A Bookcase, Pennent, and Trophy

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There are reasons why many people want to see Ken Kesey’s mural in downtown Springfield, work. I will post on the Mayor’s speech later on. What had to be sought was permission to render this mural on a building owned by the Oddfellows. They were mentioned in what can be described as a political speech. Most everything is political these days. For sure no one that mattered was for ‘Cosmic Ken’. To render a giant mural with Saturn and a shooting star above Magi Kesey’s head, is a No-No! There can be no beatitude smile on his face while he hand-feeds a Unicorn that has just come across the Rainbow Bridge. This would not pass muster. Everyone is going to scream…..


Even though these thing were used to sell dairy and yogurt products, stuff that is good for you,  let us put these magical things in books, and put these books in a bookcase, that almost renders Ken’s mural, a still life. The revolution will not be televised. There will be no army of happy milk cans marching down the yellow-brick road to see the Wizard who promoted  a mind-altering chemical.  If folks want to see this kind of stuff they can go see the Kesey movie when it plays at the Gateway theatre, located a mile away. Will it be in 3-D? Will the audience put on tie-dyed glasses?

What I am extremely interested in is becoming a Lobbyist, because I want to see the 17% percent tax on marijuana go to Creative Bohemian ideas. That cauldron at the end of the Rainbow Nancy talked about, will soon be filled with


Many will come running to stake their claim. We are looking at a New Gold Rush!


When I read the folks who rendered the Simpson Family on the side of the Emerald Art Association, were going to do a mural of Ken Kesey, I went downtown to investigate from a skeptics point of view. I wore a funny hat, Merlin’s hat, that was full of stars and crescent moon. I brought objects with me in order to perform an Augur’s ritual. Four days later I could not believe my good fortune when Brenda invited me to come upstairs and see the Oddfellow Hall that was open to the public for the unveiling. I was going to get more than a peek behind te Curtain of Oz.

The first thing I see is a table full of magical and odd hats. I debated about bringing my Merlin hat. There were costumes. In another room there were strange three-dimensional objects in a frame. Did the Oddfellow look down on me while I performed an intuitive ceremony? Did they declare;

“He’s the Chosen One! Let us lure him up here at the unveiling!”

Why am I the Chosen One? Here is a photography of me and my two siblings, Christine and Mark. Our mother, Rosemary, has lined us up for a photo-op so she can brag on me. Above the antique bookcase is a watercolor I did of a sailboat that was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross show. I painted it in Mr. Luzmore’s class. My best friend to be, came and stood behind me, and said;

“That is a fine work of art!”

Bill Arnold and Nancy Hamren were very close. Nancy knew my family and had been to our house. We went to McCheznie Junior High.

“We played at being Beatniks!” said Nancy at the unveiling with a chuckle.

It was Bill who discovered we Prescos owned a rare book collection that was compiled by my great-grandfather, William Oltman Stutmeister, a successful Dentist. William was a Oddfellow who rescued the graves of his kindred when the Oddfellow cemetery was desecrated. His book collection was decimated when my kin came barging into our front door after school, with cardboard boxes, and began to shovel our books into them. I was thirteen. He knew my mothers was at work.

“Why didn’t you stop him!” Rosemary cried!

Stopping a Book Thief was not on my To-do list. How would you go about it? If there had been a heavy trophy around I could have hit him over the head.

I asked several people that mattered what was up with the pennant and the trophy resting atop the bookcase – just a hair above Ken’s head. I did not receive a good answer. A few blogs back I posted on a scholar who declared ‘One Flow Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ a modern Grail story. Note how the banner with the name Springfield points to the Grail that has been described as a Horn of Plenty, a alchemists object that can produce gold.

Where’s Ken’s copy of ‘The Da Vinci Code’? Before Ken, Homer Simpson was recruited as the Axis Mundi. Consider Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘The Cosmic Trigger’. Like it or not, we are all hurtling in space. And the mothers that born us want to be proud of all their children. For sure they don’t want us to fall in with the wrong crowd, a bunch of oddballs. Now, the bookcase makes perfect artistic sense. Do you agree?

As to Ken’s, size, let me quote Robert.

I heard there is a secret button on Ken’s bookcase, and when pushed, it opens to a hidden world, a place humanity has sought long before Ken was born. I may be the only one who went upstairs, where they gathered. I paid my respects to – the host!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Prescos 1961 Mark, Greg & Christine on tablegregartgoodfell8goodtemp4



Consider the Grateful Dead that rose to fame in San Francisco.

In the early 20th century, San Francisco voted most of its cemeteries out of existence, ostensibly for public health reasons; after decades of further dispute the transfer of Lone Mountain’s forty-seven thousand inhabitants began, primarily to Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in the city of Colma, immediately south of San Francisco. In what writer Harold Gilliam has described as “an act of civic vandalism,” thousands of crypts and mausoleums were unearthed, the granite and marble dumped along the Pacific shoreline to reinforce seawalls.[



Patrick Stewart guest stars as “Number One”, the leader of the Springfield chapter of the Stonecutters. It features cultural references to Freemasonry and films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Emperor.

