The Divine Compassion of Roosevelt

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In watching the series on the Roosevelts, I could see that Franklin and Meher Baba were working in concert to meet the evil and destruction that was coming humanities way.  Indeed, it is suggested that Franklin being stricken wit polio had prepared him, given him a God-given humility and awareness, that was equal with God’s Compassion. Franklin Roosevelt was the Go-el Redeemer of America, because he repaired our broken economy and brought millions out of debt.

To behold Franklin in the water at Warm Springs with the afflicted of all ages, was to get a glimpse of the work of Jesus.

Jon the Nazarite

By all accounts, both branches of the Roosevelt family were immensely proud of their armorial bearings and used them at every opportunity. Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, pointed out that the family “had roses in book plates and crested rings. Roosevelt babies always had cascades of roses tumbling down their christening robes.” As we have already seen, the early Roosevelts put the arms and the graphic elements drawn from them on pieces of silver. Later Roosevelts would continue to use them in ways ordinary and inventive, including even the naming of one of the family’s estates—the house built at Hyde Park by FDR’s grandfather Isaac was named “Rosedale.”

The name Roosevelt is an American surname originally derived from the Dutch place-name spelled variously as Van Rosevelt or Van Rosenvelt, meaning “from rose field.” The most famous bearers of this name come from the Roosevelt family, a merchant and political family descended from the 17th-century immigrant to New Netherland Claes Maartenszen van Rosenvelt.

The name Roosevelt is an American surname originally derived from the Dutch place-name spelled variously as Van Rosevelt or Van Rosenvelt, meaning “from rose field.” The most famous bearers of this name come from the Roosevelt family, a merchant and political family descended from the 17th-century immigrant to New Netherland Claes Maartenszen van Rosenvelt.

In the United States, the surname ranked as the 15,060th most common surname in the 1990 U.S. Census, accounting for 0.001% of the American population.[1] By the 2000 U.S. Census, the surname was ranked as the 24,406th most common family name. There were 961 individuals recorded at that time using the surname Roosevelt, and of these, 64% identified as being white, 27.26% black, 1.87% Asian and Pacific Islander, 1.77% American Indian and Native Alaskan and 1.66% as Hispanic ethnic origin.[2]

Notable Roosevelts[edit]

Van Rosevelts of Oud-Vossemeer[edit]

In 1410, William III, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Holland and of Zeeland granted amt fiefdoms north of Tholen to six lords. An amt fief was a grant of land, by William III of Bavaria in this instance, to lesser vassal lords where the land stipulated in the grant had been or needed to be dyked and reclaimed from the sea. Also, the vassal lords held several powers from their position, such as appointing the steward and alderman that governed the municipal area, inflicting corporal punishment and even pass death sentences by hanging in several situations.[3][4]

One of the first amt lords was Marijnus van Rosevelt, whose lordship dates back to 1697. Johan Willem van Rosevelt, LL.M, was also an amt lord from 1731 until 1790, and also held the prominent positions of steward of Vossemeer, councilor, alderman and pensionary of Goes, Steward of the Count’s Domains to oversee clerical goods, common means and taxes in Biervliet, deputy councilor of Zeeland and admiralty councilor. The Van Rosevelt name holds a place of prominence in the Oud-Vossemeer House of Amt Lords, which was constructed in 1767, even amongst the other amt lords.[3][5]

It has been suggested that Claes van Rosenvelt was related to the Van Rosevelts of Oud-Vossemeer, and evidence suggests that Claes van Rosenvelt indeed came from the Tholen region where the Van Rosevelts were land owners, but no records exist that prove any relation of the two families.[5][6]

Roosevelts, the American political and business family[edit]

Claes Maartenszen van Rosenvelt, the immigrant ancestor of the Roosevelt family, arrived in Nieuw Amsterdam (present day New York City) some time between 1638 and 1649. Around the year 1652, he bought a farm from Lambert van Valckenburgh comprising twenty-four morgens (48 acres (190,000 m2)) in what is now Midtown Manhattan, including the present site of the Empire State Building.[7] The property included roughly what is now the area between Lexington Avenue and Fifth Avenue bounded by 29th St. and 35th St.

Claes’ son Nicholas was the first to use the spelling Roosevelt and the first to hold political office, as an alderman. His children Johannes and Jacobus were the progenitors of the Oyster Bay and Hyde Park branches of the family that emerged in the 18th century, respectively. By the late 19th century, the Hyde Park Roosevelts were generally associated with the Democratic Party and the Oyster Bay Roosevelts with the Republican Party. President Theodore Roosevelt, an Oyster Bay Roosevelt, was President Franklin Roosevelt’s fifth cousin. Despite political differences that led family members to actively campaign against each other, the two branches generally remained friendly. James Roosevelt, Sr. met his wife at a Roosevelt family gathering in the home of Theodore’s mother, and James’ son Franklin married Theodore’s niece Eleanor.

Coats of arms[edit]

It is a common misconception that there is one coat of arms associated to everyone of a common surname, when, in fact, a coat of arms is property passed through direct lineage.[8] This means that there are numerous families of Roosevelt, perhaps under various spellings, that are related, but because they are not the direct descendants of a Roosevelt that owned an armorial device do not have rights or claims to any arms themselves.

In heraldry, canting arms are a visual or pictorial play on a surname, and were and still are a popular practice. It would be common to find roses, then, in arms of many Roosevelt families, even unrelated ones. Also, grassy mounds or fields of green would be a familiar attribute.

The Van Rosevelts of Oud-Vossemeer, in the Tholen region of Zeeland, have a coat of arms that is divided horizontally, the top portion with a white chevron between three white roses, while the bottom half is gold with a red lion rampant. The upper portion is simply a cant of the Van Rosevelt name, which means “from the rose fields”. The lower portion was likely added to the heraldic achievement after the family gained the amt lordship, as a representation of their land ownership. The coat of arms of the province of Zeeland has a red lion rising from waters on a gold field, while the town of Oud-Vossemeer use similar arms but with a red wolf, so the red lion of the Van Rosevelts is either directly taken form the Zeeland arms or an allusion to both Zeeland and Oud-Vossemeer. A traditional blazon suggested would be, Per fess vert a chevron between three roses argent and Or a lion rampant gules.[9]

The coat of arms of the Dutch burgher Claes van Rosenvelt, ancestor of the American political family that included Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, were white with a rosebush with three rose flowers growing upon a grassy mound, and whose crest was of three ostrich feathers divided into red and white halves each. In heraldic terms this would be described as, Argent upon a grassy mound a rose bush proper bearing three roses gules barbed and seeded all proper, with a crest upon a torse argent and gules of Three ostrich plumes each per pale gules and argent. Franklin Roosevelt altered his arms to rid of the rosebush and use in its place three crossed roses on their stems, changing the blazon of his shield to Three roses one in pale and two in saltire gules barbed seeded slipped and leaved proper.[9]

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After My Death On LSD

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While attending Serenity Lane in Eugene Oregon, getting help for my alcoholism, I heard there was going to be a meeting of Meher Baba Lovers from all over the world at a Seminary College in Portland. It was a three day event. When it came time to have lunch in the cafeteria I found an empty table, I thought.  After taking a bite of my food, I looked up to see three gentleman standing over me. They wanted to say they were sitting there, but, ended up staring at me.

After being seated, one of them asked me;

“What do you do to make yourself look so much like Meher Baba?”

I put down my fork and responded to gentleman with the big mustache, and, who looked like Baba himself;

“I molded a plastic mask of the Avatar and strap it on each night. It is painful, but, it does the trick! Now, tell me your secret.”

This morning my Angel told me this upon waking;

“Google Rick Chapman. You missed something Jon.”

I found out that Rick and others were called the “Baba-boys” by the Avatar of the Age who wanted these boys to spread his anti-LSD and drug message.  After my death on a massive dose of LSD on McClure’s Beach, two days later I was bid to take another dose so I could come back into my body. A group of people were waiting for me in the next room. They were members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. When I spoke to them, I said this;

“I am going to take this drug from you and dilute it in the ocean.”

This was February 1967. I was a original Hippies. I spread my anti-LSD and Marijuana message to all those who were close to me. I was not aware that my DNA carried a message that rendered all members of my natal family, alcoholics – and insane! The loss of my daughter and grandson, and the wanton destruction of my Rosy Family Tree that I recovered from oblivion, is proof we are being driven insane.

A half hour ago I watched a video that ISIS made. It shows a British journalist giving a MESSAGE to the world, claiming he does this of his own free will, and not because there is a gun pointed at his head. This is the epitone of Madness.

When I died, I saw God and His Liberating Truth. I will  speak of this event not to make you Believe, or have Faith or Religion, but that you be grounded in your divine creation, in a heaven that lie at your feet.  You were born in His image. You have the right to brush your fingers across the horizon of the sea, and whisper…….”I am!”

In the photo of me above you will see strands of energy around me like angel hair. This energy has protected me for many years. Guns have been put to my head, the trigger pulled, but, these weapons jammed! A month after my death I beheld a picture of Baba on the wall of our commune, and went into a deep trance. I saw that we suffered in similar ways.

Jon the Nazarite

MEANWHILE IN AMERICA, Meher Baba’s message on drugs was being widely spread by a group of hardworking young lovers, such as Robert Dreyfuss, Allan Cohen and Rick Chapman, who wrote articles, gave talks and appeared on television and radio shows, appealing to young people to give up drugs. As a result of this anti-drug campaign, many came to know of Baba and several to love him. In fact, back on April 21st, Baba had Adi write the following to Ivy O. Duce, eliciting her full support for this work:

My dear Ivy,

A special article in The New York Times by Robert B. Semple, Jr., on “Colleges Warned to Curb Drug Use — U. S. Asserts Hallucinogens May Harm Students” was read to Beloved Baba in Poona.

