Come To Magic Mountain

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This is a tale of Three Amphitheaters, and, One Magical Mountain.

In June of 1967 I watched the Loading Zone pack their trailer with their sound equipment and head out for Mount Tamalpais to play at a concert in the amphitheater. I lived with this band in a large Victorian in Oakland. They played at the first Acid Test. Historians say this was the first rock festival. I say it was our Woodstock. This is the blue print for everything that came after. Note the hippie trinket booth. I am the first to connect this history to Eugene.

While the highly documented Monterey International Pop Festival continues to be remembered as the seminal event of the 1967 Summer of Love, the KFRC Festival took place one week before Monterey and is considered to have been America’s – if not the world’s – first rock festival.[

Last year I was shocked to learn the Eugene Celebration was canceled. I came up with an idea in days that included free concerts at the Cuthbert Amphitheater. I had just discovered a pamphlet advertising Joaquin Miller Day. Jaunita Miller was putting on a play about the Pre-Raphaelite Artists who befriended and promoted her father poetry when he met them in England. In my astute opinion this constitutes the Hipster Be-in in the Bay Area. As it turned out the Cuthbert Amphiteater was chosen to host the musical aspects to the Eugene Celebration.

Here is a pic of my friend, Marilyn Reed, with her friend, Jane Marie Mansfield, the daughter of the famous actress. The Star Trek actress, Maggie Trett, took this photo of their trip to the Renaissance Fair that inspired The Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival.  Marilyn made hippie clothes for Maggie and others.

In the summer of 63 I ran into my friend, Bryan McLean of Love, in a music store. He had on long leather boots and a puffed shirt. He told me his friends had hire him to play lute at the new festival they started. We were seventeen.


Jon Presco

Yesterday I presented to Mayor Kitty Piercy my idea for the New Eugene Celebration that would be centered around the Cuthbert Amphitheater and the Mill Race that I see as flowing from the Woodminster Amphitheater Cascade. I see O Lake as a reflecting pond. I see a Japanese arch at the end of a pier where is docked a Japanese boat. Up the hill is a Zen Garden and the cottages rescued from Columbia Terrace located in the lost city of Fairmont platted by George Melvin Miller, the brother of Joaquin.

There is a Writer’s Grove planted next to the cascade. I see a similar grove planted near the Cuthbert. Where will sit the two Craftsman housed rescued from Columbia Terrace. Once house will be a Miller Brother’s Museum, and the other a Museum of Bohemian Art and Literature. Ken Kesey lived in one of the barracks that was moved from Fort White. I see a Museum to Peace, with Kesey and Hippie memorabilia. Our Mayor should contact officials I Japan to see if they see these barracks that once housed soldiers destined to go to war with Japan, of historic significance.

The Calm Waters of Peace, Poetry, and Art, flow underground all the way from Oakland California, and surface in a New Arcadia in Eugene. From brother to brother. let there be a New Cultural Unity!”

The KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival was an event held June 10 and 11th, 1967 at the 4,000 seat Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre high on the south face of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California. At least 36,000 people attended the two-day concert and fair that was the first of a series of San Francisco area cultural events known as the Summer of Love.[1] The Fantasy Fair was influenced by the popular Renaissance Pleasure Faire and became a prototype for large scale multi-act outdoor rock music events now known as rock festivals.[2][3]



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Eugene Celebration has brought attention to community issues and concerns regarding environmental responsibility within the greater context of a weekend festival. Recurring features at the celebration include the “Community Causeway” where nonprofit, charitable and advocacy organizations promote their services and, as of 2007, the “Sustainability Village” where Celebration participants can learn about sustainable lifestyle choices. A related event, the coronation of the SLUG Queen, occurs prior to the event.

In 2014, the event’s management company, Kesey Enterprises, initially released a statement in June cancelling the August Celebration, citing new construction and growth in Eugene’s revitalized downtown that reduced the space needed for entertainment and food venues.[2] Kesey Enterprises later agreed to partner with the City of Eugene to host a $5 concert at the Cuthbert Amphitheater during the weekend. A free alternative “Festival of Eugene” at Skinner Butte Park was organized by Krysta Albert, who persisted despite a saga of funding and location uncertainties lasting as late as two weeks before the event.[3] The Festival included “health and wellness vendors, nonprofit groups, food booths, live music and poetry readings.”[4] The Eugene Celebration Parade featured Lane Community College as the grand marshal, and included 70 groups of “school bands and dance troupes, the 2014 Slug Queen and his entourage, the fencers, roller derby skaters and belly dancers, and the primarily liberal politicians and political causes.”[5]

mount tamalpais amphitheater

Admission to the festival was $2.00 and all proceeds were donated to the nearby Hunters Point Child Care Center in San Francisco. The Fantasy Fair was originally scheduled for June 3 and 4 as a benefit for the center, but was delayed one week by inclement weather. Several acts booked for the original dates were unable to perform.[4]

KFRC 610, the RKO Bill DrakeBoss RadioTop 40 AM station in San Francisco, had significant influence in the music industry among both counter-culture and commercial acts. This enabled festival organizer Tom Rounds, KFRC’s program director, to present a colorful and eclectic line-up of popular musicians from both in and outside the region. Canned Heat, Dionne Warwick, Every Mother’s Son, The Merry-Go-Round, The Mojo Men, The Seeds, Blues Magoos, Country Joe and the Fish, Captain Beefheart, The Byrds with Hugh Masekela on trumpet, Tim Hardin, The Sparrow, The Grass Roots, The Loading Zone, The 5th Dimension and Jefferson Airplane were among the performers who appeared.[4] The Fantasy Fair was also The Doors‘ first large show and happened during the rise of the group’s first major hit, “Light My Fire“, to the top of the charts.[5]

Among posters created for the event was one designed by artist Stanley Mouse, then gaining acclaim for poster-art created for Bill Graham, the Fillmore Auditorium and Grateful Dead.

After enjoying a scenic ride up the mountain from embarkation points at the Marin County Civic Center, Mill Valley and other locations, a giant Buddha balloon greeted attendees when they arrived at the amphitheater. Transportation was provided by the tongue-in-cheek-named “Trans-Love Bus Lines”, a variation of the line “Fly Trans Love Airways, get you there on time” from the lyrics to Donovan‘s song “Fat Angel”. Performances were on a main stage and a smaller second stage. Various art-fair type vendors sold posters, crafts and refreshments from booths scattered in the woods around the amphitheater. The festival included a large geodesic dome of pipes and fittings covered with white plastic that contained a light and sound show.