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Tale of Two Murals


There once were two Kesey Murals in Springfield. My friend Nancy described the first one and got one of names of the artists, right, so I was able to restore the lost description of the mural that was painted on the outside wall of the The Creamery that Chuck told me the town leaders hated.

“It was the only mural for a hundred miles around, and, it had to go!” Said the husband of Sue Kesey, and brother-in-law of Ken.

“There was a caldron with marijuana plants!” Nancy, of yogurt fame, added.

“Wasn’t there a Unicorn?” asked I.


The unasked question at the unveiling (as far as I know) is………

How did Ken get so big? It’s like ‘The Attack of the Fifty Foot Author’.

Kesey towers over the Springfield Lilliputians, his family, and his friends. He is bigger than life! Why? What was the motive or inspiration of the folks that came up with this concept. He has a name. I captured him on camera. Let’s call him ‘White Rabbit’ for now.

I suspect this gigantism came about when the mayor and her people wondered how they could brand Springfield and put this little town on the map. In the middle of the night Ken was brought over, and staked down. As yet, the Eugenius don’t know what hit them. They thought the had Ken all sewn up and in their back pocket. Now, he is too big to fit there – or go home! The DeFazio Bridge would collapse under his weight. Remember how popular that bridge was when it was built?

I consider myself an Art Historian. Have you seen the show ‘Histories Mysteries’? I and others were investigating the Mysteries of the Priory de Sion, when Dan Brown came along and shrunk us. For a couple of years, about fifty folks got to do James Burke whose show ‘Connections’ was one of my favorite. Burke would show how one minor invention led to a bigger one, and after twenty more seemingly irrelevant connections, one alas arrived at the Great Invention.

In looking to see if I am on the right track, or, something is authentic, I look for Verivicators. I found many, but none was more HUGE than the appearance of Nancy Hamren on the scene. Nancy is the Grande Connector. She is the point of the compass. She sets the radius. She makes the inclusive and exclusive circle – and she may not fully know why and how.

In my sphere of reality, Nancy is the embodiment of my kindred, Jessie Benton, who was the patron of  Brett Harte, and, Gutzon Borglum, who carved Mount Rushmore. Jessie wrote Fremont’s journals about his exploration of Oregon, and accounts of the Native of the Willamette Valley. The Pathfinder is kind of honored in the mural on the Emerald Arts building, two blocks from where Ken stands – like King Kong!

Jessie is the great-aunt of the muralist, Thomas Hart Benton, who was the cousin of the late muralist, Garth Benton, who was married to my late sister, the famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, who lived with Nancy in a famous Hippie Commune on Twenty-Second Avenue next to the San Francisco Panhandle. We lived with the Zorthian sisters, whose father was a famous muralist, who was inspired by Thomas Hart Benton. Jirayrl Zorthian is titled ‘The Last Bohemian’. Ken could be titled ‘The Last Hippie’.

Then there is Ralph Stockpole’s ‘Pacifica’. Ralph was a good friend of the muralist, Diego Rivera. I formed a bond with the artists who did a stellar job on the Kesey mural. I will rave about them in my next post.


What I have just done is make Ken’s image – twice as big! It is getting up there with Mount Rushmore. But, this GIANT may have been built on quicksand. Springfield may not have a rightful claim to Ken. Indeed, this may be a case of Creative Kidnapping.

This is where Chuck and Sue comes in, and members of the Odd Fellows who are up in the second floor looking down on us, as we seemingly look up at them. When I talked to Chuck I asked him if he has any old photos of the mural that was painted on the outside of his successful enterprise. He told me he has a dusty cardboard box up in the attic at the new Creamery. He was being facetious, pointing out his brother was the attention-getter in the family.

Nancy said there is a movie in the works – about Ken! I don’t see it. I see a movie about Chuck, Sue, and Nancy. Not only were they a Hip Anchor for this town, but an anchor for all Hippie Enterprises – all over the world. Millions of people have started tiny Bohemian businesses – that were real adventures!

The Kesey Family owned the Creamery that anchors the new family mural. The key word here is – FAMILY. There are several creative family legacies here, as well as extended families. This unveiling was a Family Event. It was a Harmonic Convergence of Family Ideals. I see a famous Japanese director bowing before Chuck and Sue, begging him to allow this humble director to immortalize him on the silver screen. Why would he want to do that? Because in Japan, Chuck, Sue, and Nancy, would be National Treasures.  The two Kesey murals constitute an indelible cultural contribution that needs to be defined and recorded.

Chuck hires Samurai Warriors to protect the mural of the happy dancing milk cans, that will become famous cartoon characters in Japan. Schoolchildren will wear backpacks that look like happy milk cans with happy feet that dance while they run to school to learn about the honorable path of life – via a family business! Uncle Chuck is on all the talk shows. Giant banners with Nancy’s happy face are carried in massive parades!

