! But, Rex was dead! Did I bring my video camera with me to record our first meeting? Would she follow me anywhere if I had a microphone in my back pocket?

I suspect my sister Vicki was invited to the graduation. We were not speaking. Did my fake sister bring her video camera? Why Heather, and her people, believed Vicki and Stacey Pierrot could further her singing career, is the main topic. The Hanson’s hinted my job was to roll out the red carper to the Rosamond Gallery, and, they will take over from there. When I talked to my daughter two years later, she said;

“Just because you don’t get along with your family, doesn’t mean I can’t.”

Until I saw her video, I hated my child’s guts. Heather would sit on Kim Jong Un’s lap and sing him ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’ if she was paid to do this. After all, she has a career, and is a professional. She’s the boss of me. How can I get in the way of her career? Why would I want to prevent her from being very successful. What a Teen Scam!

“You can’t tell me what to do, Dad! I’m going to be bigger than Michael Jackson!”

I told the Mother&Daughter team, that the ideal would have been, the Executor chose me to run the gallery, and, I write Rosamond’s biography, because, her fans loved the idea of Christine’s art being a family affair. Now, if Heather came into my life, I would hire her to be the Rosy Greeter, while I work on my novels in the basement. All she had to do, was;

“Hi! I’m Heather! I’m Rosemary’s granddaughter, and Christine’s niece. Want to buy some art? You do love Rosamond, don’t you? My Mommy says I look just like her!”


“You betcha! Has anyone told you you’re a born salesperson. You have a real gift! I hear your father is working on a portrait of you. I want a print when he is done!”

Heather and I were on a collision course – for years! I was just a bit player in her movie. She is still conducting a fierce Personality Contest, and expects to be The Winner. She adores people – who adore her! Being adorable and adored – is her career!

She thought I owed her, and should have held the door open to my sister’s REAL legacy, and let her come on in – and steal the show! She loves to be the center of attention. She was bred that way. It is in her genes. Narcissism runs in the family. Feeling superior to me, was on her schedule. Why would I want to be around this kind of person?

Heather has a limited range, and is slightly off key. If she had a special voice, someone would have told someone who knows somebody. I met Maria McKee when she was a baby.

Oops! Did I just give my honest opinion, and put someone in her limelight? How can I be punished more than I have? She took my grandson out of my life, after I made her adoring aunt, and No.2 fan, look bad. I guess, I just cant win. I guess, I am a born loser, a real failure. Darn! We are nothing alike. Maybe, I’m not her real father?


I laughed my ass off when I reread this post! Hey, wait a minute! I got a hit on my hands!


A beautiful teenager cons everyone around her with her Faux Stardom. She has everyone eating out of the palm of her hand, until – he comes into her life. At first, she has trouble figuring him out, her lost father.

“What are you, anyway? What is it you do – exactly?”

“I’m a Master Symbolist, Poet, and, Theologian! What are you, and what do you do exactly?”

“I’m a Teen Star. I work on my Career!”

“Ho! Ho! Hardy-har! No, really. What is yourrrrrr………..scam? You can tell me. I’m yourrr father!”


Is Reese Witherspoon too old for the star role?


Jon Presco

Copyright 2013



About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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