The Magic Mountain Music Festival was favorably reviewed for safety in contemporary press accounts. Fights or disturbances were not an issue, and at the end of the day, trash was placed in or next to the garbage cans provided, and the crowd left the Mount Tamalpais as they found it.[6] In a foreshadowing of dark events to come at the 1969 Altamont Free Concert, this festival was rumored to be the first to employ Hells Angels motorcycle club members as security guards. Although Jefferson Airplane asked Hells Angels members to escort them from San Francisco to the venue, which they did without incident, the Hells Angels did not actually provide security for the event.


To some commentators, the festival represented a sea change in musical preferences among young Bay Area radio listeners as the hippie culture fully arose in mid-1967. Alec Palao and Jud Cost chronicled the San Francisco mid-sixties era music scene in 1991 in their magazine Cream Puff War #1. Writing about the weeks surrounding the Fantasy Fair, Cost noted that “the dichotomy in Bay Area music was never so evident, as the self-proclaimed “adult” scene separated itself from the “teen/pop” scenes.”[7] Scram Magazine juxtaposed that view with pioneer rock magazine editor Greg Shaw’s recollection that the rift between the tastes of teens and adults didn’t form until later, after the freeform radio style then being established by Tom Donahue fully emerged in the fall of 1967.[8] A review of the bands that played indicates that most were groups that played the Fillmore and Avalon ballrooms and were part of the psychedelic rock scene at the time.

While the highly documented Monterey International Pop Festival continues to be remembered as the seminal event of the 1967 Summer of Love, the KFRC Festival took place one week before Monterey and is considered to have been America’s – if not the world’s – first rock festival.[2][6][9][10][11][12][13]


Saturday, June 10[edit]

Sunday, June 11[edit]

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Mimi the Muse

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Mimi Farina-Baez walked the earth as the embodiment of the Pre-Raphaelite Muse. She was a modern day Troubadour. I met her at the last Monterey Pop Festival, and fell in love. She owned the look I loved, that I found in other women, and loved these women. My ex-wife was Mimi’s friend, and did a life-size portrait or her. My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, has the same Madonna look.  Arwen has this look. The Ring movies borrow from the world the Pre-Raphaelites rendered.  Tolkien was obsessed with Queen Rosamond and might have modeled Arwin after this Queen. I am going have Mimi be my model for my images of several historic Rosamonds. With the snipping tool I can capture certain angles.  The living muses I tried to get to be my model, could not grasp my ambition to make ROSAMOND a brand name. Here is a woman totally groking on the name Cordelia and Rosamond for the name of her baby when she is born.

Jon Presco



Cunimund had a daughter named Rosamund (or Rosemund). She was forced into marrying Alboin after the Gepids‘ defeat, but she arranged his assassination in 572 or 573.

In literature[edit]

Cunimund’s grim end and Rosamund are mentioned in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s story “The Lost Road”, when the character Alboin asks his father, Oswin Errol, about the origin of his name:

and Oswin told his son the tale of Alboin son of Audoin, the Lombard king; and of the great battle of the Lombards and the Gepids, remembered as terrible even in the grim sixth century; and of the kings Thurisind and Cunimund, and of Rosamunda. ‘Not a good story for near bed-time,’ he said, ending suddenly with Alboin’s drinking from the jewelled skull of Cunimund…

J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lost Road

In an early version of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s fantasy time-travel story The Lost Road, Tolkien considered placing one of his main characters in the person of Alboin.

In Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries, the country of Genovia’s first ruler was a princess named Rosamund, based on the princess Alboin raped. In the book, Mia writes that Rosamund’s father was killed by a warlord, who made his skull into a cup and forced her to drink from it. She strangled him in his sleep with her braids and was given the principality of Genovia in honor of her brave deed.

Author: Dracotorix   (Authenticated as Dracotorix)
Date: November 30, 2010 at 8:16:16 PM
Reply to: Cordelia talk + suggestions? by Kitty

I love Cordelia, but I think it is a little too long for a kid on it’s own. I like the nickname Cora, but if you prefer Coco or Delia or Lia or Cordie or something they could work too.
I like Cordelia Beatrice Rosamund.
Others could be Cordelia Helen Rosamund, Cordelia Joan Rosamund, Cordelia Undine Rosamund, Cordelia Anne Rosamund, Cordelia Alanis Rosamund, Cordelia Athenais Rosamund, Cordelia Juniper Rosamund, Cordelia Sage Rosamund, Cordelia Willow Rosamund, Cordelia Eve Rosamund, Cordelia Anthea Rosamund, Cordelia Gaia Rosamund, Cordelia Miranda Rosamund, Cordelia Mina Rosamund, Cordelia Wilhelmina Rosamund, Cordelia Isis Rosamund, Cordelia Isadora Rosamund, Cordelia Pelagia Rosamund, Cordelia Tamsin Rosamund, Cordelia Lilith Rosamund, Cordelia Terpsichore Rosamund, Cordelia Emerald Rosamund, Cordelia Avalon Rosamund, Cordelia Jane Rosamund, Cordelia Sahar Rosamund, Cordelia Arwen Rosamund, Cordelia Branwen Rosamund, Cordelia Isolde Rosamund, Cordelia Morwen Rosamund, Cordelia Lyra Rosamund, Cordelia Saffron Rosamund, Cordelia Fleur Rosamund, Cordelia Eleanor Rosamund, Cordelia Sylvie Rosamund, Cordelia Jade Rosamund, or Cordelia Peony Rosamund.
Sorry if some of those are incredibly long..

mimi19lizzie10 mimi16 mimi17 mimi18

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Miller and the Rosemaries

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pre66“Several times a year members invite ladies to share both the dinner and the entertainment — sometimes as performers. On these occasions guests always include widows of former Savages, who are known as Rosemaries (after rosemary, a symbol of remembrance).”

I am going to jump back to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in order to explain Rena’s role in the Art World. When I became a sexual being, I was soon torn down the middle. Should I join a monastery and remain a virgin, or, should I become a very sexual, and a very ethereal being who is dedicated to certain women I perceive ar spiritual, exotic – and terribly sex. Did I mention they had to be very beautiful.

