Rosamond’s Tower of Love

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Now that I have proven there was a secret meeting held in Christine Rosamond’s house, and that there exist a conspiracy to alter true events and conditions surrounding the drowning a famous artist, I can take My Story, and Storytelling almost anywhere, for what we have here is another Rosamond Legend.

Above is an image of Rosamond’s Tower at Westenhanger Castle, where a replica of the ‘Discovery’ is at rest. Legend has it that Rosamond Clifford secretly met with King Henry. This was one of the trysting places. There is a statue of Pocahontas as a mermaid because she befriended and married, John Smith, a descendant of a Lord of Westenhager, who sailed to America. Can it be said John carried the legend of Fair Rosamond with him, and, he sought a Fair Maiden in the New World to replant the Never Ending Story of a trysting place?

Walt Disney and I have some things in common, and, I have every intention of exploiting the True Dream.

Jon Presco

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Westenhanger Castle was the home of Sir Thomas Smythe, who obtained a Royal Charter in 1600 to set up the East India Company. He subsequently commissioned the construction of a number ships including ‘Discovery’.

The three ships left London on 19 December 1606 and arrived in Chesapeake Bay in April 1607. On 13 May 1607, the settlers landed in the area that went on to become Jamestown, Virginia.

A ‘Pocahontas’ mermaid sculpture designed by Georgia Mason and given to the people of Kent by the City of Norfolk, Virginia, will also be unveiled to take up permanent residence in the castle.


In its heyday, Westenhanger Castle was a fortified 14th century quadrangular manor house reflecting the opulence of its owners at that time. However, its history began almost 1,000 years ago, in 1035, when King Canute owned the estate.

The de Criol family was initially responsible in 1343 for the building of a permanent structure on the site. The castle stayed in the family until the Wars of the Roses when Sir Thomas de Criol or Kyriell was beheaded the day after the Second Battle of St Albans by order of Queen Margaret of Anjou.[1] Sir Thomas de Criol had no sons, and Westenhanger came to his son-in-law, Sir John Fogge.[2] The manor house at the time contained 126 rooms.

Westenhanger has a rich history with royalty and nobility, being connected with Henry II, Rosamund de Clifford, Edward Poynings, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Customer Smythe and Lord Strangford.

In 1588, under the ownership of Customer Smythe, Queen Elizabeth used the castle as the command centre for Kent’s 14,000 troops who were to defend the south coast from the Spanish Armada.

In 1656, the exiled Charles II was persuaded to return to England, and Westenhanger, ideally located close to the English coast. Thousands of armed men were instructed to hide in the surrounding woodlands and when the King entered the house, word would be given for them to rush in and murder the King and his followers. However, the King was forewarned as he was about to leave for England.


Through the centuries, the castle has been reduced in size and suffered serious neglect. Since the mid-1990s, the current owners have been working with English Heritage to consolidate the stonework and prevent further deterioration of the manor house, castle walls and associated buildings. The impressive medieval barns which stand intact outside the curtain wall have recently been reunited with the castle under one ownership and work is ongoing to restore these barns to something near their original state.

It is now being hired out as a conference and wedding venue. Access is via the entrance to the racecourse, off the Westenhanger segment of Stone Street.

Colonisation of America[edit]

Westenhanger Castle is now home to a replica of the Discovery, one of the three ships that entered Chesapeake Bay on May 13, 1607. Sir Thomas Smythe, the founder of the expedition, was the son of Thomas ‘Customer’ Smythe, who was granted Westenhanger (or Ostenhanger, as it was then) as a reward for his service as the Queen’s collector of imports. The younger Thomas commissioned the construction of Discovery for the East India Company in 1600 and, along with the Susan Constant and Godspeed, the ship sailed for Virginia on December 19, 1606 under captain John Smith, arriving on May 13 the following year.

As a result of this expedition, the first permanent English-speaking settlement in the New World was subsequently established at Jamestown, Virginia, forming a base for what would later become the United States of America.

On December 19, 2008 the replica of the Discovery was presented to Westenhanger Castle by the Jamestown UK Foundation, a charity set up to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in 1607.

A replica of ‘Discovery’, one of the three ships that established the first English speaking colony in America, will formally be presented to Westenhanger Castle later on this week.

The ship will be given into the custody of the castle by the Jamestown UK Foundation, a charity which was set up to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English-speaking settlement in the New World.

The Chairman of the Jamestown UK Foundation, KCC Deputy Leader Alex King, will formally unveil a plaque to commemorate the handover. Attending the event will be other members of the foundation including Sir Robert Worcester KBE DL, the Lord Cornwallis OBE DL and Lady Cornwallis, the Rt Hon Michael Howard MP, a number of Kent Ambassadors and representatives from the US Embassy.

John Forge, the owner of the castle and Mark and Terry Whitling, who are distant descendents of Sir Thomas Smythe, will formally receive the ‘Discovery’.


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Sande Green – Blonde Bombshell

cityb9 Christine 1989 Garth, Raphaele & __ Portrait Of The Keanes keanem6chazen-chris liz1chessman3

Michael Harkins spotted Sande Green getting out of a limo and walking ahead of us to attend Christine Rosamond Benton’s funeral.

“Look at her. What a knock-out! Who is she?” my best friend asked.

“I don’t know!” I replied.

I too taken in by this beautiful blonde who IO believe is the blonde on the far right in Rosamond’s painting ‘Story Teller 2″  When I saw this painting on the wall in the house Christine lived in, I had an epihamy. I believe Sande and her husband were at the meeting I was kept away from on March 27, 1994. I believe my mother was at that meeting because she had come up from LA to celebrate Christine’s first sober birthday in AA. I believe the man who gave me a dirty look at the funeral reception at the gallery, was Sande Green’s husband, who was also at that meeting, for, how did Rosemary know he was “rich and powerful”.