After hearing the article, Baba wishes me to let you and those concerned know that if the student world continues to indulge in the use of LSD, half of the U. S. A. would soon become mentally deranged! Hence, a check must be strictly enforced, and the use of these drugs be prohibited, especially among the rising generation.

Of course, the law of the land will take care of this side of the question; but Baba wishes Robert Dreyfuss, Allan Cohen, Rick Chapman and others, who have stopped taking LSD and such drugs, to be his apostles in this particular field and to give lectures on college campuses and speak in social gatherings and meetings, quoting passages from God Speaks and other Baba-literature on the experiences of the spiritual planes, and reading excerpts from letters from Baba to Dr. Richard Alpert and Allan Cohen in which Beloved Baba is emphatically against the use of LSD and ganja (marijuana), and suchlike drugs and smokes.

Meher Baba wants these “Baba-boys” further to submit articles in newspapers against the use of these drugs as based on information from Avatar Meher Baba and from his writings in the Discourses, God Speaks, and so forth. Baba says that this is the best opportunity for Baba-boys to do his work in the States and, at the same time, to be of help to their fellow-beings in America. Their speeches and articles should be illuminating so as to turn the minds of the addicts and guide them to a proper understanding. Baba wishes his boys particularly to tell the students to read God Speaks in which even the experiences of the planes of consciousness are only another kind of an illusion.

Baba clarifies that these experiences of the planes are “real illusion,” whereas those derived from the use of drugs are illusion into “false illusion.” What Beloved Baba wishes to imply is that this mundane life and the experiences thereof are a “dream into a dream,” whereas the traversing of the Spiritual Path by the seekers who gain experiences of the planes of consciousness is a “dream.”

Dear Ivy, it is expedient that these boys of Baba follow in right earnest Baba’s wishes, and do their best to bring home his message for the benefit of all concerned.

with love to you and all dear ones.

Adi K. Irani

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Summoning the Nazarite Judges

gregs2greg-bostsun-moon-star-nightSamson_hos_filistrene samson3 samson4 SamsonDestroyTemple

“Let the number of my Nazariteships be as the hairs of my head, or as the dust-particles of the earth, or as the sands of the sea”

Twenty-seven years ago I had a reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. The first thing I was told, was

“You died!”

I was also told this;

“People come into your being and take, take, take! You are powerless to stop them. I can’t see why.”

I was told I had two children. This is when I looked at my attempt to save Patrice and her children. Patrice and her family have been coming into my being via my daughter in order to take my Healing Energy – without having to do any work to save themselves. I was their Slave-Redeemer.

It is said King David was with the Philistines, and was their vassal. Did they adopt his Lord and His religion, for a little while – and corrupt it? Did they alter the Message in order that God sere them – as their slave?

When John the Baptist was born he was whisked away to a foreign land. Why? All thru the Diaspora Jews were taking the Vow of the Nazarite before they made a pilgrimage to the Temple. John was preparing their way, cleansing them of sins they picked up in heathen lands. John wanted them to behold THE LORD, not the son of the lord, but THE FATHER.

Satan-Paul confronts twelve disciples of John in Ephesus, who he claims were not baptized in the Nazarite Holy Spirit, and proceeds to do the job. James, the brother of Jesus, bid Paul to take the Vow of the Nazarite to prove he was not spreading a false teaching. Paul failed the test and was arrested and taken to Rome where he was beheaded. Jesus was a Nazarite after John, and was a mortal.

I have seen the coming of ‘The Terrible Day of our Lord’. For weeks our President has been trying to gather a collective force to fight ISIS.  The remains of John the Baptist are in the great mosque in Damascus where the Nazarite Church was chased by Satan-Paul. This church had restored the Rule of Judges and summoned God’s Champion.  Here is ‘The Rebirth of Samson.

Above we see two photos of me taken by my late sister. She wanted me to be her first male portrait. When she developed them, she was startled to see these strands of energy that surrounded me. These are the Strands of Angel Hair that have protected me, kept me from harm. My sister’s saw this angel standing at the foot of the bed, as did the old crone up the street. This angel came into my life when I was dying of whopping cough.  I saw a bright blue light come from the womb of my Aunt June when she kissed me good night. June Rosamond married Vincent Rice. They saw me as their child.

I am a anti-Zionist for the reason the State of Israel was not founded by Divine Redeemers, but by secular terrorists. I subscribe to Reform Judaism that is a Divine Diaspora. In the name of John and Samson, I bid Jews int eh Diaspora to take the Vow of the Nazarite, and in Spirit join forces against ISIS! Women could take the Vow of the Nazarite. There were women Judges and Redeemers, such as Deborah.

In our Presidents call for a coalition, why does not Israel answer this call, and come fight alongside Arabs and Muslim against the enemy of God? Consider the story of Gideon. This Jewish force can come from ‘The United States of America’.  I will clarify this possibility in coming posts.

Jon the Nazarite


Rabbinical literature identifies Samson with Bedan;[6] Bedan was a Judge mentioned by Samuel in his farewell address (1 Samuel 12:11) among the Judges that delivered Israel from their enemies.[19] However, the name “Bedan” is not found in the Book of Judges.[19] The name “Samson” is derived from the Hebrew word “shemesh”, which means the sun, so that Samson bore the name of God, who is called “a sun and shield” in Psalms 84:11; and as God protected Israel, so did Samson watch over it in his generation, judging the people even as did God.[6] Samson’s strength was divinely derived (Talmud, Tractate Sotah 10a).[6][20]

Bedan is named as the deliverer of Israelites in 1 Samuel 12:11. He is not mentioned elsewhere as a judge of Israel. Bp. Patrick and others hypothesis the name to be a contraction of ben Dan (“the son of Dan”) by which they suppose Samson is meant, as the Targum reads. The LXX, Syriac, and Arabic, however, refer to the name as Barak, instead of Bedan; and the two latter versions refer to Samson, instead of Samuel. These readings are adopted by Houbigant, and appear to be genuine, for it is not probable that Samuel would enumerate himself.

Academics have interpreted Samson as a demigod (such as Hercules or Enkidu) enfolded into Jewish religious lore, or as an archetypical folklore hero, among others. These views sometimes interpreted him as a solar deity, popularized by “solar hero” theorists and Biblical scholars alike.[30][31][32] The name Delilah may also involve a wordplay with the Hebrew word for night, ‘layla’, which “consumes” the day.[33] Samson bears many similar traits to the Greek Herakles (and the Roman Hercules adaptation), inspired himself partially from the mesopotamian Enkidu tale: Herakles and Samson both battled a Lion bare handed (Lion of Nemea feat), Herakles and Samson both had a favorite primitive blunt weapon (a club for the first, an ass’s jaw for the latter), they were both betrayed by a woman which led them to their ultimate fate (Herakles by Dejanira, while Samson by Delilah). Both heroes, champion of their respective people, die by their own hand: Herakles ends his life on a pyre while Samson makes the Philistine temple collapse upon himself and his enemies.

These views are disputed by traditional and conservative biblical scholars who consider Samson to be a literal historical figure and thus reject any connections to mythological heroes.[34] That Samson was a “solar hero” has been described as “an artificial ingenuity”.[35] Some biblical scholars suggest that Samson’s home tribe of Dan might have been related to the Philistines themselves. “Dan” might be another name for the tribe of Sea Peoples otherwise known as the Denyen, Danuna, or Danaans. If so, then Samson’s origin might be entirely Aegean.[36] These speculations are in stark contrast to the historical depictions expressed in the Bible and are therefore mutually exclusive.

The secrecy around the powerful medieval Order of the Knights Templar, and the speed with which they disappeared over the space of a few years, has led to Knights Templar legends. These range from rumors about their association with the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, to questions about their association with the Freemasons, to searches for a lost treasure. Speculation about the Templars has increased because of references to them in bestselling books such as The Da Vinci Code and films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and National Treasure.

Some historians and authors have tried to draw a link from Freemasonry and its many branches to the Templars. This alleged link remains a point of debate. Degrees in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite such as the Knight of Saint Andrew, the Knight of Rose-Croix, and the 32nd Degree in Consistory make reference to a “Masonic Knights Templar” connection, but this is usually dismissed as being ceremonial and not historical fact.

John the Baptist
Saint John the Baptist, who was beheaded, is said also to be the source of Templar idolatry. As ludicrous as this may at first seem, it is commonly known that several bogus John the Baptist heads were around during this time. Could the Templars have possessed one of these heads? It is possible, as the Templars were said to possess many of the religious relics of the time. As supposed Poor Knights of Christ it is quite possible that the head of St. John the Baptist would be an object of devotion and guidance since his feast was to be celebrated by the command of the Templar Rule of Order.

The Head of Jesus Christ
In his book, “The Head of God,” Dr. Keith Laidler put forth the theory that the Templars were practitioners of a cult of the head, which dated back to ancient times. Laidler’s theory claims that Jesus Christ’s head was severed after His crucifixion and latterly fell into the hands of the Templars who venerated it as part of their cult. This head, Laidler claims is buried in the apprentice Pillar at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Following the conquest of Canaan by Joshua until the formation of the first Kingdom of Israel (ca. 1150–1025 BC), the Israelite Tribes formed a loose confederation. No central government existed in this confederation and in times of crisis, the people were led by ad hoc chieftains known as judges.[2]

In the Book of Judges, a cyclical pattern is given to show the need for the various judges: apostasy of the Israelite people, hardship brought on as punishment from God, crying out to the Lord for rescue.[3] The judges were the successive individuals, each from a different tribe of Israel, chosen by God to rescue the people from their enemies and establish justice and the practice of the Torah amongst the Hebrews.

