Satan LaHaye Endorses Gingrich

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Here is the War against the Arts. Krystal Albert is a Christian. I want to know her husband’s name and his politics. As a leader of the religious right, Beverly and her husband Tim LaHaye are strong supporters of other Religious-Right groups and leaders. For instance, in the summer of 2001 the LaHayes gave Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University $4.5 million. (Beverly LaHaye is a trustee of the university.) Beverly LaHaye, alongside many other conservative leaders, has lobbied to de-fund the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). In 1991, she testified before the Committee on Appropriations, Interior Subcommittee, of the House of Representatives to argue for de-funding of the NEA. – See more at:

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Tim LaHaye has anointed Newt Gingrich as his Go Bot to do battle with Obama the Anti-Christ – knowing Newt is a great sinner and agnostic! But, when evil men resort to producing fake enemies of Jesus in order to win votes – verses employing spiritual attraction – then anything goes! If the evangelical have to employ a legion of whores to sleep with the enemy and make them dirty – then so be it! However, if one of them is caught giving money to a prostitute, then are whisked away to REFRESH SIN CITY where their sins will be washed in the blood of the lamb, and be sent back into the Good Fray!

LaHaye’s Left Behind series is now a video game, as is Ghost Busters.

“LaHaye called Gingrich “a proven conservative who has the best chance of replacing the present occupant of the White House.” LaHaye, who…

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Tim Wallace-Murphy and Tim LaHaye

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Beverly LaHaye was appointed the head of the National Endowment of the Arts. WHY? She and her husband preach the End Time Jesus and the destruction of the world, and all the museums, just like ISIS.

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Yesterday I posted on Tim Wallace-Murphy’s facebook a photograph of my good friend, Ed, whose mother was a Wallace kin to the Cavanaghs. Both families were members of the Plymouth Brethren in Dublin. I have been corresponding with Ed’s brother, Randall, who sent me a portion of his family genealogy. He just moved and is looking for the letters that go with that speak of the Brethren from which a huge Biblical prophecy has arisen, and generated millions of books authored by Tim LaHaye that have given rise to a righteous Army that has taken over the Republican Party whose candidate for President is a Mormon, who are baptizing the dead and splicing them to their massive genealogy!

Meanwhile, back in Merry Ol England, men in hats are tinkering about Rosslyn Chapel unearthing claims that there are Rex Deus families kin to Jesus, who are drastically directing the course of…

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California Royalty Revisited

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aileeng2Christine 1992 at Gettys NYI was looking at old posts and discovered I am kin to the Getty family. Christopher Wilding, the son of my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, was married to Aileen Getty.

Garth Benton sued his friend, Gordon Getty, for painting over a mural he did in the Getty home, where Christine Rosamond Benton spent the night. Christine’s partner in the Crossroads gallery, Lawrence Chazen, was a financial advisor for the Getty family, and their partner in Plumpjack. That is Chazen at the Rosamond gallery, and Christine at the Getty home.

Princess Diana, my possible kin, met Aileen at a foundation for AIDS victims. Aileen was stricken with AIDS and spent her fortune fighting this disease. This is key because I sent letters to Judges and Congressman objecting to my family’s Legacy of Recovery that could save many lives, being sold to, and then mishandled by lovers of money.

The Getty children…

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Aileen, Liz, Talitha

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Aileent33The beautiful model Talitha, who could have played Helen of Troy, is in my family tree. These are Rose of the World Women. Who has gathered them together, and why?

I forgot to say Lawrence Chazen was my father’s private lender, and Christine’s partner in the Crossroads Gallery. All in the family – aye?

Now, if I can just prove we are kin to those Greek warriors who poured out of the Trojan horse!

In horse and norse…..there is a rose!

Time to apply for a grant.


Talitha became the second wife of John Paul Getty, Jr. on 10 December 1966. She was married in a white mini-skirt, trimmed with mink.[5] The Gettys became part of “Swinging” London’s fashionable scene, becoming friends with, among others, singers Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and his girl-friend Marianne Faithfull. Faithfull has recounted her apprehension, through “ingrained agoraphobia”, about an invitation…

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The Poor Artist As God

Royal Rosamond Press:

I posted this three years ago, before ISIS was born, before we see these monsters smashing artifacts, and raping girls. ISIS are now oil tycoons. Only I stood in their way, knowing I would be called a lunatic.

“Enact deep reductions in the subsidies for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Legal Services Corporation.

His idea would essentially gut an organzation that has already had their budget cut by 6% this year to total $146.255 million.

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“Today, there are a wide range of oil and gas subsidies. The three largest subsidies cost the federal government more than $40 billion over ten years. All three of them essentially allow oil and gas companies to deduct normal business expenses, allowing them to reduce the taxes they pay.”

In 1996, I sent a letter to Judge Richard M. Silver and executor Sydney Morris, wherein I ask for an advance on my claim so I could hire a Private Eye to search for my two children a Seer said I sired. In the records of a Superior Court is found this gift that many people have owned in the history of mankind. My daughter Heather Hanson came into my life in the year 2000. However, this Judge and the attorney he appointed, did not honor my quest, the quest of an artist to carry on with the creative gifts born…

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I Am The Rose of the World

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Here is the prophecy of The Trinity Rose. ““Therefore, every art form and a beautiful repertoire of ritual will outfit the Rose of the World with colorful and glittering habiliments. And for that same reason, it would be most natural for a person who possesses three of the greatest gifts—religious vision, sanctity, and artistic genius—to stand at the head of the Rose of the World.”

How many of my readers thought I had gone over the deep end with this post?

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“Therefore, every art form and a beautiful repertoire of ritual will outfit the Rose of the World with colorful and glittering habiliments. And for that same reason, it would be most natural for a person who possesses three of the greatest gifts—religious vision, sanctity, and artistic genius—to stand at the head of the Rose of the World.
Perhaps such a person will never come, or will come much later. It is possible that a collective of the worthiest, and not one single person, will lead the Rose of the World. But if Providence sends a person of such great spirit to our century—and it has sent them before—and the forces of evil are unable to thwart his or her mission, it will be the greatest of good fortune for the entire planet.”

Last night I watched about five minutes of the Holy Huckabee show, and was sickened. In a church…

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Elizabeth “Rosebud” Taylor

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It was my dream to send my grandson, Tyler Hunt, to Le Rosey that is located in Rolle Switzerland near Chateau Rougemont. When I went to Bullhead City over a year ago for a family reunion, I thought I had the happy ending to my book ‘Capturing Beauty’. However, “the best laid pans of mice and men soon come to folly.’ I met my Waterloo in the Las Vegas airport while walking with my sister, Victoria Presco, who I had not lay eyes on in seven years. We spotted Heather and Tyler from afar, and then beheld the love of her life, Bill Cornwell, for the first time. He was straining to get a glimpse of his future father-in-law, his nemesis, his bitter enemy he never met, and when he beheld me, he lowered his eyes and looked down on the ground.

“Did you catch that look?” I asked Vicki.

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