The Pre-Raphaelite Artist were influenced by the Nazarene Artist of Germany who lived in a monastery and let their hair grow long. I let my hair grow long after I believed I…

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Master Miller’s Artist and Poet Colony

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On April 17, 2014, I found a Pre-Raphaelite Grail at the Lane County Historical Society, that hopefully will change the way we look at things today, and the way we live and communicate with one another. I beheld the beautiful master plan put forth by the Miller Brother Prophets, who are right out of the Lord of the Rings.

What I discovered was a pamphlet announcing Joaquin Miller Day. A musical drama was performed at the Woodminster Amphitheater on September 24, 1944. There was going to be the planting of memorial redwood trees around the equestrian statue of Joaquin Miller. On stage was a replica of the studio and garden used by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Holman Hunt. The Poet, Christina Rossetti was played by Jeanne Jardin. Elizabeth Siddal Hunt’s model and muse is played by Helen Kraum. Carmencita Sanchez and her Mexican dancers, performed. In Scene Two we have…

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ISIS Marks Nazarites For Death

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“One of the world’s most ancient Christian communities is about to vanish forever

Threatened by ISIS, Mosul’s Christians say goodbye.”

ISIS has been marking the doors of Christian sects with a N for “Nazarite”. I believe these are the Mandaeans who are Johanites, followers of John the Baptist, a Nazarite for Life. I was named after John and declared myself a Nazarite in 1988.

Whether you are religious are not, there is one fact that can not be disputed, being, the President of the United States of America came to the rescue of the Nazarites, and other religions sects, he getting us back into Iraq. How and why the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth came to SAVE these unique people, will be examined in history books for a long time. I may be the world’s foremost authority on the Nazarites, and have made many prophetic posts on…

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The One Man Crusade

belv2 belv3 Bellevaux_svg Bellevaux333 bellevie9 lone4

Pope Francis called upon someone to stop ISIS who several days ago cut the heads of Syrian pilots in hope the United States would lead a new Crusade that would eventually lead this Christian force to Dabiq for their version of the battle of Armageddon. Christian Nations are reluctant to take up this challenge from the Pope in Rome and Isis in fear this would enflame more Muslims, and European converts, to come fight these Crusaders. For this reason, I take up the Templar Cross that my alleged Rougemont ancestors wore when they carried swords to the Holy Land. I am not a Christian, but, I do know my mortal enemy, and the enemy of the Lord of Truth.

The Rougemont Crusaders came to own the Shroud of Turin that I believe was hidden at te Abbye of Bellevaux that is at the base of a mountain that resembles Lonely Mountain that will loom before millions of people all over the world on the silver screen. Who is writing ISIS’ material that has appeared on the World Wide Web and is like the spider that stung Frodo.

My ex-friends and family have called me Mad, and made my long study very difficult. Not understanding any of it, they took delight in isolating me in hope I would surrender to them and be the person they wanted me to be, because I made them feel uncomfortable, and, less important.  It is good they have abandoned me years ago, so I do not have to watch them flee from me, they afraid that ISIS will come after them. Surely ISIS sees millions of cowards fleeing from them. But, here I come, like a voice crying in the wilderness.

“Make straight paths for the Ark of the Lord of the Holy Tabernacle!”

What the news media is not saying is people are joining ISIS in order to overcome and rule the world. Not since Hitler has this offer been made to common people.  It is my belief ISIS will destroy all the icons of rival religions, including the Shroud of Turin that I suspect was owned by my blood kin. I swear I will defend the Shroud with my life, and bring to justice the murderer of Peter, a Army Ranger. My kindred were named after Francis Marion who is seen as the Father of the Rangers.

ISIS wants to do battle with someone connected to real Knights Templar and Crusaders. Consider me the Go’el Redeemer of the Rougemont Templars.

Come and behold the beautiful view of Lonely Mountain and know, this is real, because the Lord of the Ark has taken up the challenge and sends forth His Champion!

Jon the Nazarite


“O America, O allies of America, and O crusaders, know that the matter is more dangerous than you have imagined and greater than you have envisioned.

“We have warned you that today we are in a new era, an era where the [Islamic] State, its soldiers, and its sons are leaders, not slaves.”

Husein Bilal Bosnić, a prominent jihadi recruiter, has insisted that the terrorist group will not stop until it is recognised by every country.

“In time the whole world will be an Islamic state. Our goal is to make sure that even the Vatican will be Muslim,” he said.

According to news reports, security has been increased at the Vatican in response to recent threats.

bellevi3 bellevie11 belleview2

Pope Francis is walking a knife edge—or perhaps, better said, the blade of a crusaders’ sword—as he tries to mobilize support for Christians and other minorities victimized by the ferocious partisans of the so-called Islamic state.

“Where there is an unjust aggression I can only say that it is legitimate to stop the unjust aggressor,” he told reporters throwing questions at him on the plane as he returned from South Korea to the Vatican on Monday.

“I underscore the verb ‘to stop,’” he told them. “I am not saying ‘bomb’ or ‘make war,’ but ‘stop him.’ The means by which he can be stopped must be evaluated. Stopping the aggressor is legitimate.”

The “him,” the “aggessor” in this case is the self-anointed “caliph” whose forces, formerly called ISIS, now dominate swathes of Syria and Iraq, and this is just the kind of reaction he’s been hoping for.

That is exactly why Isis staged the monstrous beheadings that have mesmerised us all. If they can provoke the west into what they will call a crusade they can count on growing support from marginalized Muslims both in the Middle East and in countries such as Britain and France.


shroud4 shroud11

In several articles, Daniel Scavone, professor Emeritus of history at the University of southern Indiana, puts forward a hypothesis which identifies the Shroud of Turin as the real object that inspires the romances of the Holy Grail.[19]

In 1418, Humbert of Villersexel, Count de la Roche, Lord of Saint-Hippolyte-sur-Doubs, moved the shroud to his castle at Montfort, Doubs, to provide protection against criminal bands, after he married Charny’s granddaughter Margaret. It was later moved to Saint-Hippolyte-sur-Doubs. After Humbert’s death, canons of Lirey fought through the courts to force the widow to return the cloth, but the parliament of Dole and the Court of Besançon left it to the widow, who traveled with the shroud to various expositions, notably in Liège and Geneva.