Most judges acted primarily as military leaders in times of war. These leaders were thought of as being sent by God to deliver the people from a threat. After the threat had passed, the judge was generally expected to give up their position as military leaders. They were most likely tribal or local leaders, contrary to the Deuteronomistic historians portrayal of them as leaders of all of Israel,[7] however their authority was recognized by local groups or tribes beyond their own.[8] In accordance with the needs of the time, their functions were primarily martial and judicial, but not comparable to a king. All Biblical Judges performed judicial duities and the institute of Judges was separated from the institute of King (First Book of Samuel 10:25).

The stories follow a consistent pattern: the people are unfaithful to Yahweh and he therefore delivers them into the hands of their enemies; the people repent and entreat Yahweh for mercy, which he sends in the form of a leader or champion (a “judge”); the judge delivers the Israelites from oppression and they prosper, but soon they fall again into unfaithfulness and the cycle is repeated.[4]

  1. Israel “does evil in the eyes of Yahweh”,

  2. the people are given into the hands of their enemies and cry out to Yahweh,

  3. Yahweh raises up a leader,

  4. the “spirit of Yahweh” comes upon the leader,

  5. the leader manages to defeat the enemy, and

  6. peace is regained.

Judges chapter 5 gives the same story in poetic form. This passage, often called The Song of Deborah, may date to as early as the 12th century BC[1] and is perhaps the earliest sample of Hebrew poetry. It is also significant because it is one of the oldest passages that portrays fighting women, the account being that of Jael, the wife of Heber, a Kenite tent maker

It is used first by Amos and subsequently incorporated into prophetic and apocalyptic literature texts of the Bible. It relies on military images to describe the Lord as a “divine warrior” who will conquer his enemies. In certain prophetic texts of the Old Testament, the enemies of the Lord are Israel’s enemies and in these visions the day of the Lord brings victory for the people of ancient Israel. Other prophets use the imagery as a warning to Israel or its leaders and for them, the day of the Lord will mean destruction for the biblical nation of Israel. This concept develops throughout Jewish and Christian Scripture into a day of divine, apocalyptic judgment at the end of the world.[3]

The Day of the Lord is a biblical term and theme used in both the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament. A related expression is the Great Day as in “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” which appears in both Old and New Testaments.

In the Hebrew Bible, a nazirite or nazarite, (in Hebrew: נזיר, nazir), refers to one who voluntarily took a vow described in Numbers 6:1–21. “Nazarite” comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated”.[1] This vow required the man or woman to:

  • Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors,[2] vinegar distilled from such substances,[3] and eating or drinking any substance that contains any trace of grapes.[4]
  • Refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head; but to allow the locks of the head’s hair to grow.[5]
  • Not to become ritually impure by contact with corpses or graves, even those of family members.[6]

If one said, “May I be a Nazarite,” he became a Nazarite at once (Naz. i. 1). As a consequence of the universal custom, peculiar words and phrases, some of which are now unintelligible, were formulated for the taking of the vow (Naz. i. 1, ii. 1; p. 10a; Ned. 10a, b, et passim). “‘Let my hand, my foot be nazir,’ is not valid; ‘Let my liver [or some other vital part] be nazir,’ is valid” (Naz. 21b; Tos. to Naz. iii. 3). When the sanctuary was defiled at the time of the wars of the Maccabees the people assembled all the Nazarites before God as persons who could not be released from their vows (I Macc. iii. 49); yet when Nazarites returned from the Diaspora and found the sanctuary destroyed they were absolved from their vows (Naz. v. 4), although at the same time others took it (ib. v., end).

Queen Helena was a Nazarite for fourteen (or twenty-one) years (Naz. iii. 6; see Jew. Encyc. vi. 334, s.v. Helena), and Agrippa’s sister Berenice was at Jerusalem on account of a Nazarite vow taken before the outbreak of the great war against the Romans (Josephus,

The vow was taken also for the fulfilment of a wish, such as for the birth of a child

Women and slaves, who did not have full rights before the religious law, could take the Nazarite vow, but only with the consent of their husbands or owners, while the vow was not valid among the heathen (Naz. iv. 1-5, ix. 1, et passim). Fathers were allowed to dedicate minors, but mothers were forbidden to do so (ib. iv. 29b). The proper name “Nazira” may be connected with some such custom (Gen. R. lxxxii. end, et passim). Jesus is said to have been dedicated while still in the womb (Luke i. 15). Tradition regards not only Samson and Samuel, but also Absalom, as Nazarites, the last on account of his long hair (Naz. 4b). The duration of Nazariteship was voluntary, and ranged from one hour to a lifetime. In the former case, however, it really lasted for thirty days, which was also the period when no definite time was set (ib. i. 3; Sifre, Deut. 357). While the usual time was thirty days, two or more additional vows were generally taken, in which case each period was regarded as a separate Nazariteship, to be immediately followed, when duly completed, by the succeeding one (Maimonides, “Yad,” Nezirut, iii. 6). The period was at times measured by the number of days of the solar or the lunar year (Naz. i., end; Yer. Naz. 54b); or one might say: “Let the number of my Nazariteships be as the hairs of my head, or as the dust-particles of the earth, or as the sands of the sea” (Naz. i. 4). A Nazarite for life might cut his too abundant hair once a year, but a Samson Nazarite might not cut his hair under any circumstances, although he might defile himself by touching a corpse (ib. 4a). While no comb was allowed to touch the hair, it might be cleansed and arranged by other means (ib. vi., end). A proverb says, “Let the Nazarite go around the vineyard, but let him not approach it” (Shab. 13a and parallels; Num. R. x.).

Outside of Palestine and in the Middle Ages.

Nazarite vows were taken also outside of Palestine (Naz. v. 4; iii. 6). Besides Helena, Queen of Adiabene, Miriam of Palmyra is mentioned as a Nazarite (Tos. to Naz. iv. 10). While the Law stated that Nazariteship was equally valid in the country and outside it, in the time of the Temple and after its destruction there was a difference of opinion between the followers of Shammai and of Hillel: the former held that one who entered Palestine after the fulfilment of a prolonged period of Nazariteship must live there thirty days longer as a Nazarite, while the latter maintained that he must begin his vow anew (Naz. iii. 6; comp. Maimonides, “Yad,” Nezirut, ii. 20-21). The earlier and more universal custom agreed with the view of the school of Shammai, Josephus referring to the thirty days demanded, as above, in the passage already quoted—”B. J.” ii. 15, § 1. The observance of the Nazarite vow probably continued for many centuries, but was finally lost in asceticism and mysticism. No Nazarites are known in the Middle Ages.

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Bill Wanted To Off Me

heather9 heather10 heather11


I wondered if Bill Cornwall wanted to off-me at the canyon. This is why he hurried ahead, to see if the coast was clear. This I why I said I was too tired to walk to the place where there was no railing.

As soon as we left the bank Bill took us to lunch and expected me to pick up the tab.  I can not buy food with my Special Trust money.  We stopped at a cave, and Bill was furious I didn’t pay for everyone. I just had my SSI money. In our phone conversation he called me a liar when I told him that money was not government money.  He thought I had just got $30,000 dollars to spend on my family, and him, but, was too selfish, I ‘The King of Parasites’ who deserved to die because I did not want working people to have some. Bill knew his lover was the heir. All he need do was give me a little shove, and the Deserved Threesome come away from the canyon – rich!

Won’t Linda and Flip be happy to learn Bloodsucker Jonny has grubstaked their Bar&Grill.

Above is a pic of Tyler after Heather turned him into a cow with the dark magic Witchlinda taught her.  But, when aunty began to drool, and said; “I just want to taste him!”  Heather turned him back into a human.

In these videos, you can hear I am winded because of the high altitude. I had trouble keeping up. Bill is seething and trying to hide his hatred of me. I have ruined his Big Scene. It was his dream to have a son and take him for a joy ride on Route 66, then, stand with him looking down into the canyon. But, Tyler says he is bored, because he wants to go look for arrowheads with Grandpa. Heather is doing her best to deal with her boys who want their way.  I am only adding to this battle of wills.

In my biography I began in 1992 ‘Bonds With Angels’ I describe my father as a sweating stick of dynamite about to explode any minute. Vic worked every waking second to be the center of attention. To go for a ride with my father was to be taken for a ride by the Mob. Once you got in a car with him, that was it! You had to leave your Free Will at the curb lest things go badly for you.  Bill and Vic share the same birthday.  Vic’s middle name is William. One Christmas Day, on the way to grandma’s, Vic&Son stopped in a nudie bar to drink. Vic had been drinking all night at the black afterhours club next door with the whores. This is when I said;

“We make better friends, then father and son.”

“I agree. You can call me Bill.”

The trouble Bill is having with Tyler, is, they aren’t drinking buddies – yet! I had not seen Tyler in a year. Bill could not share my grandson for three days. Then, he goes home with him.

The first thing my daughter did when Bill arrived (broke) from his two day bachelor party in Vegas – all hungover – is buy her lover a cowboy hat, because, he was “burning up!”