I never saw more Winners in one place. As bubbles danced around our head, my childhood friend and I went back in Mr. Peabody’s Way-back Machine to the first Human Be-in at the Polo Grounds. Steve was with us. He was annoyed. I asked Nancy is she recalled us concluding;

“We don’t want leaders? Who asked for leaders?”

On stage appeared Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Michael McClure. We had no leaders, no one to guide us and make rules for us. We were a Family of Equals. We were counting noses. We thought we would live forever. Seeing Nancy again is a highlight of my life. We carry matching pictures that go back to when we were twelve, when one first leaves the natal family circle, and forms another circle, with your beloved friends. Yesterday, Ken was with his friends, and his beloved family.

To be continued…….

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press



January 14, 1967: The Human Be-In, aka “Gathering of the Tribes”, Golden Gate Park

Announced on the cover of the first edition of the counter-culture magazine San Francisco Oracle, the “Gathering of the Tribes” or “Human Be-In” as it came to be known, was the prototype of all 1960s counter culture celebrations.  The Human Be-In precipitated the legendary Summer of Love, and made San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury the epicenter of the burgeoning hippie movement.  The Be-In featured all the luminaries of psychedelic counter-culture, including Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Dick Gregory, Lenore Kandel, and Jerry Ruben.  Many of the Haight’s best musical acts also performed, including the Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service.  It was at the Human Be-In that Timothy Leary coined his famous phrase, “Tune in, Turn on, Drop Out”.  LSD was provided en mass by the legendary chemist Stanley “Bear” Owsley, who was also the sound operator for the Grateful Dead and is the namesake behind the famous Grateful Dead dancing bears.  The Diggers provided free food to the crowds, which were estimated in excess of 30,000.  It was this huge number of spontaneously gathered celebrants that attracted national media attention to the psychedelic Haight-Ashbury community, and made everyone involved realize that a profound new movement in American culture was being born.  The ethos of this new movement was a fundamental questioning of authority, a focus on individuality, decentralization, ecological awareness, and consciousness expansion through cultural openness and the use of psychedelic drugs.  These ideas transfixed mainstream culture, and the phenomenon of the “hippie” burst full force into the public consciousness, transforming a generation.

James Burke (born 22 December 1936) is a British broadcaster, science historian, author, and television producer, who is known, among other things, for his documentary television series Connections (1978), and for its more philosophically oriented companion series, The Day the Universe Changed (1985), which is about the history of science and technology. The Washington Post called him “one of the most intriguing minds in the Western world“.[2]

Burke established his reputation as a reporter on the BBC science series Tomorrow’s World. He was BBC television’s science anchorman and chief reporter for the Project Apollo missions, as the main presenter of the BBC’s coverage of the first moon landing in 1969. In collaboration with Mick Jackson, he produced the ten-part documentary series Connections (1978), which was first broadcast on the BBC, and subsequently on PBS in the United States. Connections traced the historical relationships between invention and discovery: each episode chronicled a particular path of technological development. Connections was the most-watched PBS television series to that time.




First-generation American artist Gutzon Borglum emerged onto the national scene when he carved into history the heads of four U.S. presidents on Mt. Rushmore, deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Although his earlier paintings and sculptures would be overshadowed by the mountainside known as the Shrine to Democracy, many of his works were crafted in Los Angeles and the town where he lived, Sierra Madre.

Like Mt. Rushmore itself, Borglum was a larger-than-life figure who demanded attention. Amid a career that spanned more than half a century, he carried on a romance with the California landscape, painting hundreds of seascapes, landscapes, crumbling mission exteriors, championship horses and a portrait of Gen. John C. Fremont, as well as sculpting a bust of Fremont’s wife, Jessie Benton Fremont, and the Los Angeles Times’ bronze eagle.

Jessie Ann Benton Frémont (May 31, 1824 – December 27, 1902) was an American writer and political activist.

Frémont’s initial notability came from her family: she was the daughter of Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton and the wife of military officer, explorer and politician, John C. Frémont. She wrote many stories that were printed in popular magazines of the time as well as several books of historical value. Her writings, which helped support her family during times of financial difficulty, were memoirs of her husband’s, and her own, time in the American West—back when the West was an exotic frontier.

A great supporter of her husband, who was one of the first two Senators of the new U.S. state of California and a Governor of the Territory of Arizona, she was outspoken on political issues and a determined opponent of slavery, which was excluded from the formation of California. By maintaining a high level of political involvement during a period that was extremely unfavorable for women, Jessie Benton Frémont proved herself to be years ahead of her time.

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The Odd Literary Grail of The Fishing Fellowship

zane3ken-mur22belg33cypress-lawn-00777oddfee odd-fellows-motto oddffeew

KENN2What is so odd about the Odd Fellows? Back in January I posted this prophetic post. ‘The Literary Bohemian Crusade With Grail’.


When I read Kesey’s mural was going to appear on the Odd Fellows building, I knew several portals were opening. This morning, Zane Kesey posted pics of his fishing trip. He left Depoe Bay and went under an arch out to sea. He did not know the fishing trip from the movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was filmed here. McMurphy introduces his odd crew of madmen, as Doctors. The Pranksters are born.