Aymon de Faucogney, Vicomte de Vesoul, Seigneur de Villersexel1

M, #85618, d. between 1240 and 1244

Father Hugues de Rougemont, Seigneur de Villersexel1 d. a 1227
Mother Beatrice de Faucogney d. 1225

Aymon de Faucogney, Vicomte de Vesoul, Seigneur de Villersexel married Isabelle de Mailly, daughter of Hugues, Seigneur de Mailly and Marie, before 1223.1 Aymon de Faucogney, Vicomte de Vesoul, Seigneur de Villersexel died between 1240 and 1244.1

Family 1

Isabelle de Mailly d. 28 May 1253

Family 2



GlossaireBiographies GlossaryBiographies
Photos Pics. .
- Abbaye ND de Bellevaux . - Abbey ND Bellevaux.
* Ordre : Cistercien. * Order: Cistercian.
* Abbaye Mère : Abbaye de Morimond. * Abbey Mother: Morimond Abbey.
* Fondation : (1119) . * Foundation (1119).
* Fermeture : (1830) . * Closed: (1830).
* Diocèse : Diocèse de Besançon. * Diocese: Diocese of Besançon.
* Fondateur : Pons Ier de La Roche. * Founder: I. Pons La Roche.
* Protection : Inscrit Monument Historique (1946) . * Protection: Registered Historic Monument (1946).
. .
- Localisation . - Location.
* Pays : France : Franche-Comté. * Country: France: Franche-Comté.
* Haute-Saône : Cirey. * Haute-Saône: Cirey.B B ellevaux, Bella Vallis” ellevaux, Bella Vallis “ fut fondée par Pons Ier de la Roche et Étienne de Traves en (1119) , il s’agit de la 1ère fille de l’abbaye de Morimond et fut aussi la 1ère Abbaye Cistercienne en Franche Comté . I was founded by Pons and Stephen Roche in Traves (1119), it is the first daughter of Abbey Morimond and was also the first Cistercian Abbey in Franche Comte. La naissance de l’Abbaye de Bellevaux coïncide avec l’apparition de la lignée des Seigneurs de La Roche sur Ognon vraisemblablement issus des Seigneurs de Scey et de Traves , un domaine foncier lui est constitué avec l’aide des Seigneurs de Cirey et de Chambornay . The birth of the Abbey Bellevaux coincides with the appearance of the line of the Lords of La Roche sur Ognon likely from the Lords of Scey and Traves, a land area it is made ​​with the help of the Lords of Cirey and Chambornay .L’ église est consacrée en (1143) et dédiée à Notre Dame . The church was consecrated in (1143) and dedicated to Our Lady. De l’Abbaye dépendent 4 Granges en (1139) , 8 en (1178) Abbey depend Granges in 4 (1139), 8 (1178) “Cirey, Magny, Valleroy, Baslières, Trevey, Argirey, Champoux et Braillans” “Cirey, Magny, Valleroy, Baslières, Trevey, Argirey, Champoux and Braillans” les 2 dernières permettant des défrichages aux alentours. Bellevaux participe à l’essaimage des Abbayes à la suite de sa Mère Morimond , dès (1124) , elle concourt à la création de l’abbaye de Lucelle au diocèse de Bâle puis, au diocèse de Lausanne , à celle de Montheron vers (1130) . the last 2 to clearings in the area. Bellevaux involved in swarming Abbeys after his mother Morimond once (in 1124), it contributes to the creation of the Abbey of Lucelle the Diocese of Basel and the diocese of Lausanne, than to Montheron (1130). Dans sa proximité immédiate, elle crée les établissements de Rosières (1132) et la Charité (1133) , puis, les sires de La Roche étant devenus Seigneurs en Attique à la suite de la 4ème croisade, l’abbaye de Daphni , parfois appelée In its immediate vicinity, it creates institutions Rosières (1132) and Charity (1133), then the lords of La Roche had become Lords in Attica after the fourth crusade, the Abbey of Daphni, sometimes called “Abbaye de Laurum” “Abbey LAURUM” dans certains actes, en Grèce actuelle. in certain acts in modern Greece.A la fin du (XIIème siècle , l’Abbaye a la chance d’obtenir des reliques très importantes, celles de Pierre de Tarentaise . Ancien Moine devenu Archevêque de Tarentaise (1141) (1174) , il parcourt la Bourgogne pour obtenir au Pape des soutiens dans sa lutte contre l’Empereur quand la Mort le surprend. Malgré les voeux des chanoines de Tarentaise , il est enterré à Bellevaux et, fort de sa réputation de Saint Homme et de thaumaturge , est Canonisé dès (1191) . Bellevaux devient dès lors un important centre de Pèlerinage tandis que de nombreux Nobles des alentours, au 1er rang desquels les Sires de La Roche et même 3 Archevêques de Besançon Gérard, Nicolas et Eudes de Rougemont se font enterrer dans l’Abbatiale. Après la Révolution Française , les reliques sont transférées dans l’église de Cirey. At the end of (XII century, the Abbey has the chance to get some very important relics, those of Peter of Tarentaise. Old Monk became Archbishop of Tarentaise (1141) (1174), he traveled to Burgundy for the Pope support in its fight against the Emperor when death surprised him. Despite the wishes of the canons of Tarentaise, is buried in Bellevaux and strong reputation of holy man and miracle worker, is canonized soon (1191). Bellevaux then becomes during an important center of pilgrimage while many nearby Nobles, the first among them the Lords of La Roche and even three Archbishops of Besançon Gerard, Nicolas and Eudes de Rougemont are buried in the Abbey. After the French Revolution, the relics were transferred to the church of Cirey.A partir du (XIVème siècle) , les granges sont affermées et l’abbaye investit dans les salines de Lons le Saunier et de Salins les Bains . From (XIV century), the barns are rented and Abbey invests in saline Lons le Saunier and Salins-les-Bains. Ils font construire un hôtel particulier à Besançon . They build a mansion in Besancon. Les effectifs baissent pour atteindre une vingtaine de Moines 18 en (1352) lors de la visite de l’Abbé de Morimond . Enrollment decline to reach a score of 18 in Des Moines (1352) during the visit of the Abbot of Morimond. La situation est de plus en plus difficile, l’Abbaye ne compte plus que 6 Moines en (1497) et on en vient à exposer exceptionnellement les reliques de Pierre de Tarentaise pour attirer les aumônes afin de réparer l’église. The situation is more difficult, the Abbey no more than 6 Moines (1497) account and it comes to exhibit exceptionally relics of Peter of Tarentaise to attract alms to repair the church.L a Commende s’impose peu à peu, Jean Rolin , fils du Chancelier Rolin devient abbé en (1455) . L Commende is gradually gaining ground, Jean Rolin, Chancellor Rolin son became abbot (1455). Elle est définitive à partir de (1551) et l’Abbatiat de Pierre d’ Andelot . It is final from (1551) and Abbot Pierre l’Andelot ‘d. La guerre de 10 ans frappe l’abbaye de plein fouet, en (1650) , le Prieur dit n’avoir plus de nappe pour l’autel ni de livre pour dire la Messe. The 10-year war hits Abbey full force, in (1650), the Prior said he had over the altar cloth or paper to say Mass. Il est le seul occupant. He is the only occupant. Au (XVIIIème siècle) la situation s’améliora considérablement, Les revenus des nombreuses possessions étaient abondantes, les 4-5 Moines avec une douzaine d’employés menaient une vie confortable, et des bâtiments somptueuses sont érigé sous le dernier Abbé Commendataire, par ailleurs évêque d’ Évreux , Louis Albert de Lezay Marnésia . Au (eighteenth century) the situation improved considerably, revenues many possessions were abundant, 4-5 Moines with a dozen employees led a comfortable life, and lavish buildings are erected in the last commendatory abbot, moreover Evreux bishop ‘s Louis Albert Lezay Marnésia.L’ abbaye est vendue comme bien National en (1791) à Thomas de Vesoul , qui les revend en 1795 au général Pichegru . The Abbey National is sold as well (1791) to Thomas de Vesoul, which resells in 1795 to General Pichegru. En <(b>1817 , Eugène Huvelin , ancien moine de l’Abbaye de Sept Fons , et 2 convers du même monastère rachètent les bâtiments des héritiers de Pichegru et y installent une nouvelle communauté de 25 moines, sous l’observance de Sept Fons . Dom Huvelin fait revenir les reliques de Pierre de Tarentaise , installée dans une chapelle aménagé dans une prolongation du bâtiment avec les écuries en dehors de la clôture. In <(b> 1817 Huvelin Eugene, a former monk of the Abbey of Sept Fons, and 2 lay the same monastery buildings bought from the heirs of Pichegru and will install a new community of 25 monks, under the observance of Sept Fons . Huvelin Dom returns the relics of Peter of Tarentaise, installed in a chapel housed in an extension of the building with stables outside the fence.