“That’s because you look like the friggen Devil, Red!” is what I wanted to say out loud, and would have if I was still a drinking man. Bill never wore that hat because it made him look like a fool. If Rosemary was till alive, and if Bill pulled this shit around her, she would have him down on the ground making him eat that hat! If she was till alive, she would be on my side,  just because of our Bill stories.

“That son-of-a-bitch!”

At the check-out I say to myself;

“If I were you, Red, I’d buy my sister something because she paid for Heather and Tyler’s plane fair. Look, Bill, there’s a box of chocolates! Just put it in the basket, and you can pay my daughter back later.”

Jon Presco


Even though I had quit smoking fourteen years prior, I had done damage to my lungs. I will be going to Hollis’s Vet group today. I will tell them my friend suffocated to death due to emphysema. He could not quit smoking.

In this first video you hear Bill Cornwell say; “They’re asking for it!” Five minutes later he suggests we go out to where the “bad people” are – after he had said;

“I’m not going where they are!” But, he is deep in thought as he looks at them. An alarm goes off. I tell Bill I want to head back, and, I want Heather to drive as agreed. Bill storms off. My insane daughter says;

“Dad! You’re leaving Bill out!”

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Alternative Holy Grail History

gard2 gard3 gallery22 gallery33 gallery44 gallery55 scan0024 scan0025comstock4comstock5comstock6

On my second visit to Sonoma (April 2000) to be with my newfound sixteen year old daughter, I brought a copy of Laurence Gardener’s ‘Bloodline of the Holy Grail’ that someone gave me. Having a teenage daughter, all of a sudden, would be a mind-altering event for any SANE person. I now had to tell my daughter why I am on SSI, Supplemental Security Income.

“I am not insane. I became enlightened after my fall on these dramatic rocks while on LSD. I could not function. It took me six months to be able to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes. I’m authoring automatic spiritual books that Seers told me are being dictated to me by a powerful entity that roams the planet coming to the aid of planets in dire distress.”

The looks I got from this mother and daughter team, were priceless. Patrice was having secret conversations with Tom Snyder who wrote the worst book ever written, that did not sell, and thus revive the waning sales of Rosamond’s art. Thanks to the Special Executor, Sydney Morris, outsiders were pouring into the Family Wound, and helping themselves to our money, our energy, our Spiritual Programs. This got their attention, they listening to this part, because try as I did, I could not convince Patrice and Heather they were not outsiders, but my blood-kin. I proposed marriage to Patrice so we could remove Randall Delpiano’s name from Heather’s birth certificate, and install a Marriage Cirtificate in our family tree, where perch Thomas Pynchon, who has hoodwinked the Literary World into believing he is the Gypsy, the Acid King. I expose Tom as the author of Alternative Hippie History, written for loners and wannabes who lurk on the outside.

I wanted Delpiano’s Alternative Father Deadhead history – wiped out! Randy was King of the Hippie Conartists. I am sure Tom encouraged The Outsiders to call up Vicki Presco – before it was to late – so they could be Insiders, members of Stacey Pierrot’s alternative reality Art Family, who disappeared Christine Rosamond’s 274 page autobiography because it was full of words written by a woman who was not mentally well.

“Give Vicki a call. You will see she is a real nice person, and did not murder her sister at Rocky Point, as her crazy brother Greg suggests.”

I told The Outsiders that it was my good friend Michael Harkins that suggested murder when he read the autopsy. Michael was a real pothead Private Detective who was asked to contribute to Oliver Stone’s movie about his good friend, Jim Morrison. I told The Outsiders that Vicki’s statement that she was helping Christine overcome her fear of the ocean just before the rogue wave washed her to her death – is fucking weird!

“This suggests that if Christine still owned a healthy fear of the sea, she would still be alive!”

I told My Family that in 1997, I filed a claim in Christine’s Probate, where I speak of the Holy Grail, Fair Rosamond, a Divine Bloodline. I told My Family that I do not subscribe to much of Gardner eludes to, and use his book as an example.

“I am a Nazarite, restoring the first Christian church that did not believe Jesus was the Son of God, but a mortal man. Think of me as a dedicated Monk in a Monastary who is able to do this laborious task thanks to me getting SSI.”

ISIS marked doors with an N for Nazarite, these folks now destined to be beheaded. To be a Nazarite one has to abstain from alcohol.

I told My Family that I belong to yahoogroups that are discussing these matters. I chat with fellow authors who have, or are about to publish a book. After Patrice illegally disappeared my minor child, with the knowledge of Linda Comstock, and Craig Hanson – who is on SSI –   Dan Brown came out with ‘The Davinci Code’ that rips off Gardner, and is one of the biggest sellers of all time!

Meanwhile, in Carmel, at the Rosamond Gallery, in the window, are stacked Tom Snyder’s devilish biography, that demonizes my late sister, blames her for everything that went wrong for the those who surrounded her, who did their best to get her to listen to reason – to no avail!

If I had a million dollars, I would sue Sydney Morris, whose firm manages the Buck Foundation that is dedicated to remedying the Disease of Alcoholism, and eliminating Booze Ads. I pleaded with Morris to not sell Christine and my Spiritual Program of Recovery to outsiders because my family will need it for generations to come, for this disease is passed on in our DNA. No sooner does Bill&Heather make a secret deal with the Wicked Witch, then I see pics of my grandson on their facebook, Tyler now the Poster Boy of Prosperous Drunks.

Above is a pic of me at Witch Linda’s house. Heather has shown me Linda’s photo albums full of cocktail party images, many them of hot-shot lawyers and their wives. Note the artwork on the wall. Linda thinks she is a player in the art world. Christine’s probate lasted ten years. The Buck probate is called ‘The Super Bowl of Probates’.

When my angel introduced me to Heather in a dream, I wrote Morris a letter asking him for an advance on my claim so I could hire Michael to find my daughter I was not sure I had conceived. When I got looks from Heather, of doubt, I told her;

“The only family member who has religiously listened to me, became a world famous artist.”

Today, the World Media is full of messages about Crusader Knights, and another Holy Crusade against fanaticle Islam. My expertise  in this field is called for. I can not let these OUTSIDERS drag me down into the ignorant abyss they wallow in. That Heather and Patrice allow the drunken pig, Bill Cornwell, to rule over them and my grandson, – is a CRIME against humanity! After I complained, Facebook banned Heather and Bill.

When I told my daughter we are kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and a Getty man tried to take over our creative family legacy, I could see it in her eyes;

“Mommy. I’m ready to give my Miracle Foundling Story to Uncle Tommy like aunt Linda suggested!”

Tom Snyder knew nothing about the amazing history my readers get for free in this blog.  Liz’s son would marry a Getty, and, we are kin to the Stewarts.

Jon the Nazarite

Alcohol Justice was established in 1987 as one of three major projects funded by the Leonard and Beryl H. Buck Trust at the same time the Marin Community Foundation was formed. The Marin Institute reported in 2006 that “countering the alcohol industry has always been a high priority for the Marin Institute, but we now want to make it the central focus of our efforts. That means we’ll put 100% of our energy into stopping the alcohol industry from harming public health.”[citation needed] In July 2011, the Marin Institute changed it name to Alcohol Justice to better align the organization’s name with the national reach of its network.[2]

In 2006, Alcohol Justice shifted it focus to the practices of alcohol corporations who produce, distribute, retail and advertise alcoholic beverages. Until 2006, Alcohol Justice focused strictly on alcohol harms and environmental prevention strategies. These strategies included reducing the hours during which time alcohol can be sold, increasing the size of warning labels on alcoholic beverage containers, requiring warnings on all alcohol advertisements, restricting the content and placement of alcohol ads, and prohibiting alcohol sponsorship of athletic events.

Robert B. Buck, President and Principal Owner

Bob Buck is the President and principal owner of Del Monte Aviation. Mr. Buck acquired and redeveloped Monterey’s fifty year old Del Monte Aviation in early 1996, using his more than five thousand pilot hours as a guide.

Mr. Buck’s development of Del Monte Aviation followed many years of activity in real estate development, agribusiness and oil production. He is a founding partner of the Carmel law firm of Heisinger, Buck and Morris. Mr. Buck is active in charitable endeavors, now serving as Vice Chairman of the Buck Institute in Marin County, California, a medical research facility specializing in the problems of aging.

He was the founding president of the Frank and Eva Buck Foundation, which grants college scholarships in Northern California and has been on the Board of the Jeffers Tor House Foundation in Carmel for many years.

The Buck Foundation Trust was created by Beryl Hamilton Buck after the death in 1953 of her husband, pathologist Leonard W. Buck. Leonard’s father, Frank Buck, was one of the founders of Belridge Oil. When Beryl Buck passed away in 1975, the bulk of the estate became part of the San Francisco Foundation, about $7.6 million dedicated to “charitable purposes in Marin County” including, in her words, “extending help to the problems of aging.” The Belridge Oil stock in the trust was bought in 1979 by Shell Oil for $253 million, increasing the trust’s value substantially

While the case was spotlighted in the national media, little has been said by or about those who had the biggest hand in its outcome–the lawyers themselves. Theirs is a story of alleged deceit, of concealment of documents, and of opposing sides each convinced that it was in the right. And it is the story of a small-time country lawyer whose style of courtroom guerrilla warfare overcame the full legal might of one of San Francisco’s leading law firms.

Laurence Gardner (17 May 1943 – 12 August 2010) was a writer and lecturer in the “alternative history” genre of research.

