Heather Hanson Believes Michael Harkins Looted Estate

Looting the home of the diseased is a serious offence. Why didn’t Vicki Presco, who knew she was the first-name Executor, call the police? Michael Harkins drove me to the funeral, and back home. He was working in the capacity of a Private Detective. We went out to Rocky Point and he did not want me to go down in the dangerous cove where allegedly Christine took her eight year old daughter. Michael met Heather and my grandson. He told me this;

“Once you have proven a lie had been told, then you have to assume everything is a lie, and, anything is possible, including – MURDER!”

This is how all detectives work. We know Tom Snyder told a lie in his book about the looting. Did he make this up, or, was he told this? Who told him? That person is witness to a felony. When people are caught committing a crime, they can be violent, even deadly, if they are facing time in prison. Who had a opportunity to loot Christine’s house BEFORE the funeral, before family and friends showed up? Because of the constant lying, my grandson and I have not seen or talked with one another in six years. You would think my daughter would want to get to the bottom of this, and own the truth. According to Snyder Vickie Presco TOUCHED many objects that were allegedly stolen. Why didn’t Vicki put valuables in the trunk of her car? Why doesn’t Heather and her mother want to clear my good name – for the sake of her son so we can see each other again?

How much jewelry did Christine own? Vickie could have filled her pockets, then, had the “gallery employees” put some in their pockets in order to keep it away from us Prescos who  would be included in their book and movie deal they hatched in Christine’s home – the day before the funeral. They conducted business before the funeral! Is that right? Then, here come my sixteen year old daughter – late for the looting – as usual!

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted away. The artist’s closet, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

Well, the estate had been inventoried after Christine filed Bankruptcy, and, for the Benton Divorce that was just finalized. Michael and I saw petty legal battles over track-lighting and a old stereo. He was disgusted? After Christine was pronounced dead, did Garth rush to his old home and start grabbing things? He and Drew did not attend Christine’s funeral. Where was he – in her home going through my sister’s things? Was he at the boutiques, returning dresses with price tags on them. I talked to his good friend that he put in my sisters home, and spied on us – after the funeral!

“Who’s that Vicki, lurking in the dining room?”

“That’s Garth’s friend.”

I told Patrice Hanson Michael and I had seen evidence things were taken. Wait a minute! Is Patrice the source of the looting lie? I have an e-mail where Patrice says she likes to read two novels about a subject, and, perhaps I should help Tom write one of them. She says he seems like a nice man. There were telephone conversations. Patrice says it was Tom that was responsible my daughter and I getting together. How so? This Stage Mother said she responded to Pierrot’s call for those who knew Christine to come foreword and be in the book. Why would Pierrot put Patrice in contact with Tom? Why wasn’t she told their MAIN INTEREST is to have Heather see her father  – for the first time! Oh really!

What if I got good and mad – and went crazy – because this stage mother hid my daughter from me for sixteen years? Did Tom, Stacey, Vicki, Garth, and Mark discuss this possibility – before I knew I had a daughter. There is evidence Patrice and Heather went to the Rosamond Gallery for the grand reopening.  This way, they got a foot in the door incase I try to BLOCK them, keep them away from members of MY family? That’s what a normal man would have done. Tom told me he changed his mind about not using Christine and my recovery program, that I told Patrice an Heather was going to be the core of OUR FAMILY biography. Sober people write recovery books, not hired ghost writers.

To realize I was being judged and spied upon by a sixteen year minor, is terrifying. As soon as they milked be dry, they disappeared and headed for Vicki’s. They went for Door No.2, thinking that was The Deal of the Day! This team tells their friends and family I am insane because I WANTED to believe it was a case of MURDER. What I suspected it was a case of lying, by Shamus and Vicki, who took Drew down to that cove to go fishing. I showed Vic Presco the Pinecone account where Vicki suggests they got rent fishing poles. I asked what Vicki and Shamus Dundon got out of the shed before they headed to Rocky Point……….

“They got my fishing poles!”

“Did they bring them back?”

“Vicki has not talked to me since Christine died.”

“Where do you think your poles are?”

“I don’t know!”

“I think they’re in the ocean!”

Let me leave you with three questions. Would I take my grandson down into that dangerous cove? Do you think my grandson is being held hostage, until I am willing to drop my investigation – just to see him again?

Ton Snyder says Christine brought her eight year old daughter to look for sea creatures in the tide-pools. This MAN is a fucking liar.  He is fucking around with my niece – a minor at the time! Christine lived two miles away from the best tide-pools in California!

I’ll never see my family again. But, for Tyler Hunt, why would I want to? These liar destroyed Christine estate and legacy. I will be presenting to the public a detailed account of their deceit. It makes me sick to record it. Would readers would want to go through their gauntlet of lies? Here is the caption for pic.

“Did you find any truths, Grandson?”

“No Papa! Not a one!”

I just found a packet containing a twenty page letter I sent to Sydney Morris. It is very wll written. It was sent back because they wanted a $270 dollar fee, which I did not have. I tell Sydney about the party planned out at Rocky Point. I assume it will be held during daylight hours. I suspect this is Christine’s sober birthday party. Vicki and her son are invited. How about Raphael? Who had a list of the people who were going to be there? How many came up on Friday and were staying in Christine’s house? Vicki said Sydney combed thru my letters looking for a death threat. He read this letter that blew his input out of the water! He pretended he didn’t get it.

My daughter’s betrayal of her creative father, is epic. She was raised to be a Star by her wicked mother. She did not care about me. I think I am going to author a small book on this treachery. How about a HBO series. Let their writers have at it!

