Christine Wandel Putin Hate-Bot

When I told Christine Wandel about my discoveries that  predated the indictment of the Russian Troll-bots, and told her how this gives my newspaper much credibility, she went on the attack! She accused me of not caring about the dead students, and just wanted to – get trump! I was flabbergasted. She said I owned no human feelings. She used children to defend Trump. She was a school teacher for many years. Hence, the attack on the victims of the shooting is as vile as it gets. I consider Wandel my mortal enemy. What a ugly and hateful creature.

“Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen,” he told reporter Alex Leary. ”

Wandel pretended to be a hippie, but, she grew up rich. When Trump got elected, she was thrilled to get the go ahead to put her nose in the air – again! She got a couple of inheritances, but, gets SSI and food stamps. She thinks these rich shitheads are her peers. Statement like this prove the rich are lawless, and, are begging for a good spanking.

“Let them eat cake! Daddy! Make the bad boy go away! He’s ruining my night at the opera!”

Trump bid his backers to hurt Americans before he got elected, and after. He has been going after the democrats non-stop, and our social safety-net. Trumps poor supporters will be hurt badly with cuts to food stamps and other programs. Putin helped do this, and his ninety Troll-bots that snuck across our border via cable. History will look back and declare this a successful foreign attack – thanks to millions of traitors like Christine Wandel. Christine turned on her oldest friend – in the name of Trump!

Twitter just purged ‘Russian bots’, and Trump fans are crying as their followers vanish

She shot herself in the foot, because she is a famous recluse in New York City. The Postman can’t reach her. Her Big Brother Box Of Fed Food, will never arrive. She and many other NYC recluses, will starve! But, it was all worth it. She is hurting her other two friends, too, and hanging out with a guy she describes as a Nazi. Wickford Weldon has three facebooks, and not one converses with him. He is a wanna-be White Supremacist – according to Wandel. Christine says he is very dull to be with. This gave me an idea for Seinfeld spin-off. Instead of cool leftist liberal Jew-types hanging out in NYC, you get Dull George – WASP. I surfed for images of George before I found him on FB. Christine knows about this idea. My Kramer (Von Krumpster) will be a graphic sign-maker with friends at the Moscow Troll Farm that come visit him, and he stays with them. At one time he belonged to Fashion Moda, and was a very leftist Bohemian artist. Then, he saw the light!

Von Krumpster has invited his neighbors to a Trump rally. This nice Jewish couple just sent their bi-curious leftist son off to college, and want to spend the rest of their life – on top! They just want to blend in, and be with the masses! Von Krumpster will invade their privacy – like a Big Dog! He forces them to wear armbands with a circle-T. Every time they take a walk in Central Park, Krumpster’s friend, Cowboy Bob, manages to find them, and fill them in on his latest Nazi-Bible crap.

“Oh God, Max! Here he comes again. How does he keep on finding us! My great grandfather was mowed down by Cossaks. Let’s file a stalking report!”

“Are you kidding! The Judge will mock us. Who would believe we are being stalked by a Aryan horseback rider – on a white horse! What’s his name again?”



“Ha! Ha! Very funny Max! The T is silent. You Jews are famous for your sense of humor. Did you go see my gun dealer I told you about? Just say I sent you, and he’ll give you a great deal.”

“Ah, you mean the Pawn Shop next to the high school?”

“You got! Hi! Ho! It’s on to Jerusalem! Chaaaarge!”

Filene, has belonged to many cults most of her life. Alas, she got it right! She never had a Public Orgasm before. She was a Rock Star groupie and Plaster Caster helper.