I wrote this post at a low point of my life, when I felt forsaken. But, this is how the story goes,  just when all seems lost, Perceval beholds the Grail.

At the end of my novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ Berkley Bill Bolagard is reunited with his book collection he thought he had lost. We had rare books in our home growing up thanks to my ancestors who conducted secret rituals non-members are not privy to, but, there I am, the Master Augur making a templum before a two-dimensional book-case.

The Pontifex Maximus is a ‘bridge builder’. Ken was a bridge builder to other dimensions. My Janke kindred built a theme park for the Oddfellows. Ken made a theme park in Springfield and Eugene – that spread all over the world! Consider Kesey Enterprises.

“The Jankes turned out to be entertainment entrepreneurs as well. They bought up a dozen acres on the south side of Belmont Creek and established Belmont Park and picnic grounds. Patterned after the beer gardens of their German heritage, it offered a 300 person dance pavilion, a carousel, a running track and walking trails, an ice cream parlor, plenty of picnicking space and of course drinks – beer and plenty of sarsaparilla (which might have been spiked with cocaine in that era). The Jankes made a mutually profitable deal with the Southern Pacific to run weekend picnic special trains from the city to Belmont Park. The place often hosted large crowds, with one notable affair being 8,000 people for an Odd Fellows fraternal gathering.”


A curtain hangs on the side of the Odd Fellows Hall  that will part at 5:30 P.M. today. This image of Ken was taken at the Calliope Company warehouse where the Pranksters lived for a month. Ken is looking at the city my ancestors help build. I can see Oakland across the bay, reflected in the pupil of his eye.

And, the books fly off the shelf. The air is filled with the sound of rustling wings as the pages of time are turned. What a long strange trip it has been.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015



Two days ago I found what constitutes the Literary Bohemian Holy Grail. I found an essay by titled ‘Kesey and Pynchon – A Trip to the Wasteland’.


What the author contends is the novels ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘The Crying of 49’ by Thomas Pynchon are Grail Romances replete with Grail Knight and the Fisher King. Alas I have a credible author and scholar who I can refer to in regards to I owning credibility and being able to point to how two writers – who do not know each other – have arrived at similar conclusions. Consider Ken Kesey’s Search for Merlin in England which my newspaper has reported on.

The Holy Crusade and the Holy Grail go hand in hand. Islamic terrorists killed writers and cartoonist in Paris. I am a cartoonist who began a cartoon in 1986, titled ‘My Christ Complex’.   That same year I began ‘The Gideon Computer’ after my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, suggested I author the history of the Hippies because I could recall so much. I chose to write about the Last Hippie of the future, who helps destroy the shame-based computer that goes after all the Free Souls and Free Thinkers. I got sober when I noticed my novel was coming true.





Today’s Twin Pines Park in Belmont, a refuge for kids, families and the arts, conceals a rowdy past. Here’s an easy cache to introduce its history.

In the 1870s, Belmont was a whistle stop on the Southern Pacific railroad, an aspiring suburb to San Francisco and a base for tycoons like William Ralston who had built country mansions in the canyons and hills to the west. In 1876, two German immigrants brought some industry to town. Carl Augustus Janke and his son Carl Ferdinand founded the Belmont Soda Works just north of The Corners (now Ralston and El Camino). The Jankes manufactured a variety of fizzy drinks, most notably sarsaparilla, and delivered them to San Francisco and points south along the railroad.

The Jankes turned out to be entertainment entrepreneurs as well. They bought up a dozen acres on the south side of Belmont Creek and established Belmont Park and picnic grounds. Patterned after the beer gardens of their German heritage, it offered a 300 person dance pavilion, a carousel, a running track and walking trails, an ice cream parlor, plenty of picnicking space and of course drinks – beer and plenty of sarsaparilla (which might have been spiked with cocaine in that era). The Jankes made a mutually profitable deal with the Southern Pacific to run weekend picnic special trains from the city to Belmont Park. The place often hosted large crowds, with one notable affair being 8,000 people for an Odd Fellows fraternal gathering.

With drink and crowds came trouble. Drunken brawls were not uncommon, and on one occasion a shoot-out between gangs left a man dead (some modern problems are not new.) A private jail was installed at the park, beneath the dance hall floor, and the Southern Pacific put special police on its excursion trains. But as Belmont and other Peninsula settlements grew, the weekly influx of rowdies was seen as a problem that outweighed their commercial benefits. Under pressure from the locals, the railroad cancelled its party train specials by 1900. Belmont Park went into a quick decline, and was mostly subdivided for other uses. The present park and the civic center are part of its remains, with little to show of its checkered past.


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Destroying Republican Party


For fifteen years this blog has been saying the Republican Party is being destroyed. Did I use Augury to deduce this? Am I insane? No! I just stuck my neck out and said this was coming.


The showdown between Trump and Uncle Samaclaus has arrived. In theory I have way more money than Trump, and love to give it away because I am a Socialist like Bernie Sanders whom I am now working to put in the White House.

