Dunite Cabins









Bill Arnold and I stole lumber to make an observatory on the roof of his home on Wayne Avenue. We lowered it down and made a raft that we floated in Lake Merritt. We hauled it out and Bill made a studio down in his basement. We went to Oakland High and had plans to attend the College of Arts and Crafts. Bill’s military father wanted his son to follow a military career and was pulling strings to get him drafted and into the Army. Bill was struck by a train on October 9, 1964. He appeared in a painting I was doing and said “Goodbye!”

The world has not changed. Jews and Arabs are still killing each other’s children while a Russian despot plays mind-games with deadly rockets. Bill and I dare take a creative path, and we were, and are, being severely punished.

Last month I was making plans to take one of Christine’s lithographs down to Oakland, along with my grandfather’s letters and books, and donate them to the Oakland Museum. My Trust money ran out. Our family is greedy and worthless. The duck hunting hut I painted in 1964 made it to the home of our Muse.

Note the tire that frames Elwood and the tire in the mud in my painting. It is such a little connected world we artists make as we lay our canvases down before us, and make our way into the void. Give us this day our tiny abode, our little capsule , and, some inspiration.




Meanwhile, a new kind of community was coming into being in the dunes — a ramshackle cluster of cabins populated by artists, hermits, mystics, nature lovers and Lemurians. (The latter believed the long-lost continent of Lemuria would one day resurface from the depths of the Pacific.)

The 12 by 30-foot wooden structure served as a rental property for about 15 years before owner Harlis Wall asked Hammond, then a firefighter, to burn it down. “I said, ‘No…. I can’t do that because it’s a historical structure,’” Hammond recalled, so Wallis agreed to spare the cabin.
Finally, in September 2010, the cabin was moved four blocks to the Oceano Train Depot, already home to a 1940s boxcar and a turn-of-the-century caboose. Now Austin, Hammond and the Oceano Depot Association are raising funds to restore the cabin to its previous condition.

“We’re preserving for the future all this history,” explained Austin, who organized the first-ever Dunite Days, held at the Oceano Train Depot in early June, as a fundraiser. “It’s such a fascinating era …”

Elwood Decker had attended high school in Oakland, California and then he later attended the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. In the year of 1952, Elwood Decker decided to enroll at Santa Monica City College to study photography. [1]

Elwood Decker’s interests extended to film making, writing and music, and spent much of his life in San Luis Obispo. He worked in paint, ink, and pottery, and his style ranged over many schools of modern art: abstract, expressionist and impressionist, among others. He was the subject of a biographical song by The Bobs.[1]

In the year of 1992, Elwood Decker was killed by a freight train while he was walking along the tracks that were in dunes of Oceano. His wife, Anne Decker, had died several years earlier. As in request of Elwood and Ann, both of their ashes were scattered together in a remote section of the dunes where they had first met over 40 years earlier.[1]


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Roza Mira of the Arts

Royal Rosamond Press:

The world is in the sewer drenched in the blood of children. I’ve heard enough from the liars as to why this must be. I want to see teams of Israeli lawyers and doctors flying to our border to help the children that can be helped, or I suggest sane people end all military aid to Israel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Brazil

Originally posted on rosamondpress:

There is a new world religion sweeping Russia, the land of the Rus/Ros who were river Mermaids.

Jon Presco


In large part, Roza Mira is a spiritual cosmography, a description of the domains human souls occupy after death or between incarnations—domains resembling, to greater or lesser degrees, the heavens, hells, purgatories, and netherworlds of various religions and mythological systems. As such, it can be compared to works like the Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (as well as modern expressions of the same visionary tradition,

Roza Mira (full title in Russian: Роза Мира. Метафилософия истории, literally The Rose of the World. The Metaphilosophy of History) is the title of the main book by Russian mystic Daniil Andreev. It is also the name of the predicted new universal religion, to emerge and unite all people of the world before the advent…

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“Mr. Brooks! The Replacement Jews are here!”

Royal Rosamond Press:

Most members of the Tea Party are into Replacement Theology. They are insane and are bring our government to a halt. Their leaders should be arrested for Treason!

Originally posted on rosamondpress:

Zionist Jews are encouraging neo-Confederate Rednecks to play the role of Big Victims, the lover of Jesus and Israel, who is being bullied by the Liberal Left and their President. This Big Lie is funded by Madison Avenue and Wall Street Bankers, who use Trailer Trash as human shields, who are guaranteed to go to the polls and die for Liberal Sins.

Wait till you read the REAL FATE OF THE JEWS, Replacement Theology has in store for the REAL JEWS!