Laurence Gardner’s first book Bloodline of the Holy Grail was published in 1996.[1] The book was serialized in the Daily Mail and a best seller.[2] He used his books to propose several theories, including a belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had married and had children, whose descendants included King Arthur and the House of Stuart.[2] In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark he claimed that the Ark of the Covenant was a machine for manufacturing “monatomic gold” – a supposed elixir which could be used to extend life.[3] His books also included theories about Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, The Holy Grail and proposed connections between Atenism and Judaism.

Gardner referred to himself as “Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain”, and “Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes” (the existence of which cannot be verified[4]) also “Prior of the Celtic Churches Sacred Kindred of Saint Columbia”.[5] He also claimed to be Jacobite Historiographer Royal of the Royal House of Stewart. He was a supporter of Michael Lafosse, in particular his claims to be descended from the House of Stuart, which Gardner claimed was descended from Jesus Christ.[6][7]

Historians and scholars regard him as a conspiracy theorist,[8] and treat his work as pseudohistory.[6] Michel Lafosse’s claims have been dismissed.[9]

Laurence Gardner was also known in the United States for his radio phone-ins.[2]

It was announced on his personal website that he had died on 12 August 2010 after a prolonged illness.[10]

His book, The Origin of God, was published in 2010 as a print on demand book from the Dash House Publishing Company[11] set up by his widow. It is described as “a biographical exploration of the deiform character variously known as Yahweh, Allah, or simply The Lord. It seeks to uncover and evaluate his original identity…”.[12] His final book Revelation of the Devil, a companion to The Origin of God, was published by Dash in 2012.

Personal life[edit]

Gardner was born in Hackney, London, he was married to Angela and they had one child together and two children from a previous marriage.[2] He was a stockbroker before taking up writing. Gardner was also an accomplished painter, working alone and with Canadian artist Peter Robson.[2]

Delpiano again began impersonating Bob Weir.
One of the individuals he bilked, Ken Whitaker, admittedly not a
Deadhead, recalled the experience: “He seemed to know everything
about the Grateful Dead. He told stories for hours and he played the
harmonica extremely well. We didn’t know then that the real Bob Weir
doesn’t play harmonica. He said he was being hounded by the press
over the death of their keyboard player Brent Mydland.” Oakland
police spokesman Sgt. Stanley Bicker was very familiar with
Delpiano’s scam. “Side by side, they don’t look alike, but in their
photos and from a distance, they do,” he said of Weir and Delpiano,
adding, “The really committed Grateful Dead fan knows that Mr.
Delpiano is not Bob Weir.” For the two weeks he stayed in Walnut
Creek, Delpiano made such a splash with the locals that they bought
him dinners and provided sexual favors, and he obliged them by
signing autographs. His scam ended when a friend of Whitaker’s, a
Deadhead, exposed Delpiano as an imposter. Delpiano was ultimately
arrested for failing to report to his parole officer and was
remanded to the state prison to serve out the rest of his five-year

The Da Vinci Code is a 2003 mystery-detective novel written by Dan Brown. It follows symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris, when they become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus having been married to Mary Magdalene. The title of the novel refers, among other things, to the finding of the first murder victim in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre, naked and posed like Leonardo da Vinci‘s famous drawing, the Vitruvian Man, with a cryptic message written beside his body and a pentagram drawn on his chest in his own blood.

The novel explores an alternative religious history, whose central plot point is that the Merovingian kings of France were descended from the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, ideas derived from Clive Prince’s The Templar Revelation (1997) and books by Margaret Starbird. The book also refers to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (1982) though Dan Brown has stated that it was not used as research material.

The book has provoked a popular interest in speculation concerning the Holy Grail legend and Mary Magdalene’s role in the history of Christianity. The book has been extensively denounced by many Christian denominations as an attack on the Roman Catholic Church. It has also been consistently criticized for its historical and scientific inaccuracies. The novel nonetheless became a worldwide bestseller[1] that sold 80 million copies as of 2009[update][2] and has been translated into 44 languages. Combining the detective, thriller and conspiracy fiction genres, it is Brown’s second novel to include the character Robert Langdon: the first was his 2000 novel Angels & Demons. In November 2004, Random House published a Special Illustrated Edition with 160 illustrations. In 2006, a film adaptation was released by Sony’s Columbia Pictures.

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The Hostile Flower Child

scan0005 scan0015comstock2 atyler_painting22 atyler_painting44comstock3 comstock6 Heather5

Capturing Beauty

Chapter One

Three years ago I went to Bullhead City to get my family on the same page so WE would own a happy ending to our autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ that is a Art Book about two creative children growing up with destructive alcoholic parents who abused their children in order to break their will, even own them. I wanted this book to be about ‘The Beauty’, and not ‘The Ugliness’ that has caught us up in a whirlwind that has been a blessing, and a curse. I was going to meet up with my grandson and my daughter and meet her new boyfriend of three months, for the first time.

Heather Hanson had signed a legal document that made her the Trustee of the Special Needs Trust that was set up for me because I receive Social Security Disability. This SNT allows me to receive money from Social Security, and spend monies from the Trust for special needs, such as, buying art supplies, traveling, purchasing a wheelchair. I can not spend this money on others.

In making my daughter my Trustee, I was required to put her in my Will. In Bullhead City we went to a bank and opened my SNT account with a check from the Vincent Rice Trust. Vinney is my late uncle who left most members of my family a half million dollars. I had made plans to honor him at a dinner at my surviving sister’s house. This event was almost ruined because Heather’s aunt, Linda Comstock, and her lover, Flip, wanted to take over the family event and put on a drunken show – with feast. I would later learn that Flip co-owned a Bar&Grill on Catalina Island, and was known for his cooking.  He was also a professional bartender. When I met him, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He looked like a skid-row derelict due to a condition some alcoholics suffer from. When I extended my hand, he hesitated to take it. Flip refused to give me his name after I told him mine. He did not make eye contact with me. Why was he acting so hostile? I wondered what he had heard about me.

Last night, I recalled not being able to sleep that night at Vicki’s house.  In the morning I told her son how alarmed I was, and was going to un-invite Flip and Linda, who had got us rooms at a Casino for two days. Both Vicki and I are recovering alcoholics. Our famous sister drowned on her first sober birthday in AA.  After getting ‘The Plan’ , Vicki told me she was not going to a Casino to bond with these drinkers. Heather’s lover was at the MGM getting ripped at a Bachelor Party, and would show up later.  I told my sister what Heather told me, that if Linda had her way, she would have all Heather and Tyler’s time to herself.

“If that’s what she wanted, then why didn’t she pay for the Heather and Tyler’s flight? Didn’t she get a lot of money when her husband died?”

As I lie in my bed, not able to sleep once more, it dawned on me, the Truth. When I woke up, I sent my sister an e-mail informing her she and I are victims of an attempted Con.  Bill Cornwell employed coercion and extortion in order to get money from the Trust in his hands so he and Heather could open that Bar&Grill.  Apparently Linda had not come through, did not have the money. However, I and members of my family – did! These animals could care less about art, and the long creative history my family owns that I have been compiling for a decade. Money, booze, sex, and power over others, is what these drunken thugs were after.

Several months later I called Heather up. She was at a racing event. Bill is a dirt-track racer who sees himself as a big time Redneck boozer.  His pit-boss owns a Bar&Grill. As my Trustee, I was paying my daughter $20 dollars an hour to pay for things I wanted. This is when Bill called me back and said;

“You are about to lose your daughter and grandson!”

“Why is that, Bill?”

“You ruined Tyler’s trip to the Grand Canyon.”

“How did I do that. Bill?” I asked with disgust.

“You got tired!”

I was sixty-four and overweight. Seniors get winded at the Canyon because of the altitude. Last night, I finally got the whole picture. I had foiled Bill, Heather, Linda, and Flips plan to smooze my surviving sister , and get her money into their adventure that Bill lays on me for the first time in this conversation. Bill and I had a spat about who was going to drive the car home. He had driven on Old 66 like a mad man. Tyler had gotten car sick. I took the keys from him and handed them to Heather. He stormed off. It was his dream to drive Old 66. I had spoiled his childish dream, and, I had destroyed ‘The Business Scheme’. To threaten me with the loss of my offspring, and talk about investing in he and my daughter’s business adventure, is COERCION – at least.  To employ a six year old child in this scheme – is child abuse! Bill had taken my grandson hostage – with his mother’s blessing!

On the way back from the rim, Bill points to a large grandfather in a wheelchair being pushed up the grade by his grandchildren.

“How would you like to be doing that the rest of your life, Tyler?”

“Huh?” was my grandson’s reply.

Months earlier Heather told me Bill refuses to answer his mother’s calls because she is confined to a wheelchair and on disability. I suspect she is morbidly obese. My daughter told me Bill and his father are members of the Tea Party. In this call, both Bill and Heather would call me a “parasite”. Bill told me I did not deserve that Trust money. Who did deserve it? Heather, my ‘Lost Love Child’ that I did not support while growing up because her mother did not tell me I had conceived a child?

Patrice Hanson found me when Stacey Pierrot advertised for folks who knew Christine to come forward and contribute to the biography the ghost writer she had hired was authoring. This guy did not know Christine or any member of my family. He did write a book on Route 66. He knew nothing about art.

Now that there was a way to get a hold of me, and now that it appeared I and my family had tons of Fame&Money, Heather and Patrice consulted Linda and her husband, who was retired. Linda married this powerful attorney when he was eighty, and she forty. My daughter described her aunt as a “Gold-digger”. No doubt he knew of other cases where a Love Child finds her father, but, having money, he calls his attorney, and is told to disavow this child. Heather’s family assumed I had money, and thus was considered HOSTILE towards my offspring. This is why they came up with Plan A.