Like many rich people, Trump brags about people wanting him to give him some of his money. Many stupid and poor people believe Trump will give them some money if they vote for him. Instead, Trump will build a trillion dollar wall in order to keep poor people from coming to America and getting some of Uncle Samaclause’s goodness. The Republican party under George Bush spent two trillion dollars forcing ARMED FOREIGN Iraqis to accept “God’s gift of Liberty” they didn’t want, giving rise to ISIS. America spent trillions on the Cold War and the Armed War on Drugs. Trillions were spent on guns and cannons. I am wearing a flag of the defunct Soviet Union that fell due to alcoholism. I have twenty-eight years of sobriety and drink Diet Coke.

Above is a pic of me at the second OCCUPY Eugene meeting where I told folks to get behind all Government Giveaway Programs because bankers hate these things. Instead, they got behind, and became, homeless people living in tents, which was the biggest waste of a grassroots movement in the history of such a thing. Working and Voting People could not relate. They threw away money at the problem that did not improve, but got worse!

I wanted them to occupy the Post Office that Peter DeFazio is trying to save from being privatized. It is a Socialist institution founded upon the need for democratic radicals to send each other radical letters and newspapers – so the Revolution will never die, never be corrupted. The Constitution says roads should be made by the government – to the post offices! This is the first world wide web that the Faux Republicans want Staples to run – in order to balance the budget?

Uncle Samaclaus was born the day the Postal Clause came to be.


Here come Bernie Sanders – who looks like Uncle Samaclaus! Hmmmmm! If he let his beard grow. Did this Master Augur foretell the coming of Uncle Bernieclaus?



Bernie is not being covered by the media because it is owned by rich fat cats. Yesterday I attended a Coffee With Bernie Folks event. Perhaps we can have a Bag Lunch on the Post Office Steps event where we send letters to other Bernie Folks at other post offices. A Mail In. I see us gathering around old pot belly stoves listening to Radio Free Bernie.

Trump is jealous of Uncle Samaclaus and the idea The People own anything.

“I should own the Post Office. I could run it much better than those bimbos.. I would make sure Kelly’s letters get delivered – in the sewer! She hates me, you know. I got more money than her – and Fox!”

Being a selfish bully is not the American Way! Build the roads, and they will come!

Jon Presco



Mama Bear says; “If you vote for Bernie I will rip your guts out and feed them to my Redneck Cubs! Have a Merry Christmas – or else!”

“Without a doubt, my kindred, Jessie Benton Fremont, and John Fremont, want their history to be championed – by anyone – due to the take-over the Republican party they co-founded! No two people would be happier, than to see the election of a black president. To see their old enemies go after this president with such guile and deceit, causes them to roll over in their grave. The Tea Party Traitors HATE the history of the Republican Party – more than they do President Obama!”


“Just in time for tax day, Senator Bernie Sanders has figured out how President Obama can close massive tax loopholes with a few strokes of a pen, and he needs our help.

In a recent letter to President Obama, Senator Sanders outlined six loopholes that massive corporations, hedge fund managers, and the worst of the 1% use to dodge taxes and avoid paying us back for providing roads, courts, and an educated workforce.1

Closing all six loopholes would raise more than $100 billion that could be invested in America – and best of all, the President can do it all without Congress.

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%.

The list of loopholes that the worst of the 1% use to avoid taxes reads like a “how-to” guide for multimillionaire hedge fund managers and multinational corporations trying to rip off a nation:

  • The “check-the-box” loophole. Simply by checking one box, companies can claim that an entity it owns should be ignored by the IRS for tax purposes. By giving different stories to different governments, they can transfer profits between subsidiaries tax free. Closing this loophole would raise up to $78 billion over the next decade.2

  • The “Hewlett-Packard” loophole. Companies are supposed to pay taxes when they bring offshore profits back to America. But if their offshore subsidiaries only provide a short-term “loan” to the onshore parent company, they can dodge the law. At one point, Hewlett-Packard was found to be “borrowing” billions, tax-free.3

  • The “Real Estate Investment Trust” loophole. Real estate investment trusts are like mutual funds for real estate, and they don’t pay corporate income tax. But all sorts of companies, from private prisons to casinos, now claim to be real estate investment trusts in order to dodge taxes.4

  • The “carried interest” loophole. Wealthy investors pay hedge fund managers billions to manage their money. But this loophole allows those fund managers to pretend that their income is actually a capital gain from selling investments – and capital gains are taxed at a far lower rate. Closing this loophole would raise up to $18 billion.5

  • The “earnings stripping” loophole. CREDO members have fiercely fought corporate inversions, where big U.S. companies merge with a smaller foreign company to avoid paying taxes. The Treasury Department has already cracked down on one tax dodge related to inversions, and closing the other, the “earnings stripping” loophole, could raise up to $13 billion over the next decade.6

  • The “valuation discount” loophole. If wealthy parents put a restriction on selling a company before transferring it to their children, it is considered less valuable and so they pay less in taxes – even if that restriction is then removed or ignored. The IRS could overlook these meaningless restrictions and raise up to $18 billion over the next decade.7

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%.