I want that guest list! The first call to 911 came at 10:15. Vicki suggested they go to Carmel, have lunch, and rent fishing poles. Why fish when you got a party to prepare for? Who was going to cater the party? Was that food put out at the Rosamond gallery in the ‘Don’t Let The Dream Die’ funeral? It’s time to put Drew Benton on a witness stand.

My daughter is truly evil because she makes me out to be insane – for money! How can my family stay mute about I losing my grandson? Raphael knows – all! Did Raphael lend Christine a large sum of money? Vicki destroyed my daughter. I told her to stay away from my family. Heather’s drunken, aunt and her attorney, thought they could feed off our wounds in a clever manner. They thought they could outsmart the Prescos. How much money was Heather dealt? Time to talk to the IRS.

Here’s another paper I found. It has Vicki and Garth billing the estate for locksmiths. Vicki changed the locks the day of the funeral. Michael suggested we get the locksmith to pop Vicki’s trunk because it looked heavy with partnership prints. Vicki and Jacci nominated Garth to be executor – which Christine would have hated. They got Shannon arrested for trespassing. Vicki claimed she never gave Shannon new keys.

Christine opened a gallery at Crossroads, and sent this invite to Marilyn. Those are the family prints. Chazen was a partner in selling these prints. Chazen is a Getty man. And, the corruption and lies goes on forever!

This is not ART. I had not seen Christine for fifteen years. As a true artist, I stayed clear of this criminal activity and fraud. I thought I and my new family were free and clear. I have thirty years Recovery. I am the ONLY sane one! The motive for lying, is making millions from book and movie deal. Serious editing of the truth began right after my sister was dead. Those IN CHARGE of the party were partly responsible for the Bankruptcy. They wanted a Big Second Chance thinking they could make a killing off a famous Dead Artist. They wanted to cash in on a dead body. If it appeared to Rosamond’s Fans these ghoulish promoters are responsible for Christine’s death, then, what Judge and Attorney would bless this Second Chance – in a Superior Court?

Attorney Sydney Morris did. I am going to try to get him disbarred. I am going to send that returned letter to the California Bar Association. I made a Judicial Complaint against Richard Silver. I sent OUR report to John Detro who was a good friend of Jacci Belford, and was in Christine’s home the day before the funeral, writing up a Business Report, another Rosamond Advertisement. He showed my report to the A Team. The word “murder” was written therein.

This is a beast that is worse then murder. It is Art Cannibalism! John works the notion that the ‘Rose of the World’ intimidates the ‘World of Men’. This is true. The world of men is based upon Truth and Justice. Instead, we get ‘The Caretaker’. What is a “caretaker”. Stacey Pierrot it the Caretaker. Morris sold her the Rosamond legacy. After Garth was shot down as Special Executor, then attorney Lawrence Chazen tried his luck. Chazen was a CEO of Noble Oil and Getty advisor specializing in Tax Havens. I think he is the real caretaker – in lurking! I suspect he brought in Morris.

Here is Chazen at the reopening of the Rosamond Gallery. The Caretaker told me she has nothing to do with the family partnership prints, but, there is one on the wall. Put those black balloons in Tyler’s hand, and watch me take him down into Death Cove. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ. This is the resurrection of Christine – for profit!

Here is a video of Fountain Court. Antonio knew Christine. You can see where the Rosamond gallery used to be, the brick building with the white canopy. Christine’s favorite movie is ‘Chinatown’. I have suggested more than once that the Carmelites do not want any scandals that make them look bad. I had nothing to do with any of the scandals that surrounded Rosamond who gave me credit for her success because I was her teacher. After he death………..I became……….The Messenger!

I wonder how much wine is pushed in Carmel? Morris is a partner of Robert Buck who put together the Buck Trust that funds Alcohol Justice who went after Gordon Getty’s PlumpJack winery and restaurants, that Chazen in a partner in. These merchants do not want anything to do with a real and poor, Bohemian. This is a Classy Bank! Christine and her people were cranking out money down in the Rosamond gallery! The IRS started an investigation. Christine’s auto-biography……….was disappeared!

My daughter needs to sue those who TEMPTED her when she was a minor. Her mother and her were poor. They thought they had arrived! Wizened Adults are fooled by all this bullshit and glamour! That’s what they sell My grandson needs special therapy and schooling, because I believe he wants to do something creative, verses being a dirt-bike racer, and other bullshit boy-toy bullying my daughter’s lovers are into.

There is a real art world, and real world of books. Tyler needs to know this, be a part of this, and prosper from this. Thomas Hart Benton did the illustrations for ‘Grapes of Wrath’. We got Steinbeck in our corner – and the real Bohemians that founded Carmel. I want to leave Tyler my newspaper ‘Royal Rosamond Press’ that can be established in Carmel. People are ready for the truth! They want the real deal!

“We poor Prescos are high-tailing it out of Carmel. They got too many water problems, if you get my drift.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018




No Tide Pools At Rocky Point

Here is Khara Bromily telling Tom Snyder the Death card came up in Rosamond’s
Tarot card reading a week before she drowned.
“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the cards themselves, of
death or impending doom? Did Christine have any concerns in that regard?
My work is about health and forgiveness and self-worth. A death pronouncement
can work against all that. But, if you are asking if a Death card came up, then
the answer is yes?”


Rosamond Press

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Why did Christine Rosamond think there were tide-pools at Rocky Point? Below we see a finger of water about fifteen feet wide that digs into a bowl shape in the steep hill. At the end of it is a ten foot high wall. The waves are forced into this opening, hit the wall, and shoot fifty feet into the air. The cascading water has carved this bowl over thousands of years. From the guest house where Vicki and Shamus were staying, you could see this incredible geyser. You saw it for sure if you headed down there – if it was high tide – and the wind was blowing. Wind produces waves. There is no beach, no sand. At low tide there are about three brackish pools about five feet across, and less than a foot deep.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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