Shy as a young girl, Albritton sought out a way to make contact with the opposite sex. In the late-1960s she became caught up in free love and rock music. In college, when her art teacher gave the class an assignment to, “plaster cast something solid that could retain its shape”, her idea to use the assignment as a lure to entice rock stars to have sex with her became a hit, even before she made a cast of anyone’s genitalia. Finding a dental mold-making substance called alginate to be sufficient, she found her first client in Jimi Hendrix, the first of many to submit to the idea.[2]

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI – NOVEMBER 06: Supporters cheer for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during a campaign rally at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater November 6, 2016 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. With less than 48 hours until Election Day in the United States, Trump and his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are campaigning in key battleground states that each must win to take the White House. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“He says SNAP is efficient because it is a “free market model” that lets recipients shop at stores for their benefits. The Trump administration’s proposal, he said, “is a far more intrusive, Big Government answer. They think a bureaucrat in D.C. is better at picking out what your family needs than you are?”

Question: If all of the Russian meddling took place during the Obama Administration, right up to January 20th, why aren’t they the subject of the investigation?” Trump tweeted. “Why didn’t Obama do something about the meddling? Why aren’t Dem crimes under investigation? Ask Jeff Session!”

Trump misspelled his longtime supporter’s name: It’s Sessions, not Session.

Donald Trump Jr. “liked” a pair of tweets attacking a teen survivor of the mass school shooting in Florida that left 17 people dead — including one that suggests the boy was a fabrication of the “mainstream media.”

The tweets in question note that David Hogg, 17, is the son of a retired FBI agent, and charge that he has slammed President Trump and defended the bureau because Trump has repeatedly slimed the feds.

Jon Presco

Last night, I lost my oldest friend on the planet. Christine Wandel grew up on Beacon Hill. She is a Boston Blueblood. A year ago, I was shocked to learn she was a rabbid follower of the Donald Trump Cult. She is an original hippie. She has spewed out racist remarks. She knows better, but, Trump hit her sweet spot, and she is out of here! She has abandoned the truth, for the idea the Republican party is out to protect her blonde head.

For a year the racist remarks that came over the phone, were more emboldened. She is telling me she is done with being oppressed by minorities. She was not happy with the proof Russia interfered with our elections. She forsake the Boston Patriots, and accused the FBI and FED, of coming out with their indictment in order to get peoples minds off the school shooting that the FBI could have prevented. I tried to tell her the Justice Department issued the indictment.

“You don’t care that those students were gunned down in cold blood. You just want to bring President Trump down! You have no feelings. You are inhuman!”

“You have gone insane!”

Last night I told my friend, Christine Wandel, that I was on the most important story, ever, in regards to Micah White of OCCUPY, and my suspicion Bohemian Art Centers in many cities are being manipulated by Putin, whose minion may be reading this blog.

Two years ago I was befriended by a many in his thirties who said he could get funding for a movie about my study. He said Bruce Perlowin lived down the street from him. Bruce was my friend who married a Soviet Spy. I am trying to revive ‘The Roza Mira’.  When I saw him pit people against Hillary, employing lies, I got on his case, and he backed off. When I got on him again, we got in a heated argument that was joined in by at least three others who whipped out posts with lightening speed in order to overwhelm me. I wondered if they were members of the Russian Navy, for reasons too complex to discuss at this moment.

I got upset with Chris when she suggested I was being paranoid. How I manage to see into the future is worth looking at. I pay a heavy price for being doubted all the time. Almost everyone believes they are a Seer. I am a Shaman. Above is a photo of me protesting the second Iraqi War. I am trying to tell people THE WARNING MESSAGES are  being manipulated, and we are not keeping our eye on the ball. Bush said;

Our mission is to bring God’s Gift Liberty to the Iraqi people!”

The Bevin administration’s lawsuit was filed in response to a lawsuit by a group of activists in Kentucky who were seeking to block the work requirements from being implemented. The original lawsuit claimed that work requirements were unconstitutional, because changing Medicaid eligibility rules requires an act of Congress.

The teenagers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., who a week ago lost 17 of their classmates and school staff members in a mass shooting, have emerged as passionate advocates for reform, speaking openly of their anger in the hope of forcing a reckoning on guns.