Jon the New Wallooner

“Mr. Brooks, the Replacement Jews are here.”
Jon Presco <braskewitz yahoo.com>
2008-05-23 05:16:41 GMT

“Mr. Brooks, the Replacement Jews are here.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI10nV26-Og

“Whoa! This is them!? These are real Nazi dancing girls, and I should know. I thought they were the Pretenders, the Gentile wanna-be Jews?’ “The Pretendrs are the Jews, Mr. Brooks. These Nazis are the real Jews.” The Nazis are the real Jews! This…

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Zionists Repeal Truman’s Cyrus

Royal Rosamond Press:

Insane Zionist Jews did not want President Truman to be considered a Messiah. Jews had no right to come back to the Promised Land because they are not native – indigenous to this area.
The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”
and in Genesis 12:7:
The LORD appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring [or seed] I will give this land.”

Originally posted on rosamondpress:

A new book takes back the credit the Zionists gave Harry Truman, because he was the President of a Democracy, and not the ‘King of Kings’ a title given to Cryus the Great whom Harry was compared to by Rabbi Herzog. Today, there is no mention of Herzog’s meeting with Truamn on wikipedia.

“What really distinguished Truman from Cyrus, however, is that he was not an absolute monarch but a democratic politician; and A Safe Haven offers an expert case study of just how complicated, and unedifying, policy-making in a democracy can be.”

This is an astounding statement because Evangelical Zionists are trying to turn our Democracy into their church – with the backing of Jewish Zionists! Both Zionists want to see the boundaries of Israel restored to the glory of King David’s Kingdom. They want Israel to BE A KINGDOM! The evangelical cosmology calls for this – and the rebuilding…

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Secular-Socialist Foundation of Zion

Royal Rosamond Press:

Jewish doctors all over the world should volunteer to help end the Veteran back-log. Vets needing extensive rehab should be sent to Israel where they have free socialized medicine, the kind the insane Republicans call “evil”.

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It was radical socialist Jews, who belonged to sports clubs, that founded the state of Israel, and not Rabbis or a Messiah. The only person giving the title ‘Messiah’ was Harry Truman, a Democrat. The group that gets most of the credit is the Israelitische Turnverein, a group of Jewish gymnasts who were expelled from the Berlin Turnverien. My Stuttmeiser, Janke kinfolk were members of the Tunrverein, and were radical Forty-Eighters who are also give credit for the founding of Israel. These Forty-Eighters made up John Fremont’s and Jessie Benton’s bodyguard. The Freemasons are here. Other clubs that followed were named after “Bar Kochba” who was seen as a Messiah until he failed to drive the Romans out of Judea. His name was changed to “Simon bar Kozeba” (Hebrew: בר כוזיבא‎, “Son of lies” or “Son of deception”).

Whne you add it all up, for some strange reason my kindred are…

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Rosa Cruz – The New Zion

Royal Rosamond Press:

Murdering children so the Jews can live in the past and a museum-state, is evil. Time for a New Exodus!

Originally posted on rosamondpress:

Six years ago an Angel of the Lord bid me to place the Shekinah on the Channel Islands that will be recognized as the New Zion as God’s Children move into cyberspace.

Jon the Nazarite

ROSACRUZ: The New Zion Message List
Reply | Delete Message #2042 of 3039

ROSACRUZ: The New Zion

(Images: Santa Rosa Island. Dr. Nardou. Map of Channel Islands.
Santa Cruz Island)




Cyrus the Great ‘King of Persia’ was the only Gentile to be given
the title ‘Messiah’ for the reason he allowed the Jews to return to
the Promised Land and rebuild the second temple.

Dr. Max Nardau was an atheist who subscribed to Muscular Judaism and
supported the Israelitische Turnverein that would become the Maccabi
sports clubs. Nordau died in Paris in 1923 and was re-interred in
Tel Aviv in 1926. One could say he was the Moses of the Zionist
cause that…

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Zionist Americans

Royal Rosamond Press:

The world is in the gutter thanks to liars like Ted Cruz.

Originally posted on rosamondpress:

The Sicarii – a foreign body – and the Evangelicals, have formed an alliance in the Republican Party and are going after the duly elected President of the United States of America, they beside themselves to make sure this Liberal is a one term President. One in ten Jews in Israel is a Sicarii. How many Sicarii live in America, they pretending to support our Democracy, bu,t can’t wait to be in power so then can arrest teenage girls for licking ice cream cones in public – for starters! We need to take a few Sicarii prisoner and expose them to images of ice cream lickers to test arrousal factor.

If the present curse of Republican Candidates is a test as to whether God is on the side of the Zionist Republicans, then the Sicarii are on the wrong side! Where was their shrill outrage when Herman Caen was exposed? How…

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