The Internal Revenue Service created the first three loopholes by accident, with administrative rulings that had unintended consequences – and President Obama could easily order the IRS to fix its mistake. The other three could be closed if the Treasury Department used its existing authority to call hedge fund managers “service providers” and issued new rules under the tax code.8

The Obama administration has likely held off on making these changes in order to meet Republican demands that any new investments be “paid for” by closing a loophole. But with a new, right-wing Congress adamantly opposed to any new spending or tax increases, the time for bargaining chips is over. President Obama needs to know that if he takes a bold stand in favor of tax fairness, Americans will stand with him.

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%.

Thank you for speaking out,

  1. Sanders Asks Obama to Close Six Egregious Corporate Tax Loopholes,” Sanders.Senate.gov, March 3, 2015.
  2. Potential Executive Actions to Close Tax Loopholes,” Budget.Senate.gov, Retrieved April 6, 2015.











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Jesus-Balaam Augur and Magi

litus8 litus10 lituus2 lituus3 lituus4 lituus5 lituus6 lituus7 lituus8magda3

There has to be a good reason why the Zoroastrian Magi followed a star to Bethlehem. The truth is the shepherds of the Medes came here every year to sell and trade livestock, and wool. But, this year was a Jubilee Year, and as kinsman redeemer, certain foreigners were allowed to pay the debts of their people and release them from bondage.  Gentiles, who were once admitted into the Covenant of the Lord, left for home with their kindred and their children after a ritual performed at the Temple. With the Reforms of Joash, and the finding of a false Covenant, many religious observances were abolished. Certain Children of God were cast out, and made slaves for life. They were rendered Illegitimate Aliens.

For the reason Trump is destroying the Republican Party founded by my kindred, as Go’el Redeemer I reveal many secrets in order to reform my party that was corrupted by the false Evangelical cult. The proof is in the pudding. God is not on their side.

The Jews compared Jesus to Balaam, a Moabite Augur and Soothsayer. I suspect Moses and Aaron were Moabites. Aaron makes false gods. Moses misuses his Rod of God, and can not enter the Promised Land, a lie invented by the false scribes of Joash who hated the worship of Baal. The results are devastating. Judea is ravaged by enemies who defile the temple. Most Jews believed Baal had protected them.

Jesus appears to be a New Reformer, he bringing back the Old Ways, thus he might have called himself a ‘Son of Baal’.  I have presented my theory that Jesus was a Moabite King, he crowned as such by the Magi when he was eight days old. This would explain why the elite Jews rejected Jesus, while many people gathered to put Jesus on a white ass, like the one Balaam rode.

“Redeem us now!”

A new study of the Shroud of Turin says Pontius Pilate’s Augur coins were placed on the eyes of the image said to be Jesus. Was Jesus an Augur? In my book I will offer evidence he was. He did have a private discussion with Pilate, who judged him, and declared;

“I find no fault with this man!”

In (Sanhedrin 106b) and (Giṭtin 57a) Balaam may be likened to Jesus. Some have theorized that Balaam became used as a pseudonym for Jesus.[7][

I suspect Egyptian Augurs had the ability to raise the dead because they augured and built massive tombs for the dead. Moses and Aaron, the Moabites, had the same ability as the Egyptian Augur-Priests, thus the showdown of turning Augur Wands into serpents.

Because of the rapidity of world events, I am forced to reveal the crux of my study. Jesus did not raise Lazarus from the dead, but Mary Magdalene. Lazarus is a fictional person created to hide this truth that was overcoming Rome, for there were many young women who did not want to get old – and die!

I believe these are the true remains of Mary Magdalene.

“Upon discovery of the tomb, Charles II built a grand basilica, Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, in place of the old church. There, the supposed relics of St. Mary Magdalene are still on display. The skull, now complete with a mandible thanks to Pope Boniface VIII, are displayed behind glass in a reliquary of golden, flowing locks of hair.”


One can say Mary has been raised from the dead – again!

Jon Presco ‘The Augur and Nazarite’.

Copyright 2015

http://www.indefenseofthecross.com/Shroud_Of_Turin.htm reports that “In 1979, Father Francis L. Filas, S.J., of the Loyola University of Chicago, using the STURP research, observed on the right eyelid of the man four letters UCAI which formed a crown around the crook of an augur’s staff. This image corresponds to the symbol on a small coin struck in A.D. 29 during the procuratorship of Pontius Pilate (AD 26-36). The ancient Jews used coins to hold down the eyelids.



Due to his behavior with the Midianites, the Rabbis interpret Balaam as responsible for the behavior during the Heresy of Peor, which they consider to have been unchastity, and consequently the death of 24,000 victims of the plague which God sent as punishment. When Balaam saw that he could not curse the children of Israel, the Rabbis assert that he advised Balak, as a last resort, to tempt the Hebrew nation to immoral acts and, through these, to the worship of Baal-peor. The God of the Hebrews, adds Balaam, according to the Rabbis, hates lewdness; and severe chastisement must follow (San. 106a; Yer. ib. x. 28d; Num. R. l.c.).