E n (1830) , après la mort de Dom Huvelin , l’abbaye est rattachée à La Trappe . E n (1830), after the death of Dom Huvelin, the abbey is attached to La Trappe. Cependant, devant l’hostilité des villageois à l’occasion de la Révolution de (1830) , les religieux préfèrent se retirer d’abord en Suisse . However, given the hostility of the villagers at the time of the Revolution (1830), religious prefer to withdraw first in Switzerland. Leur situation impose la vente de Bellevaux , et après l’échec des tentatives de racheter leur ancien monastère franc comtois au Val St. Their position requires selling Bellevaux, and after failed attempts to redeem their former monastery franc comtois Val St. Marie Doubs et puis dans les abbayes de la Grâce Dieu Doubs et de Tamié Savoie . Marie Doubs and then in the abbeys of Grace and God Doubs Tamié Savoie. L’abbaye repasse en main privée en (1838) et a servi depuis lors d’habitation (1837) (1957) de la famille de Ganay , de centre de vacances et de formation et, depuis (1994) , de nouveau d’habitation. Abbey returns to private (1838) hand and has since served at home (1837) (1957) family of Ganay center holiday and training, and since (1994), new housing . L’abbaye a été inscrite aux The abbey was included to “Monuments Historiques” “Historical Monuments” par arrêté du 27 Décembre (1946) et son site classé par arrêté du 20 Juin (1951) . by order of 27 December (1946) and his site ranked by order of June 20 (1951). Elle est aujourd’hui propriété privée. It is now private property.

- Bâtiments, réseau hydraulique – Buildings, hydraulic network

L’ abbaye fut construit au fond d’un petit vallon, qui s’ouvre vers la vallée de l’ Ognon . The abbey was built at the bottom of a small valley that opens into the valley of the Ognon. Les bâtiments se trouvent au milieu d’un terrain à peu près rectangulaire d’environ 8 hectares entouré par un mur d’enceinte. The buildings are surrounded by a rectangular plot just near about 8 hectares surrounded by a wall. La fondation ne fut point situé dans un désert , mais sur un terrain cultivé dans la voisinage de 2 villages Cirey et Chambornay . The foundation was not located in a desert, but on cultivated land in the vicinity of two villages and Cirey Chambornay. L’orientation des bâtiments suivait la topographie du vallon, le choeur de l’église ne fut donc pas orienté vers l’Est, mais vers Sud-Ouest. The orientation of the buildings followed the topography of the valley, the choir of the church was therefore not oriented to the east, but to the southwest.

