Joan de Rougemont – Queen Mother of All Queens

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habslip6Several years ago I sent a letter to Michael Salvator Archduke Habsburg-Lorraine, and asked for a form so I could enter the “flowing borders” compitition that was being held by the Joan of Farrette society. I was utterly ignored, because, I was an American, or, I knew more about Jeanne de Rougemont-Ferrette that anyone on the planet, and had connected the Rougemonts to the Knight Templars and the Holy Shroud. Did the Archeduke google me, or, had he heard of this upstart American – and thus I was the hands-down winner – before I asked for entry form!?

If you recall the painting I did when twelve, that toured the world in a Red Cross (Rosy Cross) show. This was quite an achievement by a boy who went to school hungry everday, and was brutalized by his father, forced to work as his slave since he was eight. Who does…

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Mary Magdalene Rosamond de Toxandria

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Gauthier de Costes de la Calprenede is said to have written the first
historic romance novel when 1668 he compiled the history of the
Merovingian Frankish Kings in his monumental work ‘Pharamond’. Within
we have an account of Pharamond’s love for Rosemonde, the Cambrian
princess whose tribe, the Cimri, are mentioned in the Bible.

“Gaultier de Coste, seigneur de La Calprenède, (born c. 1610, château of Toulgou, near Sarlat (now Sarlat-la-Canéda), France—died 1663, Grand-Andely), author of sentimental, adventurous, pseudohistorical romances that were immensely popular in 17th-century France.”

“Although confused in construction and unashamedly anachronistic, these novels were enormously popular for their heroic mythification of contemporary courtly ideals. They inspired the plots of many plays, most notably Thomas Corneille’s Timocrate (1656).”

Margaret Starbird and other authors associated with the Holy Blood and Grail topic that suggests Jesus had a daughter, falls in the category of pseudohistorical and mythifications of courtly ideals…

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Mary Magdalene Rosamond on Avalon

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Monday I talked with Drew and Vicki about doing a painting of our grandmother sitting under a tree with her and Royal’s friends. Royal Rosamond camped on the Channel Islands. I believe he took the photographs. I will consult with a Channel Island historian who would want these photos. Mary is the woman with the large hat.

Jon Presco

Pre-European settlement
Prior to the modern era, Avalon Bay was inhabited by people of the Gabrielino/Tongva tribe. In addition to Catalina Island, the Tongva occupied present-day Los Angeles County, northern Orange County, and San Clemente Island. The island was a major source of soapstone to the Tongva, who used the material to make stone vessels for cooking.[5] The Tongva called the island Pimu or Pimugna and referred to themselves as the Pimugnans.[6] The Pimugnans had settlements all over the island at one time or another. Their biggest villages, most likely, were…

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The Knights of Jeanne de Rougemont-Ferrette

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It was my dream to go to Rougemont Switzerland and attend the Medievale Celebrations of Ferrette, a castle that was owned by Ulrich de Rougemont who had four beautiful daughters, one being, Jeanne de Rougemont who is the Queen Mother of all Habsburgs. Rougemont was spelled Rozemont under Habsburg rule. This dream has been intercepted by the thousands of dollars taken from the legacy my uncle left me by those who were susposed to make my dreams come true. But I will go to Rougemont with my grandson when he turns thirteen. Here is the home of our ancestors who are liken to the Hobbits.

It is alleged that the Habsburgs descend from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and are a Rex Deus family. Take note of the woman on horseback who named herself after Queen Berenice of Jerusalem. Take note that Etichon-Adalric of Alsace looks like a Jew, even Jesus…

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The Wolfen Guard of Mary Magdalene de Rosemont

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And now, to give you the secret I have owned unto myself for twenty two years.

When Rachel the wife of Jacob, could not born her husband a son, she intercepted, or, bid Jacob’s son, Reuben to bring her a mandrake root. Either Rachel made a son from the mandrake, or, took this hallucinate with her husband’s eldest son, Reuben, and thus he conceived Benjamin, a name that means “son of my shame”

Reuben is the shameful son who did a shameful and forbidden thing. This could be another attempt to denigrate the tribe of Benjamin, that was a victim of genocide by the tribe of Judah. However, the tribe of Benjamin is redeemed, and joined to the Judah family tree via two sons of Saul – I will not name for the time being. Many biblical scholars have concluded David is an invented character, but, no scholar has discovered…

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Grandchildren of Mary Magdalene Rosamond

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Any true Grail Lineage will come under attack. That is the rule. Does this apply to Grail Scholars?

I have been at a great disadvantage as a scholar when I couldn’t help but point out the name Rosamond and the Grail go hand in hand. This is because there is a possibility I am of the Vine, and thus Jesus is my kindred. Many so called grail scholars would want to title me “insane” as would the mother who hid my child from me so she could enjoy the light this child radiated, as she has testified about.

I do not believe Jesus was married and had children. I believe John the Baptist was the Messiah of the Jews who was able to speak and write when he was eight days old. He is of a lineage of Divine children born unto baron mothers old in years who took the…

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Jessie Benton’s Tree of Stars

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A Seer at the Berkeley Psychic Institute said Elfine and the Gideon Computer were being dictated by a powerful entity that roams the universe coming to the aid of planets in dire distress. The odds of Christine becoming a world famous artist was very high. That she would marry into the world famous Benton family, is even higher. After Christine’s death my mother Rosemary said “You were her John. You prepared her way.” My father swore I was not his son. I have wondered if I am the reincarnation of Da Vinci. If I am taking dictation from an alien, how close am I – to being an alien? Are not there a thousand sites that claim aliens established artistic dynasties? Who prepared – my way?

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benton222Jessie Benton Lyman’s genealogy is the most outstanding family tree in America. It is a Patriotic Tree full of stars. The great mother ship that lands atop the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming looks like a Christmas Tree. Turn the American flag into a cone shaped tree, and her are the red and white rays coming down from heaven.

In the first biography of Christine Rosamond Benton, Garth Benton does most of the talking. Only once does he talk about the love he owned for Christine. There is no mention of a Family Muse, for this book was the Final Divorce that was in its final stages when my beloved sister was swept out to sea – along with all the magic. It is for this love our lost magic that I cling to Ms. Christensen and herald her return, the Winged Muse raining down bright ribbons of inspiration upon us…

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