Mark Presco’s Niece



I found these two photographs of my daughter, Heather Hanson, just after noon. A half hour ago, I listened to Michelle Obama’s speech about Trump’s abuse of women. The thought of posting this photo with the caption ‘Mark Presco’s Niece’ made me want to take a nap, instead of doing this – thing! I suffer from PTSD. This is a symptom, to get in bed and pull the covers over your head.

I was on the Berkeley Pier when I took this photo of Heather. She is sixteen, and had come into my life for the first time four months earlier. Heather and her mother have just moved, and not let me know where. They were involved in Scientology. I was engaged to get married. I had to ask Heather’s twenty year old boyfriend, a party dude, if I could talk to my daughter, alone. Three weeks later my letter to Heather came back. I would not hear from her until two years later. She is pregnant, and dismayed, lover boy won’t marry her. He was at her graduation from High School, I was not. I was completely excommunicated from my family.

My greatest fear was my older brother had lured his niece away from me. I saw that Heather and her mother were anxious to get into Christine’s biography and movie, and come into some of the money she generated as a world famous WOMAN ARTISTS. I told Mother&Daughter my father and brother were sexual predators. I bid them to get into CODA and Adult Children of alcoholics because of the abuse they grew up with. I attended several Incest Survivors meetings, and was in hypnotherapy.  I told them Mark wanted me to include some of his misogynist rant in my autobiography, and refused. Mark is a millionaire. Our father had money too.

Heather was very unhappy I was poor. What I did not quite get, is, her mother believed angel messengers had formed a direct bond between Mommy and Rosamond. They never met! I was not a part of this divine union. Somehow, Christine gave Heather, life! What Heather believed, was all MY family problems were not HER family problems, even though there had been much abuse. This angelic bond created a new and fixed family of creative souls who deserve one another, and, deserved to be rich and famous. Christine had been dead six years. The plan was to find her – alive – and make the Hanson’s great again. We Presco’s didn’t deserve her.

Heather was reborn at her graduation. The happy ending to OUR STORY, was gone. I was, and am still, in hell. This Mother&Daughter could care less. This is a Stage Mother who is still destined to make HER daughter – a star! After graduation she took lover-boy to see members of my family. Vicki Presco was pleased with her niece’s disloyalty, however, she could not get Heather into Tom Snyder’s lying book, because I threatened to sue him for conspiracy to Kidnap a Minor and lure her across State Lines.

Heather was going to name my grandson Lily-Rose after my aunt and mother. The Stage Mother was hijacking MY story because she knew I would not let her live vicariously through MY daughter, anymore. There is your parasite who knew how to get a hold of me and tell me I was a father.

I watch these beautiful career women who are defending Trump on T.V. They all remind me of my daughter who I have not talked to in six years after she and her Tea Party lover called me a “parasite” because I get Social Security.

Trump is like my brother and father. Trump is the father Heather believed she deserved. She is mortified that I cheated her our of her birthright. Not seeing my daughter graduate was just the beginning of my punishment, my utter humiliation.

The next stage of this world wide discussion is to accept the truth there are ruthless, mercenary women in the world, just like there are men of the same ilk. Trump keeps eluding to the fact some women did get close and sexy with him in order to get some of his money and fame. He played them that way. He humiliated women – and men! There was a movie called ‘The Magic Christian’ that explored OUR love of money, and the truth, some of us will do anything to have it. Trump Lovers – are Money Lovers! He plays them that way. He sees them as whores and con-artists!

Here is my brother’s racist and misogynist hate talk.

Jon Presco

Here is – MY FOE. When my brother was sixteen, he cut out a swastika, and a saluting Nazi soldier, in his friend’s wood shop, and hung them over his bed. Being a poet, artist, and a hippie around my brother, was an extremely arduous task. He did all he could to make sure I fail. He said this after I reacted to the evil news our father had raped our niece;

Don’t be such a prude. I’ve considered becoming a pedophile myself.”


Thursday, August 28, 2008
The Problem With The Women’s Movement

The Woman’s Movement is based on two entirely false premises. The first is that “Women have been oppressed and sexually exploited by Men”. This is just the opposite of what is really true. Women enjoy a privileged position in this society and have been making a living sexually exploiting Men for the last five million years. The second is that “Women want sexual equality”. This is the last thing Women want. It should be clear to even the most casual observer that Women have no intention of giving up a single privilege or prerogative or being Female, nor have they. All traditional Female privileges and prerogatives are intact and Women have no intention of giving them up no matter how much they screech about sexual equality out of the other side of Their face. The Women’s Movement has degenerated into a group of spoiled rotten Females demanding to be even more spoiled rotten than they already are.

The assertion by the Women’s Movement that Women have been enslaved in the kitchen is, again, the exact opposite of the truth. Women defined the traditional Harriot Nelson housewife role just as aggressively as they are redefining Their roles today. Indeed, about half of todays Women still prefer this lifestyle. This has made the Women’s Movement not only duplicitous but downright schizophrenic. Women seem to think they can have it both ways. If it’s to Their advantage, They retain the right to pursue the traditional role of letting a Man be responsible for providing for Them. If They must support Themselves or choose to work, then They want full equality in the work place.

The court system is currently stacked in favor of Women and, again, They have no intention of changing it no matter how much They screech about sexual equality. In exchange for sex, a Women is entitled to half of everything a Man owns just for starters. If Children are involved the price goes up. The marriage licence is, in fact, a licence for Women to steal. The one gain Men have made in the quest for equality is the reduction of alimony payments to Women. Women have compensated for this by using Children as a financial lever. The statement “Women and Their Children” was intentionally used to show that Children belong to Her. The way that it is coming out of the court system today is that She gets the Kids, the house and the car; He gets the bills and visitation rights. In better than eighty percent of court cases She gets sole custody of the Children, He gets sole custody of the bills. Women view Children as Theirs and They want to have it both ways; parental privileges to Females, financial responsibility to Males.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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