But in certain right-wing corners of the web — and, increasingly, from more mainstream voices like Rush Limbaugh and a commentator on CNN — the students are being portrayed not as grief-ridden survivors but as pawns and conspiracists intent on exploiting a tragedy to undermine the nation’s laws.

In these baseless accounts, which by Tuesday had spread rapidly on social media, the students are described as “crisis actors,” who travel to the sites of shootings to instigate fury against guns. Or they are called F.B.I. plants, defending the bureau for its failure to catch the shooter. They have been portrayed as puppets being coached and manipulated by the Democratic Party, gun control activists, the so-called antifa movement and the left-wing billionaire George Soros.

The theories are far-fetched. But they are finding a broad and prominent audience online. On Tuesday, the president’s son Donald J. Trump Jr. liked a pair of tweets that accused David Hogg, a 17-year-old who is among the most outspoken of the Parkland students, of criticizing the Trump administration in an effort to protect his father, whom Mr. Hogg has described as a retired F.B.I. agent.

Mr. Hogg, the high school’s student news director, has become a sensation among many liberals for his polished and compelling television interviews, in which he has called on lawmakers to enact tougher restrictions on guns. Just as quickly, Mr. Hogg attracted the disdain of right-wing provocateurs like The Gateway Pundit, a fringe website that gained prominence in 2016 for pushing conspiracies about voter fraud and Hillary Clinton.

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In written posts and YouTube videos — one of which had more than 100,000 views as of Tuesday night — Gateway Pundit has argued that Mr. Hogg had been coached on what to say during his interviews. The notion that Mr. Hogg is merely protecting his father dovetails with a broader right-wing trope, that liberal forces in the F.B.I. are trying to undermine President Trump and his pro-Second Amendment supporters.

Others offered more sweeping condemnations. Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist behind the site Infowars, suggested that the mass shooting was a “false flag” orchestrated by anti-gun groups. Mr. Limbaugh, on his radio program, said of the student activists on Monday: “Everything they’re doing is right out of the Democrat Party’s various playbooks. It has the same enemies: the N.R.A. and guns.”

By Tuesday, that argument had migrated to CNN. In an on-air appearance, Jack Kingston, a former United States representative from Georgia and a regular CNN commentator, asked, “Do we really think — and I say this sincerely — do we really think 17-year-olds on their own are going to plan a nationwide rally?” (He was quickly rebuked by the anchor Alyson Camerota.)

Conspiracies, wild and raw online, are often pasteurized on their way into the mainstream. A subtler version of the theory appeared Tuesday on the website of Bill O’Reilly, the ousted Fox News host. Mr. O’Reilly stopped short of saying the students had been planted by anti-Trump forces. But, he wrote: “The national press believes it is their job to destroy the Trump administration by any means necessary. So if the media has to use kids to do that, they’ll use kids.”

Some of those who have been spreading the conspiracies are facing consequences.

Benjamin Kelly, an aide to a Florida state representative, Shawn Harrison, emailed a Tampa Bay Times reporter on Tuesday accusing Mr. Hogg and a classmate, Emma Gonzalez, of being actors that travel to the sites of crises.

Mr. Kelly was soon fired.

“I made a mistake whereas I tried to inform a reporter of information relating to his story regarding a school shooting,” Mr. Kelly tweeted. “I meant no disrespect to the students or parents of Parkland.” His boss, Mr. Harrison, said on Twitter that he was “appalled” by Mr. Kelly’s remarks.

But by Tuesday evening, a new conspiracy was dominating Gateway Pundit’s home page. “Soros-Linked Organizers of ‘Women’s March’ Selected Anti-Trump Kids to Be Face of Parkland Tragedy,” read the headline. Within an hour, it had been shared on Facebook more than 150 times.

What Mueller’s indictments tell us 04:01

Tess Taylor is the author of the poetry collections “Work & Days” and “The Forage House.” The views expressed in this commentary are solely hers.