The Rabbis, playing on the name Balaam, call him “Belo ‘Am” (without people; that is, without a share with the people in the world to come), or “Billa’ ‘Am” (one that ruined a people); and this hostility against his memory finds its climax in the dictum that whenever one discovers a feature of wickedness or disgrace in his life, one should preach about it (Sanh. 106b). In the process of killing Balaam (Num. xxxi. 8), all four legal methods of execution—stoning, burning, decapitating, and strangling—were employed (Sanh. l.c.). He met his death at the age of thirty-three (ib.); and it is stated that he had no portion in the world to come (Sanh. x. 2; 90a). The Bible devotes a special section to the history of the prophet discussing why God has taken away the power of prophecy from the Gentiles (Tan., Balak, 1). Moses is expressly mentioned as the author of this episode in the Pentateuch (B. B. 14b).J. Sr. H. M.

Ahithophel of the house of Israel and Balaam of the heathen nations were the two great sages of the world who, failing to show gratitude to God for their wisdom, perished in dishonor. To them the prophetic word finds application: ‘Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,’ Jer. ix. 23″ (Num. R. xxii.).[6]


The Priesthood of the Medes

.The ancient Magi were a hereditary priesthood of the Medes (known today as the Kurds) credited with profound and extraordinary religious knowledge. After some Magi, who had been attached to the Median court, proved to be expert in the interpretation of dreams, Darius the Great established them over the state religion of Persia. (2) (Contrary to popular belief, the Magi were not originally followers of Zoroaster. (3) That all came later.)

It was in this dual capacity, whereby civil and political counsel was invested with religious authority, that the Magi became the supreme priestly caste of the Persian empire and continued to be prominent during the subsequent Seleucid, Parthian, and Sasanian periods. (4)

The Role of Daniel

One of the titles given to Daniel was Rab-mag, the Chief of the Magi. (5) His unusual career included being a principal administrator in two world empires–the Babylonian and the subsequent Persian Empire. When Darius appointed him, a Jew, over the previously hereditary Median priesthood, the resulting repercussions led to the plots involving the ordeal of the lion’s den. (6)

Daniel apparently entrusted a Messianic vision (to be announced in due time by a “star”) to a secret sect of the Magi for its eventual fulfillment. But first let’s review some historical background.


Victor H. Mair provides archaeological and linguistic evidence suggesting that Chinese (“shaman; witch, wizard; magician”, Old Chinese *myag) was a loanword from Old Persian *maguš “magician; magi”.[7] He describes:

The recent discovery at an early Chou site of two figurines with unmistakably Caucasoid or Europoid feature is startling prima facie evidence of East-West interaction during the first half of the first millennium Before the Current Era. It is especially interesting that one of the figurines bears on the top of his head the clearly incised graph ☩ which identifies him as a wu (< *myag).[7]

These figurines, which are dated circa 8th century BCE, were discovered during a 1980 excavation of a Zhou Dynasty palace in Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province.

Mair connects the ancient Bronzeware script for wu “shaman” (a cross with potents) with a Western heraldic symbol of magicians, the cross potent ☩, which “can hardly be attributable to sheer coincidence or chance independent origination.”

Compared with the linguistic reconstructions of many Indo-European languages, the current reconstruction of Old (or “Archaic”) Chinese is more provisional. This velar final -g in Mair’s *myag () is evident in several Old Chinese reconstructions (Dong Tonghe’s *mywag

The word mágos (Greek) and its variants appears in both the Old and New Testaments.[9] Ordinarily this word is translated “magician” in the sense of illusionist or fortune-teller, and this is how it is translated in all of its occurrences except for the Gospel of Matthew, where it is rendered “wise man”. However, early church fathers, such as St. Justin, Origen, St. Augustine and St. Jerome, did not make an exception for the Gospel, and translated the word in its ordinary sense, i.e. as “magician”.[10]

The Gospel of Matthew states that magi visited the infant Jesus shortly after his birth (2:1–2:12). The gospel describes how magi from the east were notified of the birth of a king in Judaea by the appearance of his star. Upon their arrival in Jerusalem, they visited King Herod to determine the location of where the king of the Jews had been born. Herod, disturbed, told them that he had not heard of the child, but informed them of a prophecy that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. He then asked the magi to inform him when they find the infant so that Herod may also worship him. Guided by the Star of Bethlehem, the wise men found the baby Jesus in a house. (The Gospels do not say if the Magi found him in Bethlehem, but only that they saw the star and found the child in a house.) They worshipped him, and presented him with “gifts of gold and of frankincense and of myrrh.” (2.11) In a dream they are warned not to return to Herod, and therefore return to their homes by taking another route. Since its composition in the late 1st century, numerous apocryphal stories have embellished the gospel’s account. Matthew 2:16 implies that Herod learned from the wise men that up to two years had passed since the birth, which is why all male children two years or younger were slaughtered.