Pierrot advertised a reopening of the Rosamond Gallery.  My daughter was sixteen, and still a minor. It was decided not to make contact with, and go to this opening hoping I would be there. They wanted to catch me with my pants down, declare Heather my daughter in front of members of my family. I was not told about the trip to the gallery, when alas Patrice gave me a call.

Days after making plans to see my daughter for the first time in Sonoma, I got an e-mail from Patrice saying Linda Comstock thought it best I submit a blood test to prove I was the father of this beautiful young girl because she was sexually abused by a relative as a child. I wrote back and told this mother that this was an outrageous suggestion, and I would not be – pricked!

There is not doubt in my mind that Patrice took a child for a tour of the Rosamond gallery asking people who knew my late sister;

“Who does this young girl look like?’

The answer was, Christine. I asked Patrice if Linda had seen my family photos. She had. What this is, is COERCION, the threat to keep m e from seeing my daughter, unless I do things against my will.

When I began to question other ambiguities, my daughter was disappeared from my life. I had not way to contact her. A letter I sent her, was returned. I was making plans to go to Sonoma for my daughter’s graduation. Heather had asked for handwritten letters to her, instead of e-mails. Two years later I find out she has formed a special bond with members of my family I was not privy to, because we were not getting along due to the hiring of the rival biographer. My aunt Lillian told me Pierrot sent her a photo of Heather at the gallery opening. I was shocked. When I asked my aunt to describe her, she did a good job, however, she said my daughter had dark brown hair. When I lay eyes on my child, she had died her hair blonde. I have always wondered, why.

In the e-mail I sent Vicki I told her she was being conned way back in 2000, and three years ago because they assume she had ended up with a pile of Christine’s money and art. Heather nor her mother ever met Christine. What does my late sister, or any member of my family, have to do with any Child Support paid to my daughter.  Who gave Heather advice on how she best go after Vicki, now that they know I have no money? Even though I am at odds with my sister, for not telling me she and Heather had a secret relationship for all these years, I felt protective of her. How dare these Con-artists go after her money!

And now, to the truly tragic and ugly part. I did not want to see what my daughter is for all these years, because this takes away my child, and my grandson, whom I have not seen for three years because Bill did not get me to fork over my money, because he deserves it more than I because he moved my family into his house, and is supporting them.

For three years I have been suffering from un-told grief at the thought of not seeing Tyler again. The mental anguish I have suffered has ruined my life. I could not understand how Heather could be so heartless. Today, the truth of the matter arrived, being, every Con-artist has no regards for the feeling of their Mark.  My daughter and her family DEHUMANIZED me when they judge I would be hostile towards Heather. They could not change the course they had set when I proved very open and accepting of Heather, and my grandson born out of wedlock. Never-the-less, because I had no money, I was deemed worthless to them. I owed him my money for doing a good deed. Heather calls her lover a ‘Righteous Man’. His father is a retired Vallejo Cop and Drill Sergeant who hates hippies for opposing the Vietnam War.

I am free of this ugly illusion. I will never hurt like that again. I will never ask why?, what did wrong I do to lose my beloved grandson. As for my daughter, she can go to hell – and burn! She enjoyed having power over me. She got her revenge thanks to the tutoring of Linda who Heather called her father. How good it must have felt, knowing I was not going to her graduation, and, how Vicki deserved to own our miracle, in my place.

When Heather came to Vicki’s house for dinner, she was wearing one of Linda’s old cocktail dresses. She reveled in the knowledge she was a player in the Art World, and the truth, she had deceived us, we not knowing what cards she held, that her abusive family had dealt her so she can play with us, fuck with our hearts and minds. That Heather was born on my mother’s birthday, and Bill on my father’s, is scary as all hell. We Presco Children owed our drunken parents – till the day they died!

And the Rosamond Gallery door open wide, and her come Randy Delpiano’s daughter, a chip off the old block!

Sometime in the last three years, Bill & Heather’s silent partner died of acute alcoholism. That’s Flip toasting Tyler in a bar. I know Heather cried for him, like she did from Randy when she learned he was dead. Flip, empowered Heather, like I never could. Flip was her good Drinking Bud, instead of her Mark.  My daughter turned Flip against me. She didn’t want anyone on my side.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Three years ago I got a call from Heather’s lover of three months. “You are about to lose your daughter and grandson.” How fucking dare my daughter allow this drunken turd-brain to say this to me. What was he going to do, kill my offspring? Of course I wanted to kick his ass! Here is another threat and attack from the Delpiano Family, a Sicilian family that my daughter’s mother said might hurt me. Heather got on the phone and said “Your families dead.” . Her fake father was a fake member of the Dead. “In August of this year, Delpiano again began impersonating Bob Weir.
One of the individuals he bilked, Ken Whitaker, admittedly not a Deadhead, recalled the experience: “He seemed to know everything
about the Grateful Dead. He told stories for hours and he played the harmonica extremely well. We didn’t know then that the real Bob Weir
doesn’t play harmonica. He said he was being hounded by the press over the death of their keyboard player Brent Mydland.” Oakland
police spokesman Sgt. Stanley Bicker was very familiar with Delpiano’s scam. “Side by side, they don’t look alike, but in their photos and from a distance, they do,” he said of Weir and Delpiano,
adding, “The really committed Grateful Dead fan knows that Mr. Delpiano is not Bob Weir.” For the two weeks he stayed in Walnut Creek, Delpiano made such a splash with the locals that they bought him dinners and provided sexual favors, and he obliged them by signing autographs. His scam ended when a friend of Whitaker’s, a
Deadhead, exposed Delpiano as an imposter. Delpiano was ultimately arrested for failing to report to his parole officer and was remanded to the state prison to serve out the rest of his five-year

Coercion /kˈɜrʃən/ is the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of intimidation or threats or some other form of pressure or force. It involves a set of various types of forceful actions that violate the free will of an individual to induce a desired response, usually having a strict choice or option against a person in such a way a victim cannot escape, for example: a bully demanding lunch money to a student or the student gets beaten. These actions can include, but are not limited to, extortion, blackmail, torture, and threats to induce favors. In law, coercion is codified as a duress crime. Such actions are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in a way contrary to their own interests. Coercion may involve the actual infliction of physical pain/injury or psychological harm in order to enhance the credibility of a threat. The threat of further harm may lead to the cooperation or obedience of the person being coerced. All forms of government are based upon and function off of coercion.

Extortion (also called shakedown, outwresting, and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence is sufficient to commit the offense. Exaction refers not only to extortion or the unlawful demanding and obtaining of something through force,[1] but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant.[2]

Extortion is distinguished from robbery. In robbery, whether armed or not, the offender takes property from the victim by the immediate use of force or fear that force will be immediately used (as in the classic line, “Your money or your life.”) Extortion, which is not limited to the taking of property, involves the verbal or written instillation of fear that something will happen to the victim if they do not comply with the extortionist’s will. Another key distinction is that extortion always involves a verbal or written threat, whereas robbery does not. In United States federal law, extortion can be committed with or without the use of force and with or without the use of a weapon.

In blackmail, which always involves extortion, the extortionist threatens to reveal information about a victim or their family members that is potentially embarrassing, socially damaging, or incriminating unless a demand for money, property, or services is met.

The term extortion is often used metaphorically to refer to usury or to price-gouging, though neither is legally considered extortion. It is also often used loosely to refer to everyday situations where one person feels indebted against their will, to another, in order to receive an essential service or avoid legal consequences.

Neither extortion nor blackmail require a threat of a criminal act, such as violence, merely a threat used to elicit actions, money, or property from the object of the extortion. Such threats include the filing of reports (true or not) of criminal behavior to the police, revelation of damaging facts (such as pictures of the object of the extortion in a compromising position), etc.

A confidence trick (synonyms include confidence scheme, scam and stratagem) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, in the classical sense of trust. A confidence artist, con-man (or con artist) is an individual, operating alone or in concert with others, who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty, honesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté, or greed.



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My Daughter Bonds With Trolls

scan0004 scan0005scan0017 scan0006 scan0013 Greg 1955 School Portraitscan0015

billbeerfing billdrunk

Heather Hanson is a Changling a ‘Stolen Child’ thus it figures she would want her child to be taken by a troll and raised with monsters.

Heather’s best friend, Leah, was a troll, who accompanied my sixteen year old daughter on the train when she came to visit me. In no time she is threatening to hit my daughter as she screams how jealous she is that she has a bond with her father. That’s Leah with her arm around Heather.

I knew Bill Cornwell became jealous of my bond with my grandson, Tyler Hunt, when we talked at length about arrowheads on the way to the Grand Canyon. When we got out of the car, Tyler went looking for arrowheads, utterly ignoring Troll Cornwell’s grandstanding.

“Why am I going to lose my family Bill?”

Because you got tired and ruined Tyler’s trip to the Grand Canyon.”

To use a six year old child like this, is extreme child abuse. To steal a man’s child, is child abuse. I have not seen or talked to my beautiful grandson in three years. He has been captured by the Delpiano Trolls who live under bridges and waylay Deadheads on the way to the concert.

Randy could not sire a child, which made his family angry. He dies a married and childless husband. Bill Cornwell is around forty, and has sired no children, thus making his father feel cheated. So, they take my child and grandchild. These turd-heads are military Tea Party Thugs and Fakeriots who took over the Republican party and fucked up our Democracy.