(CNN)Special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments accusing 13 Russians of conspiracy to meddle with the election have now given us a clearer picture of Russian efforts against the United States. Their strategy was simple: infiltrate groups on both the left and the right to heighten rhetoric, and use bots to intensify our discord. As Jonathon Morgan, chief executive of New Knowledge, which studies online disinformation campaigns, said to the New York Times: “The bots focus on anything that is divisive for Americans. Almost systematically.”

Tess Taylor

It is time that we Americans think hard about how we are going to proceed in the midst of these divisions. These Russian bots are bottom feeders meant to prey on American hate. Where we argue, they amplify. It hardly matters whether we fight about systemic misogyny or racism or a football player or a congressional memo — a foreign power wants us hurt, baffled, confused, ready to insult and be insulted.
We have every right to differing opinions, but we now have to recognize that our own internal arguments are actually a national vulnerability — that a foreign power wants to use our nation’s internal fault lines to weaken and undermine the American project itself.
It is ok — even normal — to feel confused.
It is befuddling to imagine a foreign country systematically undermining a US presidential election over social media. It’s bizarre to realize we’re being attacked daily through our smartphones, using the very media platforms that have generated the past two decades of American wealth. And it is frankly creepy to have been hijacked by the algorithm, a series of mathematical formulae most of us don’t even understand.
This feels unsettling and confusing because these tools are hypermodern. But if the tools of this ambush feel modern, the most basic form of the attack is, frankly, ancient. We might do well to look to the epics — “The Odyssey,” “The Iliad,” “The Aeneid.” The Russians are continuing to offer up division as the ancient apple of discord, which Eris, Greek goddess of strife, tossed towards Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. The apple, purportedly meant for the fairest goddess, fueled a dispute over vanity that resulted, eventually, in the Trojan War chronicled in “The Iliad.”
Eris knew the goddesses would fight endlessly over the apple. She counted on the fact that discord breeds chaos. Indeed, that very chaos set in motion a horrible war, and 10 years of suffering for everyone involved.
In the most enduring symbol of that war, Troy was sacked not by Greeks attacking from outside, but by Greeks who infiltrated by stealth by climbing inside a seemingly harmless hollow horse. They snuck out at night and set Troy on fire, burning a prosperous city to the ground.
Suddenly the shapes seem more familiar: The Russians create discord and chaos amidst us, and then, they attack us from within by spreading misinformation we take into our own homes and lives each day through our smartphones. They want us distrustful and ambivalent, confused and full of hate.
This is real warfare — technological warfare. These tools are new — Homer had never heard of a bot — but at the same time, this form is as old as the epics. And its threat is deeply real. We must see it for what it is. We cannot afford to lose faith in democracy and one another. We cannot afford to get hollowed out from within. We need to act. We need leaders committed to recognizing this attack and routing it out.
The Russians’ strategy is to undermine our faith in one another, and by so doing erode our faith in democracy itself. Nobody is saying that Americans can’t or shouldn’t have deep political convictions, or commitments to activism, or that we all must agree or that this isn’t a time to try the soul. But it’s crucial to acknowledge that, in exploiting our weaknesses, the Russians are showing us that they know that the American project falters most when we allow ourselves to hate or fear one another, when we allow ourselves to act out of prejudice, anxiety and distrust.
We need leaders who value democracy deep in their core, who will fight for its pillars: voting rights and a free press and free speech — our American values — and who will also take a stand against these inner weaknesses Russia is trying so hard to exploit. This is a moment when we need the deepest kind of patriotism we can summon.
Because unlike Odysseus, who after spending 10 years fighting spent 10 years in “The Odyssey” getting back to his homeland of Ithaca from Troy, we don’t have two decades to drift. We have nine months before our next major election.
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Americans deserve politicians who are going to steer us through this rocky time, who will be guided by faith in and commitment to our democratic institutions above all else. As for us — when we are offered the apple of discord in our daily lives, on social media or in person, we must not bite. We must now continue to try to find ways to heal our deepest and most painful divides. The time is urgent. We do not want to be left in cinders.

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