D ans les bâtiments actuels on ne peut observer que des restes de l’Abbaye Médiévale. N the existing buildings can be observed that the remains of the medieval abbey. L’église Abbatiale Romane, dédiée en (1143) , est très mal documentée. The Romanesque abbey church, dedicated in (1143), is very poorly documented. Des sources du (XVIIIème siècle) parlent de 3 nefs voûtées, 3 autels dans le choeur et 2 Chapelles latérales qui donnent sur le bas côté gauche. Sources of (XVIII) speak of three vaulted naves, three altars in the chancel and two side chapels overlooking the lower left side. La longueur totale était d’au moins 50 mètres. The total length of 50 meters. Plusieurs éléments de la décoration sont conservés, Several elements of decoration are preserved, “clef de voûte, chapiteaux, ogives” “Keystone, capitals, arches” . . Ils démontrent que l’édifice n’était pas tout à fait un exemple de la simplicité Cistercienne, alors que l’église est à peu près contemporaine de l’abbaye de Fontenay . They show that the building was not quite an example of Cistercian simplicity, while the church is roughly contemporary with the Abbey of Fontenay. Ce fait était peut être dû au fait que la famille fondatrice de l’abbaye, les La Roche , voulaient faire de l’église leur sépulture familiale. This fact might be due to the fact that the founding family of the abbey, La Roche, wanted to make the church their family burial. Sur la façade Sud-Est de l’actuel bâtiment Conventuel, on voit un pilastre in situ avec un chapiteau, décor végétal, y inséré au (XIXème siècle) et une console avec ogives, probablement On the front Southeast Conventual the current building, seen in situ with a pilaster capital, plant decoration, it inserted (nineteenth century) and a console with warheads, probably “in situ” “In situ” , ainsi que 3 portes qui donnaient sur le transept, le choeur, la porte de la sacristie avec jambage Médiévale, au moins en partie pas And 3 doors to the transept, the choir, the sacristy door jamb with Medieval, at least in part not “in situ” “In situ” , la porte à l’escalier du dortoir et la porte au cloître (1786)(1788) . The door to the dormitory stairs and the door to the cloister (1786)(1788). Une sondage archéologique en (1986) a mis au jour une petite partie du sol de l’église, Post Médieval peu sous la surface actuelle. An archaeological survey (1986) revealed a small part of the floor of the church, Post Medieval slightly below the current surface. Les mêmes sondages ont démontré que le cloître était un carré exact, surface intérieure 43m,50 x 43m,50 . The same survey showed that the cloister was an exact square, inner surface 43m, 50 x 43m, 50. Pendant des travaux en (2012) un reste de la jambage d’une porte était visible devant la façade Nord-Est, avec le seuil à 1m,40 sous le niveau actuel. For work (2012) remains one of the jamb of a door was visible to the north-east façade, with the threshold at 1m, 40 below the current level.

A u plus tard vers la fin du (XVIIème siècle) l’aile Nord-Ouest du complexe, au Moyen Âge l’aile des frères Convers , fut transformé en logis Abbatial, l’abbé César de Marnais de La Bastie y ajoute un pavillon. By no later than the late (seventeenth century) Northwest wing of the complex, in the Middle Ages wing Convers brothers, was transformed into a dwelling Abbey, Father Caesar Marnais La Bastie adds a flag . Un projet détaillé de (1741) pour la construction d’un nouveau logis Abbatial indépendant, probablement sur la surface au Sud-Ouest du Bâtiment Conventuel n’aboutit jamais. A detailed (1741) for the construction of a new independent Abbey house, probably on the surface southwest of the Conventual building project was never made. Plusieurs travaux d’entretien sous la direction de l’architecte Claude Pierrot de Besançon sont documentés pour les années (1740) et (1750) . Several maintenance under the direction of architect Claude Pierrot Besancon work is documented for years (1740) and (1750). Le logis Abbatial fut rénové. The home was renovated Abbey. Les chapelles latérales au bas nef droite, au Sud-Est de l’église furent démolies pour permettre la réparation du mur extérieur. At the bottom right side nave, south-east of the church chapels were demolished to allow repair of the exterior wall. Le niveau du pavé de l’église fut levé 1,50 pieds. The level of the floor of the church was lifted 1.50 feet. Le clocher fut reconstruit. 4 ogives du cloître furent reconstruites pour mieux soutenir les voûtes de l’église. The bell tower was rebuilt. 4 arches of the cloisters were rebuilt to better support the arches of the church. Le grand bâtiment avec écuries et grainiers est daté (1762) , le porche (1764) . The large building with stables and Grain-dated (1762), porch (1764). Probablement aussi dans les années (1760) le mur d’enceint fut reconstruit. Probably in the year (1760) the wall was rebuilt pregnant. En (1777) on prolongeait le bâtiment avec les écuries et on commençait à reconstruire et voûter les canaux, qui étaient jusqu’ici seulement couvert par des planches. In (1777) the building is extended with the stables and began to rebuild and stoop channels, which were previously only covered by boards. La plus grande entreprise de reconstruction se déroula entre (1786) et (1788) , le Bâtiment Conventuel notre maison, l’aile Sud-Est et une partie de l’aile Nord-Est, fut reconstruit sous la direction de l’architecte Joseph Cuchot de Besançon . The largest reconstruction effort took place between (1786) and (1788), Building Conventual our house wing Southeast and part of the West wing was rebuilt under the direction of architect Joseph Cuchot of Besancon. Un souci permanent était le niveau des bâtiments, qui était plus bas que les alentours, et l’état précaire des plusieurs conduits d’eau. An ongoing concern was the level of buildings, which was lower than the surroundings, and the precarious state of many water pipes. Pour le nouveau bâtiment on y porta remède avec le renouvellent intégral du réseau hydraulique et un rehaussement considérable du niveau du rez de chaussée. For the new building there with full bore remedy renew the water network and a considerable rise in the level of the ground floor. Seulement autour du cloître et vers l’église des anciens murs furent intégrés dans la nouvelle bâtisse. Just around the cloister to the church and the ancient walls were incorporated into the new building.