Above is a pic of Tyler’s father (in white suit) at Heather’s graduation I was un-invited to. He did not want Tyler, and bid Heather to get an abortion. He was not there when his son was born, and refused to be a father.  We contributed our sperm to Faker Bill’s dream of siring his own family.

Perhaps I will author a tale about a good knight that goes on crusade not knowing his wife is with child. Sixteen years later, he returns to find his wife remarried thinking he was dead. She informs him they had a child, but because her new husband refused to raise it, she gave it to the Fairies.

Above is a pic of Heather playing the Fairy Godmother. With her wand she transfers all the creative magic my family has produced thru the centuries, over to the Troll Delpianos, those who became one with him, when they born his lie.


Jon Presco

A changeling is a creature found in folklore and folk religion.

It is typically described as being the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child. Sometimes the term is also used to refer to the child who was taken. The apparent changeling could also be a stock or fetch, an enchanted piece of wood that would soon appear to grow sick and die. The theme of the swapped child is common among medieval literature and reflects concern over infants thought to be afflicted with unexplained diseases, disorders, or developmental disabilities.

A human child might be taken due to many factors: to act as a servant, the love of a human child, or malice.[1] Most often it was thought that fairies exchanged the children. Some Norwegian tales tell that the change was made to prevent inbreeding: to give trolls and humans new blood, humans were given children with enormous strength as a reward.[citation needed] In some rare cases, the very elderly of the Fairy people would be exchanged in the place of a human baby, and then the old fairy could live in comfort, being coddled by its human parents.[2] Simple charms, such as an inverted coat or open iron scissors left where the child sleeps, were thought to ward them off; other measures included a constant watch over the child.[3]

The devil steals a baby and leaves a changeling behind, early 15th century, detail of “The legend of St. Stephen” by Martino di Bartolomeo

Purpose of a changeling[edit]

Some people believed that trolls would take unbaptized children. Once children had been baptized and therefore become part of the Church, the trolls could not take them. One belief is that trolls thought that being raised by humans was something very classy, and that they therefore wanted to give their own children a human upbringing.

Beauty in human children and young women, particularly blond hair, attracted the fairies.[4]

In Scottish folklore, the children might be replacements for fairy children in the tithe to Hell;[5] this is best known from the ballad of Tam Lin.[6] Also, according to common Scottish myths, a child born with a caul (head helmet) across their face is a changeling, and of fey birth.

Some folklorists believe that fairies were memories of inhabitants of various regions in Europe who had been driven into hiding by invaders. They held that changelings had actually occurred; the hiding people would exchange their own sickly children for the healthy children of the invaders.[7]

Other folklore,[2] say that human milk is necessary for fairy children to survive. In these cases either the newborn human child would be switched with a fairy babe to be suckled by the human mother, or the human mother would be taken back to the fairy world to breastfeed the fairy babies. It is also thought that human midwives were necessary to bring fairy babes into the world.

Some changelings might forget they are not human and proceed to live a human life. Changelings which do not forget, however, may later return to their fairy family, possibly leaving the human family without warning. As for the human child that was taken, he or she may often stay with the fairy family forever.

Changelings in mediaeval folklore[edit]


The Mên-an-Tol stones in Cornwall are supposed to have a fairy or pixie guardian who can make miraculous cures. In one case a changeling baby was put through the stone in order for the mother to get the real child back. Evil pixies had changed her child and the ancient stones were able to reverse their evil spell.[8]


In Ireland, looking at a baby with envy – “over looking the baby” – was dangerous, as it endangered the baby, who was then in the fairies’ power.[9] So too was admiring or envying a woman or man dangerous, unless the person added a blessing; the able-bodied and beautiful were in particular danger. Women were especially in danger in liminal states: being a new bride, or a new mother.[10]

Putting a changeling in a fire would cause it to jump up the chimney and return the human child, but at least one tale recounts a mother with a changeling finding that a fairy woman came to her home with the human child, saying the other fairies had done the exchange, and she wanted her own baby.[9] The tale of surprising a changeling into speech – by brewing eggshells – is also told in Ireland, as in Wales.[11]

Belief in changelings endured in parts of Ireland until as late as 1895, when Bridget Cleary was killed by her husband who believed her to be a changeling.

Changelings, in some instances, were regarded not as substituted fairy children but instead old fairies brought to the human world to die.

Lowland Scotland and Northern England[edit]

In the Anglo-Scottish border region it was believed that elves (or fairies) lived in “Elf Hills” (or “Fairy Hills”). Along with this belief in supernatural beings was the view that they could spirit away children, and even adults, and take them back to their own world (see Elfhame).[12][13] Often, it was thought, a baby would be snatched and replaced with a simulation of the baby, usually a male adult elf, to be suckled by the mother.[12] The real baby would be treated well by the elves and would grow up to be one of them, whereas the changeling baby would be discontented and wearisome.[13] Many herbs, salves and seeds could be used for discovering the fairy-folk and ward off their designs.[13] In one tale a mother suspected that her baby had been taken and replaced with a changeling, a view that was proven to be correct one day when a neighbour ran into the house shouting “Come here and ye’ll se a sight! Yonder’s the Fairy Hill a’ alowe.” To which the elf got up saying Waes me! What’ll come o’ me wife and bairns?” and made his way out of the chimney.[12] At Byerholm near Newcastleton in Liddesdale sometime during the early 19th century, a dwarf called Robert Elliot or Little Hobbie o’ The Castleton as he was known, was reputed to be a changeling. When taunted by other boys he would not hesitate to draw his gully (a large knife) and dispatch them, however being that he was woefully short in the legs they usually out-ran him and escaped. He was courageous however and when he heard that his neighbour, the six-foot three-inch (191 cm) William Scott of Kirndean, a sturdy and strong borderer, had slandered his name, he invited the man to his house, took him up the stairs and challenged him to a duel. Scott beat a hasty retreat.[13]

Child ballad 40, The Queen of Elfan’s Nourice, depicts the abduction of a new mother, drawing on the folklore of the changelings. Although it is fragmentary, it contains the mother’s grief and the Queen of Elfland‘s promise to return her to her own child if she will nurse the queen’s child until it can walk.[14]


Since most beings from Scandinavian folklore are said to be afraid of iron, Scandinavian parents often placed an iron item such as a pair of scissors or a knife on top of an unbaptized infant’s cradle. It was believed that if a human child was taken in spite of such measures, the parents could force the return of the child by treating the changeling cruelly, using methods such as whipping or even inserting it in a heated oven. In at least one case, a woman was taken to court for having killed her child in an oven.[15]

Painting by John Bauer of two trolls with a human child they have raised

In one Swedish changeling tale,[16] the human mother is advised to brutalize the changeling so that the trolls will return her son, but she refuses, unable to mistreat an innocent child despite knowing its nature. When her husband demands she abandon the changeling, she refuses, and he leaves her – whereupon he meets their son in the forest, wandering free. The son explains that since his mother had never been cruel to the changeling, so the troll mother had never been cruel to him, and when she sacrificed what was dearest to her, her husband, they had realized they had no power over her and released him.

In another Swedish fairy tale[17] (which is depicted by the image), a princess is kidnapped by trolls and replaced with their own offspring against the wishes of the troll mother. The changelings grow up with their new parents, but both find it hard to adapt: the human girl is disgusted by her future bridegroom, a troll prince, whereas the troll girl is bored by her life and by her dull human future groom. Upset with the conditions of their lives, they both go astray in the forest, passing each other without noticing it. The princess comes to the castle whereupon the queen immediately recognizes her, and the troll girl finds a troll woman who is cursing loudly as she works. The troll girl bursts out that the troll woman is much more fun than any other person she has ever seen, and her mother happily sees that her true daughter has returned. Both the human girl and the troll girl marry happily the very same day.


In Asturias (North Spain) there is a legend about the Xana, a sort of nymph who used to live near rivers, fountains and lakes, sometimes helping travellers on their journeys. The Xanas were conceived as little female fairies with supernatural beauty. They could deliver babies, “xaninos,” that were sometimes swapped with human babies in order to be baptized. The legend says that in order to distinguish a “xanino” from a human baby, some pots and egg shells should be put close to the fireplace; a xanino would say: “I was born one hundred years ago, and since then I have not seen so many egg shells near the fire!”.


In Wales the changeling child (plentyn cael (sing.), plant cael (pl.)) initially resembles the human it substitutes, but gradually grows uglier in appearance and behaviour: ill-featured, malformed, ill-tempered, given to screaming and biting. It may be of less than usual intelligence, but again is identified by its more than childlike wisdom and cunning.

The common means employed to identify a changeling is to cook a family meal in an eggshell. The child will exclaim, “I have seen the acorn before the oak, but I never saw the likes of this,” and vanish, only to be replaced by the original human child. Alternatively, or following this identification, it is supposedly necessary to mistreat the child by placing it in a hot oven, by holding it in a shovel over a hot fire, or by bathing it in a solution of foxglove.[18]

“Changelings” in the historical record[edit]

Children were thought taken to be changelings by the superstitious, and therefore abused or murdered.