When my good friend, Michael Harkins – a Private Investigator – suggested “murder” could not be counted out because of the lies. My family latched on to that as their defense. I had to be mentally ill, dellusional. The proof was all on me. I was isolated. My daughter took Vicki’s side. Heather and her mother accused me of being abusive. If they could have committed me to a mental hospital, they would have.

I was not trying to prove a case of murder. I still want to know what happened! Michael worked with William Lindhart who worked for Chessman, and was asked to contribute to Oliver Stone’s movie about his good friend, Jim Morrison. Thomas Pynchon is in my family tree.

Michael took me out to the Rosamond’s garage and showed me the projector Christine had set up there to crank out more images that were stacked to the ceiling. Here was THEIR MOTIVE. They believed these prints would triple in price, now that the ARTIST WAS DEAD! Rosamond’s success was waning, and she owed money to members of our family.  My uncle was good friends of Walter and Margaret Keane and had them to his house for dinner. Consider how Margaret was captured and held prisoner. Christine’s husband was not selling his art.

Michael worked for William Lindhart who was hired by Cayrl Chessman. Bill took us out to lunch and then we took him to KTVU for an interview. Michael was good friends of the Stackole family. Peter took photos of our kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who I bring into the picture to trump the destructive influence the wealthy Greens had on this creative family legacy that I founded as a boy.

At this time I suggest my Muses, Rena Easton, and Belle Burch, make amends with me. I do not want them to end up on the wrong side of history. I also want them to model and submit photographs.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

chessman2 chessman4 Marlon Brando with Protesterschev66

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Golden Girls of the Corn Cob

Originally posted on rosamondpress:






chosen-one7“I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as
many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.”

This is what Patrice Hanson said to me about Tom Snyder’s awful, lying biography that sunk the Rosamond legacy. Tom was a nobody. There were two Bob Weir’s of the Grateful Dead thanks to Patrice’s husband who was arrested twice for impersonating him. Heather had two Daddies, and only one mother, not counting her aunt Linda. My only child is a chameleon and goes with the flow.

Here is what you got when you want two authors:

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did…

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Creative Crazies

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My ongoing Sanity Hearing has now sucked in the innocent soul of my six year old grandson, Tyler Hunt. I suspect those around him are telling him I am dangerous and insane. For this reason I identify the person who went with me to my sister’s funeral, and helped me investigate the crazy folks who surrounded my crazy sister – who claim they are sane!

Michael Harkins, and his family, have been close friends of mine, and other mutual friends, since 1965. Michael went to the California College of Arts and Crafts, and was good friends with the Stackpole family.

Michael married the ex-wife of Bruce Perlowin who married a famous and dangerous Russian Spy while in the fed lock-up. A movie is being made about Bruce who lived in the Harkin’s basement for several month, and did business with Abbey Hoffman, there.

Arround 1990 Michael and I went to…

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Big Eyes & Big Lies

Royal Rosamond Press:

I found out my father was dead three years after the fact. I was not told my mother was dying and found out ten hours before she did. I did not get to say goodbye. My minor daughter disappeared. My aunt told me she was going to have a baby. Only Jews persecuted by the Nazis own a similar fate. It took me fifteen years to learn where my parents were buried.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcarmelc3carmelc4carmelc5carmelc11BIG EYEScarmelc13comstock3On December 26, 2014 at 4:45, I entered the Cinimark Theatre in Springfield Oregon, and started filming the most pivotal two hours of my life.  Unfortunately, I did not fully hit the record button, and I missed the shot of a life time, when at the ticket window filming the purchase of my ticket to creative freedom, a large Store Marshal says;

“You can’t film in the mall without permission.”

Let me begin this review by thanking Margaret Keane for alas confessing. If she had not told the truth, the movie Big Eyes would not have been made, and, my new therapist would be seeing a shattered and angry old man come next Wendsday. Now, when I walk into her office she will be seeing a jovial and robust Santa look-alike, I full of good cheer, and goodwill for all living things, because – I’M FUCKING FREE OF THE LONG NIGHTMARE!


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Food Stamp Nazi

Mark Presco is a Nazi like this asshole.



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Mark Presco On Human Parasites

Royal Rosamond Press:

Julie Lynch says Rosemary only wanted me to be a artist, and thus Christine was forced to draw in the closet. This is the most astounding lie ever told in the Art World. One thing, it makes no sense. Two, Rosemary had nothing to do with me being an artist. She was did however claimed I got all my talent from her, and when Christne took up art in 1972, and became famous, she claimed she got all her talent from her mother. The truth is, she thought she owned all four of her children. The day after Christine drowned, she blessed the take-over of the artistic legacy I founded, by her son and daughter, Vicki and Mark Presco, who have no talent and hate art and artists. This is equal to what befell Margaret Keane. My sibling hated Christine and my gifts, and our sobriety. Vicki showed her mother they terrible things Christine said about her in her autobiography. With her un-gifted siblings, she conspired to bury Rosamond’s story, and then mine. Mark was he favorite. They had a incestuous relationship.

Originally posted on rosamondpress:

“The battle of the Sexes is a unilateral War. All Men want to do is make love. It’s Women who want to make a fight out of it, or charge a fortune for it.

What my brother is saying in above declaration, is, America Men must erect a billion dollar skyscraper in order for their All American Penis to function properly, while American Women need next to nothing to have their sex work for them.

In our teens, my brother and I would have fist-fights after he called me a PARASITE on the family and society. He blessed the day I was born, because he could stand on my sholders and be that much closer to God and Country. My brother is the heart and soul of the new radical Repulican Party, who climb on the sholders of the poor, the hungry, the affirmed, the disinfranchised in order to be…

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