In addition to the more famous story of Simon Magus found in chapter 8, the Book of Acts (13:6–11) also describes another magus who acted as an advisor of Sergius Paulus, the Roman proconsul at Paphos on the island of Cyprus. He was a Jew named Bar-Jesus (son of Jesus), or alternatively Elymas.







A crosier (crozier, pastoral staff, paterissa, pósokh) is the stylized staff of office (pastoral staff) carried by high-ranking Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and some Lutheran, United Methodist and Pentecostal prelates. The other typical insignia of most of these prelates, but not all, are the mitre, the pectoral cross, and the episcopal ring.


In Western Christianity, the crosier (known as the pastoral staff, from the Latin pastor, shepherd) is shaped like a shepherd‘s crook. A bishop or head of church bears this staff as “shepherd of the flock of God”, i.e., particularly the community under his canonical jurisdiction, but any bishop, whether or not assigned to a functional diocese, also uses a crosier when conferring sacraments and presiding at liturgies. The Roman Catholic Caeremoniale Episcoporum[1] says that, as a sign of his pastoral function, a bishop uses a crosier within his territory, but any bishop celebrating the liturgy solemnly with the consent of the local bishop may also use it. It adds that, when several bishops join in a single celebration, only the one presiding uses a crosier.


Balaam (Hebrew: בִּלְעָם, Standard Bilʻam Tiberian Bilʻām, English pronunciation /ˈbeɪlæm/[1] ) is a diviner in the Torah, his story occurring towards the end of the Book of Numbers (Hebrew: במדבר). The etymology of his name is uncertain, and discussed below. Every ancient reference to Balaam considers him a non-Israelite, a prophet, and the son of Beor, though Beor is not so clearly identified.

Balaam in rabbinic literature[edit]

In rabbinic literature Balaam is represented as one of seven gentile prophets; the other six being Beor (Balaam’s father), Job, and Job’s four friends (Talmud, B. B. 15b). In this literature, Balaam gradually acquired a position among the non-Jews, which was exalted as much as that of Moses among the Jews (Midrash Numbers Rabbah 20); at first being a mere interpreter of dreams, but later becoming a magician, until finally the spirit of prophecy descended upon him (ib. 7).

According to a negative view of Balaam in the Talmud, Balaam possessed the gift of being able to ascertain the exact moment during which God is wroth — a gift bestowed upon no other creature. Balaam’s intention was to curse the Israelites at this moment of wrath, and thus cause God himself to destroy them; but God purposely restrained His anger in order to baffle the wicked prophet and to save the nation from extermination (Talmud, Berachot 7a). The Talmud also recounts a more positive view of Balaam, stating that when the Law was given to Israel, a mighty voice shook the foundations of the earth, so much so that all kings trembled, and in their consternation turned to Balaam, inquiring whether this upheaval of nature portended a second deluge; the prophet assured them that what they heard was the voice of God, giving the sacred law to the Israelites (Talmud, Zeb. 116a).

According to Jewish legend, Balaam was made this powerful in order to prevent the non-Jewish tribes from saying: “If we had only had our own Moses, we would be as pious as the Jews.” The wicked Balaam is included in the list of persons born circumcised along with Moses in the book Abbot De-Rabbi Natan.[5]

In rabbinical literature the epithet rasha, translating as the wicked one, is often attached to the name of Balaam (Talmud Berachot l.c.; Taanit 20a; Midrash Numbers Rabbah 20:14). Balaam is pictured as blind in one eye and lame in one foot (Talmud Sanhedrin 105a); and his disciples (followers) are distinguished by three morally corrupt qualities:

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California Dreamers

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liberty_19450623Roy Reuben Rosamond published stories in Out West that began as ‘The Overland Monthly’ that was published by the writer, Bret Harte, whose patron was my kindred, Jessie Benton. Before radio and television Americans read magazines to get their feel for the land. Folks back East wanted to go West and live like natives, wanderers, and gold miners. Folks wanted to live half-naked in tents. They wanted to bond with Squaw Girls, dig for gold, and never work again. Minus the drugs, many Americans wanted to be Hippies. When the right-wing evangelicals put down the California Dream – they destroyed America! With their god, Ronald Reagan, they made Californians out to be dirty, in need of bath – like most campers!

In 1911 Royal wrote ‘The Squaw Girl’ and took out “Dramatic rights” on his short story lest it be stolen from him and made into a movie. I suspect…

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Amazing Tent Revival

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I told Belle Burch I wanted to give her something, show her something while down on one knee. I thought she would be thrilled when I unrolled the Master Plan, but, she was utterly cold, totally disinterested, or, so she led me to believe.

“Look Belle, there is Joaquin Miller, the founder of the Bohemian Club, with a little girl that looks like Alice in Wonderland! And, what is this? That’s a tent. This is a tent city.”

I found this image at the Eugene History Museum. Joaquin looks like Gandalf, or Merlin. Is that a young Vivian, his protégé when she was young?

I told Belle about the Chautauquas, that were very popular at the turn of the century. People would pay a fee, pitch a tent, and get a mini-college education.

“This can be applied to the homeless sleeping downtown. Working people have a problem with humans doing…

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