Two 19th century cases reflected the belief in changelings. In 1826, Anne Roche bathed Michael Leahy, a four-year-old boy unable to speak or stand, three times in the Flesk; he drowned the third time. She swore that she was merely attempting to drive the fairy out of him, and the jury acquitted her of murder.[19]

In the 1890s in Ireland, Bridget Cleary was killed by several people, including her husband and cousins, after a short bout of illness (probably pneumonia). Local storyteller Jack Dunne accused Bridget of being a fairy changeling. It is debatable whether her husband, Michael, actually believed her to be a fairy – many believe he concocted a “fairy defence” after he murdered his wife in a fit of rage. The killers were convicted of manslaughter rather than murder, as even after the death they claimed that they were convinced they had killed a changeling, not Bridget Cleary.[20]

Changelings in other countries[edit]

The ogbanje (pronounced similar to “oh-BWAN-jeh”) is a term meaning “child who comes and goes” among the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria. When a woman would have numerous children either stillborn or die early in infancy, the traditional belief was that it was a malicious spirit that was being reincarnated over and over again to torment the afflicted mother. One of the most commonly prescribed methods for ridding one’s self of an ogbanje was to find its iyi-uwa, a buried object that ties the evil spirit to the mortal world, and destroy it. An “abiku” was a rough analogue to the ogbanje among the related Yoruba peoples to the west of Igboland.

Many scholars now believe that ogbanje stories were attempting to explain children with sickle-cell anemia, which is endemic to West Africa and afflicts around one-quarter of the population. Even today, and especially in areas of Africa lacking medical resources, infant death is common for children born with severe sickle-cell anemia.

The similarity between the European changeling and the Igbo ogbanje is striking enough that Igbos themselves often translate the word into English as “changeling”.

Aswangs, a kind of ghoul from Filipino folklore, are also sometimes said to leave behind duplicates of their victims made of plant matter. Like the stocks of European fairy folklore, the Aswang’s plant duplicates soon appear to sicken and die.

Changelings in the modern world[edit]

Neurological differences[edit]

The reality behind many changeling legends was often the birth of deformed or developmentally disabled children. Among the diseases with symptoms that match the description of changelings in various legends are spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, PKU, progeria, Down syndrome, homocystinuria, Williams syndrome, Hurler syndrome, Hunter syndrome, regressive autism, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and cerebral palsy. The greater proneness of boys with birth defect correlates to the belief that male infants were more likely to be taken.[21]

As noted, it has been hypothesized that the changeling legend may have developed, or at least been used, to explain the peculiarities of children who did not develop normally, probably including all sorts of developmental delays and abnormalities. In particular, it has been suggested that children with autism would be likely to be labeled as changelings or elf-children due to their strange, sometimes inexplicable behavior. This has found a place in autistic culture. Some autistic adults have come to identify with changelings (or other replacements, such as aliens) for this reason and their own feeling of being in a world where they do not belong and of practically not being the same species as the other people around them.[22]

In nature[edit]

Parasitic cuckoo birds regularly practice brood parasitism, or non-reciprocal offspring-swapping. Rather than raising their young on their own, they will lay their egg in another’s nest, leaving the burden on the unsuspecting parents which are of another species altogether. More often than not, the cuckoo chick hatches sooner than its “stepsiblings” and grows faster, eventually hogging most nourishment brought in and may actually “evict” the young of the host species by pushing them off their own nest.

Changelings in popular culture[edit]

Literary uses[edit]

The changeling theme has frequently appeared in literature, especially in the genres of fairy tale and fantasy. Notable appearances of changelings in literature include the following:

  • Scarlett, the sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. Cat, Scarlett O’Hara’s illegitimate daughter by Rhett, is thought to be a changeling.
  • Bortbytingen (The Changeling) (1915) by Selma Lagerlöf. Modern translation by Sylvia Söderlind.
  • The Changeling (1916), poem by Charlotte Mew (1869–1928), written from the point of view of a changeling.
  • The Broken Sword (1954), novel by Poul Anderson. A mortal child, Skafloc, is captured by the elves and exchanged for a changeling named Valgard. Although near-identical in appearance to the original, the changeling is a moody loner prone to fits of rage.
  • The Changeling (1970) by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Shy Martha befriends Ivy, a classmate from a no-account, criminal family. Ostracized at school and abused at home, Ivy distances herself from reality by convincing herself and Martha that she is a changeling.
  • The Omen (1976). After a child apparently dies at birth, their father Robert Thorn is convinced to substitute them with a child whose mother has just died, without telling his wife Katharine. The child, Damien, is later revealed to be the Antichrist.
  • “The Changeling” (1978) by Joy Williams
  • Changeling (1981) by Roger Zelazny. The novel describing the adventures of both changelings, maladapted in their respective new worlds.
  • Little, Big (1981) Little, Big: or, The Fairies’ Parliament, by John Crowley A family who lives just on the edge of this world and the magic world discovers their baby has been stolen and replaced with a changeling.
  • Faerie Tale by Raymond E. Feist (1988) The discovery of a fairie mound in upstate New York leads to dangerous contact between the human and fairie worlds, including a changeling exchange
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (2004) by Susanna Clarke. The man with the thistle down hair, a fairy, switches Arabella Woodhope Strange with an enchanted moss-oak log made into a copy of her. The changeling copy dies three days later.
  • Poison (2003) by Chris Wooding. The main character, Poison, sets out on a journey to find her little sister Azalea, who is swapped for a changeling.
  • The Stolen Child (2006) by Keith Donohue. The main character, Henry, is taken by changelings and replaced by one. The novel bounces between Henry’s and the changeling’s stories every other chapter and is based on Yeats‘ poem by the same name.
  • In a field guide telling all of the creatures in the Spiderwick Chronicles universe, a changeling is mentioned as a fairy child disguised as the real child. Some distinguishing features are the massive appitite, odd way of speaking, and may even lure his “family” to his real family.
  • In the Trylle Trilogy (2010), written by Amanda Hocking, the main character Wendy Everly finds out she was switched at birth, discovering a modern troll community in Minnesota.
  • In Julian May‘s Saga of the Pliocene Exile, aliens that landed on earth 6 million years ago (and interbred with humans from time to time) were responsible for all the human changeling and fairy-kind myths around the world.
  • Four grown changelings appear in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, especially the book Summer Knight. These are in essence half-and-half, part fairy and part human, nearing the age where they must choose to be either fully human or fully fae for the rest of their lives. By the end of Summer Knight two have chosen fairy and two human.
  • Betwixt, a novel by Tara Bray Smith, about three teens who find out they are “changelings” who have the ability to protect the world from evil.


  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1596?), play by William Shakespeare. Titania and Oberon, the fairy queen and king, fight over the possession of a human boy, the child of Titania’s favorite handmaiden, creating the basis for the dramatic conflict of the play.
  • The Winter’s Tale (1611?), another play by William Shakespeare. A shepherd is told that he should be rich by the fairies, and tells his son to hurry up and open the bearing cloth of a baby he finds, assuming that the baby was “changeling” and there would be money in the bearing cloth.
  • The Silver Bough (2008), musical directed by Kath Burlinson in association with Youth Music Theatre: UK, inspired by Scottish traditions. Three mothers have their children exchanged for changelings as they turn their backs to hang up laundry in one scene
  • “Changeling”, episode 12 of the 3rd season of the TV series So Weird. Annie and the boys are stuck babysitting a changeling.
  • “The Kids Are Alright”, episode 2 of the 3rd season of the US TV series Supernatural. Sam and Dean discover that many of the neighborhood children are actually changelings, following several mysterious deaths in the neighborhood. In this episode the changelings are controlled by a mother changeling who feeds on the kidnapped children. Her children in turn feed on the mothers of the kids they replace, until Sam kills the mother by torching her, thereby killing her offspring.
  • In the Star Trek episode The Changeling, (season 2, episode 3) Captain Kirk mentions the legend when he learns of the origin of the Nomad probe, hence the episode’s title.
  • In the UK TV series Merlin episode “Changeling”, Arthur almost marries a princess who turns out to be a changeling, however, in this case, the changeling is the actual princess who has been possessed at birth by a fairy, not replaced by one. Merlin frees her by using a potion that forces the fairy from her, returning her to normal.
  • In Caryl Churchill’s play The Skriker, main character Josie kills her baby because she was convinced it was a changeling – given that the title character is a fairy, this may in fact be true.
  • “Changeling” Shadowrun (1992), by Chris Kubasik, main character goblinizes into a troll.
  • The Daisy Chain. About a young girl named daisy who is believed to have autism. Is also believed that she is a fairy changeling by the village community. It is also believed that she drowned her little brother, Jack. And killed her parents in a fire. These are signs of changeling children.

Comics and games[edit]

  • Hellboy: The Corpse, comic book short story by Mike Mignola. A changeling known as Gruagach swears revenge against Hellboy and becomes a recurring antagonist, determined to kill Hellboy by any means necessary and, through doing so, save his race from fading out of existence.
  • Changeling: the Lost (2007), role-playing game by White Wolf. Humans are stolen by malicious or inscrutable faerie lords, transformed into fae creatures, and then escaped back to our world. An earlier White Wolf game, Changeling: The Dreaming (1995), used a different definition of “changeling”.
  • Magic: The Gathering, collectible card game. Changelings are childlike creatures that impulsively mimic creatures around them. They were introduced in the Lorwyn expansion block, which was notably inspired by European folklore. One of the cards is “Crib Swap” which depicts the replacement of a baby with a small changeling.
  • SpaceStation13, a 8-bit RPG PC game. ‘Changelings’ are shapeshifting enemies to the station, and are often tasked with assassinating specific personnel or stealing high-value equipment. They appear to be more related to the alien from John Carpenter’s The Thing than changelings of myth.
  • Changelings also appear in Warhammer miniature games.
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