L es inventaires révolutionnaires mentionnent le mauvais état des bâtiments qui n’étaient pas reconstruit. The inventories are revolutionary mention the poor condition of the buildings that were not reconstructed. Probablement peu après la vente aux enchères de (1791 la démolition de l’église et l’exploitation de ses matériaux commencèrent. En (1830 encore les tristes ruines de l’église furent mentionnées. C’était donc la famille de Ganay qui faisait raser les derniers restes des bâtiments autour du cloître qui précédaient celui de (1786)(1788) , y inclus le logis Abbatial. Le Bâtiment Conventuel, appelé château sous la famille de Ganay , a une façade principale asymétrique, probablement une axe de fenêtres à gauche était adossé au transept de l’église. L’aile principale, Sud-Ouest contient un aile complète du cloître, celui avec l’entrée principale et la cuisine Nord-Ouest) une partie d’un autre. Beaucoup d’éléments de la décoration intérieur d’origine sont conservés, mais les pertes et dommages causés de (1957(1993) sont considérables. L’intérieur avec les somptueuses décorations sont surprenant peu monastique et montrent la bienséance de l’abbaye du (XVIIIième siècle) . Au rez de chaussée on trouve une enfilade de réfectoire, grand salon avec boiseries de Sieur Faivre sculpteur et ébéniste à Besançon , vestibule, petit salon, et 2 chambres d’hôtes. Probably shortly after the auction of (1791 demolition of the church and began operating its materials. In (1830 yet the sad ruins of the church were mentioned. That was the family who was shaving Ganay the last remnants of the buildings around the cloister which preceded that of (1786) -. (1788), including the house Abbey The Conventual building, known as the Castle family Ganay has an asymmetrical main facade, probably a line of windows was leaning against the left transept of the church. The main wing, Southwest has a full wing of the cloister, with the main entrance and the north-western kitchen) part of another. Many elements of the interior decoration original are retained, but the loss and damage of (1957 -. (1993) are significant with lavish interior decorations are surprising and show little monastic propriety of the abbey (eighteenth century). On the ground floor there is a suite of dining, large lounge with wood sculptor Sieur Faivre and cabinetmaker in Besancon, hall, sitting room, and two guest rooms. Un splendide escalier de pierre calcaire de Chailluz pierres de taille, Sieur Bataillan à Besançon , rampe Sieur Saint serrurier à Besançon mène à une grande galerie à l’étage, où des portails avec frontons donnent accès aux chambres des moines. A beautiful limestone staircase Chailluz stone, Sieur Bataillan in Besancon, Sieur Saint ramp locksmith in Besancon leads to a large upstairs gallery, where gates with pediments provide access to rooms of the monks. Le petit bâtiment au Nord de l’aile de la cuisine, construit au même temps que le Bâtiment Conventuel, était destiné pour le lavoir, la boulangerie et le cave des vins. The small building to the north wing of the kitchen, built at the same time as the Conventual building was intended for the laundry, bakery and wine cellar. Le porche d’entrée de (1764) donne sur un chemin entre 7 anciens platanes et le bâtiment de (1762)(1777) avec les écuries et les grainiers, fortement modifié dans les années (1970) . The entry (1764) porch overlooks a path between 7 old plane trees and building (1762)(1777) with stables and Grain-radically changed in the years (1970).

L e réseau hydraulique avec une source abondante capté au Nord-Est du lavoir, certainement depuis les origines de l’abbaye la source principale d’eau potable, jusqu’au < (XIXème siècle) on lui attribuait des forces miraculeuses surtout pour les maladies des yeux, est bien conservé dans l’état du (XVIIIème siècle) . The hydraulic system with an abundant source captured the Northeast laundry, certainly since the origins of the e abbey’s main source of drinking water until <(nineteenth century) was attributed her miraculous strength especially for diseases eyes, is well preserved in the state of (XVIII).

- Listes des Abbés – List of Abbots

* 1119-1156 : Pons de La Roche, fils de Pons Ier de La Roche, fondateur de l’abbaye. * 1119-1156: Pons La Roche, son of Pons I of La Roche, founder of the abbey.
* 1156-1163 : Burchardus (écrivain rénommé). * 1156-1163: Burchardus (renowned writer).
* Bernardus – Conradus – Guido I – Guillelmus I – Wecilo – Herbertus – Odo – Simon – Humbertus I. * Bernardus – Conradus – Guido I – I Guillelmus – Wecilo – Herbertus – Odo – Simon – Humbertus I.
* Stephanus I – Petrus – Theodoricus – Jordanus – Nicolaus – Pierre II de Gy – Jean de Nant. * Stephanus I – Petrus – Theodoricus – Jordanus – Nicolaus – Pierre Gy II – Jean Nant.
* Guido II – Johannes II – Antonius I – Stephanus II – Guillaume II de Moûtier. * Guido II – Johannes II – Antonius I – Stephanus II – William II of Moutier.
* 1455-? * 1455-? : Jean Rolin. Jean Rolin.
* Jacques de Theulley de Pontailler – Antonius II de Nant. * Jacques de Theulley Pontailler – Antonius II Nant.
* 1530-1546 : Marc Cussenet. * 1530-1546: Marc Cussenet.
* Jean II de Tartre. * Jean II of Tartar.
* 1551-? * 1551-? : Pierre III d’Andelot. Pierre III Dandelot.
* Pierre IV d’Andelot – Louis I de Tartre – Pierre V d’Albamey. * Pierre IV Dandelot – Louis I of Tartar – Pierre V Albamey.
* 1607-1621 : Philippe Boitouzet. * 1607-1621: Philippe Boitouzet.
* 1621-1633 : Jean-Baptiste de Cuzance. * 1621-1633: Jean-Baptiste Cuzance.
* 1633-1660 : Louis II Delatour. * 1633-1660: Louis II Delatour.
* 1660-1682 : Humbert II de Precipiano. * 1660-1682: Humbert II Precipiano.
* 1682-1731 : César de Marnais de la Bastie. * 1682-1731: Caesar Marnais of Bastie.
* 1731-1790 : Louis-Albert de Lezay-Marnésia. * 1731-1790: Louis-Albert Lezay-Marnésia.


II Pons de la Roche (to 1140-1203), knight, lord of La Roche, Ray, Flagey and Maizières.

Mariages et succession : Marriage and succession:
Il épouse en premières noces en 1168 Mathilde/Mathélie de Beaujeu-Seveux, de qui il a : He first married in 1168 Mathilde / Mathelié of Beaujeu-Sappy, of which he:

  • Othon qui suit, Otto follows,

  • Pons III, seigneur de Flagey qui continuera la lignée des La Roche à Rigney , il épouse Poncette de qui il a Guy et Pierre (châtelain d’Athènes), Pons III, lord of Flagey will continue the tradition of La Roche Rigney , he married Poncette of which he and Guy Pierre (lord of Athens)

  • Boniette/Bonnette, (vers 1170 – ?), elle épouse en 1189 Gérard I er d’Achey, Seigneur de Chauvirey et Bussières. Boniette / Bonnette (1170 -), in 1189 she married Gerard I. Achey, Lord Chauvirey and Bussieres.

