Belle is the Chosen One

The whole world is watching to see if Trump survives ‘The Attack of the She Demons’. Trumpzilla is the Great Destroyer of Poetry. He is the Wall Street Bull at the center of the Labyrinth guarded by the false evangelical prophets. “What to do? What to do?”

Rosamond Press






City of Eugene closes Whoville. (Photo by Spencer Knowles)


Within twenty-four hours of telling Belle Burch she is my Heir, an anonymous woman gives $400,000 dollars to the homeless so those who were camped and Whoville
can buy a empty lot and camp there permanently.

I hope Belle did not have the impression I was going to leave her $CASH, or, had anything to do with this woman’s generosity. My trust is almost gone. Folks around me got half of it.

What I am going to leave Belle Burch, is my intellectual Property. If my daughter and her drunken significant others get a hold of it, they will wipe it out. They will put my papers in a pile and invite aunt Linda to urinate all over them. It was this drunken bitch, who has no children, who encouraged my sixteen year old daughter to go for the gold, because Linda Comstock is a Gold Digger. No sooner did…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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