En secondes noces il épouse Pontia de Dramelay (de Rougemont ?) (de la famille de l’Archevêque Amédée de Dramelay et du Grand Maître de l’Ordre du Temple Bernard de Tramelay ) de qui il a : Second wife he married Pontia Dramelay (Rougemont?) (Family Archbishop Amédée Dramelay and the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Bernard de Tremelay ) of which he:


Pontia De Dramelay (born De Rougemont)

MyHeritage Family Trees

MOUCHET Web Site, managed by Jean Pierre Mouchet

Birth: 1155
Parents: Names of both parents
Siblings: Humbert, II de ROUGEMONT and names of 3 more siblings
Husband: Name of husband
Son: Name of son


Bernard Du Tremblay-dramelay

MyHeritage Family Trees

famille RANCOURT, managed by francis Rancourt-P

Birth: 1120 – Place
Death: 1155 – Place
Wife: Name of wife
Son: Name of son


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Going To Dabiq

dab6 dab2 dab5

evilemp3 mount 027 mount 031

koob27 koob28 koob11 koob36Merlin is a candidate for the Antichrist. The city of Dabiq is the place ISIS has chosen for the final battle between crusaders, and what many people title ‘Pure Evil’.   This battle with crusaders is a big part of the propaganda ISIS put forth in order to garnish more recruits. I have yet to find any spiritual, magical, or religious person challenging this ISIS prophecy.

If you read your Bible, you see there are many showdowns between the false prophets, and the One True Messenger. Below is my prophetic poem about ISIS smashing Jonah’s tomb. I did not know that ISIS emloys Noah’s Ark in their murderous cosmology, that is a cult. In my post ‘The Reluctant Messiah’ I show that the letter N is a sea serpent. Here are photos of my walking stick I found by a river.

Consider Moses’ staff turning into a serpent and the marking of the door beams of the Jews on Passover. ISIS has marked the doors of the Nazarite/Nazarenes with an N that is the letter of Jonah. Above is a photo of me dressed as Merlin protesting the coming war in 2003.  Gandalf is a copy of Merlin. I am kin to Knight Templars and Crusaders. I do not need an army to fight ISIS on the world wide web – with magic!

When Moses used his staff to drill for water, God admonished him because he was using the power of Nun that he learned as an Egyptian Priest. I have been compared to Moses. Nun is the bringer of floods. If no one takes up ISIS’ challenge, they will look foolish. This is why they made that last video overlooking Dabiq. They are begging for President Obama to send troops. But, like a voice crying in the wilderness this, prophet, named after the beheaded John the Baptist, cometh!


I am coming to Dabiq as Jonah and Merlin because these monsters are sucking all the world’s magic into their filth-spewing penis. Everyone is afraid of them. I am not! One must fight fire with fire, and snakes with snakes. My staff……….will burn them!

Jonah the Nazarite


The Ark upon the mountain
The Dove and Branch upon the sea
The hammers of iniquity
beat upon my forgotten tomb
I am awake upon the turbulant waters

My enemies cast lots
and blame me for their sins
while God’s friends
read me on the Day of Atonement
so all will be saved
so all will be united in peace

The sun went down on me
so long ago
The vine that grew over my head
has wilted in the desert of forgetfulness
But, there on a mountian
a purple haze
a rosy afterglow
in a King’s rosegarden atop a mount
that bid noble knights to climb hither
that beckon knights to sever a thread
and once again
be brave

Nun was believed to still exist; his representation was seen in the water discovered whenever a well was dug, and in the flooding waters of the Nile. Occasionally it was thought that the waters of Nun, which surrounded the floating earth, would one day re-envelop the world and Atum would revert to his original form as a serpent; Osiris instead of Re, would sail over the waters of Nun.

The Islamic State (ISIS) regularly puts out a glossy propaganda magazine aimed at recruiting jihadists from the West. It is sophisticated, slick, beautifully produced and printed in several languages including English.

See all the magazine’s issues below.

‘Dabiq’ as it is called, bills itself as “a periodical magazine focusing on the issues of tawhid (unity), manhaj (truth-seeking), hijrah (migration), jihad

(holy war) and jama’ah (community). It will also contain photo reports, current events, and informative articles on matters relating to the Islamic State.”

It portrays the Islamic State as they see themselves: boasting of their victories and painting a romantic image of the restoration of an Islamic golden age and the heralding of a glorious new Caliphate

based on holy war.

Dabiq is a place in Syria that is supposed to be the location for one of the final battles according to certain Muslim myths about a final apocalypse. Choosing such a name for the magazine highlights the Caliphate’s goals.

Issues of Dabiq released so far:


The fourth issue of the Islamic State’s magazine is entitled “The Failed Crusade.” It focuses on the attempts by the U.S.-led coalition to counter the Islamic State and how according the Islamists’, the campaign against them is doomed to fail. They express their certainty saying “This religion is the one promised with victory.”

ISIS admits and justifies slavery

An estimated 5,000 Yazidi men were killed in the ISIS massacres in northern Iraq in August.

On top of that, United Nations researchers have verified stories of Yazidi women being sold into slavery.

READ MORE: Iraqi Yazidi girl held by Islamic State group discusses her ordeal

ISIS justifies the “revival of slavery” and outright glorifies it in the latest Dabiq issue.

“After capture, the Yazidi women and children were then divided according to the Shari’ah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State who participated in the [Mount] Sinjar operation, after one fifth of the slaves were transferred to the Islamic State’s authority to be divided as khums (an Islamic tax).”

“This large-scale enslavement of mushrik (polythesist) families is probably the first since the abandonment of the Shari’ah law. The only other known case — albeit much smaller — is that of the enslavement of Christian women and children in the Philippines and Nigeria by the mujahidin there.”

The Battle of Marj Dābiq (Arabic: مرج دابق, meaning “the meadow of Dābiq”; Turkish: Mercidabık Muharebesi) was a decisive military clash in Middle Eastern history, fought on 24 August 1516, near the town of Dabiq, 44 km north of Aleppo, Syria.[1] The battle was part of the Ottoman–Mamluk War (1516–17) between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate, which ended ultimately in an Ottoman victory, the conquest of most of the Middle East by the Ottoman Empire, and the end of the Mamluk Sultanate. The Ottoman Empire’s victory in this battle gave it control of the entire region of Syria.

One aspect of life in Dabiq that has not been addressed by the group has been the apparent destruction of the tomb of one of the early caliphs of Islam – Sulayman Bin-Abd-al-Malik – who was buried in the town in the Eighth Century.

Footage on YouTube, uploaded on 2 August, several days before IS took the town, appears to show damage to the shrine said to have been caused by an explosion. The person who uploaded it blamed the incident on IS or its supporters, which has a track record of demolishing shrines which it considers un-Islamic.


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